Daddy Daughter Day Pt. 01


My eighteen year old daughter, Rebecca, and I had planned this day for weeks. The wife and son were going to be gone all day on a trip with school. Rebecca and I decided we would take advantage and planned a day for ourselves. I took a day of vacation and she would be starting college in just two weeks. We saw this as a chance to spend one good day together before I was to say goodbye to her for the next year.

The day finally arrived and I vaguely heard my wife and son leave about seven o’clock. The wife was contemplating not going on this trip, which would have spoiled the day with Rebecca. She did not bother to wake me when she left so when I felt movement on the bed at about 7:30, I was about to chew her ass. I was lying in the middle of the bed and the body now in the bed was on the opposite side my wife usually slept, but I didn’t give that much thought as I was still half asleep.

The body snuggled next to me. I was lying on my left side and the body lay behind me and threw her arm over me. I realized in an instant that the body did not belong to my wife. It was, in fact, my daughter, Rebecca.

I rolled over to look her in the eyes. “Good morning Daddy,” she smiled.

“Good morning, baby. Are you sure you should be in bed with me? I mean… Uh…” I looked down her body. She was wearing a thin white tank top and tight white panties. Nothing else. Her breasts were large and round. She had gained some weight. When she was twelve, she was petite, but now she was kind of chubby. I liked the way she looked, very much.

Rebecca rolled to her right side and moved to snuggle against me. She took my arm and pulled it over herself. The only thing separating her from my naked self was a thin sheet. She pushed her round buttocks into my crotch.

I felt my cock start to stir as she wiggled her butt ever closer. “I… uh…” I tried to speak as I was moving backward to avoid further embarrassment, but the words didn’t come. “We need to get going, we have a long day ahead. Why don’t you get in the shower first.”

“I have already been,” she answered.

“Okay, I will get in, then. You need to leave so I can get out.”

“Why do I have to leave?”

“Because, I am naked and you don’t want to see me like this.”

“I have seen you naked before Daddy. You’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before. “

“Well… Just don’t look then.” With that, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Just as the bathroom door was latching shut, the young woman whistled playfully.

I stood quietly in the middle of the bathroom for a few minutes, trying to get my boner to subside. I told myself that Rebecca was just being playful, that she had no intentions other than that.

I finally relaxed and decided I needed to get my shower done. I set the water temp very hot and got in. As I was lathering my head with shampoo, most of it running in my eyes, I heard the bathroom door open and close. In a few seconds, my daughter, now completely naked, stepped into the shower with me.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “I thought you had already had your shower.

“I lied,” She said with a twinkle in her eye. “You gonna wash my hair for me or what?” I quickly rinsed the shampoo from my own hair, then wet and lathered hers. I scrubbed her long raven hair briskly. She stepped altyazılı porno closer to me and her large breasts smacked against my stomach as I scrubbed. Her large dark pink nipples hardened as they swung against me.

I rinsed her hair. She then suggested, “Let’s wash each other now.”

“Are you sure we should?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy,” she said sternly. She grabbed the soap from the dish and started washing my chest. She worked up a thick lather and moved to my stomach. My cock was once again hard and aching. Rebecca finished my stomach and lowered her soapy hands to wash my cock and balls. I pulled them away, but to no avail. She went right back to them. I decided it would do no good to fight her so let her finish.

When she had finished washing my cock and balls, being careful not get me off, she said, “It’s your turn to wash me now.” I washed her from head to toe, not missing a single millimeter. I paid particular attention to her heaving breasts. I gently squeezed her large globes and tweaked her erect nipples playfully.

I moved to her stomach and worked the lather around to her hips and her hairy mound. Without a turning her around, I cleaned her butt, running my hands between her cheeks and cleaning around the pucker of her tight asshole. “Be careful there, Daddy,” she commanded.

“I will, baby,” I whispered in her ear. While my mouth was close to her ear, I kissed her lobe and sucked it into my mouth. She put her arms around me and mashed her hot pussy against my groin.

“I need you to finish what you started six years ago. I want you so fucking bad, Daddy.” She looked up at me with her big brown eyes. I was never so in love with anyone as I was with my daughter. I knew it for a long time, but never acknowledged it before. She kissed me like a woman kisses a man, long and deep. I knew at that moment that she felt the same way.

We finished our shower and dried ourselves. When we were done in the bathroom,

Rebecca took my hand and lead me back to my bedroom. She lay on the bed, made herself comfortable, and reached out to invite me to join her. I lay beside her and took her into my arms. We started kissing and caressing each other. As the heat built between us, I started kissing her neck and moving to suck her nipples.

I sucked first one nipple then the other. Taking each one into my mouth and making them hard and tender. She grabbed my head and held me close as she moaned her approval.

“I need to feel you inside me. Please,” she begged.

“Not just yet, baby,” I said. I moved between her legs and kissed her inner thighs from the backs of her knees to just below where they met and formed her full pussy lips. The scent emanating from her honey pot was so sweet, it made my head spin. I didn’t want to jump right at it, though. I wanted to tease her just a little bit more.

Rebecca was moaning louder and trying to get me to devour her steaming cunny. She whimpered as I pulled back and looked at her beautifully contorted face. I could see she was about to explode.

Finally I let my tongue graze her sweet pussy lips. They were already swelled with passion and dripping wet. I tenderly licked her from near her asshole to the top of her gash just above her twitching clitoris. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed my türkçe altyazılı porno tongue into her hot hole. She grabbed my head, pulled me hard into herself and came in a gush on my face.

