Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 04

Big Dicks

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.

Chapter 11 – The Visitor

Two years later…

Dana moved out when she found a boyfriend. Too many women and not enough time for her. We are still great friends. She loves John but John loves Sara and me first.

Sara and John got married over a year ago and Sara gave birth to Vicky three months ago. I love and treat Vicky as if she were my own. They include me in everything. We are getting along well. I understand why Dana left, I want a man with me in bed at night. Sara gets that. I don’t. I have an eye open for my own man but not found one yet. John has the enthusiasm of a child. Everything is new and fun. He is still wonderful with me which makes it harder to find someone.

We have three good salaries and the expenses of one. Financially, we are doing great. That is why Sara has taken off six months for the birth of her child. It’s early fall and the leaves are just turning. Sara has forced John and I to take the week off and go camping so we can see the leaves change.

I heard them talking a few nights ago. Sara is concerned about me. With so much attention on Sara, she is afraid I am getting lost. She also senses my disappointment at not being pregnant yet. She thinks I may be depressed because I don’t get enough John time. I suppose there is some truth in all of that. I was concerned about leaving Sara alone, but Dana’s husband is working extra shifts this week, so she will stay the week with Sara. She loves that baby almost as much as we do. Her husband shots blanks. For now, no children.

John is overjoyed to be going out into nature again. He has been working in an office, working with a psych department at a local college, and teaching classes to firefighters. He even does some classes for regular fire departments. He is staying quite busy and his boss is pleased with his work. We are going out by helicopter and airplane to a secluded area. We will hike back. It only takes four days to hike back to civilization, John is taking the long way. He has some official work to do so they can justify the helicopter.

We start assembling our equipment, checking it, and verifying we have everything on our list. John makes a list for everything. I think it’s a guy thing, his buddies do the same thing. I think we have too much food. I question John, but he says that is typical because we will be so far away from help. Can’t stop at a store. That makes sense.


Today dragged on forever. I am so excited to get home and start final packing. I feel like a child before Christmas. My co-workers notice the change in my mood and they approve 100%. They know I am leaving tomorrow so they kick me out early. Dana told me, “Girl, you left three hours ago. Your head isn’t in it today. Go home. Start packing and have a fun week. I won’t be over until you are long gone.” She gave me a big hug and I went home.

That’s when the trouble started. John didn’t come home on time. It’s his turn to cook tonight. We have a lot of work to do so we can get an early start. On top of that, I get John tonight, so Sara can sleep in. We are leaving at dawn. I am missing out on John time! We all have been sleep deprived with the baby waking up in the middle of the night. We take turns which really helps us stay sane.

John is now a few hours late, I am ready to rip a head off.

Sara smiles, “Relax Lisa. He texted me that he got delayed at work. He is picking up pizza as we speak. He is sorry.”

It’s another forty-five minutes before I hear him pull up. That’s a long time to pick up a pizza. I am furious with him. I get up to meet him at the front door. Why am I mad, the real reason? Packing will take a long time. That cuts into the time I will get him in bed before we need to sleep. I finally get him overnight, I want everything that goes with it.

I go to the front door, open it so I can yell at John and I stand in shock. John isn’t on our porch. He is getting luggage from the car. Standing in front of me is a king size supreme pizza with extra olives and sausage. Holding that pizza is mom. I scream. I crush mom in a devastating hug. She fought to not drop our dinner. Sara was already running and quickly saved the pizza. I haven’t seen mom in close to a year since she and the captain made it in for the wedding.

I invite mom in and we sit down to eat. Ok, everyone but mom sat down to eat. Mom wanted Vicky. She held and played with Vicky while we ate. Sara finished first and then mom ate pizza. John has a big smile on his face. He planned this. Part of me is unhappy because I don’t get John all to myself and part of me is happy, because it’s been too long since I have seen mom.

After dinner, John and I pack. Mom is using Sara’s back pack. The food makes sense now. The little shit lied to me, I will need to make him pay for that soon. Sara and mom talk about her life and the baby. We istanbul escort will have plenty of time to talk, no need to take time from the baby or Sara.

It’s about 9:00 when we have packed and double checked all three back packs. John makes sure we have all that we will need. He runs off to take a shower and I drop by to check on mom. While walking down the hallway I hear my name. I stop and listen.

