Coming Of Age In The Cage Ch 5


Mandy parked her car next to Mr. Cramer’s and stepped out. Still naked, she pulled on a fresh pair of shorts and a clean tank top. There were so many cars in the lot that she was well hidden from the street. Not that it would bother her, but there could have been any number of men in any of the cars. A bit of an exhibitionist, it was an exciting thought as she pressed the lock button on her keys.She carried a gym bag to the front entrance and with her credit card, joined the gym, requesting to meet a personal trainer.  There were seven on staff at Freak Fitness, but she wanted Honey’s dad. She went on to explain that he was recommended by her mother’s friend and would like to meet with him.“He is with a client,” said the receptionist, a twenty-something bodybuilder with nice tits and a killer ass, “He should be finishing up in a few minutes if you want to wait.”“That would be great,” Mandy smiled, “Mind if I look around while I do?”“Let me get your key card and you will be all set,” the receptionist said, typing out her information on a computer. Mandy heard the whirring of the machine and waited the few minutes it took to print her key pass and membership Card. “Here you go, Miss Cothern.”“Call me Mandy,” she smiled with a flirty lilt, “All my friends do.”“I’m Carla,” the black-haired woman smiled, “Nice to meet you, Mandy. Anything you need, come see me.”“I will,” she said, turning to walk through the gym. She scanned the long row of treadmills and ellipticals, checking out the soccer moms and mid-life men trying their best to get their youth back or get the attention of the opposite sex. On to the cable machines and free weights where she saw fewer but more impressive men and women either working out or admiring the results of their hard work in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors.They even had steam rooms and hot tubs. This place was more like a spa than a gym. When she moseyed back up front, she could see Mr. Cramer behind the counter with Carla, looking over a computer monitor. She could see his hand on her ass from her vantage point, “Damn, he does fuck around,” she thought out loud in a whisper.She could see why. He was a good-looking man. In his mid-forties and a marathon runner. She had seen his dick several times, by accident of course. She hadn’t seen him hard, but that would soon change. She had also seen him staring at her body when she would accidentally expose all or part of it to him. She saw the bulge in his pants when she showed him her pussy earlier that morning. Another accident, of course.She walked to the counter, keeping her angle, watching him slide his fingers down the crack of Carla’s ass all the way between her legs. Mandy figured that she probably was not wearing underwear under those black yoga pants. She didn’t blame her either. That’s what she did, in town and at the mall. She just loved the way men and even women looked at her when she sported her camel toe. “Mandy?” John Cramer called from the counter.With a big smile, Mandy walked to the counter. “Hey, Mr. Cramer.”“You can call me John,” he said, reaching for a handshake, “So you’re looking for a trainer?”“Yes sir.”“Not sir, Just John,” he said, motioning her to follow him to his office.“We still on for three?” Carla asked as they walked away.“You bet,” John smiled back.Once in his office, John shut the door and pointed at a chair in front of his desk. “Have a seat, Mandy. Let’s get started.” He sat behind his desk and started typing on his keyboard, setting up times and dates for her sessions, questioning her for availability.“We have a month left of softball playoffs and if we go to Omaha this year, you can add another two weeks to that.”“So your schedule Beylikdüzü escort bayan is pretty booked up for the next six weeks,” he said, looking for a solution.”“Yeah, so I was thinking, you guys close at six in the evenings. Maybe your last hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays?”“You know,” he suggested, “I stay an hour after close every night and I come in two hours every Sunday for my personal workouts. You are welcome to join me for that. It’ll save you the trainer fee. And I can give you a more personal session that way.”“Yeah, that’ll work for me,” Mandy smiled, “I really like the personal service idea.”“I try to accommodate the ladies,” he smiled.“Even when they need more than a trainer?”“How much more?“Depends on how long your dick is,” Mandy said, her eyes darkly serious.“You know how long my dick is, girl.”“That’s how much more I need, John,” she said, her eyes still just as dark, “And that’s all I need.”