Coach’s Conquests Ch. 24


The Lakeville-Valley Falls championship game, because it matched teams in the smallest classification in the state enrollment-wise, would be the first of four on Championship Weekend in the 15,000-seat Robertson Dome in Curtis.

The game would begin Friday at 4 p.m. The second game of the night would start at 7:30 p.m. On Saturday, title games would be played at Noon and 3:30 p.m.

Bret worked closely with Cindy early that week, making hotel and practice facility arrangements. On more than one occasion, she flirted and hinted that she’d like to share his room.

Get in line, he thought. Pamela George hadn’t stopped e-mailing and calling him on his cell phone, leaving suggestive messages. Monique Sellars was coming around, too. So was her mother.

Carrie Kemp was distant, and the coach didn’t know why. Perhaps she wouldn’t even go to the championship game, although everyone else from Lakeville said they were making the 3-hour trip.

When Bret finally reached Pamela at home Tuesday night, she had all kinds of questions. She wanted to know where they were staying in Curtis. She wanted to know when they were arriving and when they were leaving. Bret informed her he’d be riding with the team on the bus Thursday; they’d be practicing in the Dome Thursday night and having a team dinner after the game Friday. He said he might go back and catch the end of the second championship game that night.

The team would be leaving after the dinner, which would put them home no later than on a normal Friday night. He would rent a car and come back after watching Saturday’s championship games. Pamela made it clear that she wanted him Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or anytime he wanted her. He fought the urge to ask about her sexual relationship with Monique.

Lori Hayes, the Lakeville alum and now cheerleader at Norm Evans’s college, also e-mailed and said she wouldn’t miss the state championship game for anything. She hoped they could “chat,” she wrote.

Cindy Morgan’s husband was going to be hunting, so she’d be going, she said. Would Kara be joining her, Bret inquired, and Cindy blushed. She was certain the coach didn’t know about the Cindy-Kara sex fest that was occurring on a regular basis now.

“I’m not sure she’s coming or not,” Cindy said. “Depends.”

Bret knew what that meant. If Cindy could have Bret, Kara wasn’t coming. If she couldn’t, Kara definitely was coming. And cumming.

A pep rally was held Wednesday night at the school gym. Bret was probably as “rah-rah” as he’d ever been. He didn’t pretend it was just another game. He said it was a game that everyone who attended would remember for the rest of their lives. He said he was planning on winning and he was planning on riding in a victory parade down Main Street of Lakeville on Monday.

To that, the crowd roared its approval and spilled onto the gym floor to mingle and talk about travel plans to the state finals.

Bret called Pamela George that night. He wanted to get a feeling for the attitude at Valley Falls.

“We’re going to win,” she chided him. “And I’m going to have a victory fuck. I’m gonna console you while I’m fucking you.”

Just the thought of fucking Pamela George again made Bret hard, but the thought of fucking her after a loss in the state championship game never crossed his mind.

“Let’s plan on Saturday, OK doll?” the coach said. “I don’t know if we’ll both be in the mood Friday. At least one of us won’t.”

“I’m always in the mood to fuck you,” the hot blonde said. “Let’s just see what happens, k?” The coach was fine with that.

The team left for the title game Thursday, Monique on the bus in the seat directly behind Bret. They made small talk but there wasn’t any sex talk — too many managers and cheerleaders and players were within earshot. Monique did lick her lips once.

Bret couldn’t wait until basketball season when he could attend the games, sit in the bleachers and watch Monique jump up and down in a short cheerleading skirt, her panties showing and her breasts pressing against the tight cheerleader top.

His thoughts of sex with the nasty cheerleader didn’t last long. They had arrived at their destination. It was time to get down to the business of football. Or so Bret thought.

Each team playing Friday was allotted 45 minutes on the dome field for practice Thursday night. The Raiders were the first to take the field at 5 p.m. To avert potential spying, Valley Falls wasn’t allowed in the dome until its time slot at 6:30 p.m. Bret’s approach was very low-key on Thursday. It was more of a “get you familiar with the surroundings” type session. He wanted the players to know where the locker room was, what bench they’d be on, where the crowd would be.

“We don’t want any surprises,” he told a newspaper reporter after the session. “Obviously, it’s not just another game, but we’re trying to make it as close to one as we can.”

The workout went well: The players got used to the artificial surface. Kicker Mike Dean booted several successful field istanbul escort goals and extra points. The coach hoped it wouldn’t come down to Dean again but knew it very well could. Taking into consideration Lakeville had beaten Valley Falls 6-0 and 18-12, Bret knew it could be a very close contest.

