Brown Sugar Buddy


Brown Sugar Buddy

After having Henri over for a night, I knew that I wanted more of that, lots more of that. The man is a good lover, not minding that I am white, male, and not interested in controlling or possessing him. He sensed what I wanted, and offered it to me, before we even knew each other’s names. He could tell that I was serious about wanting to have a black man for my occasional lover, and he enjoyed giving me his best to show that he could be that lover. We had more sex in 14 hours than most people do in a fourteen days.

Going home to his woman, he gave me a couple of days before calling me again. In that time, I had recovered from the workout he gave my body, and was ready to call him. My phone rang, and I answered it to hear: “Hey baby, how have you been? Did that first time leave you sore?”

I laughed, saying: “Sore? Hell yes, but the pain was heavenly. I can’t get the picture of you and I out of my mind.”

Feeling that I might as well get right to the point, I said: “Sugar, I miss you. You gave me what I wanted, and now I want a steady diet of it. Baby, I have never felt that I should say this, but I must say it to you. I am yours, yours to enjoy in any way that you want. I love the happiness that you bring me, and I want to be all that you need in a man love. Can we get together again soon? I need some of your brown sugar.”

He laughed, saying: “Thank you baby, I called to see if you and I could spend tomorrow afternoon and evening together.”

“Yes, will you come right from work? You could shower here.” I suggested. He said that he would see me around 4 PM.

After his call, I cleaned myself out, wanting to be clean and ready for our date I changed the bedding, putting on some nice tan microfiber sheets that I had just bought. I put extra towels in the bathroom, and some hand towels beside the bed, along with a back up tube of lube. We had used quite a bit with our first night, neither of us caring to be rubbed raw.

That night I hardly slept, thinking of Henri and I and the screwing that we would be doing. On Thursday, I couldn’t keep my eyes off my clock, wishing the day would go by a little faster. I rinsed myself out, feeling totally clean for his black snake. At 3:40PM, he called to say that he was on the way. “The door will be open, baby, just come on in.” I replied.

I was wearing a robe over some men’s bikini briefs, and untied the robe as I went to his arms. He put both hands inside the robe to cup my ass, pulling me close to him as he bent to kiss me.

My mouth was ready for him, wanting to feel him greeting me like he would greet a lady. Our tongues danced as we kissed, and then I sucked his tongue into my mouth, like I did with his cockhead just a few nights ago. Henri clenched his hands on my ass cheeks, pulling our pelvis’ together, and I could feel his cock, big, hard, and pressing against mine.

He broke the kiss and pushed me back asking: “Why don’t we get a shower? I have been working all day, and I must smell.”

Noticing the “we”, I turned and walked to the bathroom, telling him: “I want to wash you, baby. I need to feel your body.” He stopped at the bedroom to undress, while I went in and started the shower, and hung up my robe and dropped my underwear into the hamper.

When Henri came into the bathroom, naked, I caught my breath. What a body. I was so happy that this bi man, with an understanding woman at home could be interested in an old man like me.

Stepping into the shower, I put some body wash on a scrubber and began washing him. His chest, like mine had very little hair, but enough to show that we were men. I lathered and washed it, moving down across his belly to the real target. Holding his near stiff cock, I washed it and his nutsack, while looking into his eyes.

He wasn’t standing idle, kneading my breasts, pinching my nipples, and then reached around and slapped my ass, hard, once on each cheek.

“Baby, yessss. I am yours.” I said, a bit shocked.

He pushed down on my shoulders, and I went to my knees as he held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. What a lover. He pulled my head, he flexed his hips, and his cock teased my throat. He pulled back, all the way out of my mouth and asked: “Are you ready for it? I need to get this done. I have held this load since last night.”

“Fuck me, baby, my throat needs you. Fuck me deep.” I moaned. He pulled my head back onto his cock and shoved it deep into my throat. He fucked into my face, bruising my lips, nearly gagging me, giving me his strength.

After several minutes of hard face fucking, he slowed, grunted, and pulled back as I jacked that beautiful cock while he unloaded into my mouth. “Don’t swallow it, baby. Get up here and show me what you have.” He said, letting his cock drop out of my mouth, as he pulled me to my feet. gaziantep escort

I opened my mouth to show him that I had his full load laying on my tongue. He gently pushed my mouth closed, and kissed my lips as I swallowed. All I could think was why weren’t he and I half our ages and gay. I would have married him right then.

