Dark Loving


I had been working in the dark room a while. Pacing back and forth in the small room thinking of when he would walk back in. I’m gonna kiss him this time I thought. He’d been racing through my mind all day. Images of what may come to pass once we got in here floated around my brain as the periods slowly progressed. Suddenly the sound of footsteps came closer, and closer, until he was in the archway of the room; a silhouette against the light from the outer hallway. He was simply standing there as if he knew what would happen as well. For a minute I simply took in the sight of him and gathered the courage to approach him in the process.

I walked up to him slow as possible so that he would understand this was not something I wanted to rush into. It would be our first kiss and we both knew it would have consequences. There had to be consequences because that was the thing with forbidden affection. Did either one of us really want to deal with the drama? Was this simple act really worth all the trouble that would follow?

At first I thought his lack of movement toward me was an act of hesitation and began to anticipate rejection. Soon I was right in front of him, motionless; realizing that even in a room simply illuminated with dim red and yellow lights I could make out all his facial features, paying particularly good attention to his eyes and lips. Neither of us said a word for about a minute as my eyes drifted from his, to his lips, and back again. I noticed he was doing the same. I began to move in, so slowly you might not have even realized I was moving till the gap between us had significantly lessened. I closed my eyes Ataşehir Escort and very, very gently brushed my lips against his. I only drew back a few inches before I came closer to him again, this time placing on hand behind his head and bringing him closer to me. This time around there was only slightly more pressure between our lips but his had reciprocated my movement. I felt his hands lightly grasping my waist. First his hands just lay on my sides but then they moved ever so slightly to my hips and drew my closer.

By now our kisses were still soft but more passionate. Our tongues began to intertwine and dance to their own rhythm. I begin to pull away and felt his lips suck on my lower one. The sensation makes me weak and I begin to stumble backwards. This fumble, on my part, was taken as an invitation for us to move closer to the inner part of the room; further into the darkness. He pulls me closer than ever, kisses me harder, and seems to be pushing me closer to the counter top that sits along the back wall. I let go of his neck and reach my hands backward to find the edge of the countertop.

Once I feel it I prop myself onto it without removing my lips from his. My legs spread and he steps into the void. I lean back on my hands; he places my face in his hand and draws it closer to him though there really is no space between us at this point. I take my hand to the back of his head and start messing with his hair, pulling it, and running my fingers through it. His hands fall from my face back to my waist and I can feel them soon resting on my thighs. They begin to slide up the opening at the bottom my hoodie Kadıköy Escort and, instead of touching skin, are slipping up my button-down shirt underneath. One hand moves to my breast and begins to fondle with it. Even through my shirt and bra the sensation make me moan. The sound seems to satisfy him as he begins to undo the buttons and unclasp my bra all with one hand. As for the other hand it has left the insides of my sweatshirt and made its way up the side of my skirt. One hand is caressing my breast while the other tickles the sides of my thigh. The touch sends my head spinning and I can feel moisture soaking my underwear. I sigh and moan in pleasure when I prop back on to my hands and his lips release my own and travel to the side of my neck.

This was more pleasure than I initially expected and, for a brief moment, I contemplated cutting it off here before we got carried away but the thought was expelled from my mind just as quickly as it had come. The sensation on my thigh disappeared as he removed his hand from within my skirt and soon the second hand did the same. He grabbed the bottom of my hoodie and pulled it quickly and forcefully over my head and threw it behind him. His hands grabbed my upper back which forced my chest up and my head backward. He began to kiss the swell of my breasts and caress my back. I can barely contain my desire for more and bite my lower lip as to make less noise. Our photo teacher sat in the next room and could hear just about anything if it was loud enough. I try and silence myself but as soon as he stops kissing my chest he lifts my head back up and returns to my lips.

Both Ümraniye Escort hands leave my back this time and return to my thighs spreading them further. One hand pulls my soaking underwear to the side while the other begins to caress me. I let out a muffled screech which is barely audible with the way his tongue is moving my mouth. The hand which pulled my underwear away stays in its position to keep them from slipping back over me. The other hand stops rubbing me and I can feel two fingers enter deep inside me. The fingers felt so huge against my small opening that it’s slightly painful and I begin to feel tears forming in my eyes. As his fingers penetrated within me, back and forth, the pain transformed into waves of pleasure. Even with my eyes closed I can feel them roll back. I have no control of my body. My toes begin to curl all on their own and I cannot be held responsible for my increased heart rate. All I can focus on are his lips which have moved to my collar bone and his finger which move faster and faster within me which makes my mouth whisper “oh fuck…” followed by a slightly louder “yes!” and an even louder “OHHH!”

He silences me by sticking lips back onto mine and latching my tongue to his. I can’t contain myself though and retract around him letting out a loud groan and an “faster.” I can feel myself coming. Before I know it I’m letting out a huge sigh of relief and my juices begin to flow even freer than before. I know I’m done now but I recline completely soaking all that just happened in me and regaining my breath. He leans over me with the biggest satisfactory grin on his face. He gives out a giggle and I find myself doing the same and then propping up on my elbows and giving his a soft peck on the lips. The only thing I can think to say is “when can we do that again?” He forcefully lifts my back off the counter and I know round two is about to begin…

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