Eating at Home


Traveling as much as I do in my job it is great just to eat a good home cooked meal. There are only two places where I can do that. At home with my beautiful wife and at my mom’s place. I really don’t know who is better and even if I did I wouldn’t let them know. That would be the last of my home cooked meals if you know what I mean.

My mother (Theresa) is 48 and a widow of 10 years. After a couple of years of morning she finally woke up one day and felt alive again. So for the past three years she has made the most of it. She is in wonderful shape and a real fox even if I do say so myself. My wife is Honey (yes that is her real name) and she is no slouch either. I make enough money so she can stay home except when she gets the urge travel with me. She is 24 and stacked and as sexy as they come. This is my second marriage and at 30 I try to keep up. We don’t have any children and don’t know that we ever will.

Honey’s mom lives close by but her dad left long ago to parts unknown. Her name is Gloria and is the spitting image of Honey, sweet, beautiful and stacked. At 42 years of age she has done extremely well in her own business. We both have a great relationship with our mothers and try to see them often. From some of the conversations I have over heard both of them had active sex lives. They speak with each other almost daily and from time to time I hear bits and pieces that lead me to believe that they share stories and experiences with each other like sisters.

I was scheduled to be gone on business for almost three weeks across country. Honey didn’t want to make such an extended trip but didn’t want to stay at home by herself for that period of time either so she talked her mom and my mom into taking a vacation in Key West. Since it would be just the three women they decided they could share a suite, split the cost and have good company all at the same time. I helped them book the room; arrange the airline tickets and other transportation. Two days later I said my goodbyes and left for my trip. They were scheduled to leave the next day and stay in Key West for 2 weeks.

My trip was going fine for the first 3 or 4 days until computer problems began to crop up and brought a halt to the project. The replacement hardware would arrive the next day and take a day or two to install and test. My client didn’t want to pay their employees for the next 3 days to stay in a hotel so we decided to postpone the training for another week so I was free to leave. I called to make my travel arrangements when I thought how nice Key West would be this time of year. I make my flight arrangements to Key West, ran to the local mall to purchase some clothing that would suite the climate, packed and headed to the airport. I didn’t have time to call Honey and let her know so I though I would just surprise he and our mothers.

My trip to the Keys was long and difficult and after fighting several delays my flight finally arrived at the airport at 1 am. Damn, I was sure glad I didn’t call them and have someone meet me at the airport. They would have been there for hours and wasted most of the day. I got a cab and headed to the hotel. Never having been there I didn’t know what to expect but I did expect to spend the next several days relaxing. I got to the west end of the island about 2 am and talked to the front desk clerk. Since we had used my credit card to reserve the room I had little trouble getting a key. I would just let myself bursa otele gelen eskort in the room. I never thought about the consequences. And yes, there were consequences.

When I opened the door no one was there. It was two am and no one home. Well, what the hell, it was Key West and they were on vacation. I was sure that everything was alright. After all, if anything was wrong they would have called my cell phone. I put my bags down and looked around. This place was nice, a 2 bedroom suite, one with a king bed and the other with 2 queen beds, a huge living room, full kitchen and a large wet bar not to mention an ocean view. I noticed my wife’s things in the bedroom with the King bed and so I assumed that was hers and the other room was being shared by our mothers. This worked out great. I put my thing away in the bedroom, changed into some shorts and short sleeve shirt and walked out on the balcony. It was a beautiful night and the pool below glistened. I could see several people still at the pool but from the floor I was on I couldn’t make out their faces very well but one thing I did notice, they were all naked. I couldn’t believe it, everyone at the pool, lying in the lounge chairs, sitting at the outside bar, in the water, everyone was buck naked. I was shocked but intrigued.

