Cutting Edge


When I first decided to get a vasectomy, it was with the hope that it would revitalize the otherwise mostly dead sex life my wife and I had. Our sex life had started dwindling less than a year after the birth of our son, without any apparent reason. It wasn’t until our daughter was born, 8 years later, that I got a possible explanation for my wife’s lack of desire. That was when she refused to go back to using the IUD she’d worn between kids, stating that it made sex uncomfortable, any kind of sex, even me eating her pussy. That was why she’d rarely been in the mood, and why we’d only had sex once every two or three weeks. However, I have my own birth control problem, in that the lubricant in condoms irritates me, and I have difficulties maintaining my arousal. So, in the last two years, we’ve only been having mutual oral sex, and because my wife’s not really into sucking my cock, we’re down to about once a month for anything.

Of course, none of these situations were or are acceptable, and my complaints about them have been the main topic of conversation whenever I go out with my best friend and his girlfriend. Since, in addition to the lack of sex, my wife makes all kinds of promises to get romance, knowing she’ll break them as soon as I try to collect. And, my friends feel that the deliberate cruelty of that gives me every right to divorce my wife, or at the very least, cheat on her. The problem is that because of my kids, divorce is not an option for me. Cheating isn’t really an option either, because of the high risk of it leading to that divorce. My risk is higher than normal, because to local women I’m a prime catch. I’m American, which makes me a possible ticket to the U.S., and I make real good money compared to local men. So, their main interest is in doing whatever it takes to get me to marry them, instead of my current wife. That means none of the girls my friends have tried to hook me up with, are interested in a safe sex relationship.

Naturally, none of them would openly admit they weren’t interested in a relationship that didn’t give them the opportunity to trap me with a pregnancy. Instead, they’d give other reasons that would only be obvious to a man who was scared of those traps. Like how sex with condoms, or limiting sex to only oral and anal sex, made them feel like they were prostitutes. They’d either swear they were on the pill, or they’d say they preferred the guy just pull out at the last second and cum on their stomach or face. The problem with the statements about being on the pill, is that there is no way for the guy to verify that, and when the girl gets pregnant, she can always say she only forgot to take it once, and that it must have happened that day. As for the pulling out method, the girl could wrap her legs around you “accidentally”, making it impossible for you to pull out. In reality though, both of those, “forgetting her pill” or wrapping her legs around you in a fit of passion, would be deliberate acts, designed to get them pregnant with your baby, so you’d either marry them or support the kid for the rest of your life.

So, because all the girls they tried to set me up with said similar things, while claiming to be very interested in me, in order to protect myself, I would deliberately do or say things to sabotage our relationships before they ever got started. My friends were extremely frustrated with me for pushing these girls away, when they’d all just wanted someone to have fun with. And, they felt my suspicions were incorrect, unfair, and downright insulting. But, while I agreed with them that I had no concrete evidence to support my suspicions, I also made it clear that I couldn’t take the risk, in case my paranoia turned out to be justified. That’s why I finally made the decision that the only answer to my problems was to get myself fixed. On the one hand, being able to safely make love might restore some of my wife’s sexual desire. On the other hand, if that didn’t happen, removing the risk of a trap would stop me from pushing away any of the girls who showed interest in me.

The last thing I expected to happen was what did happen, that someone who hadn’t been interested before would become interested once they learned that I’d gotten myself clipped. It was a girl named Merve that my friends had been trying to convince to meet me. The reason she hadn’t wanted to meet me was that my friends had told her about my suspicions with the other girls, and she’d taken my side of the argument. That I had every right to be suspicious because those were the same tactics her friends used to trap their husbands. But, while she wasn’t in the market for a husband, she didn’t want to feel like a prostitute either and didn’t want her lover to use a condom when he made love to her. Therefore, there was no reason to meet me, since I’d push her away with the same suspicions I had about the other girls. When she found out about my vasectomy though, that changed everything, because not only would I not need to wear a condom, she’d also be able to stop taking her pills. Because she loved türbanlı escort feeling men cum inside her, and even she was scared of accidents.