Mom, “How bad is her depression? John sounds worried.”

Sara eases her concerns, “Lisa doesn’t get John at night and she isn’t pregnant yet. I set this up, so she can hopefully get some of each. I think mostly she is lonely. John and I have a baby and she is feeling a bit left out. She is very active with Vicky and loves her very much. Yet, I think it is also causing her problems because she doesn’t have a baby… yet.”

Mom sounds concerned, “What can I do to help?”

Sara laughs, “Let her enjoy life, fuck John, and hope we get a baby. I would love to see her get pregnant. I know you want some John too, just make sure she gets more than enough.”

Mom is defensive, “Oh no. We are doing just fine there.”

Sara snorts, I muffle a laugh, “You can’t compare any older man to a young stud like John. There is a reason you came out here and it wasn’t JUST to see your grandchild. It’s OK, I understand.”

How does Sara understand so much? I walk back to my room, then walk back to the living room where Sara and Mom are.

I yell out, “Anyone want some popcorn and a glass of wine?” I am now walking into the kitchen.

Mom comes up behind me. We both hug each other, and I think about how lucky we are.

Mom asks, “Do you know John’s plan for the week.”

I laugh, “Yes and no. I can see that look in your face. You are wondering what in the hell did I just say. Let me explain. John will tell you what his plan is. I know basically where we are going and where we will be on each day. However, John is the master of deception. He fails to mention that he has several surprises planned along the way. So yes, I know where we are going but I have no clue what we will be doing.”

Mom looks at me stunned, “That makes absolutely no sense and yet, somehow I understand exactly what you said. Our lives have been forever changed by a child that refuses to grow up and everyone loves him for it. What an interesting world we live in.”

I tell mom, “We need to open a bottle quick, we are getting up at the crack of dawn. Our child will be up at sun rise and will want to leave. Take a good shower tonight, no telling when you get the next one.”

We watch the weather channel to watch the forecast while drinking a bottle of white wine and eating popcorn. As soon as we finished, I am ready for bed. Mom and Sara are smiling at me as I try to get John moving. He wants to continue talking, I want some fun.”

Mom comes to my rescue, “John! Shut up. Lisa wants to get some sleep. She NEEDS you.”

John catches the double meaning and quickly gets up as he shows us his mastery of the English language, “Oh. OK.” Well spoken!

Mom gets up as well. Oh crap. I really didn’t want mom interfering tonight.

Either mom read my expression, or she is tired, “I am going to bed. I am on baby duty tonight with Sara, I need to learn how to do this. When we get back, I am staying an extra week and will be on baby patrol the whole week. Good night everyone.

I run to my room and strip naked in seconds. I am on the bed and waiting. Am I dripping wet waiting for the sex? No. I know how that is going to go. After two years, sex is still great, but it’s routine now. What I am excited about is spending the night with John, something that only happens rarely and something I miss terribly. I could say something, and they would accommodate me. I don’t want to ask, I understand my place. I am not his wife. Spending the night is one of the privileges Sara gets. It’s bad enough that she shares John with me. I feel guilty that she even does that. She is married, I am his sister, I should not be sleeping with my brother. Why does she let me?

Ok, let’s see if I can get tonight perfect. John will start off by kissing me for about two minutes.

John is naked in 0.3 seconds and then he jumps on the bed. Immediately he’s kissing me. In no time our tongues will be running wild. His tongue mingles with mine. It still feels wonderful. John is fantastic at kissing.

Next, John will play with my nipples. Sucks the right nipple, then the left. Back to the right and lick the areola and then repeat on the left. He then squeezes the breasts. Following a few minutes of that, he licks the nipples before sucking on the ends. He follows my plans exactly.

Now John will move down and eat me to three orgasms. He starts with a wide lapping with the tongue. He then moves to his whiskers. He will finish me off with kitty drinking milk, a short lightning quick tongue that hits randomly. Don’t get me wrong, I love this. Easily the best of everything he does.

John has assaulted my nipples and breasts and is now moving down to eat me. şişli escort Yup, the wide tongue is first. Oh, he is so good at this. Oh yes, yes, yes. Lick me, make me feel good. He knows exactly how to get my orgasm and he hit all right notes. With knowing the routine, the orgasms are less intense now. He moves to using his whiskers. No idea why this feels so good but nothing in this world gets me to orgasm faster than this. Sure enough, I feel that wonderful feeling sneaking up on me. I know it’s there, just like every other time. Bam! It hits me hard and I can’t move for a short time.