Suddenly I heard the electronic key slide into the door and voices. I turned around as the door opened up and in walked Honey, Gloria and my mother in nothing more than their sandals. Since I was standing outside they couldn’t see me but it was obvious to me that all three had several drinks under their belts…..well if they had any belts on. Seeing them was a dream come true. Three of the best built, most beautiful women I had ever seen. Honey is 5′ 4″ with 36D tits and 115 lbs. Gloria is 5′ 6″ with at least 38DD’s and my mom, well my mom is 5′ 5″ and she is at least a 38D maybe a little more. They were all three laughing and making jokes about some guy that was trying to pick them up.

Gloria: “Can you believe that guy, he though he actually had a chance. Bragging on his staying power. Hell, I don’t think he could have satisfied me much less all three of us.”

Theresa: “Yea, he kept going on and on about how many women he has had and how all of them just begged him to stay. Fuck, once I got through with him there would be enough leftovers to give either one of you a snack.”

Honey: “Well, all I can say is that I doubt if he could ever hold a candle to Brad. I don’t know how he does it but after 2 hours I usually want to go to sleep. If I don’t tell Brad that I’m ready for him to unload in me I truly think he would fuck me all night. Shit that man can fuck up a storm. I didn’t think I could take 3 weeks in a hotel room with him when all we had to do was fuck. Don’t get me wrong I love it as much as anyone but a girl needs to rest sometimes too.”

Gloria: “Well sweetie, if you need any help with him just let me know. I will be glad to take the leftovers. Anything to help my daughter.”

Theresa: “I know this may not sound right but I’ll help out myself. His father was the same way. 2, 3 hours a night. I never knew where he got his energy. I guess that is one of the things I miss most. A good, long hard fuck. All the men I have gone out with are 10 to 20 minutes and ready for sleep. It’s not a fucking unless you go at it at least an hour.”

Honey: “Well ladies, if I bursa eve gelen escort bayan need any help I certainly know who to call. Too bad Brad’s not here now. I sure could use a dose of his cock right now. Between those drinks and watching all those dicks swinging around the pool it sure does get me going.”

Gloria: “Your damn right, I am so horny that I might have to excuse myself for a little while and go get my trusty friend.”

Theresa: “Gloria, what do you mean, you brought your dildo with you?”

Gloria: “No, I brought all my dildos with me. All 4 of them! It’s like my American Express Card, I never leave home without them.”

Theresa: “Well, I guess you got me there. I thought about packing mine but I didn’t know how you two would feel if you found out so I put it back in my nightstand.”

Honey: “Theresa, don’t worry, if mom won’t let you borrow one of hers you are currently welcome to one of mine. I only brought 2 but both are very good.”

Theresa: “Like mother, like daughter. Thanks for the offer but I need the feel of a man or at least a woman. I guess I’m just not in the mood for something man made if you know what I mean.”

Gloria: “Theresa, you mean you have sex with women too. I mean you told me about all the men but not about any women.”

Theresa: “Well, it’s been a long time, a few times in college and a few more while Brad’s father was alive. He liked having other women and I figured since we had that in common I would let him if I get to share.”

Honey: “Theresa, I think that’s great. I’ve had a few females while I was in school but not since Brad and I started fucking, which was the first night I met him. He kept me so busy that I never had a chance but I wouldn’t mine that experience again. Having a woman is totally different, slower, and easier than a man.”

Gloria: “I can’t believe this, my daughter, my son in law’s mother, both have had sex with another woman but not me. I though I was the one with all the experience and now I find out I’m the one with the least experience.”

Theresa: “Well Gloria, if you are up for it I for one am willing to give you your first taste. How about it Honey, do you want to join in, watch or watch TV.”

Honey: “Well, whatever I do it won’t be watching TV. Lets go…..I’m so horny I might teach both of you something tonight.”

As the three of them moved onto the king bed I moved out of the dark balcony and into the living room. They had turned off all the lights with the exception of a small lamp in the bedroom. This gave me a great view and still allowed me to be hidden in the dark.

Theresa: “Well Gloria, since this is your first time I think you should have the privilege of going first. Why don’t you lie down and let Honey and me make you feel at home.”