When she finally agreed to meet me though, I still had a month to go before I’d be totally safe, and that was a big part of what we talked about that night. Because, while she was attracted to me, she had no idea what kind of lover I was. And, with my stated inability to perform when wearing a condom, she had no way of taking me for a test drive. So, she would keep going out with us, to see what kind of person I was out of bed. But, we wouldn’t do anything else until the waiting period was over, because she didn’t want to risk becoming emotionally involved until she was sure we were sexually compatible. When I started to say there were other things we could do to show what kind of lover I was, she stopped me. She said that she already had someone who took care of those things for her, and they took care of them very well. The only thing they couldn’t give her was the the thing she wanted me for. And, since she didn’t believe in being unfaithful to her lovers, she would only keep one of us. That’s why we needed to wait until I could prove to her that I was the one worth keeping. Because as soon as she made her decision, she would immediately stop seeing the other person.

I wasn’t too thrilled with her attitude, since she was making it obvious she was only really interested in the fact that I would be able to safely cum inside her, and that she wouldn’t want me otherwise. I had been hoping that my vasectomy would just be a benefit to being with me, and not the only reason to be with me in the first place. Still, her only wanting me for that was better than only wanting me for my passport and my wallet, so I had made some progress. Besides, hers was the only offer I had at the moment, and that meant we had to play this game by her rules. That changed though, the next time we went out, because one of the girls that I’d pushed away before saw us all at the restaurant we were at. And, since she was a friend of my friend’s girlfriend, she ended up joining our party. Actually, I don’t think her showing up was a coincidence, because not only did Sinem know about my surgery, she also knew about Merve and what our status was., I think my friend’s girlfriend might have felt the same way about Merve’s attitude that I did, and had invited Sinem because of that.

Sinem had been the closest I’d come before to cheating on my wife, and had been the one who’d scared me the most. Because, she didn’t just hate condoms, she also hated the pull out at the last second game that my friends played. She’d stated flatly that she wouldn’t make love unless the man promised to cum deep inside her, because anything less meant the man didn’t respect her. And, she also said that she only used the counting method for birth control, meaning how many days since her period. Then when it became obvious that I was doing things to make her lose interest in me, she tried to convince me she’d been joking and that she actually had an IUD. But, I kept pushing her away anyway, because I was too scared of traps to believe her claim that she’d just been playing games with me. And, after almost a month of my friends trying to get me to trust her, she finally just told me to go fuck myself and stopped showing up. So, maybe she’d still been interested, and since it wouldn’t matter whether she had an IUD or not anymore, they thought she’d be better for me than Miss Attitude.

It didn’t matter whether she’d been invited or not either, because just her being there had an effect on Merve, making her possessive. And when Sinem started visibly flirting with me, Merve put that possessiveness into words, telling Sinem I was already taken. That’s when Sinem dropped her bombshell, asking Merve what she’d done to claim me, since we weren’t acting like lovers. She hadn’t even held my hand, let alone kissed me since Sinem got there, and she knew for a fact we hadn’t had any kind of sex yet. So, I didn’t belong to her in any way, shape or form, and that meant she could make a play for me if she wanted. Then placing her hand on mine, she said that she wanted to, if I was still interested. Jealousy makes people do things they wouldn’t do otherwise, and Merve was definitely showing signs of jealousy. Because she said she’d just been getting ready to ask me if I wanted to go somewhere where she could lay her claim on me. Sinem showed she had inside information by calling Merve a liar and repeating what Merve had said about making me wait until I could prove I was good enough for her. Then she drove the needle in by saying that if she’d really wanted me, she’d have shown me that already, not told me I’d have to prove myself to her. Well, she did want me, and wanted to show me that she was worthy of me, not the other way around.

