Chloe the Chameleon


The alleyway between two brick buildings was unremarkable, hidden behind a torn-open section of chain-link fence. Some litter had slipped out of the rusty green dumpster pushed against a wall, and there was barely enough space to get a compact car past it, though it dead-ended into another wall. As the sun set, though, and darkness crept across the city, the quiet, empty street met with some company; a handful of men arrived, ducking through the hole in the fence to mull around by the dumpster. More and more men arrived, until little by little, once night had fallen, there was a crowd of over a dozen men, dressed in bulky, tattered clothes, more covered than the weather demanded. Some chatted with each other, one played with a yo-yo. One of them, in a grease-stained grey hoodie and a backwards Red Sox cap, was moving from person to person, asking questions and scribbling down information. There was a small triangle of light from a nearby street-light shining into the alley, and darkness beyond. That part of town was almost always empty, so the men were relaxed and good-humored as they bantered with one another. The chatter cut to a close at the sound of approaching footsteps. There was a moment of nervousness where everyone stared at the entrance of the alley, but they broke out in a muttered cheer of approval as they saw who stepped into view. She wasn’t too short, but quite slim. She was in excellent shape in her early thirties, suggesting that the Catholic schoolgirl uniform she wore was purely theatrical. She had flashy-blonde hair trimmed to a short, tomboy pixie cut, and wore a wide, sparkly-eyed grin on her face, as if she’d been looking forward to this. “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late,” she chirped, ducking through the fence. She skipped into the shadows to the sound of “No prob,” “Hey Chloe,” “Always nice to see you,” enjoying the warmth of the welcome. With a pleased sigh, she walked right into the crowd, which parted around her. Phones started to appear, with tiny LED flashlights illuminating Karaköy escort bayan her as she unbuttoned her blouse. Nodding at the man in the Red Sox cap, she asked, “Hey Tony. Have the new guys heard the rundown?” “Yup,” he answered, “I made sure they were clear on all the ‘do’s and ‘don’ts.” “Great,” she tossed the blouse on the ground and unzipped the plaid skirt. “Is everyone here?” “Haven’t heard from mark, Neil has the flu and William’s having car trouble.” “Nice work,” she tossed the skirt onto the blouse, standing there in plain jet-black bra and panties. “Background checks?” Tony nodded, running his finger down the list in his hand. “Signed forms acknowledging responsibility for any leaked photos, clear psyche evals, and hey! Everyone passed their STD test!” A triumphant murmur rose from the crowd. “That’s great!” Chloe said, taking off her bra and tossing it onto the crumpled pile, beaming as she bounced on her heels, jiggling her petite breasts. The men marveled at the two black ‘x’s of electrical tape hiding her nipples. It wasn’t obvious, but that crowd of men had been carefully curated over years of research. Chloe had scoured the neighborhood for men that fit her specifications; nonviolent, hygienic, premature ejaculators, small penises, and people that she had enough personal information on that she could destroy every one of their lives if she needed to. “I’m so glad to see you all today! I recognize most of you, and I’m sure you new guys have heard the whole speech, but let’s go over the important stuff.” She grabbed the sides of her panties, pulled them down to her ankles, and kicked them onto the laundry pile. Her pale skin shining in the phones’ lights, some of which were already making camera clicks, she stood upright, revealing a trimmed blond bush over another black strip of tape sealing her vagina shut, and started counting on her fingers. “Here’s how it is; no choking, no slapping, and no nipple-hurty stuff. Spanking, spitting, and Escort Kayaşehir hair-pulling are all encouraged. If you’re a jerk, you’ll get kicked out and won’t be allowed back. Sound fair?” The entire crowd nodded enthusiastically. “Great! Well, I’m tired of waiting, who else wants to get this party going?” With a hearty laugh, the mob closed in on her, but stopped as she held up her finger. “Ah-ah-ah! We can’t start the games until we light the torch!” She turned to one of the men, who handed her a can of lighter fluid. Chloe squatted beside the pile of clothes and up-ended the can, generously soaking the fabric. She traded the can for a book of matches, struck one, and tossed it into the pile which erupted into a bonfire. As her clothes burned, she stepped up to the dumpster, gripping the edge with both hands as she straightened her legs and arched her back. The men stared in amazement at her intimate cleft, the black tape terminating just before her anus, which she had already heavily lubricated and was glistening in the firelight. She looked over her shoulder with a hungry smile. “Hmmmhmmm, come and get it!” The men converged on her like a force of nature. One right behind her already had his cock out and hard, and he grabbed her hips and slammed in the full length of his dainty member and started pumping furiously. Men crowded at her sides as well, squeezing her breasts and stroking her back. She moaned as the man behind her gripped her buttocks so hard she could feel all five fingers pressing into her flesh. One man crouched down to start sucking on one of her nipples, while on the other side a man used his fingers to twiddle her other nipple and her navel at the same time. Chloe was getting into the mood when she heard the sound of a throat clearing, then a mouthful of hot saliva splattered across her face. She giggled. The man behind her gave a few final pumps before pulling back, immediately being replaced by another. Someone grabbed a fistful of her hair Küçükçekmece escort and pulled her head back, then someone else grabbed another fistful on the other side of her head. They played tug-of-war with her skull, rocking her head back and forth, firm but not abusive- she had been clear about her limits in the screening process, and the sensation of controlled man-handling made her insides flutter. “Ey, over here,” one of the men said, dropping a few large squares of soiled cardboard onto the pavement. Chloe was pulled by her hair away from the dumpster, getting shoved onto her knees on the cardboard. Panting, she straightened up to crotch-level, welcoming the line of pricks surrounding her. She randomly grabbed two men by their belts and jerked them forward, pouncing on their prongs with her mouth. This was her dream. Larger cocks were never comfortable for her, and smaller ones left her wanting more, but this sensation of empathy, of being a nexus of sexual energy, of being the mode of satisfaction for a whole crowd, it was an ecstasy most people couldn’t dream of. The circle of cocks closed in, and she got prodded on every side of her face. The cock she was sucking fit easily into her mouth, and she enthusiastically pumped it with her tongue, squeezing with her lips, shaking her head side to side as she fondle the balls of men on either side. Within seconds, the man whimpered and she started milking the cum from him, gulping down the slow, hot trickle. “She swallowed!” he gasped. The words alone seemed to send some men over the edge, and the two men whose balls she fondled started squirting on either side of her face. Her heart racing, Chloe was really getting into the element of her fantasy, and immediately moved on to another waiting cock. With the dick completely engulfed in her mouth, she felt someone kneel down behind her and slip their cock into her anus. She matched the rhythm of the penis in her mouth with the one in her ass, and the crowd chuckled in delight. Sucked dry, the man in front of her was replaced with another. As she sucked on the new wang, she felt some hot slime squirt across her breasts, and another onto her short, pale hair. She lost track of how many cocks she had been through, a satisfying sensation that she had put months of effort and planning into finally achieving.

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