Do You Want More? Ch. 01


The moment she caught his eye, he knew he wanted to know more about her. The hotel’s bar was dark, cold, and lonely tonight. Derrick looked around the dimly lit area. The bartender, an older gentleman, slowly made his rounds covering the bar. He would occasionally refill the beer glass of a balding, flushed face man in a $100 looking suit who looked like he hated life while occasionally chatting with the young blonde at the end of the bar who appeared to not be able to take a hint that she was annoying the shit out him with her nonstop talking. Before the mystery woman walked in that night, Derrick was the only other person there besides the two saps at the bar. He had just finished an ice-cold Miller Lite as he took off his suit jacket, slightly loosened his necktie, and attempted to make himself comfortable. He had just made the biggest pitch of his career for a company his marketing firm was hoping to do business with. He knew he had done well, so his adrenaline was still running on high to the point where he did not want to go to sleep but also did not want to end up too far away from his hotel. Since his flight back home was in the morning, he settled for what he thought would be a quiet, uneventful evening at his depressing hotel bar.

But the woman who just walked in the bar was anything but depressing. She was like a light at the end of a dark, cold tunnel. She wore her long, dark thick hair in loose curls that cascaded down her bare back. Her clothing for the night was a slinky, burgundy dress that hugged every curve of her body perfectly. The material on the dress was thin so he could tell she was going sans-undergarments. He started salivating at the idea of those perfectly plumped breasts of hers filling his hands as he plopped her rock-hard nipples in his mouth.

Well, Derrick must have been staring too hard as he fantasized about fucking the mystery woman. She was now staring right at him from across the room. It was too dark in the bar for Derrick to tell if her stares were from her thinking he was some type of weirdo or if she liked what she saw and was interested in getting to know him. Derrick hoped it was the latter. He took care of himself, so he knew of his attractiveness. His body was toned from the cardio he did at least five times a week. He managed to get a glimpse of his reflection in a mirror hanging on an adjacent wall beside him. He rubbed his chiseled face briskly as he stared back at himself.

“I still got it” he thought.

No, he did not have üvey kız kardeş porno male supermodel looks. But he never got any complaints from women. What the hell. It was his last night in this city. The sight of this woman damn near made him cream in his pants. It was now or never. He was going to make his move. He picked up what was left of his beer and made a b line towards the mystery woman’s table. The bartender had just dropped off a glass of red wine at her table. She slowly brought it to her lips while not breaking eye contact with Derrick.

“May I join you?” Derrick asked in the most seductive tone he could muster as he approached her table. The mystery woman softly chuckled.

“Yes, you may.”

Derrick detected a little bit of a southern accent from her.

“Are you from around here?” he asked as he sat in the closest chair next to her.

The mystery woman took another swig of her red wine. She sucked the bit of liquid that still shined on her perfectly painted red lips and then made a satisfied, soft moan in the back of her throat. The mystery woman leaned in towards Derrick. He could see the upper part of her bare breasts as a little of her cleavage spilled out of her low-cut dress and landed on the edge of the table as if they were being served to Derrick on a platter.

“Let’s not waste any time here,” she purred softly as she reached under the table and squeezed his upper thigh.

“You want to fuck, right?”

Derrick nearly choked on his own drool. He was at a lost of words. He had not encountered a woman so bold and straight to the point about sex since his college days. Sure, he had encountered what his mother always called “loose” women since college, but it was usually more to the chase even with females who just wanted to fuck at the end of the day. Although his interaction with the mystery woman had only been going on for a few short minutes now, he felt like he was going through an out of body experience. The abruptness of it all, the vulgarity of it all was very surreal.

“Is it possible someone slipped something into my drink?” he thought as he starred back at the woman who continued massaging his thigh. He was getting lost in those deep, chestnut colored eyes of hers. She was legitimately one of the most beautiful women he had seen in a while. Her smooth skin reminded Derrick of coffee after the perfect amount of sugar and milk has been added to the cup. Her facial features were soft xnxx porno and almost girl next door like. But those intense eyes told an interesting life story that Derrick was curious about even in that moment.