“No attachments, or promises,” John cautioned. Mandy looked across the desk at him. He fucked around on his wife. She fucked around on him. That’s just the way things went. They did love each other and they knew that they had too much to lose to let this come between them. She could see that from where she sat. That was fine with her. Mandy never saw herself married anyway. She didn’t mind being the slut. She didn’t want to be the one at home wishing she was getting what the slut was getting. She was on the same page as he. She had no intention of romantic complications, “I just want to fuck.”She stood from her chair, pulling her tank top off and tossing it to the floor. Looking him in the eye, she pushed her shorts down and stood back up naked, “You know, all the times you’ve seen this?”“Yes,” John answered, squirming in his office chair. The young girl standing behind his desk was older than her years. He wondered why that was. What had happened to her? He wondered but was too smart to ask.“They were never accidental,” she said, her eyes softening with her mood, “I wanted you to see. I wanted you to want me.”“I know,” he said.“Do you?” She whispered, “Do you want me?”“Since the first time you showed me,” he answered, “This morning when you showed me. Right now, as you stand there.”Her eyes looked him up and down, green as emeralds, they stared him through. She walked to the end of his desk, trailing a finger on the top, her eyes dared him. She stopped at his side, bending over his desk with her feet spread, “Then fuck me.”John stood behind her and kneaded her firm asscheeks with his strong hands. Cum still leaked from her freshly fucked asshole. His cock strained against the fabric of his shorts. With his right index finger, he circled her puckered hole, smearing the fresh cum over the roses rim, “I’m not your first today, am I?”“Does it gross you out?” She moaned, feeling his finger push deep into her crummy hole.“No. It fucking turns me on,” he whispered, kneeling behind her and replacing his finger with his tongue. He pushed as deep as he could squeezing the unknown man’s seed from her, sucking it into his mouth. He sucked at her and drew out as much as she offered, swallowing every drop. He did not consider himself gay, nor had he ever tasted another man’s cum but he had tasted his many times.“How many men came in here?” He laughed.“Just one,” she moaned, enjoying the way he tongued her, “You’re going to make me cum just eating my ass.”“Who was he?”“The same guy that’s fucking Honey this very minute.” “Who?” He whispered, “Who are you and my daughter fucking?”“You really want to know?”“I promised not to tell.”“What if I guess?”“You have to promise not to make trouble.”“I Escort Beyoğlu promise,” he whispered, still licking cum from her puckered pink asshole, “Who is fucking my little girl?”“Well, he was eating her pussy when I left them. But you’re supposed to guess.”“Eating her pussy?”“Yes. Just like I did this morning before I showed you my pussy.”“You eat pussy?” he asked.“Yes.”“Fuck,” he hissed, “That’s fucking hot.”“She ate mine too.”“Damn, you’re making me so hard just thinking about it. My sixteen-year-old daughter and her best friend eating each other out.”“You going to guess who your daughter is fucking? Who’s cum you’re eating?”“Coach Brewer?” he asked, already sure of the answer.“His dick is huge.”“Did you suck it?”“No, but Honey did. She swallowed the whole thing. She swallowed his cum. You should let her suck yours.”“That would be so fucking hot. Is he bigger than me?”“Thicker but not longer. He cums a lot.”He doubled his efforts, pushing his shorts down with one hand, steadying himself with the other, his tongue pressed deep in her ass. Mandy moaned and squirmed under his ministrations, her pussy gushing her girl cum. She came for the second time today. Her orgasm shifted into overdrive when John pushed his long cock into her young pussy.Having just fucked his previous client in the sauna, this would last a while. She was taking everything he could shove into her so he pounded away, driving her through her orgasm like a short bus on a rough stretch of road. Cum bubbled from her asshole, running down to lubricate the shaft of his cock. Fuck, yes,” Mandy growled, “Fuck me hard.”He was as long as Greg but not quite as thick but he was the one she wanted to fuck since she could remember. Her lust for him compensated for any shortcomings, as slight as they might be. That and the fact that he was pounding her like a jackhammer. Her orgasm continued for several minutes Mandy thought her ass had been well fucked that morning but John seemed to be able to fuck for hours. The cool top of the desk had warmed under her body and moved slightly with every thrust of his hips against her ass. She thought that it must have slid a foot by now. Two orgasms in, Mandy felt her new lover start to quicken and finally tense with one final thrust, sending his seed deep into the depths of her womb. She heard him curse and gasp, moaning in pleasure through his orgasm. He certainly did not disappoint her. One more surprise awaited though.When John finally let his cock slip limply from her used pussy, he turned her around, laying her back on his desk, and spent several minutes cleaning her young pussy with his tongue, “Yeah,” she thought, “I’m going to