Checking Out the New Gym


I called Hahn, the associate at the gym I visited. I told him I was ready for my first workout and asked him if he wanted to help me this first time. He said he was at work, but he’d be off the clock at 3:00pm and he would be waiting. I told him I’d be there then. As I was looking at my workout wear, I decided I needed some new stuff.

I decided to hit my local sporting goods store, the one I liked. I went in and the salesperson greeted me as I entered. I told him what I needed and he led me to the shorts and tanks. I looked at him saying, “I have problems finding shorts… I’m kinda well endowed.”

Leon stepped back to the rack and handed me a couple of pairs of shorts saying, “I have a friend that’s blessed like that, too. I think you’ll find these appropriate for the job at hand. Take these, try them on, and I’ll find you some more.”

I took them and headed for the changing room. I had tried on one and was trying the second on, when Leon knocked on the door. I opened it, and he pulled it open further. He looked at me saying he really liked them, but I might need some a little looser as a coverup; just in case the snug look wasn’t appropriate to wear.

We got me two sets of workout wear, yellow with black pinstripe shorts, red with black pinstripes, and a black stringer. I paid and left. I looked at my receipt and saw he’d added a note and number saying, “Give me a call sometime.”

I went by the house to change clothes. I decided to wear the yellow with black pinstripe and black stringer, but I did take the black coverup shorts, just in case. I walked through the door and up to the counter at 2:45pm, and asked for Hahn. He stepped up behind me saying he saw me on the cameras. “Come with me, I’ll be off the clock in a minute and I want to change into my workout wear. Also, I love your workout clothes, there.”

I replied, “Yeah, they are brand new and I didn’t know about dress codes.”

Hahn said, “You are fine. You will fit in just fine–we love eye candy! I just hope the distraction isn’t too much.”

By this time, we had got to the locker room and as he had a locker very near to mine, continued talking as he changed. Exiting the locker room, several people spoke to Hahn along the way and he introduced me to each. I followed him to a stretching area. After warming up, we headed for the free weights. As we worked through our workout, we chatted and got to know each other better.

Doing my dumbbell curls, Hahn stepped up behind me, reached around to help my positioning, and said, “You know almost everybody in here is watching you, don’t you? They are so jealous! They’ll be all over me asking about you as soon as they get a chance. You certainly picked the perfect outfit.”

Hahn and I had been at it a couple of hours when I said to him, “I would like to treat you, if you don’t have plans for supper. You have been so nice to me.”

As we walked into the locker room, Hahn turned to me, telling me that sounded great. We got our stuff from the lockers, and walked out talking and laughing. I followed Hahn to his car, opening the door for him. I said, “You decide what you want. Here’s my number, text me your address and I’ll pick you up.”

My phone went off, it was Hahn sending me his address, How about Italian, I know a fantastic place? Let me see what you’re wearing, I don’t want to underdress.

I texted back, Sounds good to me. I’ll pick you up at 6:45 pm wearing the slacks and button-up shirt I got on in the picture. I’ll have short boots to round it off.

Great, I’ll see you in a bit.

I arrived at Hahn’s, he was waiting at the door shirtless. He said as he let me in, “I want you to pick my shirt.”

I saw two on the couch and picked the button-up one. “I like this one.” I held it up for him as he stepped up and placed his right arm in then his left. I pulled his back to my chest, pulled it together, and buttoned it for him.

I saw two on the couch and picked the button-up one. “I like this one.” I held it up for him as he stepped into the shirt, placing one arm in a sleeve, then the other. I pulled his back to my chest, pulled it together, and buttoned it for him.

Hahn turned to face me saying, “We complement each other nicely. Clayton, damn you smell so good.”

I placed two fingers under his chin, tilting his mouth up as I leaned down and kissed Hahn deeply. Bostancı Escort Bayan As I kissed him I dropped the other hand to his ass. When I pulled up from his lips, he said, “If we’re gonna make the reservations we better go. We could just stay here and order in.”

I took his hand and led him to the door. He locked it as we left and I led him to my truck. I opened the passenger door for him as he climbed in and closed it behind him. I went around and got in as he inhaled deeply saying, “Your truck smells just like you, I love it.”

I told him to enter the address in my GPS and we started on our way. He was telling me how much he loved my truck. I was telling him about it and told him the windows were as dark as they could be legally, so the occupants could get as much privacy as possible. I lay my hand on his leg as he told me about himself. He was from Germany, six feet tall, 175 pounds, parents moved to the United States when he was three. He’s 26, has a sister and both parents are deceased.

As we pulled up, he said he had to call in and let them know we were there. They took his number and said it would be maybe fifteen minutes, but they would call. We had backed in away from the entrance and the sun was down. I opened my door and got in the back seat as Hahn followed me. When he got in I told him to sit in my lap. He did as told and leaned in as I kissed him. Hahn took my tongue in his mouth sucking it like a man sucks a cock.

Hahn’s phone rang. He answered and they were saying our table was ready. We got out and went inside as we followed the host and he gave us our menus. He introduced himself and said, “Privately located as you requested sir, enjoy your meal.”

