Breast, Butter and Jam


It wasn’t a pleasant experience watching Deepak drag his feet from the kitchen. Lakshmi was quick to get over her outrage once she watched her son climbing up the stairs with a look of disappointment written large on his face.

“How come Priti’s breasts have grown so big after marriage?”

Lakshmi shuddered as she recalled her son’s innocent query just a few moments ago. Her initial reaction to her son’s question was of utmost contempt and disdain. She obviously couldn’t digest such an awkward question from her son who in fact was referring to his own elder sister.

“How dare you talk to me like this? Get out of here at once,” She had screamed in disgust unable to gauge the undertone of curiosity in her son’s query. Her mind at once started imagining her son wondering at the size of her daughter who got married six months ago. Her eyes instantly scanned to check if she had inadvertently revealed her sagging breasts during her son’s brief stay in the kitchen. She discovered to her utter shock that her sari had gone astray long ago thereby presenting most of her breasts to Deepak’s view. She remembered her son’s eyes straying on her chest which she had ignored unsuspicious of whatever intend he had. Her hands hurriedly slid the sari enough to cover her blouse and her ageing breasts underneath.

Deepak, at 18 years was too young to think about sex; at least that is what Lakshmi always believed. He had managed to be away from the vices of a typical teenager and was more serious about academics than anything else. His recent fascination for transcendental meditation and yoga meant that he wasn’t the guy who would tread into dangerous territories. It should have been an extraordinary provocation that might have prompted him to ask such an embarrassing question. More importantly, he had the audacity to peek at his mom’s breasts which was a matter of grave concern for his mother.

Priti entered into the kitchen and her eyebrows raised seeing Lakshmi looking somewhat perplexed.

“What happened mom?” She queried. Lakshmi felt terribly delicate to disclose what her son had asked her. She knew that by disclosing her son’s curiosity, the relationship between the siblings might be put to some strain. However, she feared that by not disclosing her son’s new found curiosity, she might be encouraging him to continue his erotic quest about his sister.

“He was trying to be silly,” Lakshmi replied after a momentary silence. “I had to scream at him.”

“I am not getting that,” Priti shook her head. “Tell me what exactly happened.”

Lakshmi sighed realizing that she had to tell her daughter about something a mother would never like to do.

“He was asking me; about the size of your breasts,” Lakshmi managed to complete the sentence with enormous hesitation.


The kitchen was filled with a deadly silence for a few moments which eventually broke after Priti began giggling uncontrollably. Lakshmi began wondering as to why her daughter was laughing so loud instead of fuming in anger after hearing to her brother’s antecedent.

“What did you say?” Priti gasped as she spoke amidst laughter.

“What else? I just asked him to get out of here,” Lakshmi retorted.

“Poor guy!” Priti resumed laughing.

“Now, what is so funny about all this?” Lakshmi intervened with anger.

Priti understood that her mother wasn’t amused about the whole thing and stopped laughing at once. She couldn’t feel pity for her brother who couldn’t resist his temptations. She easily realized that her brother was one among the desperate lot who never had any source to solve the mysteries surrounding sex.

“Don’t be so rude to him,” Priti tried to reason with her mother. “He is just eighteen and seems like having a few questions to be answered. I was married at eighteen years and I have no questions about anything now.”

“That sounds so stupid,” Lakshmi fumed again. “Whatever be it, it was absolutely improper to have asked such a question to me. I am his mother.”

“There lays the problem,” Priti was quick to cut his mother short. “He feels that he doesn’t have anyone to whom he can address the question. If I were in your shoes, I would be more than willing to help him out. After all, there is nothing wrong in giving some counseling about sex.”

“Disgusting,” Lakshmi’s hands reached her ears as though she wasn’t interested in listening to what her daughter had said. Fulya Escort “I never thought that my children might be so desperate to know about sex.”

“Relax Mom,” Priti said with a smile. “Be prepared to face the facts. I am sure he might be having some fantasies about me. I need to look out if he is staring at me from now on.”