When she had recovered a little, I moved above her and asked, “Are you ready?”

Knowing, or at least thinking, she was a virgin, I didn’t want to enter her if she wasn’t ready for me.

“I have been ready for so long Daddy,” she purred. “I have wanted you to be my first. And it has been so hard saving myself for you and this moment.” Rebecca pulled me down to her and I aimed my aching member at her wet hole. I pushed in passed her lips and stopped at the opening of her vagina.

“Are you absolutely sure you are ready for this?”

“Yes Daddy, I need you to fuck me now.” I pushed into her tight hole. I was waiting for her to push me away as I went through her maidenhead. Instead, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me to the hilt.

I stopped when I felt my balls press against her sex. I waited as her juices flowed around my rod and lubed it for the pumping. In a minute or so I began to slowly move in and out of my daughter’s no longer virgin pussy. It made a sucking noise every time I pulled back. I looked down to see her lips clinging to my tool as I pulled back.

Rebecca moved her hips up to meet my every thrust and our groins made a smacking sound as they collided at the bottom of the stroke. She put her arms around my shoulders, pulled me to her face and kissed the flavor of her own delicious pussy from my mouth. “Mmm,” she said. “I am so tasty.” And she kissed me more.

The passion was building in my loins and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I needed this release desperately as I have been hard and hot since I woke. Rebecca must have been getting close too. She moaned loudly into my mouth every time our groins smacked against each other.

Our mouths parted when Rebecca was getting nearer the point of no return. Her breaths came in short pants. Her mouth was wide open trying to get more air. She threw her head back and started to scream as her pussy exploded into dick strangling ball milking convulsions.

Her pussy was so tight that her spasms almost ripped my cock from its roots. I couldn’t take anymore of this torture, and pushed hard into my daughters molten pussy. My dick stiffened then shot one long rope of my seed after another deep within her love tunnel. I came for what seemed like a long time. Finally the spasms wound down and my spent dick grew limp.

When we had recovered a little from such an earthshaking pair of orgasms, I rolled off my sexy beautiful girl. My dick made a popping sound as I pulled free of her fresh fucked quim. We lay in each other’s arms again kissing and caressing each other.

When we had rested for a while, we went to the bathroom and cleaned each other then got dressed. We set about our planned day shortly thereafter. We went to a nearby town, did some shopping had lunch and then shopped some more before we decided we had enough and headed back home.

As we approached the town we lived in, a call came from my wife to my daughter on her cell phone. Rebecca listened awhile, then said, “Okay, see you later.” Then put her phone away.

“What did your mother want?” I asked.

“She hd altyazılı porno said they were just leaving the college and would be home in about four hours.”

“Ok,” I replied.

“You need to pull off on a gravel road, Daddy. Please.”

“Do you need to pee or something?” I asked.

“Or something,” she answered with a serious look on her face. I thought the look meant trouble. I pulled off onto a familiar gravel road that would take us very close to our house when we resolved the “Problem”. I parked my truck in a valley between two small hills. There was head high corn on either side of the road, so we had complete seclusion, as long as we didn’t get any traffic. I didn’t think we would, as this road had no houses along it for two miles in either direction.

“What’s on your mind, Baby?” I asked.

Rebecca threw the up the armrest between the two seats, slid nearly into my lap, and said, “We have to keep this quiet.”

“Yes, baby, I know we have to.”

“I mean it, Daddy. Nobody can have even a clue or hint we are doing this.”

“Yes, Baby. That has to be our most important priority.”

“Okay. Since we understand each other.” She turned in the seat, put her arms around me and kissed me hard. “There is something else we need to take care of as soon as we get home.”

“What could that be?”

“I didn’t get a chance to suck your dick this morning, Daddy. I need to suck your dick.”

“You are making me hot again. I guess we had better get home then, eh?”

“Hurry Daddy.” I put the truck in gear and we were home in less than two minutes.

Once inside the house, Rebecca started pulling at my clothes, all the while leading me back to my bedroom. I was already naked by the time we got to the bed. Rebecca pushed me to the bed. I lay in the middle with my cock standing straight up. She wasted no time stripping herself of her clothing and lying between my legs.

She took hold of my once again aching penis and stroked it gently for a minute. She studied every inch of it with her hungry eyes. Then she lowered her mouth to it, stuck her tongue out and tasted it lightly. She smiled and slowly lowered her mouth over my engorged head. She sucked just the head for another minute, then pulled off and licked me from my balls to the head. She spied a dribble of precum on the tip and quickly licked it from its place.

After licking the entire length for a couple minutes and driving me mad with her talented tongue, she took the whole shaft into her throat. She gagged a little and pulled away briefly. “My friend Steph told me how to do this, but It isn’t as easy as she says it is.”

“I guess it just takes practice. Just go as deep as you are comfortable with and relax. It will get better.” She said nothing more and returned her mouth to my cock. She didn’t try to take the whole thing this time, but the feeling was still incredible. Her mouth was so wet with saliva that it ran down my shaft and puddled on my balls.

Rebecca kept sucking and getting better with every stroke in and out of her willing mouth. I tried to pull away as my orgasm approached, but she was having none of that. I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled her mouth with my sticky goo.

When I was finished shooting my wad, I apologized that I would not be able to give her anymore. She said it was okay, and kissed me tenderly. We napped for a short time. When we woke, we changed the sheets on the bed, got dressed and waited for the wife and boy to get home from their trip. They were none the wiser.

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