My friends got involved at that point, telling Merve that Sinem was right, and that if she really wanted me she’d show me that. With them on her side, Sinem tüyap escort drove another needle into Merve, by saying that maybe it was her who wasn’t good enough for me. Then, when Merve said she was a lot better for me than Sinem was, Sinem said that I was the one who had to decide that. My friends jumped in again, saying that was a great idea, to give them each one night with me, and let me pick the winner. When Merve said there was no need for a contest, because I was already hers, she got hit from both sides by them reminding her that she hadn’t claimed me yet. And, if she really believed she was better than Sinem then she shouldn’t be afraid to prove it. After that, it was just a matter of setting up the dates and deciding who would go first. Since I only had two unsafe date nights left, that was what the contest would be based on, what they had to offer besides just letting me fuck them. Then, once the contest was over, the next date would be where I’d start cumming inside the winner’s pussy. Merve had no problem with going first, because she said she was going to set the bar so high that Sinem wouldn’t stand a chance. Sinem was happier going second, because even though she wouldn’t collect the whole prize for another week, she’d be able to stake her permanent claim on me right away.

Now, before I go any further, I want to clear things up, in case I’ve given you the wrong impression about Merve. She’s not some stuck up bitch, because if she was, I wouldn’t want anything to do with her. She did have an ego problem though, like any girl who is beautiful and knows it. As a matter of fact, had it only been a beauty contest, Merve would have won easily, since she was more classically pretty than Sinem was. Not that Sinem is ugly in any way, not by a long shot. It’s just that Merve has a bikini model’s body, along with that rare combination of black hair and green eyes. And, Sinem is more of the cute girl next door type, who while she’d still look good in a bikini, she’s too thin to model one professionally. That’s why Merve hadn’t seen anything wrong with her attitude until Sinem started flirting with me, because she was used to men begging for her attention. That’s also why I was always suspicious of the girls my friends introduced me to, because they would all be out of my league, if I wasn’t an American. Why they were still willing to fight over me, without the possibility of a pregnancy trap, was beyond me. But, I was too attracted to both of them to worry about what other tricks they might have up their sleeves. Anyway, after trading contact info and plans about where to meet, the girls each gave me a quick kiss, then left to go home. Actually, my friends made them leave together, to make sure neither of them tried to cheat by taking me home early.

Once the girls left, my friend’s girlfriend confirmed that it hadn’t been a coincidence that Sinem showed up by saying she thought that had worked out pretty good. Now Sinem would get the chance I should have given her months ago. And, it was obvious that Sinem would win the contest, because she wanted me without me having to kiss her ass. Although, she was sure Sinem wouldn’t mind if I wanted to lick it anyway, especially if I wanted to fuck her there. Then she said that if I’d been a little more trusting, I could have been making love to Sinem from the start. I mean, if Sinem’s whole plan had been to trap me, why was she here now, when it was no longer possible. True, she was sure that Sinem wanted to be more than just a fuck buddy, but she’d do it the old fashioned way, by showing me I’d be happier with her than I was with my wife. Since Sinem loved all kinds of sex, that was one problem I’d never have again, once her and I were together. And the only thing I’d ever regret about being with her, was the time I’d wasted by pushing her away in the first place.

Of course, since it was where she already had the advantage, Merve met me at the door of her house in a dress that really showed how hot her body was. A black evening gown, that tied behind her neck, starting with two almost sheer pleated panels, meeting at her waist, that barely covered her tits, and ending with a slit sided floor length bottom half. As I said earlier, had this just been about looks, the contest would have been over right then, because there was no way Sinem could look so sexy. Sliding into my arms like a cat, she kissed me softly and said she asked if I liked what I saw. Because everything I saw and all the things I’d see after I undressed her, were mine to do with as I pleased, tonight and forever. Then, she took me by the hand, to lead me to her bedroom, which she’d also spent some time getting ready for our date. There were candles all around the room, a bottle of wine with two glasses, a bowl with grapes, strawberries and squares of cantaloupe, and soft music playing. And, as she came into my arms again, and started swaying to the music, she said she hoped I didn’t mind the romantic trappings, because she wanted our first time together to be tuzla escort special. Then, pressing her body tighter to mine, while still swaying, she pulled one of my hands to her breast and breathlessly asked me to please touch her, before giving me our first open mouthed kiss.

