Employee of the Year – Part 2


I heard Molly come in from the garage; she walked past the door.”Molly, please come here.”She stopped, and I heard her crying, but I didn’t move.”Molly, come in here.”She slowly shuffled to the door and leaned against the door jam. I looked at my wife, seeing tears running down her face. She looked the worst I had ever seen her. She looked dirty, tired, and abused. Molly was still wearing her rose dress from Friday night, but they had ruined it. I could not imagine what had happened to her or what she had participated in for the last two days.”Molly, please come in and sit down.”She walked slowly across to the sofa and sat. She was looking down, not looking at me.”I know it is late, and you look completely worn out. I know you want to shower and go to bed, but before any of that happens, I want you to understand where my head is right now.”Molly was looking down, and tears dropped on her rose dress.”Molly, last Friday we left home for a company banquet that I could not attend, or at least I was told by you that I couldn’t. We made love in the afternoon, and I helped you dress in a beautiful rose satin dress. I also watched you put on very sexy lingerie you had bought for that night. I am not sure if you are still wearing it now but most probably not, am I right?”After you left for the banquet, I went out to eat, anticipating a wonderful night with you after you returned. Later in the bar, I met two women that work for your company, one of them worked in HR and was at the banquet and saw you awarded ‘Employee of the Year.’ The other one is the new CEO’s assistant. She told me I should have been there, but you told me I wasn’t invited?”Molly twitched as she listened to me, as more tears dropped off her cheeks.”After receiving your text, telling me you were going away for two days with eight men, I was mad as hell and genuinely concerned. I didn’t understand why you would do that without talking to me about it. I couldn’t figure it out but thought it was required of all the winners. But that was not true, was it.””After you were gone, I found many things that angered and disturbed me. I decided I needed to come home. I packed up our things and left. I got home extremely late. I had a tough time sleeping, and for the last two days, I have done nothing but worry about you and what you were doing and what it meant to us, our marriage, and our future. I knew that even though I didn’t understand what was going on, I trusted your judgment, so I had some hope that things were not what they seemed. Knowing there was nothing I could do was the worst part. I couldn’t believe that you had jetted off to a secluded island in the Bahamas with eight men. I finally did fall asleep that night.””I woke and saw a text from one of the women I had met, Magan. She was worried about you and me, and she and her partner had tapped their enter company network for more information. The trip was supposed to be secret, but it wasn’t.””I was told the four winners were privately informed of the trip once the awards were distributed. They told you that you could decline the trip and not go, with no ramifications. Since you were married, you were allowed to call me and discuss it with me before accepting. But we both know you did not call me, and I am not sure why you didn’t, other than I would have forbidden you from going! So, we know you did not decline. YOU WENT!””I am accurate in this recount. Is there any part that I left out that you would like to add or correct before I move on?’Molly was sobbing now. Her face was in her hands, and tears ran down her arms. I was sure she was not hearing anything I was saying.I stopped, waiting for her to stop crying! I waited and waited!”Molly, I have to get this out, so you understand where my head is right now! SO, MOLLY, STOP CRYING!”Molly looked up. God, her face looked like a Halloween mask; she looked terrible. I handed her a box of tissues, and she wiped her face taking a deep breath. Her eyes were so sad. I knew things had happened, bad things!”Do you have anything to say before I continue?”Molly didn’t move or say anything, and she just shook her head and started to cry again.”OK, that’s it! I am giving you fifteen minutes to gather yourself enough that you can listen to me and then answer my questions.”I went back to the kitchen and poured a large tumbler of Jack Black. I grabbed a bag of potato chips and went back to the den, and Molly was not there. I waited, eating the chips, and sipping my Jack. Just before the fifteen minutes were up, Molly came back wearing a robe, having washed her face and brushed her hair. She looked more like my wife than the skank she was when I picked her up. She had her phone and a box of tissues.”Molly, are you prepared to answer my questions and explain your actions and activities over the past two days? If not, we have no more to talk about, and I will consider the worst, then I file for divorce later today!””Oh God, Brandon, NOT DIVORCE… Why! I love you; I love you, Oh God, No Divorce!”Then open your mouth and tell me everything as if I knew nothing. Molly, you have no idea what I do know, do you? You better consider that I see a lot and be 100% honest. Tell me every detail, as painful for me as it might be. If I catch you in a lie, I will file for divorce later today NO EXCEPTION; YOU HAVE THIS ONE CHANCE!I watched Molly get up and walk out of the room, and I heard her in the kitchen. She came back with a bottle of wine and a glass, and she sat and poured it full. Then she took a long pull, emptying half the glass.Molly turned and looked at me. Her eyes were red, and she seemed so sad. It hurt me to see her like this, and I had no idea what she would say.”Molly, I think the best way to start is for me to ask you a few questions. You can give your answers to each of them and fill in everything left out. By the time you have finished telling me everything, I will know if you can continue Ankara bayan