The coach gathered the team around at the end of the session and had one more heart-to-heart talk. There would be a nice dinner that night and another nice meal Friday night, win or lose. After Friday’s dinner, the bus would head home. If granted permission by a parent, players could stay and ride home with their parents.

Thursday’s curfew was 10 p.m. — no exceptions. For players anyway. The team left the dome and headed back to the hotel for dinner. Following dinner, Bret retired to his room to watch film. He didn’t include the assistants much at all. He liked to be alone with his thoughts. Besides, he knew everything he needed to know about Valley Falls and his own Raiders. He thought one more look at Valley Falls couldn’t hurt.

Then the phone rang. It was Cindy Morgan, who at the last minute had convinced her sister, Kara, to make the trip. Since they couldn’t get a room at the same hotel as the team, they were staying a few blocks away. The sisters invited Bret over. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he thought he wouldn’t sleep well anyway. After his session with the sisters, he slept like a baby.

They greeted him in their hotel bar and ordered up a round of drinks. Kara wore a peach dress, her long hair tied back, and heels that accented her legs. While it was chilly outside, it was warm enough to wear an outfit like that inside the hotel. Besides, Bret thought, the outfit wouldn’t be on long anyway. Cindy, on the other hand, had the “Come fuck me, baby” look. She had on a red dress that was cut so low you could see almost see the tops of her nipples. It was so short that if she bent over her ass would definitely show. And while that dress was hiked up around her waist while she sat at the bar stool, no one seemed to mind, especially not Bret or Kara.

After two rounds of drinks, Cindy suggested they go back to the girls’ room. They bought a bottle of the hotel wine and headed for the room, Bret hard just watching the sisters walk ahead of him. He’d had them both separately, now he was about to have them together. Once in the room, Cindy opened the wine and poured it into the hotel’s plastic glasses. The trio toasted Bret and his team and then finished the wine within minutes.

“What are we gonna do now?” Kara asked teasingly. “We’re out of wine.”

“Hmmm….,” answered Cindy. “I can think of a few things.” And she kissed Bret while they stood in the middle of the hotel room while Kara sat down on the king-size bed, crossing her legs sexily and dangling a heel with her toe. Cindy put her hand on Bret’s jeans. She could feel his hard cock. She knelt down and unzipped his jeans saying, “There’s no need to keep the little guy prisoner.” Then she proceeded to take down the jeans and briefs and licked his cock. He thought he was going to cum then and there before his fantasy of having them both could come true.

He looked over at Kara, who was watching Cindy and Bret while caressing her breasts through her dress. Bret said, “If you come closer I could help you out with those.”

Kara smiled, stood up, and sexily got out of her dress, leaving a matching peach bra and panty set. As he watched Kara strip, he was enjoying Cindy’s mouth on his cock. Her sucking and licking his cock like a popsicle was a great sensation. She licked all around the shaft before taking it deep into her mouth. Her tongue worked on his cock like a hissing snake.

Cindy licked the head and put her tongue in his cock’s eye as her lips wrapped around his massive rod. Then she moved her tongue up and down his pole and went down and licked his nuts with her hand firmly around his shaft. Cindy moaned as she licked her way back to the head of Bret’s cock. Kara watched, pinching her nipples while slowing walking toward Bret. Cindy sucked Bret’s cock like a melting ice cream cone, first nice and slow, licking every long hard inch of his stiff cone. Then she went wild, sucking it fast and hard, stopping to look up at him saying, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I want every last drop.”

Holding her hair back he could watch his cock go into her sizzling mouth. He helped her by guiding his throbbing cock into her hungry mouth.

“Take it all, baby,” he said to Cindy but while looking at Kara. “Suck this big cock. Lick it honey. Ger ready to drink this cum.”

While Cindy continued to suck Bret’s cock — although not as ferociously now — Kara moved close to Bret. She stood by him and they kissed. Bret took her breasts into his hands, telling her beautiful they were. Then he undid the front clasp and starting sucking them, biting her nipples, running his tongue all around her tits. Kara was moaning, saying how good it felt. Cindy was still licking on his cock, sucking it slow, and moving her escort bayan tongue along the sides as her fingers were caressing his cock and nuts. As Kara’s nipples were growing hard to match the hardness of Bret’s cock, she was watching Cindy lick and suck Bret’s massive rod.