Since she couldn’t have worn a bra with that dress, her arousal was easy to feel under my hand, and easy to see in her other tit as well. And she made it even easier to see, along with the rest of her awesome body, by popping the clasp behind her neck when my kisses started moving downward. Naturally, I stepped back to get a better look, and she did a slow pirouette, while repeating that it was all mine to play with. I kissed her lips again, telling her she was the most beautiful toy I’d ever had my hands on, then dipped my head to quickly return to where I’d been headed before. As my head zeroed in on her left breast, I turned slightly, so that my left hand could caress her right breast, while my right hand reached down to stroke the ass that had haunted my fantasies for the past two weeks. When my tongue touched her nipple, Merve grabbed the back of my head, and pulled in tight against her chest to tell me she wanted that nipple in my mouth. And as she moaned for me to suck her tits, her free hand started working the buttons on my shirt. Her trying to take it off me, was my cue to switch tits and hands, and to play with the other cheek of her fantastic ass. Then, I gently edged her backwards so we could both lay on the bed, and I brought the hand that had been on her ass around front, to run my fingers over her pussy mound.

It was when my lips started nibbling lower though, that she pulled away from me, which I thought meant she was a virgin to having her pussy eaten. But, she showed me I was wrong, by saying ‘not yet’, because she intended to go first, and she hadn’t even finished undressing me. Then, as her hands went to the button on my pants, she started kissing my chest, saying she’d never had a lover with so much hair before, and that she liked how it tickled her lips. Now it was her turn to start nibbling down my body, as she slid my pants off and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my underwear. When she got them off, she smiled up at me and said I was bigger than she thought, and that she liked my cock more than my chest hair. And, while she wasted no time sliding her lips over the head of it, she took her time in getting the rest of it in her mouth, moaning sexily as she did so. She didn’t quite reach the bottom, although I think she could have, before reversing direction and going up as slowly as she’d gone down. Then, when she reached the top, she told me I might want to grab her pillow and put it under my head. Because, she loved her new lollipop, and she wasn’t planning on letting me cum until she played with it for quite a while.

Play with it she did too, sometimes licking it like an ice-cream cone, sometimes nibbling up and down the sides, and sometimes popping it in and out of her mouth. And, as she got deeper into what she was doing, she started playing with herself too, and rubbing her pussy juice all over my cock as she sucked it. She didn’t wait for me to ask, she just told me in sexy voice that she always gave her first blow job of the night after the guy made love to her and came inside her. Since I wouldn’t do that tonight though, she at least wanted my cock to taste like I had. Then in an even sexier voice, she said she never sucked a guy’s cock just to get it hard again between lovemaking sessions. If she put my cock in her mouth, it was staying there until she made it cum, no matter how long it took. So, she hoped I loved cumming in her mouth, because I’d be doing that a lot from now on. Then, she showed me I was right about her being able to deep throat my cock, because she started slowly taking everything I had, until her lips were touching my balls, over and over again. There was no way I could hold out under that kind of pressure, and her moans as I got closer, told me she definitely didn’t want me to hold back.

After she finished swallowing, and made sure my balls had nothing more to give, Merve moved up to lay in my arms for a minute. When I went to kiss her though, to thank her for such a wonderful blow job, she turned her head and said she didn’t feel comfortable kissing guys after doing that. Then, when I asked what the difference was between kissing her now, and what she’d been doing, she said she knew they were technically the same, but like my wife had told me many times, some things were ok for girls to do, that guys shouldn’t, and this was one of them. I, of course, asked if she knew what I planned to do now, and if she thought that was also something guys shouldn’t do. And she laughed at that, saying it was the opposite, meaning something she felt all men needed to do as often as possible, except after making love, because then it was wrong again for the same reason as the kissing. Then, as she nudged me in the direction she wanted me to go, she said she even had a fantasy about us just taking turns licking each other some night, and wondered if I might be interested in making it come true sometime soon. And, I told her that as fantastic as her mouth was, that was a fantasy I’d gladly help her with anytime she wanted. Then I began showing her how gladly, by diving into her waiting pussy, head first.

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