We washed each other, and he again slapped my ass cheeks hard. It stung, but it was coming from the man that was about to take me to the moon and back. I didn’t mind it, but pictured him doing that while laying on his back with me riding his cock. It really was an erotic thought. “Let’s go to bed. I need to have you on me, in me.

In the bedroom, I laid on my back and he kneeled on the edge of the bed, bending to kiss and nibble on one of my nipples. One of his hands lay on my nutsack, while his middle finger teased my hole. I reached up to him, pleading: “Lay with me, lay on me. I want to feel your body before you take me. I need you, baby.”

I spread my legs further apart as he got between them and lowered himself to me. I reached for his cock and laid it on my pelvis, and crossed mine over his. He let his belly and chest down onto me, and I trapped him by putting my legs over his, pulling him as close as I could. We kissed, we rubbed, we teased, and we suggested what we wanted.

Raising up a little, Henri said: “Baby, when I put it in, I am going to go all the way to the bottom in one stroke. I want to check my brand, and make sure it is still down there. Then I will open you back up so we can do what we want to do. I shaped your pussy to fit me last week, but I need to do the final alterations, to make fit just right.”

I was so hot for him, and knew that he would do what needed to be done: “Fuck me baby, I am yours, all yours. I need you in me. Put some lube on your black snake and come to me.”

Pushing back, onto his knees, he lubed his cock and put plenty around my ass, then had me raise up and he slid a pillow under me. He put my legs up, and my ankles found their place on his shoulders, and he pushed into me.

He spread my hole wide, and pushed in. Reflexively, I put my hands on his thighs, to stop his assault on my ass, but he pulled them away, holding my wrists beside my head, and continued in. I first felt his crotch hair on mine, then his nutsack slapped my ass crack. I had all of him.

He rolled himself around, putting his cock all over in my ass, and then it began. He pulled back and fucked me like he hadn’t fucked in a month. He pounded my ass into the mattress, taking the sex that he wanted.

Keeping my ankles on his shoulders, he lowered his chest, bending me double, and continued to fuck me with full, hard strokes. He bit my lip, holding me in his mouth, and absolutely battered my ass with that magnificent cock. I had an inner feeling like I had never felt before, as intense as an ejaculation, but very emotional. He was making me cum from inside.

“Ohhhh, Gaaawwwwwddddd, baby, you’re taking it from me. I am cumming inside. Fuck me honey, this is sooooo good.” I said breathlessly, as he pounded me senseless. I could feel his thickness sliding in and out of me, and could feel his cockhead hit bottom with each stroke.

Having taken his first load in the shower, I knew that this would not be a quickie. He didn’t slow down, and he didn’t change the length of his strokes. He was making me his, forever, and I didn’t mind it one bit. This was the fucking that I often pictured, being totally ravished, owned, by my black lover.

After several minutes, with my ass now pulsing, squeezing his cock as he fucked me, I felt his breathing change. I felt him getting ready to cum, and his more intense bottoming, made me get that feeling again. If only, if only he and I could reach our peak together. “Baby, cum in me, I am cumming again, cum with me. I love this.” I said, panting, exhausted.

He slammed into me even harder, grunted, and roared: “I’m cumming. Damn baby I am cumming hard.” He bottomed out, and locked his body to mine, and convulsed, pushing out his load.

As he made his last spasm, he jammed himself to me, saying: “I own this pussy. Anything that takes me like this has to be mine. From the opening to the bottom, this is mine, baby.”

Holding my legs, bent, he rolled over, putting me on top. I lowered my face to his and smothered him with kisses. “Honey, I didn’t know that a guy could cum from deep inside like that. You gave me two great orgasms. And you are still quite hard.” I said, raising myself and lowering back down on his cock.

It wasn’t fully hard, but it wasn’t soft either. I knew that I had truly found the best of the best, in this man. I felt that I had to fuck him to show my appreciation, and I wanted it to be as intense as it could be.