escort to be my wife or not!”The look on her face changed to one of fear. She nodded her head yes.”Molly, did you know you were winning the ‘Employee of the Year’ before going to the hotel?”Yes, I did.””Should I have been invited to the banquet?””Yes, I could have brought you.”Did you know about the “Special Party trip?””No, I did not.””So, you found out at the same time as the other three winners did?””Yes, we all learned at the same time.””Were you offered the option not to go?”Yes””Could you have called me to discuss the trip with me before you decided to go?””Yes, but I quickly decided I was going on the trip no matter what. I knew that you would demand I didn’t go, so I did not involve you in that decision. It would have been a bad discussion, maybe not as bad as now, but still very bad!”I sat thinking of what she had said. I thought I knew my wife, but we never know people, do we?”Why didn’t you tell me you were winning the award or include me in the banquet?””On Monday last week, I was called by Magan, Harrison Edwards PA. She put me through to him. He asked me to meet him at the Marc Bar and Restaurant at Chateau Elan on Tuesday night. He had a business opportunity he wanted to talk over with me. We were meeting at 6:00 pm that evening. I told you I had a business dinner that night if you remember. You were in Jacksonville on business anyway!”I worked all day and drove up and met Harrison for dinner. I didn’t know much about him, so I thought it was an excellent time for us to learn about each other.””We had a nice dinner and a nice talk, getting to know each other. After eating, we moved to the bar for an after-dinner drink and to talk business. We had a cozy booth, and Harrison ordered us a Remy Martin 1738 cognac.””Bandon, when he told me this, I think I can repeat it exactly how he said it.’Molly, you are one imposing woman. Your region has the most well-run block of stores in the company. They make more money and have the happiest employees, and the stores are the cleanest and have the overall best rating in the entire company.”I have only been with the company for a brief time, and I am impressed with you. I have tried to meet you several times, but it has been hard with my schedule in the past. I have watched you from afar, and when you are in headquarters,’ I always manage to see you though we have only spoken twice, I believe.”As I said, I am impressed with your work, and I have to say you are a beautiful woman as well.”I have asked you here for several reasons.”One – Was to get to know you as we have during dinner.”Two – I wanted to tell you that you are being named the Employee of the Year at the banquet on Friday. That makes you eligible to attend the Special Party that will follow. I am so excited for you. The Employee of the Year also receives a $25,000 bonus, grossed up to cover taxes. You will also receive a Lexis LC 500 Convertible for you to keep. The company will also pay for all gas, maintenance, and insurance as long as you are with the company.”Three – This one is very personal. I know that you have had crushes on boys and men in your life. My current crush is an employee, who can be dangerous for someone in my position. So, I need your help in dealing with my crush. You see, my current crush is you, Molly!”I am deeply crushing on you this very minute. My pulse is racing as I sit here with you, and I am even having difficulty breathing.'”Brandon, I have to stop here and give you my initial response to Harrison. I was shocked! I was also flattered by what he had said about my work and me personally. I was at a loss for words. Brandon, no one other than you have ever made me feel how Harrison made me feel that night. I wasn’t sure what to say. First, I asked if I earned the award I was receiving or was this a tactic to seduce me.”‘Molly, I would love nothing more than to take you to the hotel room I have upstairs and make love to you, but no, you earned the award 100%. As for my desire for you, I don’t know where that will go, but you needed to understand my feelings.”I know you are happily married, so there is no pressure on you. I would never use my position to coerce you into doing anything you don’t want to do. I care for you much more than that!'”Brandon, I was lost at that moment. I had odd feelings I had never had before and certainly not since you and I met. My resolve weakened, so I knew I needed to leave right then.””I told Harrison that I appreciated the award, loved working for the company, and wanted to continue. But I have a wonderful husband that I love dearly, and I would never do anything to hurt him or our marriage. If this crush you have will cause a problem, I will have to leave the company!””I stood and held out my hand. Thank you for a lovely dinner, for making me feel needed in the company, and for your kind words about me personally. I will see you Friday at the banquet.'”Harrison shook my hand, looking a little hurt but politely thanked me for having dinner with him and asked, ‘Please do not mention the award to anyone but your husband.’ Then added, ‘Your husband is welcome to come with you to the banquet.'””I drove home thinking about everything Harrison had said and feeling the excitement of being named Employee of The Year. It was announced spouses were not invited, so even though Harrison told me I could bring you, I didn’t think it was right for you to come when the others couldn’t. It would have looked like I knew ahead of time I had won, and that was not fair. So, I didn’t tell you and didn’t invite you. That was simply all there was to it!””I called you as soon as I got home. We talked about your day and how much I missed you, especially now. Harrison’s comments had made me horny, and I wanted you, but you were away. I couldn’t wait for you to get home Escort bayan Ankara the next day.””I told you I went to dinner with Harrison, but I didn’t tell you anything about our conversation, his feeling toward me or my being awarded Employee of The Year, and that you could come to the banquet. I didn’t lie to you, Brandon, but I did omit it all!”I listened to what Molly said, and I had to admit she was being accurate from what she had told me that night. My question now was, is this all the story, and what happened on the Special Party trip? Molly didn’t come back looking like anything had happened, and she looked like a lot had happened! That was my biggest problem now. WHAT DID HAPPEN?