Cam Life Pt. 04


I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having. When I wasn’t in private with anyone, I just sat there and had conversations with people in my room. It was like making a bunch of friends. But I could control everything. I never got naked in my room because the girls had warned me that if I did there would be no reason to go private.

I hinted at things I liked but I wouldn’t let the talk get too dirty. Over the rest of the week, I easily earned enough money to pay for my rent. I also earned enough to buy food and even a few new cute outfits that I thought my customers would like.

One of the suggestions that the girls had made was that I should set up a wishlist on Amazon. I thought that was a good idea. Then customers could send me toys without ever even knowing who I was or where I lived. It was pretty cool. And at the end of my second week, I had gotten my first Amazon gift.

I took a picture of it and put it on Twitter.

“Whoever got me this from my wish list should come into my room today so I can play with it!”

I didn’t expect anyone to actually answer but a few guys said, “Wasn’t me but I want to see it anyway. When are you going in your room?” and similar things.

I gave them a link to my room on the cam site and said I would be on in about an hour or two.

I had to figure out how this toy worked first. It was a little different than anything I’d used before. Once I got it out of the packaging and started playing with it, I could see that it was going to be a lot of fun!

I started setting up my bedroom for a cam session. almanbahis adresi Once I had everything set up the way I wanted, I went and had a shower. I’d never shaved my pussy before but since my customers mostly seemed to be into my young look I thought it was a good idea.

I soaped up good and got out some baby oil. The site I’d read online said that it would make it nice and smooth. Before long, I had completely shaved every inch of hair from below my waist and I had to admit that it felt damn good. It felt sexy and erotic. And I couldn’t wait to get into my cam room and show it off for someone.

When I got to the room, it started filling up almost immediately. There were about 10 guys within 5 minutes.

At first they all wanted to know what I would do. I told them to check out my profile. That was easy. Before long, someone was requesting a private.

He told me that he was married and that his wife wasn’t interested in sex anymore. He liked my look so he wanted to see how I played on camera.

“Whatever you like is what I like. What should I call you?”

“Call me Big Papi,” he typed.

“Big Papi?” I asked. “Are you a baseball fan?”

“I am – how did you know?”

“I watched sports with my daddy a long time ago. I still keep up with baseball when I can.”

“Do you ever go to the games?”

“No. I can’t afford that.”

“Well, maybe I could take you to one sometime.”

“Maybe,” I said. That would involve actually meeting him. I wasn’t sure if I would be willing to do that because that would cross a line.

“What almanbahis adres would you like me to do Big Papi?”

“Well, first, alway remember to say please and thank you. And second. Let’s get you out of those clothes?”

“All of them?”


I took my time stripping off my clothing for him. I remember the advice of the girls. Always keep them in the room for as long as you can.

When I was done, I sat down on the bed, cross legged.

“Nice. I see you’re shaved.”

“Actually, I did that just a few hours ago.”

“Do you like it?” he typed.

“I do. It feels all naked and exposed.”

“Lean back and spread your legs for me. No touching though.”

I did as he asked. I was sure that he could see my pink pussy getting wet already. Damn. It didn’t take much to get me excited these days. And with no hair, the air felt cool and enticing.

“Now just spread your lips with your fingers.”

I spread my pussy lips apart for him, giving him a good view of my pussy.

“Please Big Papi. Can’t I touch myself yet?”

“No. But I think you got something in the mail today.”

“Oh! Yes this?” I reached for the new toy that I’d gotten.

“That’s it.”

“Did you send it do me Big Papi?”

“I did. Now, I want to see you use it on yourself. I want you to say my name lots and I want you to tell me how it feels. And I want you to ask permission before you cum.”

It took him a while to type that and I was waiting a little bit impatiently.

“Thank you so much Big Papi. I’ve been so almanbahis adres excited about using it but I wanted to make sure that I used it for you before anyone else go to see it.”

“Good girl. Now let’s see how you play with it.”

I got the feeling that he just wanted to watch me and listen while he did his business so I got down to work.

I slid it into my wet hole and turned on the vibrations.

“Ooh Big Papi, this feels so good. I’ve never had a toy like this before.”

“Turn it over so the little knob is facing up.”

I did what he said and slid it a little further inside myself. It did feel awesome.

Then I pushed it in more. Until it hit a certain spot. It felt amazing. It was nothing like I had ever felt before. What kind of wicked and fun toy was this?

“Oh, Big Papi. I’ve never felt that before.”

It didn’t take long before I was shuddering and screaming. “Big Papi can I please come now?”

“Not yet. Hold back. I promise, it will be worth it.”

I slid it back inside my pussy. My back arches as I found that spot again. My legs felt like jelly as quivers of pleasure ran over my body. I felt like I was going to wet myself or something. I couldn’t hold back much longer but I tried really hard.

Finally, I had to ask him again. “Please Big Papi. I can’t hold back! I need to come for you!”

“Yes, come princess.”

I exploded in a series of shudders and moaned, “Thank you Big Papi. Thank you.”

It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life. My legs were weak with the intensity of it. I felt emotional and crazed.

When I sat up he was typing. “That’s very good my princess. I will buy you new toys and teach you all about g-spot orgasms. Ttyl.”

And he was gone. What were these g-spot orgasms? Was that what I just had?

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