He paused and swallowed hard.

“I would love to fuck you, yes” he replied as he reached over to her right breast and timidly rubbed the tip of his finger across her covered nipple.

The mystery woman grinned as she gently pushed his hand aside. She then reached for the top of her dress and pulled both breasts out. Derrick gasped. He looked around the bar to see if anyone else was witnessing this display. The bar was still empty except for the balding guy at the bar who now looked like he wanted to pass out. Without Derrick noticing, the chatty blonde had left. The bartender was taking advantage of only having three people in his establishment. He pulled out his cellphone and began watching what sounded like some type of sports program. Since his back was towards Derrick and the mystery woman, Derrick was confident that the bartender was not paying the least bit of attention to him and his new female friend. Perhaps that it was why she was so comfortable exposing herself in public.

She began massaging both bare breasts, making sure to pinch her erect nipples between her rubbing and squeezing. It seems like with every breast squeeze, Derrick could feel his dick get a little harder. He was going to need some type of release soon.

“Do you have a room here?” she asked while putting her breasts back in her dress. Derrick could not help but sign with a bit of disappointment.

“Yes, I do have a room here but before we go, can I ask you something?” Derrick was kind of nervous to ask his question but he wanted to know what he was getting into.

“Are you a prostitute?”

There was a moment of awkward silence between the two of them. Derrick could not quite read what she was thinking by his bold question as her expression did not look like that of being offended or being particularly pleased with the question. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder and slightly crossed her arms. Those plumped breasts of hers were now pushed up slightly from her folded arms.

“Does it matter? Would that change the fact that you want to fuck me tonight?”

Derrick knew she had a point.

“I don’t really have a lot of cash on me…” Derrick had now pulled out his wallet and was rummaging through its contents.

Without any zenci porno notice, the mystery woman had pulled the wallet out of his hands and placed it on the table. She then grabbed his right hand and moved it underneath the table towards her lap. Before he knew it, Derrick’s fingers were greeted by the mystery woman’s slopping wet pussy. There was a warmth between her legs that drove Derrick insane. Derrick seized the opportunity to finger fuck her. As she parted her legs further to give him more access, Derrick buried his index and middle finger deeper and deeper into her damp snatch. As he quickly moved his fingers in and out of her, he could hear the squishy sounds her natural lubrication was making because of his finger banging.

Derrick attempted to stop his pussy assault when the overworked bartender approached their table to see if he could get them refills. But the mystery woman tugged at his wrist underneath the table to keep his hand down by her private area. He could tell she did not want him to stop burying his fingers in her box and she got a kick out of him doing it in front of someone else. Derrick was more than happy to oblige in her game of naughtiness. He never broke his rhythm as he informed the bartender they would be cashing out for the night. The mystery woman was not even attempting to hide that Derrick was pleasuring her underneath the table. She openly moaned in front of the bartender which caused his face to turn a bright red color as he scurried off.

He could feel her orgasm coming as her pussy walls tightened around his fingers. She reached for one of her breasts again, popped it out of her dress once more, and began frantically squeezing it as her moans increased. Derrick was starting to become more and more impressed with this woman. She seemed so free and uninhabited. He did not really look at her behavior as slutty. At that moment, he only saw a woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to go for it.

She moaned loud enough to where the balding, drunk guy at the bar jerked his head up from his drunken slumber. He looked in their direction with sheepish eyes but quickly put his head back down and began snoring again. Derrick could tell the mystery woman had come. Her wetness now covered his entire hand as she continued to ride his two fingers. Once she had reached the end of her climax, his fingers slowly slide out of her pussy. He sucked her juices off his fingers as she seductively smiled at him while still panting from her subsided orgasm.

The mystery woman slowly started to gain her composure as her breathing began to become normal again. She took another swig of her now room temperature wine and proceeded to straighten the top part of her dress.

“Do you want more?” she asked.

Stay tuned for chapter two!

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