Coming Together


It all started after I broke up with my girlfriend Steph. It was an awkward split and, as she happened to own the flat we were both living in, I had to find somewhere to live.

Realistically I only had two choices, either to go and stay at my parents who lived out in the country or persuade my sister to let me stay with her in her flat in town. To me the best option was the latter, I am a townie and the thought of having to go out to that sleepy village that my parents lived did not appeal one bit, besides there was also the question of me getting to work every day.

My sister, Susie, is a couple of years younger than me, 23 to be precise and fiercely independent and it took some smooth talking to allow her to let me stay.

It was my first morning there and I was trying to sort out my worldly goods especially the bits that needed washing – which was most of it. Steph had literally thrown me out there and then, followed by my clothes which landed in a nice mud filled puddle. As all I had to wear at the minute was my boxer shorts I decided that my first task of the day was to get some clothes clean. I went to use the washing machine but could not find the powder to put in it!

A little frustrated I went straight to Susie’s room to ask her where she kept her soap powder. All thought of that vanished as soon as I opened the door.

My little sister was naked on her bed, her hand on a vibrator which was, most definitely, firmly inside her.

She heard me come in but did not seem to be startled, she calmly removed the vibrator, turned it off and turned toward me, making no effort to cover herself,

“Sam, would you please learn to fucking knock before you waltz in to my room.”

“Sorry,” I muttered almost incoherently, I should have turned and left right then but my eyes were transfixed and my feet felt like they were bolted to the floor.

“Sam,” said Susie, in a quite stern voice, “why are you gawping like that — are you trying to convince me you’ve never seen a naked woman before?”

Now there’s the question isn’t it — yes I have seen naked women but since when did sisters count as women? I guess you don’t really look at them in that sort of way. Right now I was looking at a woman. Susie had a gorgeous body her long dark hair was laying across a beautiful smooth neck. Her breasts were not too big but full and firm, the nipples still slightly erect from where she had been stimulating herself.

“Erm Sam,” she said bringing me out of reverie, “Oh I get it, it’s this isn’t it” and she waved the vibrator at me. “Next you’ll be telling me you’ve never masturbated yourself!”

She gave me a look up and down.

“In fact you probably need to masturbate right now”. My face must have gone bright red as I realised that my cock had started to get hard beneath my boxer shorts, suddenly my sister was a sexual object — a fact that was sending my mind wild.

Susie smiled sweetly, “Look Sam, I need to finish what I started, now you can stay and watch if you want as long as you get those shorts off and do yourself at the same time. Or you can get ataşehir escort out right now.”

With that she lay on her back and started the vibrator again and started to rub against her pussy, I just froze for a moment until she looked over toward me and raised her eyebrow. Without any real thought going through my head I dropped my shorts and moved over to sit on the end of her bed.

I watched as Susie became engrossed in pleasuring herself, the vibrator buzzing against her clit while she fondled her gorgeous breast with the other hand, I moved around putting my feet on the bed so I could watch her better.

My cock was fully hard now but I only stoked light and slow, any harder and I would have shot my load there and then.

Susie looked over at me, or rather my cock, smiling she moved her sex toy from rubbing herself and thrust it deep inside that very wet hole, she began to pant louder and louder as she bought herself closer to climax.

All rational thought went out of my head and I started to wank hard, pumping my cock at the sight of my naked sister’s body as it glistened with sweat, her nipples erect, her hips bearing down hard on her vibrator. It was too much for me and I spewed a huge jet of cum from my member, Susie saw it and it must have excited her as she screamed out in orgasm.

We both remained where we were for a moment or two catching our breath, brother and sister naked together. Then Susie sat up and became very matter of fact.

“Right I need to jump in the shower then get ready to meet some friends for lunch and shopping. Oh by the way what did you want?”

“Washing Powder” I replied somewhat lamely.

“It’s in the cupboard by the kitchen door” She replied before leaving the room.

I was still sitting on her bed naked when she returned from having a shower, she picked up my boxers from the floor and threw them at me.

“Come on Sam, go and get your washing done, I want to get ready.”

With that I pulled my boxers on and left the room. Just a little while latter Susie called out “See you later” and I heard the front door close shut.

It seemed my sister was quite happy to carry on as if nothing had happened. It was a different matter with me, my mind was reeling. I felt guilty — how could my and my sister do such a thing. I felt shocked — why would Susie do that, why would she just flaunt her body in front of me like that.

I could not say that Susie and I were particularly close, since leaving home we only really saw each other on family occasions. Even when we were kids she had her friends and I had mine were never reliant on each other for company. But now……

I have to confess that despite feeling guilty and shocked it was the emotion of excitement that overwhelmed me and it was not long before I had to masturbate once more.

Susie did return later that day but, again, she just carried on as if nothing had happened. She bought back a take away for us to share, talked about her day out shopping, asked me what I had been doing and then announced that she was off out again to have a drink avcılar escort with friends.