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”I accept your explanation for why you didn’t tell me about your award ahead of the banquet and why you didn’t invite me to come with you. I don’t like it but accept it. You have made it past the first hurdle.”The next question is; When did you have the opportunity to call me to tell me about the trip so we could discuss it. Why didn’t you call me?”I was amazingly calm, asking these questions and not being upset. I am sure that was concerning Molly, and I am glad it bothered her. It would force her to be honest, and the Molly I know would be anyway!I could tell that Molly struggled with this question, and I knew she would struggle even more with the ones that would come next. She took a deep breath; Her head was down, not wanting to look at me. Finally, she looked up at me.”Brandon, I knew you would not let me go on this trip if I called you. We would fight about it, and I would go anyway. I would leave you even more pissed off for two days! You would have been worried I was the only woman with eight men and that something would happen. I felt like I could control things. These were all professional men, and there was no reason to think that anything would happen.I also needed to prove to the board that I was a team player, that I could roll with the flow, and that I was a strong woman who could compete with the men. I knew they would be watching my every move, so my decision showed them I could decide independently without your approval. This trip was essential to me so that I would be able to get to know the board members and build my points in their eyes. Big promotions are coming up, and I wanted to be at the top of their list! I hope that makes sense to you because it did to me, and that is why I didn’t call you and tell you!””I knew you would be furious with me, but I had no idea that it would come to this! I see now that it was the wrong decision. Things did not turn out as I expected, and I was wrong about many things.”I listened and could see her point, but still, we are a team, or at least I thought we were, and team members talk to each other before making any decision that affects the team, and Molly overstepped those bounds!”Molly, I am concerned that you felt you could ignore my input on a major decision like this. To not even care what I thought or give me a chance to give you, my input. Since we’ve been married, neither of us has ever disrespected each other and not discussed a big decision, so why now? It makes me wonder if you had a change of direction after your dinner with Harrison, and suddenly, your job has become more important to you than me or our marriage?”Molly looked down again as tears dripped from her cheeks, wetting her robe.I waited. It was almost 4:00 am, and I was way past being tired, and I was becoming increasingly anxious about Molly’s answers to my following questions.”OK, I guess you have nothing to say, so I will move on.””I send you off to your banquet expecting you to be back before midnight. Then we would have the beautiful night we planned of passion and lust. Then I found out by pure chance at the bar that you won this outstanding award. Then I also found out that there is a Special Party after the banquet you will attend. I texted you and get no response. What was I to think?Then about 10:30 pm, I met another employee that had been at the banquet. She tells me that the Special Party is not a party, and it is a weekend away somewhere in the Bahamas.I was fucking shocked! What is going on? I was confused; this was not like you. What were you thinking?You finally texted me from the fucking plane, telling me you were going somewhere with eight men, six of whom are single, one who confessed he had a crush on you, but I didn’t know that at the time! You had no clothes, no nothing, except the sexy clothes on your back, a phone, and a small purse with your ID and AMEX card.””I was so shocked by your text; I was instantly furious. I could have strangled you right then, and I was so God Damn mad. I now understand how unassuming people can get so angry they can kill a loved one. Until that moment, I never understood that, but now I do!””Molly, my God, what the fuck were you thinking. You are a married woman putting yourself in a dangerous situation, and you throw caution to the wind and GO!!!”FUCK, have you lost your mind or had the excitement of the moment, booze and lust overtaken your conscience brain, because the Molly I know, my wife, would have never done that!””I was lost, and what could I do – NOTHING!””So off you went to your SPECIAL PARTY WEEKEND with eight men, and I went home without my wife, not knowing if I still had one.””So here I sit two-plus days later, in the middle of the night, still not knowing the answer to that question.”Molly was softly sobbing now, her face in her hands.I sat back and took a big slug of Jack Black and waited. I was not moving from my seat until one of two things happened. Either we were a couple, or we weren’t. I am prepared to walk directly to my car and never look back if we weren’t! I had packed clothes already, expecting the worst. I had a reservation at the Hilton North Lake in Tucker a few miles away for this Bayan escort Ankara week but could cancel later in the morning if I didn’t need it. I planned to use it for a few days to scare the hell out of Molly. She would think that she had lost me, maybe she had, or perhaps it was the other way around, perhaps I had lost her! After she calmed