BRF 01.3: Gus vs. Brett


“All right folks, this next match is a men’s boxing match between two juicy beefcakes. The bout will take place in three minute rounds until a knockout is achieved. The winner will receive a $1000 win bonus as well as the chance to cum in the loser’s face. Now introducing in the red corner, he is 6’1”, 191 lbs, and is a 23 year old member of Sigma Nu. Welcome Brett to the ring!” announced Claire.

The fighter removed his robe revealing his fair, muscular body as he flexed for the crowd. Brett had dirty blonde hair and pretty green eyes that made him seem approachable to those who didn’t know him yet. He was wearing only a pair of short, tight fitting, green boxer briefs that hugged the curves of his ass and his small bulge. Many of the women in the crowd, Claire included, couldn’t help but stare at his large pects, cannonball delts, and well defined abs. Brett stared across the ring, confident he could beat and humiliate his still cloaked opponent.

“Now for the blue corner. He is 5’11”, 194 lbs, and is a 25 year old IT worker. Please welcome Gus to the ring!”

The young, Mexican-American man removed his robe revealing his fit and powerful body. He wasn’t as cut as his opponent but Gus’s wide frame made him look like the stronger of the two. He had hair covering most of his light brown body. He had brown eyes and well-kempt, short brown hair. He was wearing a pair of black briefs that covered his large, muscular glutes and an ample bulge in his crotch. Gus had been lifting weights since middle school with the goal of constantly becoming stronger. After a series of discussions with his gym buddies, a real fight seemed like a good test of strength. He stared passively back at his opponent.

Claire called them to the middle of the ring for a final reminder of the rules and to touch gloves. Brett slammed his gloves down in an attempted show of force but Gus’s gloves held steady. Brett smirked as he returned to his corner and maintained their fierce eye contact. He couldn’t wait to humiliate the big man. To beat him up, bring him to his knees, and explode on his face all put a smile on Brett’s face. Gus sensed Brett’s arrogance and hoped to disrupt it during the fight.


The bell rang to start the first round and the two muscular men came to the center of the ring. Brett clowned his opponent with exaggerated faints while dipping in and out of his range. Gus went for a right hook to catch his cocky opponent but a lightning fast left jab stopped him in his tracks as it landed on his chin. He got his guard up just in time to block a straight right. Stunned by his opponent’s speed and power, Gus cautiously circled and kept his gloves high ready to block.

More feints followed with tokat seks hikayeleri the occasional jab and hook thrown in as well. Gus managed to avoid any damage but definitely wasn’t in control of the fight. As Brett seemed to go for a left uppercut, Gus committed to a straight left. The uppercut was a feint but the left collided with Brett’s cheek, sending him stumbling backwards and opening up a cut. The crowd gazed in awe at the power behind the punch and Brett realized he had to take this a little more seriously.

They engaged once more; Brett threw a left hook to the body as Gus jabbed with his right. Both punches landed with a smack and both fighters held their ground. Brett circled around his opponent cautiously as Gus, feeling the body shot, kept out of range. Brett began throwing testing jabs that bounced harmlessly off his opponent’s gloves. All the while, Gus was backed up against the ropes. The frat boy started to unload on his opponent with combinations. Punches glanced off of Gus’s gloves as he ducked out of the way. Finally, he saw Brett wind up for a big left uppercut and countered quickly with a straight left.

Brett’s head snapped back from the impact and he staggered backwards. Gus rushed in to capitalize on the moment but Brett cracked him across the chin with a right hook. Dazed and wary of each other, they clinched in the center of the ring. They grunted as their strong bodies pressed together and the two struggled for dominant position. Both fighters threw small punches to the body in the clinch but they were more focused on pushing against each other. Gus had the upper hand and pressed Brett against the ropes. He broke from the clinch as he threw a right hook that turned Brett’s head and sent him to the mat.

Claire started the count and Brett quickly stirred. 1….2….3…. Brett was back on his feet ready to fight. He approached Gus but stayed right out of his range as he threw a combination of jab, straight left, right hook. The jab bounced meaninglessly off his guard but the left broke through and the right hook landed hard. Gus wobbled but stayed on his feet. He threw a wild haymaker to force Brett backwards. Brett walked forward with his guard up but a straight left from Gus broke though and made him think twice. The bell ended the round and the two fighters returned to their corners.

Brett sipped at some water and wiped away the blood from his cheek. The round had not looked good for him despite doing some damage to Gus. His opponent had brutish strength but little technique. Brett also had a slight range advantage. With the proper strategy, he could still be in this fight. Gus was pleased with how the round had gone for him. He had been able to manhandle Brett in the ring and had gotten a knockdown. He held his head high and flexed for the crowd in a show of confidence. A finish would surely come in the next round.