As the waiter came to the table he took our order, we ordered salad, garlic bread, with the spaghetti and meat sauce. We sat and talked. Hahn told me more and more about himself. The food arrived and Hahn dug in like he was starved. It was better than Hahn had said. We ate, talked, and laughed. After we had finished, our waiter came back and asked about dessert. Hahn ordered a slice of their house specialty cheesecake.

Looking at me, he said we could share. I excused myself to the restroom. When I came back, the cake was there so I sat beside Hahn, pushing him further into the booth. With the hand closest to me, he reached for the fork; but I took it from him while placing his hand in my lap. I fed him some and he moaned. I had some next and it was really good. I pulled the table closer to us, so the cloth covered our laps.

Hahn was sliding his hand up and down my inner upper leg, getting closer and closer to my crotch. I leaned over and kissed him. He ran his tongue all around in my mouth. About this time, the waiter showed up clearing his throat and smiling. He asked how everything was and I told him great. He added that that was their goal.

Hahn was stroking my cock now through my pants. I continued feeding him small bites and kissing him after each one. Hahn continued playing with my cock. After we finished the cake, I placed my hand on his and told him, “If you don’t stop that, we’ll never be able to leave here.”

Hahn looked up at me with a pouty look. I bent down and kissed him again, slow and sensual. We got up and went to pay the bill. As we walked out, Hahn had his arm around my back with his hand in my pocket. I opened the passenger door and he climbed in. I went around, got in, folded down the center console seat, and motioned him to slide over to me.

I adjusted the steering wheel and seat so he could sit in my lap crossways. I started out of the parking lot as Hahn started kissing and nuzzling my neck and face. Hahn continuously licked, kissed, and nuzzled everywhere he could reach; I don’t know how I made it home. I pulled into my garage and closed the door.

After getting Hahn from my lap, I exited my truck and Hahn started climbing out behind me; I turned to help him down. I grabbed his ass saying, “You certainly have a fine ass. I’ve wanted to get my hands on your ass since I first met you.”

He turned and kissed me deeply. I pulled away telling him to follow me. I made it to the kitchen and asked him if he was thirsty. He shook his head no and started unbuttoning my shirt. I took his hand and led him to the bedroom. He finished unbuttoning my shirt and dropped İstanbul Escort to his knees. He unbuttoned my pants, pulling down the zipper and then pushing them to the floor.

Lifting each foot, removing each shoe, and pushing my pants off. He licked back up my legs to my package, stopping to nuzzle my cock in my compression shorts. He groaned, telling me how good I smelled. Hahn kept rising up and sucked on my nipples before continuing up to my Adam’s apple.

He pushed my shirt off letting it hit the floor. I stepped back telling him to strip. He unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off, then removed his shoes and pants. Looking at me, hooking his fingers in the waistband of his underwear, he pushed them down presenting his sweet, tight ass to me.

I knelt behind him examining his ass. I kissed one cheek, then the other as Hahn groaned. I wet my thumb with my spit and placed it against his puckered hole. I pushed lightly, not quite breaching his anus. He just groaned. I stood, pulling him up, kissing him as he stood. I stepped back to the bed, laying back, pulling him down on me. Hahn kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue and telling me, he was my slut.

Hahn started working down my chest licking from side to side as he headed down, stopping at my belly button to lick and suck. He placed his thumbs in my shorts and pulled them down carefully exposing my cock. As my semi-hard cock stood up, he just gasped, saying, “What a beautiful, fat, black cock! I am in heaven now. I got to deepthroat this monster, even if it kills me.”

He leaned over kissing the head, licking the slit, moaning as he took the head in his mouth and swallowed. With just the head in his mouth, he ran his tongue all around it, groaning as he did.

I patted his head telling him, “I’ll let you try deepthroating my cock first; if you need some help, you let me know.”

He nodded and continued sucking my cock, bobbing up and down, taking more and more until my cockhead hit the back of his mouth. He pulled up, changing positions, and tried again and again.

I brushed his hair, saying, “I know one thing, you get an A+ for effort. Ignore the gag reflex and push past it, you’ll get it.”

Hahn tried a few more times. He changed positions again, and when my cock hit the entrance to his throat, he pushed down harder and my cock finally slid into his throat, –all the way in. I put my hand on the back of his head groaning and said, “That feels so good. Your throat is the tightest I have ever fucked. Concentrate and stay down, you are doing great! You are an awesome cocksucker!”

Hahn started to pull off my cock, all the way to the tip, using his tongue to bathe it before starting back down. He started bobbing again up and down, taking more and in his mouth, letting it slide into his throat until his lips were spread tight around the base of my cock. I rubbed his neck saying, “Your throat feels so good on my cock, I love being able to feel my cock in your throat, work your throat muscles on my cock, Hahn. You are doing an awesome job!”

He pulled up and off looking at me and saying, “I love your big black cock, but I want your hot cum in my ass first.”

I said, “Get the lube from the nightstand and get in a 69 position, I’m gonna open that ass of yours while you worship my balls.”

