Earning My Keep Ch. 02


As I lay on my back, my arms were extended over my head, my hands grasping desperately at the headboard. I moaned and licked my lips as Rob plunged his cock in and out of my ass. As Rob rode hard into my hole, I tried to concentrate on what he needed. This was, after all, his afternoon delight, his break from the real world. He moaned and groaned and pushed deep inside me. This was our regular Wednesday afternoon romp and Rob needed it. It was one of those things we did every Wednesday afternoon to give him some mid-week relief. It was kind of a mid-day quickie. It would get him through to the weekend, when my time was solely his.

In just a few minutes, I felt Rob tense up and he began to roar. He furiously pumped his cum into my willing and wainting hole. Unprotected. While he showered, I lay in bed thinking of the rest of my afternoon to come. After Rob kissed me and left, I quickly showered and dressed. I could not be late for my next afternoon appointment, one about which Rob had no clue.

I arrived at the apartment across town by three o’clock. My knock on the door was answered by my new friend, Darius, whom I called “Dare.” He is a light-skinned black man, approximately 6’2″ with a powerful muscled body. He answered the gaziantep escort door with a smile on his face and his robe opened to expose his flacid cock. Already, he was somewhat aroused and I knew immediately what he wanted.

I dropped to my knees when the door clicked shut. I immediately took Dare’s beautiful cock into my mouth and began to suck it. In no time, Dare’s cock had reached it’s normal nine thick inches. I sucked him until he pulled me to my feet. I then took hold of his cock and led him to the living room. As normal, he sat back on the couch while I undressed. Afterwards, I knelt before him on my knees and began to gently lick his cock and suck his egg-shaped balls. Dare smiled and closed his eyes while I worked on him. He loves my mouth and loves my blowjobs.

I sucked Dare for a good thirty minutes all the while working my own hole up for the ride to come. He beckoned me to my feet again and I straddled Dare. I hovered over his spit-slick cock and slowly lowered my ass onto his cockhead. I felt Dare push his head past my sphincter and slowly engulfed his cock with my ass. Soon I was riding my “nubian” lover and grinding myself into him with every movement. Dare loved it.

After a little ride, I pulled off of Dare and walked to his bedroom, again leading Dare by his hard cock. I climbed onto his bed and turned to suck his cock for a minute or two while he reached over me to finger my hole. After a couple of minutes, he mounted me doggie style and began to slam into me. He made quick thrusts and hard moves. I jacked myself while he thrusted. Dare can last a while, which is great for me. After a half hour, we had alternately fucked missionary, doggie style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Finally, he climbed between my legs and rode my ass with my legs over his shoulders. After a hard thrust, he cried out and blew his beautiful cum into my ass. He stayed in my for a while. Before he could soften, I rode him using his cum as a lubricant.

After Dare and I cleaned up, he paid me and I left as usual. Although he knew I had come from Rob’s place directly to his, I could not bear to tell him I had one more stop for the day.

I arrived at Jack’s house around seven that evening. Jack is retired guy, about sixty. He is widowed and has found a new self in retirement and widowhood. I met him at the local ABS. He enjoys me and I enjoy his benefits. With Jack, it is a little more than just all business. Despite his age, he is in good shape and still works out. He tans and keeps himself looking good. After entering the house, I went directly to the bedroom. Jack entered naked and stroking his cock. He likes me to be very submissive. I lay on my stomach on the bed and reached up to suck him while he stood at the bed’s edge. After a little sucking action, Jack climbed on top of me and began to kiss me. I know he enjoys a little romance to it, so I try to make it that way for him. After a little french kissing, he makes his way down to my cock. He gently sucks my cock and balls and whispers his love to me. I reciprocate and tell him similar things.

Jack sucks me until I whisper to him that I am going to come. He always sawllows it and there is no excessive grunting or screaming. I know he likes it all gentle. Finally, he crawls between my legs and with his cock covered with a condom, he begins to slowly make his way inside and out of me. He is always gentle and thinks this is what I prefer. If he could only know of my previous activities of the day. After an entire affair of missionary style sex, Jack explodes his load into the condom. I let him cuddle a while and then offer to shower with him. He likes that. He rewards me handsomely and I head back to my place. Now that I earn income from three gentlemen, I can afford my own place. Wednesdays are good days.

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