Gus confidently marched from his corner for the beginning of the second round. Brett stood to meet him and immediately started firing off jabs. His opponent pressed through them taking little damage and Brett found strong arms wrapped around him in a clinch. Gus forced Brett to carry his weight as the two sweaty men once again tested their strength. Short body shots landed on each fighter as they grunted and grinded against each other. Brett could feel Gus’s cock engorging against his body. He was forcefully walked backwards against the ropes.

Gus loosened his grip and went for the same right hook that had been successful last round. Learning from his mistakes, Brett ducked out of the way and cracked his opponent across the chin with a counter left. He circled away and the two fighters stayed out of each other’s range for the next twenty seconds. Intense eye contact was maintained during the break in the action. Sensing the crowd might think less of him for evading, Brett initiated combat. He stepped forward, feinted a left, and threw a right uppercut. Gus was fooled by the feint and the uppercut connected hard with his body.

As he bent over in pain, a left hook landed clean and sent him stumbling into the ropes. Brett confidently went forward with a right haymaker, thinking he could end the fight right here. Gus stumbled out of the way in time. Brett went into the ropes and a left immediately caused his head to turn. Blood and sweat flew into the air as the punch connected and Brett crumpled to the floor. 1….2….3….4….5…. Brett finally began to shift on the floor. 6….7…. He grasped at the ropes and began to pull himself upwards. 8….9…. Brett was back on his feet! Neither fighter looked steady as they raised their gloves and met once again.

Brett went for a jab but Gus clinched. This entanglement was short lived as he threw Brett to the ground. It was ruled a slip but it still took him several seconds to return to his feet. Humiliated, Brett was determined to make the stronger man pay. Brett feinted the same jab he had been throwing and Gus went for another clinch. This time Brett lowered himself and delivered an uppercut to the crotch. The punch connected both with his dick and balls as Gus stumbled backwards into a corner in pain.

A sick grin came across Brett’s face and this time he faked the uppercut and went for a straight right. Now overprotective of his balls, Gus’s undefended head snapped back as the punch connected. He appeared to be out on his feet but his opponent wasn’t finished with him. Brett continued with a barrage of punches with a mixture of head, body, and crotch shots. Each landed with a respective thud or squish and Gus stood there completely defenseless. A small bulge formed in Brett’s green boxers as he continued the onslaught. The bell rang and the round mercifully ended.

Brett returned to his corner now somewhat steady on his feet. His opponent had been absolutely dominated at the end of the last round. Brett reached a gloved hand below his legs and stroked it against his now hard cock. He would punish Gus some more this round, knock him out, and then explode all over his face. Gus spent the round dazed in the same corner he had received his beatdown. He sat on his ass, tried to drink some water but ended up pouring most of it onto himself. The minute passed quickly for him and it was time for the next round.


Gus slowly stood to his feet as the third round began. As soon as he was up, Brett was in front of him and threw another devastating crotch shot. Feeling his already mangled junk be violently compressed again, Gus collapsed to the mat. 1….2….3…. Gus was breathing heavily but still flat on his face. 4….5….6….7…. He rolled over onto his back. 8….9…. Gus was done. It was clear he had no intention of getting up just to be beaten up more. 10! “The winner by unconventional knockout is Brett!” announced Claire. Brett was disappointed that the fight was already over but smiled and flexed for the crowd anyways.

Gus took some time to recover as his opponent celebrated across the ring. Eventually, he dutifully left his corner and knelt down in the center of the ring. Brett ignored him for some time. He continued showboating for the audience and even flirted with a few. He seductively began removing his briefs, pulling them down his muscular legs. He revealed a crotch that had been trimmed bare and his hard, 4 inch dick. He stroked his hair with one hand as he stroked his cock with the other. He bit his lip to suppress a moan and walked over to where Gus was kneeling. “Cradle my balls.” dictated Brett and Gus submissively did so. As his balls were tenderly held and jiggled, Brett felt himself coming closer to orgasm. He accelerated his strokes and said, “Kiss it, big boy.”

Gus leaned in and gave the wet cock a sloppy kiss on the head. He hated the swelling cock dangling before him but was too proud to violate the rules. The big man was the perfect sub as he knelt patiently for the conclusion of his humiliation. A few seconds later, Brett’s body twitched and semen globbed onto Gus’s forehead. Brett flexed once more and promptly left the ring victorious. His junk flopped around as he went between the ropes. Gus stood up, cum oozing down his face, and followed after a humiliating defeat. Brett had been the stronger man tonight.

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