With that Gloria spread out on the bed. Up until that time I hadn’t notice that Gloria had a shaved pussy. No hair at all….all smooth and clean with just a drop of moisture on the outer lips.

Gloria: “Damn, this is good. Both of you rubbing me….oooh…I could do this all day. I think I could get use to this.”

Theresa: “Just relax and let us do all the work. You do have a great body…I love your tits. So smooth and look at those nipples. They are getting hard as a rock and standing straight up.”

Honey: “Yea mom, your tits are great. Just relax and I’m going to make them feel bayan eskort bursa even better…..let me suck them for you. I know you will like this. Ummmm….good…I love your hard nipples…Ummmm….damn you have great titties and big too….”

Theresa: “Gloria, spread your legs a little dear so I can see that sweet pussy of yours. That looks good enough to eat…as a matter of fact I think I will….”

Gloria: “Oh shit Theresa, that feels good….Oh yes, stick your tongue in my cunt. Deep…yes….deeper. I love it. Oh Honey, you suck mommy’s tits so good. Bend over here and let me give you a kiss. You are such a sweet daughter to do this for your old mother.”

Gloria and Honey kissed, deeply, soul searching kiss like a mother and daughter should never kiss. Honey stuck her tongue deep into her mother’s mouth as Gloria sucked on Honey’s tongue and Theresa licked her hot cunt. Honey continued to rub and pinch her mother’s nipples as her mother neared her first orgasm as the hands of another woman.

Gloria: “Oh shit….I’m going to cum…..Damn your tongue is good….I want more of your hot fucking tongue in my pussy…..Oh yea…..fuck me with your tongue….fuck me. I’m cummmmmingggg……fuck yes……fuck me……fuuuucccckkkkk meeeeeee…”

With that Gloria had her first orgasm and came all over my mother’s face with her daughter grabbing and pinching her nipples. I sat in the dark of the living room watching through the open door way as my wife, my mother and my mother in law fucked and sucked each other for the next hour. Each taking their turn and each turn getting more intense than the last. Finally as the 3 women began to take a few moments and slow down from their sexual activities Honey noticed my bag in the corner of the bedroom.

Honey: “Theresa, is that your bag? I don’t remember it being there earlier.”

Theresa: “No Honey, that’s not mine. Gloria?”

Gloria: “Not mine…..where….Oh shit….Brad’s here….”

Without another word all 3 women stood up a once and looked into the living room where I sat, cock in hand. I was stroking my cock as I looked at 3 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen standing next to each other as they realize I have been watching all the time.

Honey: “Brad, what are you doing here and why didn’t you say anything?”

Theresa: “Son, what are you doing here……Why didn’t you call?”

Gloria: “Brad….Did you like what your saw?”

“One, I got here just before the 3 of you came back to the room. Two, I was on a plane most of the night and couldn’t use my cell phone besides I thought I would surprise you. And three, your damn right I liked what I saw. Most men wait a lifetime to see something like this and never get a chance.”

Gloria: “Well, I guess there is only one thing to do…..Brad, why don’t you join us and lie back on the bed and let us take care of you. I’m sure Honey and your mother won’t mine if we take care of you after such a long hard day. I mean after all, it’s the least we can do for someone who has the only cock any of us want…..”

Honey: “Moms right babe, come and join us and let us make you feel good. I think we can help you relax.”

Theresa: “Sweetie, come here and let mommy help. I’ve always wanted to be able to help my son with all his needs….and it sure looks like you have a very big need to take care of….”

I crossed the room into the bedroom. All at once 3 pairs of hands were all over me by 3 beautiful, sexy, horny women. My dreams had come true. All at once I had big, beautiful tits to grab and suck everywhere I looked, hands and mouths on every part of my body at once and the sweet smell of sex filled the room. I can’t wait to tell you what happened next but I can tell you I love eating at home even if it is on the road…

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