Hahn jumped to obey, straddling my chest, handing me the lube, and bending forward to my balls. Hahn alternated between my balls, licking and sucking, then taking both in his mouth. I worked a finger into his ass, next a second, and finally a third, opening his sweet ass while he was moaning on my balls. I kissed his cheeks telling him to turn around. Hahn repositioned himself and leaned down to kiss me. I reached behind him and lubed my cock. I said, “Reach between us, grab my cock and guide your ass to my cockhead.”

Hahn lowered his ass to my cockhead and pushed gently at first, until my head opened his hole. Hahn gasped as his hole opened for my fat cockhead, leaning down to kiss me as I smiled at him. He moaned, moving his hips up and down, taking a little more of my cock each time, telling me how great my fat cock felt in his ass.

I pulled Hahn’s face to mine telling him, “Your ass feels so good on my cock, it fits like a glove.”

As Hahn pushed down again, he yelled as more of my cock entered his ass. Anadolu Yakası Escort I told Hahn he had about half in his ass. Hahn moaned as he smiled at me. Hahn bounced on my dick again, taking another couple of inches. He was gasping and dripping sweat, saying, “I don’t know if I can take it anymore.”

I took his face in my hands telling him, “You can and you will, I know you can do it.”

Hahn was working his ass and it finally went all the way down, taking my whole fat, black cock. He yelled as his ass swallowed my entire cock. Hahn leaned down and kissed me, riding on my cock telling me how good my cock felt deep in his ass. I said, “You took my cock in your ass, now it’s time for me to fuck that sweet tight ass.”

As I pulled Hahn close and rolled him over, he groaned. I rolled him to the bottom, took an ankle in each hand, and placed them on my shoulders. As I started to pull my cock out, I told Hahn, “I let you get your ass used to my big cock; now, I am going to fuck it hard.”

I started fucking in and out of his ass. When I went in, I rotated my hips–Hahn telling me I was hitting places never hit before. I sped up my thrusting as Hahn yelled for me to go harder and harder. He was mumbling incoherently as I fucked him hard, him holding my cheeks in his hands. I was sweating hard as it dripped on Hahn and mixed with his. I told Hahn I was fixing to cum and he just groaned and told me to breed him. I started to shoot my cum, so I rotated my hips, and buried my cock in his rectum. Hahn pulled me down and kissed me deeply.

I lay down on Hahn as my cock which was still buried in his ass started to soften. Hahn was just cooing, saying how he loved my big dick. We rolled over to our sides, remaining coupled up. After we cooled down, I told Hahn I thought I needed to take a leak and we needed a shower. He just smiled and agreed. We headed for the bathroom and started to use the toilet.

He stopped me and said, “Don’t waste that, I want it.”

Hahn pulled me to the shower, knelt in front of me, licking a drop of piss from my cockhead. He groaned, saying, “I want all your bodily fluids… all of them.”

Hahn took my cock in his hand and told me to let loose. As my urine started flowing, Hahn aimed it at his face and body, telling me how good it smelled and tasted. After I finished, he licked the tip again, savoring it. Hahn said he needed a beer as he headed for the kitchen. He returned with one for each of us. He entered the shower and kissed me; he tasted like beer. I took the rag and body wash, bathing him top to bottom. He did the same for me, from the top of the head to the bottom of my feet.

I stepped out grabbing a towel, and Hahn started drying me off; taking care of himself after. We both finished our beers and Hahn threw the bottles away. We went back to my bed, laying down and we just lay there talking as Hahn told me he was so glad we had met that day. Hahn laid his head on my bicep, looking at me, telling me how great this had been.

He reached down, stroking and rubbing my cock. Hahn licked up to my ear and stopped to say, “I want to feel your big fat cock shoot its cum down my throat into my belly.”

Hahn started licking over my Adam’s apple, going on to my chest, kissing each nipple, and continuing down. He kept going down, licking over the base of my cock, down to its head, and kissed it. He took the head in his mouth, running his tongue around it. He pushed down my hardening cock, getting the head at his throat and letting it continue to harden and push into his throat.

Hahn pulled up to get a breath of air and went back down, taking it to the base. I petted his head telling him how good he was doing. He pulled up looking at me and went back down. He groaned on my cock. I massaged his neck feeling my cock in his throat. I told him, “I am going to cum, I want to shoot it all down your throat. Don’t you lose a drop, cocksucker!”

Hahn pulled up and started going up and down on my cock, working for my cum. He took it all down his throat, rotating his head as he sucked and licked. As he went faster and faster, I told him my cum was building as I clutched the back of his head. When I started to cum, I held his head down as I shot my sweet baby juice into his throat and filled his belly.

When I finished shooting, he held my cock in his mouth as it softened; sucking it, getting it good and clean. Hahn crawled up to me saying he needed a beer and asked if I wanted one. I told him that sounded good. As we both drank, Hahn lay down beside me kissing my neck and face, telling me how much he loved my big, fat, black cock; and he couldn’t wait for more as we both nodded off to sleep.

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