Body Heat Surprise


I could feel my fever growing as I lay down on my couch to rest. I had been sick all day at work and was glad to finally be home finding my couch a perfect spot to lie down and watch TV. I figured my sister would be home from work soon and would know what to do with me as she was a nurse for many years now. We shared an apartment in the city together to save some money and this arrangement seemed to be working out pretty good for both of us. She was out with her girlfriend Anne but I knew she would be home soon and would take care of me so I closed my eyes for a minute to rest. I must have slept for a couple hours as I woke up to find Anne sitting next to me with a thermometer in my mouth. Her soft hand stroked my forehead as she read the thermometer and confirmed I had a bad fever. I reached out for her hand and asked her where my sister was. She had to work late Anne told me, but not to worry, she would take good care of me until she got home. I remember that smile she gave me as she placed my hand in hers and told me she’d be right back.

Anne returned a few minutes later with ice water and a couple of pills for me to take. Her hands helping my head rise up as I swallowed the pills and slid the ice cold water down my throat. Anne’s small hands unbuttoned my shirt turning me to one side then the next to pull it off. She kissed my chest a few times and laughed when she told me how hot my body felt beneath your lips. I could feel her unzipping my jeans so I raised my hips for her and watched her pull them down my legs. My jeans sliding down pulling my boxers down with them giving her a surprise as my cock slipped out right in front of her as my pants slid down.

I was feeling too sick to care that I was laying there naked in front of Anne even though she was my own sister’s girlfriend. I raised my leg up kicking my jeans off to the floor watching her stare at my cock laying down my thigh. She left me again lying naked like this only to return with a thin blanket to cover me with. As I pulled the blanket up over my chest I felt her hands slide between my legs and cup my balls. Again she told me how hot my body was as I felt her fingers slowly massage my balls. Their so big she told me as she pulled the blanket down to take another look. I was surprised at myself now as I wasn’t even embarrassed and even spread my legs for her to take a better look.

I thought you didn’t like cocks I said to her half out of it. I don’t she said, taking my cock in her hands, but yours is so hot it feels good to touch it. I’m glad you like it I told her laying my head back on the couch closing my eyes. Now let me go to sleep I told her pulling the blanket back up over my chest. I could hear Anne laughing again as she squeezed my cock one more time before letting go and walking away. Holler at me if you need anything she said right before I past out asleep.

I drifted in and out of sleep for who knows how long. I could hear the TV playing almanbahis adres one time then the next the stereo blasting back in the bedroom. I tried to get up once but just fell back down on the couch dizzy as soon as I stood. I tried to call for Anne or my sister, but nobody came so I fell back asleep.

I felt myself slowly waking up again with this sensation that someone was watching me. I tried to open my eyes but I was still so asleep I wasn’t sure if I was awake or dreaming. I felt someone’s soft fingers sliding around my cock slowly pulling on it. Cold smooth fingers sliding up and down my shaft bring my mind out of the subconscious state I was in. I could feel my cock getting harder each second but still just lay there waiting to wake up. I felt one hand holding my cock as a cool breeze made it’s way up my legs as the blanket as being pulled off of me. I slowly opened my eyes and started to sit up and found Anne kneeling down on the floor in front of me. Shhhhh, she told me. Go back to sleep. You need to rest she said as she gently pushed me back down. I couldn’t argue with her and just lay there feeling half awake and half dead with one leg on the couch and the other on the floor knowing my cock was just out there hard for her to see.

I could feel Anne stoking my cock again but didn’t care at this point. I was so sick now and besides, it felt great having this beautiful blond lesbian stroking my cock. I could hear her voice every now and then telling me how good my big hard cock felt in her hand. So hot she kept saying to herself. I slowly woke up again a few minutes later only to find her face between my legs sucking my cock. I wondered how long she had been sucking my cock before I woke up. I could feel her hot lips sliding up and down my cock and it felt so damn good. She was definitely experienced sucking dick even though she was lesbian I thought to myself as I watched her lips slide down further and further down my cock taking it almost all in her mouth.

She looked at me with a surprised look on her face thinking I was still passed out. I smiled as her eyes caught mine and she didn’t even stop sliding her mouth up and down. I could feel myself getting dizzy again so I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to pass out again and miss any of this I thought. I felt her lips sliding off my cock and her fingers again playing with my balls slowly. I must have passed out again as I woke up a minute later to find I was alone on the couch. I was beginning to think I was going crazy and just imagined the whole thing. I must have been dreaming I thought and soon fell back asleep.

I drifted in and out like this the rest of the evening and my sister never came home. Anne woke me up once and had me take more pills and drink more water. I asked her if I had been asleep the whole time and said yes, that I had been completely out of it and she had been in the shower. Her hair was wet and almanbahis adresi she’d changed clothes so I figured I was dreaming it all and went back to sleep on the couch with Anne sitting at the end of the couch by my feet.