like this one.”Thirty miles removed from her father’s gym, Honey laid unconscious, in blissful sleep by her lover. Having made love for the past hour, they rested their bodies in the sun. Naked on a blanket stretched out on the gently sloping grass of the lakeshore, they slept. Honey liked the way her body looked with the white areas of her tan lines. The pink of her nipples on the whites of her small breasts was a sexy contrast. She made sure to coat herself well with sunblock.She stretched lazily when her phone rang. It was Mandy’s tone so she was in no hurry to answer. She saw Greg, his tanned body glistening in the sun, sleeping like a baby. Without picking her phone up, she answered and put her friend on speaker, “What, bitch?” She moaned.“Your dad fucks like a rockstar,” Mandy squealed into her phone.“Didn’t need to hear that,” Honey answered, rolling onto her side. Coach moved his arm across his eyes, trying not to wake up. He was tanned from head to toe, his Bomonti escort firm, muscular frame stretched sexily for her eyes to feast on. She rubbed her hand over his hip and took him by the cock, squeezing it lightly. “You need to let him fuck you, girl,” Mandy said, “He lasts forever.”“Not fucking my dad,” Honey said, “I’ve got all I need laying right here.”The sun glittered off the lake casting bright ripples over the body of her lover, Honey all but ignoring the phone, took his cock in her mouth again. The sweat and sunblock caused a coconut fragrance that mixed with the remnants of their earlier sex. Honey thought of how he had taken her on the cabin bed only an hour ago.Greg had been gentle and loving, taking her slowly to the edge, missionary style, kissing her, and looking into her wanting eyes. His cock stretched her again in the woody room. He fucked her until she fairly begged for release. That’s when things changed.Missionary was not the position to give her a proper fucking. It was fine for making love but she wanted to feel that apex again. Pulling out, he pulled her to him, turning her to a doggy position, and entering her roughly from behind. He pushed in hard and deep, causing her to bury her face in the downy pillow and moan, “Yes.”He took in the beauty of her naked young body, slamming his cock hard with each thrust. She cursed and grunted, spitting his name and telling him not to stop. Plowing her until he felt her juices begin to flow like the mountain river that fed the massive lake just outside his cabin, he took her by the hair. Pulling and pounding, he brought her to the most intense orgasm that she had experienced. Returning to the moment, she found his hard cock throbbing in her hand and the remnants of his cum on her lips. Forty years had not robbed him of his abilities. It was her turn to please him. She climbed on top, guiding his long, thick cock into her pussy again. “Are you listening to me?” Mandy asked just before Honey hung up on her, grinding her hip down onto her lover. His eyes closed and the expression on his face told her that he was enjoying what she did, she smiled and paced her movements. There was no hurry and there was no worry. No one was going to drive up and surprise them and nothing would interrupt this bliss. Greg said nothing as he put his hands on the tops of her thighs, feeling the sun-warmed naked skin of her legs. Her petite body barely weighed a hundred pounds, but her pussy gripped his shaft like a vise. He did nothing to speed her through this. He just enjoyed the warmth of her sex on his. Honey put her hands on his strong chest, leaning down for a lover’s kiss, tasting the salty perspiration on his lips. Noticing a boat on the lake when she sat back up, she wondered who was onboard. Could they see her, fucking her lover? ‘Probably,’ she thought, ‘If they bothered to look.’The tall white sail, striped in a vertical yellow line, moved slowly, undetectably from east to west until it disappeared behind a tree line. She listened to the birds converse with their friends in the trees and took in the aroma of the pines and the breeze. The bright afternoon sun was her voyeur along with whatever animals cared to watch their show. The phone rang again, this time it was her mother’s tone. Honey ignored it, letting voicemail take her message. Nothing could be that important on a day like this. She could feel the man under her, in her, tense and push his hips upward. He was going to cum. He had filled her pussy with his cum once earlier this week, taking her virginity, and twice today on the bed.Having him here and wanting to know what it would be like, she dismounted, taking his cock in her hand and suddenly in her mouth again. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to see what Mandy was always talking about. She wanted to taste his cum. It took only a few seconds of teasing his slit with the tip of her tongue to get her wish. “Oh, fuck,” Greg moaned, his cock spitting in his lover’s mouth. 

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