“For that reason, I don’t think he has spared me either,” Lakshmi said mockingly. “He did look at my breasts as well.”

“That is interesting,” Priti winked at her mother. “I am convinced we can help him together.”

“How?” Lakshmi queried in a surprisingly mellowed tone.

“Come with me,” Priti said and began walking towards the stairs. Lakshmi stood unmoved for a while before hesitantly following her daughter up the stairs and inside her son’s room.

Deepak looked absolutely puzzled seeing Lakshmi and Priti walking into his room. He cursed himself for keeping the door open enabling his sister and mother getting there.

“Yes Mr. Deepak,” Priti walked briskly and settled on the edge of the couch. “I heard you have some queries.”

“Dirty queries,” Lakshmi quipped from the door side.

“Come on Mom,” Priti turned back and gently admonished her mother. “Let him speak.”

“I am sorry Priti,” Deepak spoke apologetically. “I never knew that I shouldn’t be asking such questions to mom.”

“Don’t feel sorry,” Priti inched a few inches further and her right hand rested on her brother’s shoulders. “You didn’t ask anything wrong.”

“I don’t understand what is going on here,” Lakshmi almost screamed. “Why are you trying to pacify? I am going to tell your Dad about all this when he returns.”

“You are just impossible, mom,” Priti snarled again. “He never did anything wrong anyway. I want you to keep shut and never tell anything to Dad.”

“Ok. I better leave now,” Lakshmi sounded as though she had ran out of her patience and began walking out of the room.

“Stop now,” Priti shouted. “I want you to close the door and come right here.”

Deepak was sitting and watching his sister and mother like a scapegoat as they spoke. His spine froze in fear listening to his mother as he knew that his Dad wasn’t the kindest human being on the earth. Lakshmi sheepishly locked the door and came around the couch to settle on the other side without saying anything.

“I want to help my brother,” Priti spoke authoritatively. “Just let me do that.”

“Ok, tell him the answer,” Lakshmi said mockingly. “He wants to know how your breasts have grown bigger.”

“Why not?” Priti said with a broad smile. “I don’t mind even showing him the size.”

“Let’s stop it here,” Deepak spoke visibly embarrassed. “I don’t want to hurt mom anymore.”

“Deepak!” Priti silenced her brother at once. “You are not hurting anyone. But be frank with me. What is it bothering you? You just want to know why my breasts are big or you want to see them?”

“I don’t think he would mind seeing them,” Lakshmi wasn’t stopping being sarcastic. “He wasn’t even afraid staring at my breasts.”

Deepak’s head went down again. Priti’s eyes stared at her mother with glowing anger.

“There is a hint of pride in your statement,” Priti said forcing a smile. “I somehow feel you are excited a bit about your son staring at your breasts.”

“Stop it!” Lakshmi yelled.

“Deepak,” Priti turned to her brother and queried. “You like watching mom’s breasts?”

“Yes, I do,” Deepak admitted without lifting his head. “They look somewhat loose; but I still love to watch them.”

“That’s good,” Priti smiled and turned to her mother. “Show your breasts to him.”

“Never,” Lakshmi stood up like a spring and tried walking towards the door. Priti’s arms stretched and pulled her mother by the loose end of her sari letting Lakshmi stumble for a while. Deepak looked up and his eyes grew seeing his mother presenting her full breasts under the blouse cover.

“Priti, what do you think you are doing?” Lakshmi screamed yet again although she couldn’t resist a gentle thrill getting into her.

“Deepak, take mom,” Priti instructed and watched her brother oblige her at once. He jumped from the couch and pounced on his mother like a tiger. Within seconds, Lakshmi found herself on the couch with her son’s body pressing hard against hers. His hands hurriedly reached to Lakshmi’s saggy tits and began kneading them with animated lust.

“Are Fulya Escort Bayan they soft for you?” Priti questioned as she watched her brother squeezing his mother harder and harder.