Licking her lips, Kara said, “save some of that for me, sis.” Hearing the word “sis” and knowing that these sisters shared everything and everyone nearly got Bret off right then and there. Bret moved to the bed and the threesome continued with all three lying in various positions on the bed. The coach moved one hand to rub Cindy’s clit and the other to Kara’s.

He could feel their hot juices flowing down his hands. Kara was more of a mover, moving her pussy to the rhythm of his hand, and she was also a moaner. Kara moved from Bret and lie on the floor, telling Bret to join her, but Cindy was not letting go of his cock. She was a starving little tramp. He moved to the edge of the bed and sat there while the girls’ positioned themselves at the foot of the bed and continued their sex acts on the coach.

He guided his cock into Cindy’s mouth once again and then moved in close to Kara’s pussy. Soon he and Cindy were both using their tongues to fuck, Cindy tongue fucking Bret’s cock and Bret tongue fucking Kara’s sexy pussy.

Kara’s pussy tasted so sweet, and he was hoping she would cum in his mouth, squirting her juices down his throat, just as he had planned to do with his own cum with Cindy.

As Bret was licking Kara’s clit, he put two fingers inside her dripping pussy and two fingers in her tight ass. He started finger fucking her pussy and ass as he worked his tongue on her clit. She seemed to love this, moaning and thrashing her lower body. She was a loud one, screaming, “Fuck me, Bret. Oh yes! Fuck my hot pussy. Bury your fingers deep in my ass. Yes, that feels so fucking good!”

As Kara was screaming, Cindy was sucking his cock faster and harder. She had her lips wrapped so tight around his cock it felt like a virgin ass. He was not sure how much longer he could take feeling her tongue lick the head of his cock. He could feel her hands playing with his balls as she sucked his cock deeper and deeper. It was a wild ride, Cindy sucking him, him eating and tongue-fucking Kara. He told Kara he wanted to feel his cock in her hot burning pussy and then was going to fuck her and cum in her ass.

Cindy spoke up and said, “First you have to shoot your load in my mouth baby.” Bret started fucking Cindy’s mouth with his cock as Kara was taking her hands and pushing his face deeper into her hot burning pussy. She was screaming so loud he was afraid someone would call the hotel manager. It was like she had no control moving her body like a wild tiger. Bret felt his whole body going tense and he knew he was going to blow his load into Cindy’s mouth.

He moaned, “Take it all, babe, suck every last drop of my cum,” and then Kara said, “Suck it, Cindy, drink his massive load. Suck that big long throbbing cock. Do it, sis. Suck him harder.”

As she was saying this she could feel her own body get tense. Her knees went weak. She screamed, “Oh yes, fuck yes, Bret, fuck me baby! Oh god, I’m cumming! Oh god, don’t stop!” As she released what seemed like a gallon of juices all over Bret face and hand, Bret was releasing his own juices in Cindy hungry waiting mouth. It felt as if the whole room was spinning.

Cindy licked up every drop of his cum as he licked Kara’s pussy. While Bret lapped at Kara’s soaking pussy, Cindy finished licking the coach clean. Then she stood up and told Bret and Kara it was her turn to cum. The coach stood up, reached out, grabbed a handful of Cindy’s hair and wrapped it around and around until it was tight to her skull, and pulled her against him. His mouth slashed down against hers and he began to lick and tease her lips and tongue, penetrating her warm mouth with enthusiasm.

Cindy moaned as she tasted her sister on Bret’s lips. He slid his other hand up into her dress and cupped her breasts and felt her nipples, already hard and begging for attention. Pinching them firmly, he heard her moan with pleasure and felt her hands sliding down his stomach.

She cupped his balls in one hand and gave them a little squeeze while exploring his full erection with the other. He shivered as her finger passed over the little slit that was again oozing in anticipation. Pulling away from him, she lifted her finger to her mouth and looked right into his eyes as she licked the small drop of pre-cum off her finger.

Bret looked beyond Cindy to find the satisfied Kara standing there with her hands casually massaging herself. She pinched her own nipples and occasionally dipped a finger into her steaming pussy to keep her excitement at a high level.

“Let me help you undress Cindy,” Kara offered, coming closer to her sister and greeting her with a sexy French kiss that immediately started the precum oozing out of Bret’s cock once again. Naked Kara unzipped Cindy’s dress and helped her out of escort istanbul it, but she didn’t stop there. She helped her sister out of her bra and panties and the gorgeous beauties kissed again in front of the coach.