I raised myself up and slammed back down, bent to his ear and whispered: “Baby, your woman is on you now. You took what you needed, and now I am going to give you even more. When we were in the shower, you did something that I have never had, and while it stung, it was erotic as hell. Baby, slap my ass like you want to be fucked, please! Make me take care of you.”

I lifted off him, dropped back down, and as I lifted again, he slapped both cheeks with both of his big hands. Again and again, and with each slap, I tried to fuck harder. He was fully hard again, and raising his ass to meet each of my strokes. My ass cheeks were burning, but I wanted to feel all of this, and just kept hammering him into me at a feverish pace.

He slapped and I fucked, and then we both had monstrous orgasms, dropping me onto his chest, panting, nearly crying in the feelings that I had. I have never been a pain freak, either in giving or receiving it, but this was just one more fantasy that I was living out. I didn’t want more of it every time, but I was sure that I would like to have him slap my ass another time.

Hesitatingly, slowly, I raised off him, and rolled to his side. “I need to go to the bathroom. I feel like I am full of your cum. Thank you for another great feeling.” I said as I got off the bed.

I sat on the toilet and felt him running out of me. I filled a douche bottle and gave myself another rinse, noticing that the water was clear with some of his cum mixed in.

As I got off the toilet, dried myself, and went out of the bathroom, he came in. “When you get in bed, get ready for some lovemaking, baby.” He said, kissing me on my neck, then closing the door behind himself.

Getting back in bed, I kept the pillow under my ass, and sighed, thinking of how much I loved being in bed with this man. When he got back to the bed, I handed him the lube, but he laid it down, saying: “Not yet, baby, I want to make love to you for a bit. He lay beside me, and nibbled my earlobe, breathing heavily into my ear. One hand held my breast as he squeezed and kneaded it, while he laid a leg over mine.

“Here in the bed, with you on your back, you are my sweet, white woman. With your ankles on my shoulders, you are my horny, white, fuck toy. When you are on top, giving my cock the workout it needs, you are my nymphomaniac. I could feel your orgasms, and they were totally unlike when a guy ejaculates. You had them because you knew that your pussy belongs to me, and that your pussy needs me to be satisfied.

You offered yourself to me, and I claimed you. You and I might be just a couple of the guys when we are out in public, and I like that, but here in this bed, you are my woman, my bitch, with my pussy to use any way that I want to use it. No matter how much you might have loved her, no woman ever claimed you like this. No matter who gets in your bed from now on, in your mind, you will be fucking me.” He said, letting me know that he cared enough to claim me.

Breaking the kiss that he gave me, I said: “My brown sugar, by beautiful lover, I am yours. I cannot see me enjoying having anyone in my bed but you. From your great fucking, to the necking that we do; I have never been more satisfied than with you.

I am so glad that Jamal lit that fire inside me 7 years ago. Without the fucking that he gave me, I might never have looked for you. After he fucked me, I felt that I had never had sex that good, but even then, I didn’t feel like he claimed anything more than the taking of my virginity.

You have taken me as yours, and I love that. I will spread my legs for you anytime I can. I will do anything that you need me to do, just to have you climb on me and make love to me. Henri, you are the man, the black man that I have fantasized about for so long.”

Knowing that I was now a confirmed “Black Cock Lover”, I wondered if I would have pangs, wanting other men? I didn’t think that could happen, and felt that he and I were each living out or fantasies, doing our role playing, and loving the feelings that brought to each of us. I was his, belonging to him, in each of the ways that he suggested, and while playing the femme, I felt it as well.

I don’t know how I would have felt if he had just dropped my pants and bent me over a car fender and fucked me. I had no desire to be in that kind of a situation, preferring instead, this lover to lover role. I didn’t even feel that I need to see him as anything more than a buddy while out in public. I wanted to think that we liked each other for our personalities, but loved the intimacy of our fucking and lovemaking. I was looking forward to a future of this.

“Henri, what will Althea say about you fucking me like you are doing? Will she be jealous? Will she think less of you?” I asked him.