“It isn’t proper; don’t do it,” Lakshmi whimpered although she wasn’t going all out in resisting her lusty son. He felt like flying through the clouds as his palms felt the hardening nipples of his mother which kept growing through the fabric of her bra and blouse.

“Take of your blouse mom,” Priti suggested with a naughty smile. “He might tear it off.”

Deepak revealed his impatience by clutching his mother’s blouse by the wrists and pulled it off sending the hooks flying all over. Lakshmi looked stunned seeing her strong son pushing her blouse underneath her armpits and closed her eyes seeing his mouth reaching on her bra cones. She realized that her instincts were taking over her body as her son’s mouth began moistening her bra with lust. She was in for a further shock as she watched Priti stripping herself. Deepak stopped for a brief moment and looked at the direction where his mother was looking. His tongue popped out like reflex action seeing his sister undressing in haste.

“Don’t waste time,” Priti shouted as she pulled down her panties through her legs. Deepak’s eyes lit up seeing his sister’s firm huge breasts swing as she bent forward while getting rid of her panties.

“Deepak, it is she who is ready,” Lakshmi pleaded with her son. “Have a go at her first.”

Deepak was caught in some confusion. He wasn’t willing to forgo the feel of his mother underneath his body. His dick had hardened amazingly underneath his brief and the very feel of his bulge pressing against his mother’s crotch was driving him crazy. However, his eyes weren’t moving from his sister’s young breasts which looked inviting him to get squeezed.

“I am too old for you,” Lakshmi pleaded. “Look at my breasts; they are sagging. Your Dad has been going on a rampage at them for almost twenty years now. You deserve better. Take your sister.”

Deepak watched his mother’s fingers which pointed towards her really sagging tits underneath her lacey bra. His eyes froze at the spot where her nipples were thrusting against the fabric and getting an inch closer he licked his lips in excitement seeing the brown circle through the bra. He made up his mind to have a go at his mother first. He struggled in vain to unclasp the bra hooks and after a few futile attempts, he gripped the straps on either side to pull them off.

“Nooo! It hurts,” Lakshmi yelled out feeling the strain of the elastic on her flesh. “I will take it off for you.”

Deepak watched his mother unsnapping the bra hook. He smiled seeing the bra still resting on her saggy breasts although the hooks were off. He eventually pushed the bra sideways and cupped her naked breasts very hard.

“Squeeze them,” Priti shouted at Deepak. “Squeeze them so hard to let mom writhe in pain.”

Deepak grew in excitement listening to the encouragement from his sister and began kneading his mother’s breasts very hard. Surprisingly, she kept moaning in pleasure all the time showing no signs of discomfort.

“It never hurts,” Lakshmi winked at her son. “I am used to this; your Dad does even harder.”

“Priti,” Deepak turned to her sister somewhat disappointed. “What do I do?”

“I will tell you,” Lakshmi said laughingly. “If you are half as hard with your sister, she will scream to death.”

Deepak launched onto his sister and brought her down on the bed. Lakshmi stood up with a smile and began unwinding her sari. Her son was now mounting on her daughter and his hands were really holding her young breasts with more strength and lust.

“Deepak my brother,” Priti squirmed unable to cope up with his strength. “Don’t do it so hard.”

“Suck your sister,” Lakshmi suggested laughingly who now stood naked to the hilt. Deepak’s mouth devoured his sister’s young breasts one by one and he closed his eyes in enjoyment. His tongue traced around the circle of her areola and licked all around her throbbing nipples.

Lakshmi’s hand reached between her son and daughter and found Deepak’s zipper. He shook in a pleasure shock feeling his mother’s hands brushing his bulge before he realized that she was actually pulling down his garment. Priti groaned feeling his hairy thighs brushing against her silky skin. She flexed herself Escort Fulya letting her legs wrap around her brother’s waist and pulled his body closer to hers.

“Oh mom, he is really huge,” Priti screamed as she felt the tip of his meat brushing her pussy lips.