John has already moved to kitty lapping milk. I know, it sounds like a yoga position. It’s what we call it. I have zero defense for this style even after two years of it getting me off. It tickles and tingles at the same time. As predicted, in no time I am orgasming again. These are wonderful orgasms, buts it’s the same thing. He gets me off too quickly, I can’t enjoy it like I used to when he was learning. Right now he knows too much.

Now he moves on to fucking me. Again, this is still wonderful. However, every time he fucks me slowly for thirty to sixty minutes and then rabbit fuck me for three and shoot his load into me. If I am lucky, she paints my tits.

Twenty-five minutes into fucking me, he starts increasing his speed. It’s a nice, slow increase. As he increases the speed, my orgasm gets closer and closer to bursting. At three minutes and thirty seconds, I explode with a great orgasm. I tell him how great he is and then we both take a shower. While we are showering, mom comes into my room, strips naked, and gets in bed.

We finish our shower with more kissing and then dry off and head to bed. We are both surprised to see mom there.

Mom seems happy, “Lisa, I know how much you like sleeping with him holding you. I love it too. John, how about sleeping on your back so we can both cuddle with you. Otherwise you spoon Lisa and I will get your back. I won’t take that from your sister.”

John lays on his back, I get the lights, and we go to bed. We were all exhausted from the long day and tomorrow there will be lots of travel.

Chapter 12 – Surprise while Hiking

We eat breakfast on the road. It’s Saturday, early, and nobody is on the roads. We make great time traveling. Two hours to the ranger station. An hour by helicopter. Two more hours by tiny plane. This is the type of plane where the pilot needs you to flap your arms, so we don’t stress the squirrel that is on the treadmill and powering this plane. That is the nice way to say the plane was a piece of shit. It has pontoons making it able to take off and land in a lake, that is the one redeeming feature of the plane. We step out of the plane and we are in the middle of nowhere.

It’s about noon, John wants to be at a camp site by nightfall. We put on our packs and we start our hiking. Sure enough, it’s about dusk when we stop at a camp site. Running water makes this an awesome camp site. The firepit is a nice addition. There are plenty of woods around so John can find something dead. We need fire for heat.

Mom is no help and that is fine. John and I can set up the tent in the dark, mom stays out of the way and quickly we have the tent set up. Soon after John has a fire going. We huddle upwind of the fire, close enough to feel the heat on a crisp and cool evening. The sunset is amazing. Away from the city on a clear night, the sunsets seem better. The sky is clear and the air smells clean.

John is typically loud and clear. You know when he is talking or asking a question. He is very curious about everything, so he asks lots of questions.

Therefore, it is unusual when John starts talking with a soft and seemingly unsteady voice, “Lisa, are you happy still?”

Oh wow. Talk about a loaded question.

I stutter while talking, “I am not sure how to answer that. There are parts of my life I am extremely excited about and would not want to change. Yet, I must admit, there are parts of my life that aren’t as great. Parts I really don’t want to talk about.”

Mom was nice enough to help me out, “Oh, that must be sex. It’s the one topic you never want to talk about.”

Now John has a smile again and seem happy as he says with a smirk on his face, “Part of the reason I asked you out on this trip is because the leaves are turning, and this part of the country is just awesome for about a week. You are going to see some beautify scenes. Part of my trip is to check out the state of this trail for others. The secret part of this trip is to add something new to our relationship. We have a routine. It’s nice. You seem reasonably happy. I want more. Before I was married, women threw themselves at me. I could do anything I wanted. I could do that because I didn’t respect them.”

I can see his confidence growing, “I love you and Sara too much to treat you like I did those women.”

My pussy is wet, my breathing is heavier, and my nipples are hard as rock.

John continues, “I miss that part of my life. I can’t do that with Sara, she is my wife. However, mecidiyeköy escort my hot sister and mother whom I have an incestual relationship with, I think I can. You might be women I can do more with.”

Ooooo, I like where this is going. Mom’s mouth is gaping open.

I purr as I ask, “And was does ‘more’, entail?”