Again I awoke to find someone between my legs sucking my cock. I felt my cock rock hard again and as I opened my eyes and looked down I saw her sitting on top of me. There was Anne completely naked with her ass on my chest rocking up and down as she sucked my cock. Her little fingers sliding in and out her tight little pink pussy right in front of my face. I didn’t dare move and let her know I was awake and just sat there and watched her play with her wet pussy. It didn’t take long before I had to taste her juices and couldn’t resist it anymore. I slowly moved my lips toward her pussy and as she rubbed her clit faster and faster I let my tongue slide between her pink wet lips. My hands slid up over her shoulders and held her down on my cock as my tongue slid between her wet lips tasting her so wet for me.

Her pussy was so perfect I thought to myself. Perfectly shaved and smooth on top of my lips. I felt intoxicated almost from her scent and taste as my tongue began to fuck her little pussy. She had been playing with her pussy all evening long and sucking my cock off and on all night as well so her pussy was drenched now and my lips were loving her taste. My tongue was licking her faster and faster wanting every drop of her wetness in my mouth. She sat up on top of me pressing her pussy down on my face harder rocking back and forth. I could hardly breathe now with her ass over me like that smothering my mouth with her wet pussy. My hands reached up finding her large breasts waiting for me. Her nipples were hard between my fingers as I squeezed them harder and harder.

Your cock is so hot in my mouth she kept telling me. I wonder she said as she pulled her ass off of me letting me finally catch my breath. She turned her body around over me spreading her legs around me slowly bring her ass down over my cock. I wonder how hot it would feel inside me she said whispering almost as she held my cock in one hand and guided me between her tight wet lips. I could see my thick hard cock spreading her pink wet lips as she slid me in slowly. Her blue eyes closing as she pressed her ass down on me taking me all in. Her pussy felt so tight wrapped around my cock and so hot. I don’t know it was so hot from my cock or her pussy but it felt so good being inside her like that. She held me inside her pussy as she leaned down over my chest laying her naked body down on mine.

Her body felt so hot on top of me as I wrapped my arm around her naked body. My fingers sliding down her back finding that little spot I love so much…that spot right above her ass …that arch…my fingers slowly sliding up and down between her ass and her back as she slowly moved her ass up and down on my cock. My cock felt bigger and almanbahis adres harder than normal inside her and I wondered if it was because of the fever. She held on to me as she began fucking me faster…her grip on my shoulders getting tighter as she looked at me smiling. She kissed my hot lips a few times before sliding her wet tongue between my lips letting me play with her lips. I lay there in disbelief kissing her perfect lips and playing with her tongue in her mouth letting her pussy squeeze my cock tighter as she fucked me faster and harder. My hands grabbing her ass pulling her down on me harder knowing I was about to cum. I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and my head was pounding so hard I didn’t want to move but it felt so good to be inside her. All thoughts of Anne being my sister’s girlfriend had long been completely out of my mind. I grabbed her hair and pulled her down to my face kissing her lips again…whispering in her ear how tight her pussy was….asking her if I could cum inside her wet tight pussy. She squeezed my cock again as if on queue and began fucking me faster and harder smiling at me the whole time. Her right hand down on my chest as her left hand slid between her legs rubbing her clit. She was moaning louder than I was now and I was enjoying how great she looked on top of me riding me like this. Her big tits bouncing as my cock slid in and out faster and harder. Her fingers were working so feverishly on her pussy ready to cum with me. My cock throbbing so hard inside her ready to fill her with my cum but wanting to wait for her…wanting her to cum first for me…finally feeling what had been waiting for…hearing it in her voice and as she squeezed her pussy and lay back down on top of me almost screaming out my name I could feel my cock cumming inside her. Still thrusting my cock deep inside her as her wet lips squeezed every drop.

Our movements slowing down as we both tried to catch our breath. She lay there on top of me for a while longer letting my cock grow soft inside her. Smiling as she squeezed my cock out with her pussy. She kissed me so soft and gentle as I had seen her do many times with my sister. The fact that I just ate my sister’s girlfriend’s pussy hitting me leaving me almost shocked. Anne kissed me again telling me not to worry…standing up in front of me letting me watch her slowly get dressed. She reached out to me to grab me and help me up leading me to the shower. Turning the hot shower on for me she pushed me in. Here, she said, a hot shower will make you feel better. Your sister will be home soon.

I stood there for what seemed like hour until I heard my sister’s voice outside the door. I turned the water off and dried off. Walking down the hall to my bedroom wearing only towel I passed them both in the kitchen. As I stopped moving as my sister was coming over to me and asked how I was feeling, Anne was telling her how she had taken such good care of me today and she was sure I was feeling pretty good now. But since you worked so much today, Anne said, I can stay the night and take care of him for you. Whatever he needs tonight I’ll give him so you can just sleep Anne said to my sister winking her eye at me.

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