“Baby, she and I are totally honest with each other. I told her how we fucked, how you took all of my cock in your ass and your throat, and how we are playing this man and woman thing, kissing and necking. She is alright with it, and even said that since you aren’t a player, and don’t have diseases, that maybe I should limit my man contact to you. She thinks that she and I should have you in bed some night.” He told me.

Having told me who she was, I recalled seeing her in the store, where they both worked. She was well built, and looked younger than his 54 years. “I would love seeing you and Althea getting it on. She is a sexy lady, and I pictured laying her down and eating her pussy the first time I saw her. How old is she?” I asked of him.

“She is 46, and feeling her midlife surge. She loves to fuck, and she might want to have you eat her pussy. If you did that, she might want to make it a 69 and eat you at the same time. I told her about your breasts growing because of the medicine, and that you have nipples like a pregnant bulldog,. And, being bi, she said that she might want to feel you up. The three of us in a bed would be one hell of a night, I am sure, baby.” He said, smiling that sexy smile of his.

As we lay, talking, I was toying with Henri’s beautiful cock. I wasn’t trying to get it off, but just feeling it, gently stroking it, getting to know it better. I moved my lips to one of his nipples, sucking it into my mouth, then nipping it with my gums. I felt his reaction, and it was quite nice, knowing that I could make him feel pleasure.

He put his hand on my cock again, and began fingering my asshole. As well lubed as he had me, it was easy for him to slip his finger in, then add a second finger, and fucked me with them. He pulled back and came back in with three fingers, leaving his thumb and little finger outside. My man knew how much I loved size, loved being stretched. I relaxed my sphincter and fucked up, into his hand, and began seriously jacking him off. This was making out at its best.

No matter how well satisfied they are, it is very hard for two lovers to make out with each other without becoming aroused, wanting to get back to fucking. Henri and I were no different. He pulled his hand out of me, pushed me to my back, and got on me and pushed his cock inside. “Baby, open that pussy up, and take me deep. You need some deep cock loving.” He said, letting me wrap my legs over his waist.

He was all the way in, pushing his head against my insides when he began giving me a very short, very fast stroke, battering my insides. He had to know that this is where he was when he made me cum. It was all about that cockhead hitting bottom, knowing that I had all the cock in my that my ass could enjoy.

Once again, I felt the feeling building up, my mind knew that I was getting the fucking that I wanted, and that I was gladly giving myself up to this man. I was flustered at best, and tried to talk to him: “Baaaaabbbbby, I’mmmmm gonnnna cum againnnnnn. You are fucking me so gooooood, take meeeee, own meeeee, I am cummmminnnnggg!” I pushed up, taking him even deeper, writhing, rocking under him and cumming like crazy.

How can a man even cum like this. My cock wasn’t even hard. As I cum, I became limp, physically useless, under him. He kept fucking me, making love in a way that would be on my mind for years.

“Oh My God, that was good, and so intense. I loved it, baby. I love what we have. I love you for fucking me so good. Give me your load, breed me, and fill my battered pussy with your love juice.” I rattled off, feeling so well fucked, so satisfied by my brown sugar.

He tensed and gave me several hard, full length strokes, asking me: “Whose pussy is this? Whose cock owns this pussy. Whose cock does this pussy want in it?”

I moaned: “It’s your pussy, your cock owns me, and your cock is all that I want. I love this.”

Then he came, and I nearly had another orgasm, wanting a few more strokes from him. “Baby, don’t stop, fuck me, I am ready to cum again. I neeeeeeed youuuuuuu.” I wailed.

He hammered my body, raising nearly out of my ass then plunging back in so hard that he slapped into me loudly, as he was cumming. He got my orgasm, and it nearly made me pass out.

Laying on our sides, recovering again, I asked him: “Are you going home to Althea? Will you be able to give her what she wants?”

He chuckled and said: “She will be waiting for me, and I will give her what she needs. She will want to know if you had a good time, and as I describe it to her, she will get really horny, but she knows that she can get me up. Kiss me, baby, and we will take a shower so I can go home.”

We showered, and as we washed each other, we nearly worked ourselves into another fuck session. As I toweled him dry, I was absorbing what I was feeling, knowing that I would relive the moment several times until we could be in bed again. I felt so good, so well fucked, and so content, knowing that I would have him laying on me again. What a man.

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