enough to answer the last three or four more tough questions, that would be determined!Molly sobbed for fifteen minutes; I was losing patience. “Molly, look at me. It is 4:25 am. Stop crying, or I am walking out and may not come back!”The fear on her face quickly morphed into horror, spreading over her face. She sat up, took a deep breath, and wiped her eyes with her sleeve.”Molly, have you heard what I just said to you? Do you even care what I said? Because your actions sure don’t seem like you care at all. Your crying is a diversion, and all you are doing is feeling sorry for yourself. You don’t seem to give a damn about me or our marriage!”I knew these were harsh words, but I had to make her think about how disrespectful and humiliating she had been to me and how badly she had damaged our marriage.”I don’t want you to respond to what I just stated. How you answer the following question will determine which way we go. If we go further than tonight, you can explain everything to me later. This question is a straightforward question, a yes or no question.Molly looked me in the eyes. She knew what I was going to ask. She took a deep breath waiting for the hammer to fall.”Molly, during the past two days, have you participated in any sexual activities with any or all of the eight men on the trip? Let me clarify what sexual activities may have been. Have you done any of the following, kissing on the mouth, caressing cocks, or pussies by either party, fondling breasts, kissing, and hugging romantically, sucking on breasts by either party, blow jobs, pussy eating, fucking, anal sex, bondage, or submission? Any of these I consider sexual activities would constitute CHEATING on your part!So once again, “At any time during the past two days, did you participate in any sexual activities…”Before I finished my question, Molly jumped up and ran from the room screaming, “OH GOD, OH GOD!!!”I heard the guest room door slam and the lock set.I sat back and took a deep breath. What was I to think? She ran from the question.I finished my drink, went into the bedroom, and gathered my dop kit. Then I went to my office for my laptop. I stopped at the guest room door and heard her sobbing.”Molly, I will be leaving now. I expect that you will want to answer my last question once you calm down. Please text me when you are ready to do so but not before then! If I don’t hear from you within thirty-six hours, I will contact my attorney on Wednesday morning!”I walked away from the door, hearing, “OH GOD NO, NO!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The following twenty-four hours were hell. I prayed her answer was NO, but I had a strange feeling that something had happened. Whether it was voluntary or not will have a significant bearing on what happens next.In the meantime, I took care of my finances and met with my good friend Ben Gooden, a successful family law attorney. He knew Molly and me very well. He was shocked that I was sitting in his office Monday afternoon, looking like I had lost a heavyweight fight.I explained everything to him and noted that there was no proof or admission of sexual improprieties yet by Molly’s reaction to the question and my definition of what I considered ‘cheating’ gave me pause for concern. She had not outright denied any wrongdoing. Why Not?Ben advised me. “Brandon, doing anything at this time would not be smart and could drive a bigger wedge in the matter. You should arrange to meet Molly alone and try to work through this mess. Be open-minded. You have already made her guilty, and you are not listening to her. You make up what you think happened, which could be far from the truth. That is not fair to either of you!”Then he asked me two vital questions. One – Do you love Molly enough to fight for your marriage? Two – If something did happen that was proved to have been coerced or not Molly instigating it, could you get by that and forgive her over time?I looked at Ben, thinking of my answers to these great questions.”I love Molly more than anything in my world. We have planned our lives with her complete agreement. A plan that until last Friday was right on track. We were approaching the year we were going to start our family. We both want three children and need to get started now. My dilemma is, I don’t know if anything has happened, but from how she looked and as upset as she is, I know something had to have happened.””Add to that the revelation that Harrison had a crush on Molly. Then he had her away from me for two days in the hot Bahamian sun on an exclusive island, along with seven other men. It is hard to imagine anyone being able to resist those temptations!””Ben, if nothing happened, I could easily forgive all the rest, and we can move on, but Molly has to understand just how much she has hurt me. But with work on both our parts, we can survive.””The question of if I could deal with any type of cheating on her part, I am just not sure. I felt sure that something did happen. I have made the list of qualifying cheating acts tight. I don’t know her full extent, mental state, and voluntary involvement. Until I know that I cannot make any decision on anything.”Then bed explained the divorce law and what would happen. “You would split everything that was a product of our marriage fifty-fifty. All assets each of you brought to the marriage are exempt. You can decide how you deal with your 401k and because Molly earns more money than you, you could be entitled to spousal support. In addition, if the events of Harrison’s disclosure and the Special Party trip were the catalyst for Molly’s cheating on company time, especially if she was involved with Harrison or any of the board of directors, it could create a huge lawsuit Alienization of Affection. It could create a large financial settlement. Depending on the company’s judgment, Molly most likely would lose her job as would any others involved on the trip.”

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