“Is it? Let me see,” Lakshmi pushed her son off her daughter and exclaimed aloud to see his monster dick standing erect like a missile.

“Let me make it easier for you,” Lakshmi said with a mischievous smile. “Deepak, hold your sister tight and don’t let her budge even an inch.”

Both Priti and Deepak looked at Lakshmi as she crawled on to the bed and got right in between her daughter’s legs. She looked up and smiled at her children whose eyes were overflowing with curiosity.

“Are you going to……….?” Priti couldn’t complete the sentence as she felt her mother’s warm lips land on her pussy. Deepak couldn’t believe what he witnessed as he felt his sister’s body shudder the moment his mother descended on to his sister’s pussy. Lakshmi began motioning her head on Priti’s pussy and soon she kept tilting her head either side letting her lips and tongue to lash at her daughter’s womanhood.

“Oh Yes, mom,” Priti squealed and arched her body letting Deepak struggle to hold her in a tight leash. “Suck my breasts you bastard. Don’t sit idle on the couch.”

Deepak wasn’t allowed to respond as Priti held his head firmly and pulled it on her breasts. Deepak’s mouth opened to let his sister’s breasts get inside and began suckling the nipples yet again. While he sucked a breast, his right hand reached to the other breast squeezing it really hard. She was thrusting her waists up and down keeping in pace with her mother’s sucking and kept screaming in joy all the way.

“It is ready for you now,” Lakshmi looked up with her lips glowing in Priti’s precum. “Go ahead and fuck your sister.”

Priti gave a very intense look at her eager brother who got in between her legs. She stealthily smiled at her mother who kept watching the erotic adventure of her children. The sister was aware that her brother was a beginner in sex and hence she gently grasped his long dick and began leading it towards her moist pussy lips.

“Deepak, Start at once,” Lakshmi instructed from behind.

Deepak got on to his knees while his understanding sister let her legs wrap around his waist yet again. Deepak took a hard breathe before placing his hardened penis against her pussy lips. He leaned down in an instinct and their lips pressed against each other. His face moved downwards letting his lips stroke her cheeks and neck before they rested on her nipples for the umpteenth time.

“Oh brother,” Priti moaned again. She felt as though her breasts kept growing bigger ever since having her brother’s mouth for the first time. Lakshmi began stroking her pussy as she watched her son teasing her daughter. Priti heaved hard as she felt her brother’s rock hard dick pressing hard against her entrance. Her clit was soaked with precum after mother licked there making it easy for his huge member to enter her.

The siblings shook in pleasure feeling the sensation as he drove his dick inside her. Deepak’s dick dived smoothly inside her lubricated pussy till it hit her bottom. The inexperienced brother closed his eyes, held his breathe and enjoyed the feel of her silky vagina. He soon began fucking her. Lakshmi took a few steps backwards to watch their positions and smiled in satisfaction.

“Fuck me and do what my husband can never do,” Priti spoke feverishly. “Make me pregnant.”

That was enough clue for Deepak as he began humping his sister in a delirious pace. Lakshmi watched her son showing his lack of expertise and smiled seeing him go very hard at his sister. She was convinced that he needed a few sessions to prune himself before becoming an expert fucker like his father. She kept enjoying her daughter writhing under the tremendous thuds of her brother and her hands began rubbing her own clit.

“Why so soon?” Deepak muttered as he found himself wanting unable to hold his dick explode inside his sister’s pussy. He was amazed to feel his dick immersed in fluid inside his sister’s cunt and tried hard to pump her until his dick relented shortly after the explosion.

“It is not bad for a first timer,” Lakshmi tried to console her son seeing the disappointment on his face.

“Not at all,” Priti groaned. “I am sure he will get better soon.”

“That’s right,” Lakshmi said with a smile. “You better get up and go to the kitchen. I have some tips to tell my son.”

Preeti crawled out of the bed giving way for her mother who looked like resuming from where her daughter had left.

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