Bret approached Cindy and took her breast into his mouth and swirled his tongue around, teasing the nipple. He then nibbled softly, causing shocks of pleasure to course between Cindy’s legs. While he devoted his attention to Cindy’s chest, Kara continued to tongue-kiss her sister. She ran her hands lovingly up Cindy’s legs, up to her sexy pussy.

Then Cindy pulled away from Bret and silently motioned for Kara to take her place. The sister obliged and tongue-kissed Bret even sexier than before. Getting on her knees between Bret and Kara, Cindy stuck her tongue into Kara’s pussy and began sucking on her clit and running her tongue up and down the inside of her swollen lips, flicking and nibbling with increasing ardor.

Bret watched as Cindy reached between her legs and began playing with her own clit, pulling and stoking in a rhythm that matched the stroking of her tongue in Kara’s pussy. His erection was bobbing against his stomach, now standing at complete attention, begging for Cindy’s skillful mouth.

As if reading his mind, Cindy moved from between Kara’s legs to begin caressing Bret’s rod with her tongue. Long, slow strokes from the base of his throbbing member to the very tip sent shivers through his legs. Kara replaced Cindy’s mouth with her hand, fondling herself fiercely while Bret continued to torment her breasts with his lips and teeth.

Wanting desperately to feel the wetness between her legs, Bret replaced her hand with his own, stroking her clit firmly with his thumb while probing his finger up into her warm pussy. His finger glided easily into her soaking hole, and he added another and another until he had all four fingers shoved up inside her. The pressure of his invasion and the almost constant pressure on her clit sent Kara into a fit of passion.

She pulled him as close as she could with Cindy’s head between their bellies and held his mouth and her breast as she pinched and twisted her other nipple firmly. Cindy, sensing Kara’s impending orgasm, left Bret’s cock to lean back between Kara’s legs and began rimming her ass, poking the tip of her tongue in as far as the tight little hole would allow.

With the two invading her simultaneously, Kara whimpered her pleasure and went rigid as Bret felt the muscles of her pussy tightening and convulsing around his fingers. He could feel the juices of her orgasm flowing over his fingers and brought them to his mouth to taste her. Weak from her orgasm, Kara slid to the floor, pulling Bret with her. Kara lay on her back and positioned Bret on his knees over her head, his thick cock hung over her, the head grazing her lips.

She sucked it in eagerly. Cindy took advantage of his position and placed herself on her back in front of him, legs spread wide and held open her slick lips in invitation. Bret buried his face in her sweet-smelling snatch and sucked her clit. The hard little nub grew in size and became even harder at his rough handling. Cindy’s moans could be heard throughout the hotel, Bret was sure, and she played with her own nipples arching her back with pleasure.

Changing tactics, Bret began teasing her pussy with long slow laps, beginning at her asshole and tracing his way to the tip of her slit. Her hips began to vibrate and roll in jerky movements of uncontrolled spasms of pleasure. Bret sucked in the slick product of her orgasm, savoring the taste. He felt the tightening in his balls grow as Kara took his cock all the way into the back of her throat.

His own hips began to thrust on their own, jamming his head right down Kara’s throat and the combined pleasure of the two women beneath him made him dizzy with the need to cum. Hot spurts of his seed shot down Kara’s throat. She swallowed convulsively as jet after jet made its way to her stomach.

Cindy screamed again as another wave of ecstasy washed over her and another flow of juices poured into Bret’s open mouth. He pulled Kara from between his legs and rising on his knees impaled her tight pussy on his still hard erection. Grabbing her tits from behind he kneaded then mercilessly, all the while pumping into her with enough force to have her bouncing up and down on his cock.

Kara grabbed Cindy as she stood up and on each upward bounce licked her swollen pussy. Cindy bent over and watched between her legs as Bret fucked Kara and Kara ate her cunt. Her tits swung invitingly and Kara grabbed them and pulled at her nipples almost viciously her face buried in Cindy’s pussy, now bobbing in rhythm.

Kara began moaning in earnest and Cindy quickly turned to lie flat in front of her. Watching Bret’s dick pump in and out her sister’s pussy, she began to suck Kara’s clit into her mouth. Kara screamed her release and Cindy lapped up the pussy juice that ran down Bret’s cock with fervor. Relinquishing her place on Bret’s lap, Kara allowed Cindy her turn riding his straining erection. Kara knelt in front of the fucking couple and kissed Cindy thoroughly, swirling her tongue in Cindy’s mouth, moving down her throat to her sister’s sexy breasts and using one finger to stimulate Cindy’s clit.

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