Cellphone Delight


There I was laying in my bed sleeping soundly between shifts when my cell phone began that annoying ring. You know the one…the one that wakes you up from the almost perfect relaxing sleep you desperately need to rejuvenate yourself. Well I reached over and picked up the phone and fumbled through closed eyes to find the answer button.

“Hello,” I managed to get out as I fought to stay just on the edge of sleep knowing I’d love to slip right back as soon as this phone call was over.

“Hi, Chad did I wake you?” came the voice of my boss. Now she’s a petite little thing, blonde and sexy and just a bit older, I’d guess by about five years or so.

“No,” I replied lying just a bit, she knew the truth anyway, “What’s up Nikki?”

“I need you to go over and prep a site for me later this afternoon, the big boss is coming with me and I don’t want to see any mistakes. Besides I know you can handle this little task for me. Hey,” she quickly interjected, “I’m almost home, I gotta let the dog out and I’ll see you later…and Chad, get a some more sleep you know you deserve it.”

Just like that she hung up and I rolled over and fell back asleep, it couldn’t have been two minutes later when the phone rang again. Groaning I rolled over and answered it, “Yeah,” I garbled into the receiver not caring who was on the other line at this point figuring it would be that cute little boss telling me she had forgotten some detail she wanted me to add to the site.

“Yeah…all you can say is yeah when I call you?”

“Well sorry Nikki I just fell back asleep again,” I replied, sitting up this time so I would remember whatever we talked about.

“You know I’m just teasing sweetie,” (mental note, she only refers to me as sweetie when she wants something extra done at work or at a site), “I just wondered can your phone or email receive webcam or video phone feeds?”

I thought for a moment, now here’s a strange question, “Well yes they do but why?” I asked perplexed.

“I’m going to send you something that I want you to see, it might help us both out in the long run,” She teased.

“Which do you want me to turn on my email or messenger or the phone Nikki,” I knew I wasn’t going to get to go back to sleep now it was starting to near time to get up anyway at this point.

“We’ll start with the phone but you may as well make it to your messenger and send me a message when you get on that will make it easier to keep this going.”

“If you are going to show me video of your dog I swear I’ll stop taking calls from you Nikki,” I teased her knowing she loved to show off her new puppy.

“Well then I guess I won’t be showing you vids of the puppy today, just look at your phone and tell me when the feed comes through.”

Instantly there popped up a message sidebar on my phone alerting me to a message. Clicking the button I let it download and then hit play. I had to rub Escort Sefaköy my eyes I wasn’t sure exactly what I was seeing for a moment or two.

“What do you think Chad?” Nikki asked.

“Well I’d say from the look of it I’m…Oh my god,” I gasped.

There on the screen that started out showing a light blue fuzz, the picture started to focus and the camera backed away revealing a pair of panties. As I watched they were suddenly pulled out enough to let a finger inside and I heard an audible moan.

“I’m on my way to the messenger now Nikki, I’m not sure the feed is all that good on the phone.”

As I turned on the messenger and sent a quick IM to her screen name, I got a cam invite to view her open feed. As the thing loaded and quickly popped up I saw in much more plain view what she had been doing while I was looking at the video feed on the phone.

“Chad, I know this is probably wrong and cheating but I’m so worked up over that problem earlier today with that customer that I need a release before the afternoon. Please help me.”

“Nikki, shut up!” I began, “This is wrong and you are such a dirty girl for showing me your panties,” I continued, “If either spouse found out about this it would be grounds for divorce. Furthermore this is sexual harassment.”

I paused letting her ponder what I had said. “Now slip those panties out and show me what you are dying to, let me see that wet little pussy with your finger inside.”

Now it was her turn to speak, “I thought you were…”

“I said shut up and I meant it, the only thing I want to hear are your whimpers and moans and the sound of your wet juices as you slide your fingers in and out.”

“Yes, Chad,” she cooed.

I watched in awe as this normally conservative boss of mine slipped her panties to the side as instructed and began to rub her fingers over her clit while slipping her other hand down to rub the exposed pink of her shaved pussy. I sat transfixed at the screen as she slowly worked a finger in and pulled it back out glistening in her juices.

“How does it taste Nikki? Lick your fingers clean and tell me.”

I watched again as the camera focus pulled back revealing all of this sexy woman and her fingers slowly came up to her mouth.

“I’ve never done that before Chad…I don’t know if I can.”

I quickly with some authority in my voice commanded her to do as she was told or this conversation was over. “Yes, Chad,” she complied.

Suddenly her fingers where at her mouth and she stuck out her tongue wrapping it around them before sucking them in deep. “MMM,” she moaned as I continued to watch both her mouth and her other hand as the fingers deftly slid over her clit.

“That’s so sexy baby, I can’t believe you need it so bad right now that you are playing with your pussy for me, take those panties of and spread your legs and let Yenibosna escort bayan me see just how beautiful that pretty little slit between your legs is,” I told her.