John is shy now, “Everything. Literally anything that pops into my mind.”

Mom sheepishly asks, “Why did you ask me to come with?”

John’s logic is so perfect, “Because you are a woman.” Mom isn’t buying that. “Any other woman would be a threat to Sara. I know Lisa wants this, I can see and hear her desire even though she has no clue what I am capable of. You have a choice. However, I think you would be very happy playing along.”

I throw out my answer without thinking, “I am up for some fun.”

Mom looks at me with shock, “You have no idea what he might ask us to do.”

I look mom in the eyes and say with extreme confidence, “That’s why I said yes.”

Mom is blown away by my answer. I see the surprise on her face. It slowly turns to understanding and then to a grin.

Mom says in her sexy voice, “I agree as well.”

Without missing a beat, John orders us, “Take off your shirts and then your bras.”

I like this already. My pussy is on fire. Nobody is near but if they were, this would be so hot.

Both mom and I take off our shirts, straight over our heads and then fold them neatly before placing them on the bench we are sitting on. I reach behind and undo the three clasps. My breasts seem to burst out of the cups as I thrust out my chest a bit. I am showing them off to the world. I fold my bra and place it on my neatly folded shirt. Mom repeats the same steps.

John commands, “Pants and panties next.”

The cool breeze makes my nipples hard, yet I am warm due to the fire. My pussy is a furnace. I stand up, drop my pants and then shimmy down my panties. I then sit back down, fold my pants and panties, then place them on the stack. Mom watched me and then repeats my actions.

John then commands us, “Stand up and grab your bra and panties. Just hold them, no getting dressed. I like this view.”

Mom and I stand up, pick up our two articles of clothing and then stand, waiting for instructions.

John has a smile on his face, “Drop the items into the fire.”

Mom, without hesitation, drops the items into the fire. I didn’t. I like this pair. They cost me $40. John snaps to attention, takes two quick steps towards me, uses two hands to pick me up. I drop the clothes. What the fuck is he doing? John sits down, and I am placed over his thighs with my ass in position. I raise it higher. Quickly, John swats my ass hard five times. Each time I scream out in pain. I have tears running down my face.

John picks me up without moving and places me on the bench next to him before saying, “I expect my wishes to be followed. I have no patience for willful disobedience. You will obey, and you will submit to me.”

Ahhh, there it is. Submission. He wants to make me his slut. He can’t do this to his wife. He can do it with a stranger or in my case, a sister. Sorry, he can also do it with his mother. Or, does he have other plans for her. The fun-o-meter just broke for this week.

John is firm, “Feel like feeding the fire yet?”

I don’t move other than a slight hint of a smile. Pretty sure I suppressed it.

John picks me up and again I am on his knees. This time I spread my legs. He feels me doing it and I hear him laugh a bit. He takes his big manly hands and this time I get ten more spanks and they are just as hard. The cries of pain aren’t nearly as loud now. Well, until number ten. That one missed my ass cheeks and hit square on my pussy. That made me cry out with an OUCH! It is quickly followed by a surprise orgasm.

This orgasm wasn’t spectacular. It was nice. It was unusual in that there was no buildup, no warning, just bam, it hit me in the face. I am now a roaring volcano. I have needs now. However, John surprises me. He stands up and walks back to his former seat.

Now in a normal voice, “Clothes. Fire.” He is simply stating the facts. I follow his instructions. I watch as the fire flares. My garments are burning up, gone forever. I then notice John using a hand signal, telling mom to move closer to me. Since my ass is sore, I laid down rather than sitting on the bench.

Mom moves to the end of the bench, grabs my legs, and moves them so I am on my back. She then pushes up my legs, so they are straight in the air. My ass and pussy are on full display now. Mom bends down and starts licking my ass cheek while gently rubbing the other one. I know her intent is to relieve me of pain. She isn’t helping. She bores of licking my cheeks, so she moves to my pussy lips. We both enjoy that much more.

I think of how timid mom was the first time with Sara. She accepts it so easily now. The captain must share her with some people on the ship or she might be entertaining her own… friends. That pleases me to know her life is happy. Zero words and I know my mother is happy with her life. She is working hard to please me the old-fashioned way, the woman way, with just her tongue. She uses ice cream, the thick wide tongue as her only technique. It takes longer but it works.

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