Candlelit Seduction


As you arrive home you see a solid white candle sitting on the doorstep, its been lit and its glow emphasises the envelope propped against it. Its bright red and they’ve both been there a while, a few drops of white wax almost cover the name “Ben” written on the front.

You smile as you recognise the handwriting as mine, instantly wondering what it is I’m up to. As you open the envelope you catch a whiff of my perfume. Bringing the envelope to your nose you smell it stronger and realise I’ve sprayed my perfume on it. Inside is a bright red piece of paper that simply reads “I hope you’ve got lots of energy, you’ll need it.”

You open the front door and step inside. Theres complete darkness except for more candles, marking a path through the living room. Near the door to the hallway is another red card, sitting atop a red giftbox. “Put them on” the card says. The ‘them’ it refers to is the black silk boxers in the box. You pause and quickly take off your clothes, careful to avoid the candles. Slipping into the boxers they slide over your skin like a lovers touch. You can’t help but be reminded of my touch and you feel a stirring in your boxers.

The candles trail down the hallway and end at a door near the end. Your bedroom door. You walk down the hallway, tingling more and more as you get to your bedroom. Slowly opening the door you look inside. More candles, atop every surface in your bedroom, the only light in the darkness. The bed is freshly made, the covers drawn back invitingly. On your bedside table is an assortment of fun things. As you move to it you see a bottle of edible massage oil (strawberry flavoured), a vibrator (you recognise it as mine), a feather duster and some handcuffs. On the other bedside table is a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream in a can, a champagne flute and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket.

But almanbahis where am I? You wonder as you take in the assortment of goodies near the bed and already begin to fantasise about what you’ll do with them. You hear a soft cough and turn. I stand in the doorway wearing a hot pink nighty, my hair loose around my shoulders, my feet bare. I smile slowly and my eyes twinkle. “Hi Baby. How was your day?” Walking toward you I stop a foot away and grin. “I thought you could use a little stress relief, or something.”

Winking at you I continue past you to sit on the bed, leaning against the pillows. Picking up a strawberry I bite into it, some of the juice staying on my lips. I look into your eyes and lick my lips, my piercing showing as the tip of my tongue cleans the juice and chocolate away.

You seem frozen on the spot and I’m unsure if its a good thing or a bad. But I want you here with me, I want to feel your body against mine. Picking up the champagne I bring the bottle to my lips and take a sip, some of it spilling over my breasts as they press against the satin of my nighty.

This seems to spur you into action because you’re instantly beside me, kneeling on the bed with your face pressed into my breasts. The roughness of your stubble makes me tingle as your lips and tongue begin to lean the bubbles off my skin. I quickly put the bottle down and my hands return to your head, fingers clenching in your hair as you begin to tease my breasts.

My nipples press against the nighty, hard and insistent, dying for your touch. I moan with approval as you push the straps of my nighty down my arms and take one of my nipples between your lips. The roughness of your teeth as they nibble is soothed by the caress of your lips and I find myself squirming beneath your touch. I let you have your fun for a few minutes more, but then its my turn. This is after almanbahis giriş all about me relieving your stress.

I hold your body to mine and roll, straddling your hips as I push you into the pillows. Smiling down at you I realise we’ve said little, but words aren’t necessary right now. I reach for another strawberry, licking my lips in anticipation. I trace one nipple, then the other with the chocolately tip. Painting your skin with chocolate and strawberry residue. I trace patterns over your torso, painting your nipples and chest, painting the contours of your stomach and ribs.

I grin as I look at my handiwork, my hands at your sides as I lean in and begin to clean you up. I alternate between using just the tip of my tongue and then broad, flat strokes of my tongue that tease you with my piercing. I kiss and lick and occasionally nibble every ince of your skin, finally cleaning you of all traces of chocolate. Each moan, sharp intake of breath or squirm you make only spurs me on to tease you. I soon feel your hardness throbbing through your boxers and I take advantage of it, grinding against you with every chance I get. Teasing us both as nothing but the fabric of your boxers prevents us from coming together.

I hear you growl and suddenly you grab my wrists. Holding my hands as you spin me once more. I gasp as suddenly you’re on top of me, pressing your hard cock against my sex. I arch my back, pushing down onto you in longing. Any plans I’d had for you, any ideas that had occured to me are forgotten as I realise I just need you. I want to feel your hard cock sliding into my wetness, making love to me, fucking me with pure abandon.

Still holding my wrists above my head with one of your hands you push your boxers down with the other. I watch as your cock springs free, hard and proud as it brushes against my thigh. I squirm some more, opening almanbahis yeni giriş my legs to show you I’m more than ready for you. My sex is glistening wet and inviting you to enter. But you have other ideas. I watch as you grip your cock with your free hand and slide the head over my sex and towards my clit. The swollen head of your cock spanking my clit as I moan and press against it. Squirming against your hands as they hold me.

Then as I gasp and moan, you slide inside me, giving me no warning. Thrusting hard into me you let my hands go leaving them free for me to grip your arms, my fingernails digging into your skin. You begin to fuck me, theres no pretence, no romanticism, though I know you care for me, I also know that right now we need this animalistic fucking. I wrap my legs around your hips, and grind into you. Meeting each thrust of your hips with a responding one of my own. We’re moving in unison, in and out, to and fro, back and forth. Lost in the rhythm we’re creating as each of us gets closer and closer to release.

I can feel you throbbing in me, feel the the fire welling in between my legs and I know it wont be long. My fingernails dig into your back as I scratch up and down your spine. Biting at your neck I begin to whisper into your ear, a combination of words of endearment and dirty suggestions for future fucks.

Suddenly you thrust hard into me and arch your back, moaning loudly as I feel your cock spurting deep inside me. I’m barely holding on and this sets me over the edge. I push down onto your cock and moan loudly. Gasping as my orgasm shatters through my body. My breasts heave, nearly falling out of the nighty. My sex spasming aorund yours.

You call onto me, you body hot and damp against mine. Still breathless I hold you and gasp for air. Our bodies tingling in the afterglow. Slowly, slowly we come down off the high and begin to become aware of each other. I stroke your back as you lie against me, enjoying the way you feel.

As I feel my body returning to normal I whisper into your ear “Well that was a lovely entree.. now for the main course..”

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