I continued to view her as she stood up and turned around showing me her ass and the soft wet lips between her legs as she peeled the panties down. I knew she must have an earpiece in right now and as I set the phone to speaker I whispered to her.

“God I’d love to spank that ass right now and just slide my big hard cock deep inside you. Right now as you are showing me that pretty little pussy I’m pulling out my cock and stroking it along with you.”

I heard her gasp as she turned around and spread her legs once more. I knew I wanted to see her really fuck herself with her fingers and whatever else I could talk her into knowing this was probably a one time thing. So I instructed her to run and get a toy and make it back promptly.

Nikki was only gone for a few seconds and when she returned I had to chuckle to my self. She had a big vibrating frog, one of those you use for your back or feet, and attached to it was an eight inch dildo. “My god Nikki you are a little freak, we have one of those as well but minus the big cock extension.”

“Well I found that with this big tool the vibrations as I hold the frog down work wonders on my clit,” she replied.

“I want to see you spread those lips open baby and slide your fingers inside before you put that big dildo deep inside your pussy.” I informed her.

“Yes, Chad anything, just help me cum now please,” she begged.

I watched her let go to her inhibitions…not sure if she really had any at this point. Nikki’s soft swollen lips were slowly spread and I could see her slide her fingers around the outer lips teasing herself and her clit before she plunged the fingers inside.

“Tell me what you’d do to me right now if I had you come over Chad.”

I continued viewing as I spoke softly into the phone, stroking myself the whole time. I quickly turned on my own cam and focused in on my cock before sending her the invite. “Oh my the girls and I just knew you had a big cock hiding in those jeans of yours Chad,” She said as she looked on while fingering herself.

“Nikki, just play with yourself and listen and watch me darling, I will tell you exactly what I’d do if I came over right now,” and then I started, “First as I know what you are doing I’d just let myself in and come into your room. Knowing you were wet and in such need of a big hard cock that you wouldn’t mind some company.”

“Oh yeah,” she moaned.

“Then as I watched you for a moment sliding that big dildo in and out of your tight little pussy I’d slide my pants off and slip my cock into your mouth. I know you’d love to wrap your lips around me as I slid my hands down and pressed my fingers against your clit while the frog vibrated the dildo Halkalı escort and my fingers. Then as you continued sucking on me I’d whisper how good it felt and how much I wanted to return the favor.”

“Oh Chad,” she cooed again.

“As you were slipping the dildo out of your center I’d spread your legs and begin to tongue your pussy slowly sucking the lips flicking my tongue against your swollen little clit over and over as I dipped my fingers inside you and rubbed you the way you needed. Fingering that tight pussy you are showing me right now. In no time at all I’d have you begging for more, and when I slid my tongue inside you and you began to whine and plead harder…”

“Yes, Chad what would you do?”

I could tell she was getting close as was I at this point. “I’d stand up and spread your legs wide and push the head of my big cock inside you, not caring at that point if anyone found out just knowing that you were my hot little slut for the afternoon and you needed to be fucked good and hard.”

“I’m so close Sir,” she whispered.

Well that was almost enough to trigger me right there, knowing that she called me sir and that she was close to cumming I had to speed this up. “Nikki, I’d then shove the length of my shaft deep inside you and begin to lean down and pull your top off so that I could suck and nibble on those pert little titties you try to hide. As my cock slid in and out my mouth would suck, and kiss each nipple making your pussy clench around me as I rammed deeper and deeper until there was no more left to give you.”

“I’m going to cum Sir,” she cried out.

“Yes and that’s what you’d do with me fucking you hard, knowing that we were breaking so many rules that day, you’d cum with my big cock slamming in and out of you filling you up and pleasing you just like that dildo is doing now. I’d be so close to cumming that when you started it would set me off as well.”

“I’d want you to cum on me Chad,” she moaned through her orgasm.

“Just like this Nikki,” I groaned as I began to shoot my own load onto my stomach.

“Yeah, but on my clit, then up to my mouth so I could taste you and I on your big fat cock.”

Instantly my orgasm intensified and I shot two more hard streams of cum up my chest. “Jesus Nikki you are a dirty girl…I just love that.”

It was at that moment that the alarm clock went off beside the bed. I woke up from my first wet dream since my teenage years. My cock still throbbing and cum oozing out onto my boxers. I sat up in the bed thinking, oh my god, what the fuck was that all about.

An hour later Nikki was walking through the door to the site and I walked up to her, she smiled that coy smile of hers and asked me what was up. “Don’t you ever call me when I am sleeping again.” I said as she got a perplexed look on her face.

“Let’s just say that you invaded my sleep and in doing so ended up being the naughtiest of women this afternoon.”

Her simple reply shocked me, “Well you never know maybe you should tell me about it,” she whispered with a blush.

Thanks for reading please remember to vote and send feedback…No vibrating frogs where harmed in the writing of this story. Have a great day.

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