The next time I saw her was in the morning, I had come in to the living room and she was sitting of the sofa eating toast and watching T.V. I grabbed myself some coffee and joined her, we sporadically chatted about family and things and it seemed like what happened yesterday was a figment of my imagination. Eventually Susie got up to take her things in the kitchen, when she came back she leaned over the sofa and whispered in to my ear,

“I need to play with my toy, are you coming?”

With that she just walked away and in to her bedroom, I followed her like a shot and arrived to watch her peel off her night shirt and panties revealing that elegant body of hers. The mind-numbing event of the day before had left my brain in a haze and I had not fully appreciated just how stunning my sister was.

Susie was just perfectly formed, from behind I could see her tight, slightly protruding buttocks which connected seamlessly with gorgeous thighs. When she turned around to get on the bed I was dazzled by the beauty of her slightly tanned skin, at tan which she had managed to get all over.

I quickly removed my t-shirt and shorts got on the bed.

We sat naked at either end so I could get a full on view of Susie’s sweet pussy. She seemed oblivious to me as she turned on her vibrator and began to caress her body with it. Working it from her next downwards to her gorgeous breasts were she used her toy to massage then thoroughly making her nipples hard and erect.

Then she moved on, down to her stomach then on to her mound, she left it there gently rubbing her clit while her other hand caressed her body.

The sight of Susie doing that to herself made my cock so hard, again I had to stroke it gently to stop myself from coming to soon.

Susie’s breath started to get harder and shorter and I watched as she slid the toy inside her now very wet pussy, watched as her hand started pumping in her faster and faster. Small droplets of sweat began forming on her breasts as smooth, silky body heated up from the sexual excitement she was giving herself.

I lost control of myself again and really began to work my cock, it was not long before another huge jet of cum spurted from me landing all over my torso. I might have cum but I was still transfixed by Susie who came in a loud shout of ecstasy.

I was almost mentally prepared to leave but Susie was still lying there, still gently working the vibrator inside her. Ever so slowly she pulled it out. The to my complete surprise she raised it to her lips and slid her mouth over it, licking a pussy juices from it.

Without thinking my hand went straight back to my cock which was starting to get hard again, Susie noticed it and smiled. Once more she put her toy inside her in order to soak it in her juices before again putting her lips around it.

I was getting so turned on again and Susie knew it.

Again the vibrator went inside her juicy wet cunt, but when she pulled it out she sat up and leant over toward me, then ataşehir escort bayan she placed the toy on my lips. I put out my tongue and tasted my sister’s sweet juices.

As I savoured that sensation Susie ran a finger across my chest and gather some of my cum that had splattered across me, slowly and very erotically, she sucked the cum from her finger. She licked her lips, threw the vibrator to one side and moved her face toward my chest.

Very slowly she licked the remainder of the cum from my body. The sensation of her tongue against my skin was just incredible, my body felt like it was going to explode. Slowly, teasingly Susie worked her way from my chest down to my stomach cleaning up every last drop of my load. Then suddenly her tongue left my body and before I realised what was happening her lips were firmly around my now throbbing penis.

Her lips fucked my cock while her tongue flicked the end licking both the cum left on it and the pre-cum that was forming in response to her warm moist mouth.

I reach out my hand and placed on her head gently playing with her silky hair and pushing gently in rhythm with her movements. Susie was obviously an expect at giving head, she worked my cock slowly with her lips tight around it. My body tensed with the excitement, my cock twitching in her mouth.

I guess Susie felt it to because she released her mouth from around me and moved upward, leaning on my chest she lifted one leg over my body to straddle me, the she eased her hot wet pussy down on to her brother’s throbbing cock.

Susie leant her body against me and the touch of her hard nipples against my chest sent a wave of uncontrollable lust through me. I pushed her back a little so I could get my mouth on beautiful tits, as I did so her hand reach up to my head pushing it closer and she threw her chest forward so I could not escape from her fine smooth breast. I worked her tits hard my lips sucking and my tongue flicking her hard nipple. I heard her moan with pleasure as my teeth gently bit in to that soft inviting flesh.

Eventually she pushed be back, right back so the she could sat grinding her hips, working her hot pussy on my cock. My sister began to go faster and harder fucking my tool like there was no tomorrow, her hands pressed against my chest supporting her as her ass pumped up and down on my willing body.

There was little I could do except savour the thrilling sensations racing though my body, the pressure of Susie’s hands on my body, the feel of Susie’s pussy against the flesh of my cock and most of all the sight of my hot, naked sister fucking me.

I felt a slight change in her movement, now her rhythm was becoming erratic, I knew she was about to come, her body tensed suddenly and then a shiver ran than whole way through her body and she screamed out as her pussy tightened around my cock in orgasm. It was beyond my control as I shot out my spunk deep inside my sister’s cunt. Susie obviously felt it as her whole body tensed once more before she collapsed on top of me.

We lay like that together for quite a while her soft flesh touching mine. Eventually we recovered our breath back, Susie raised her head and kissed me on the lips, then she whispered in my ear,

“I think I like my new toy” Well that’s how it all started, how did it finish? Well it hasn’t yet.

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