Bobby , Mrs. Clark Ch. 02


It was the day after my first experience as a submissive to Mrs. Clark and I couldn’t keep my mind on any of my classes. Fortunately none of the classes I had that day were very demanding. I was sitting in my last class of the day, Film Appreciation and we were watching Star Wars. Like most people I have seen the movie about a hundred times so I could afford to let my mind wander even though we were supposed to watching it from the aspect of how it changed film making. I couldn’t help but think about what had done with Mrs. Clark the day before, how she had introduced me to the world of BDSM, and also how she had taken my virginity. I didn’t think she knew that though. I was also thinking about how when we finished she told me to get a lot of rest for today because I would need it for what she had planned. Those words both thrilled me and scared me.

When I glanced around the room I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was too preoccupied with my own thoughts to watch the movie, Julie Moore looked like she was a thousand miles away. I have always thought she was one of the hottest girls on campus and I wasn’t alone. The only problem was that she never gave any of the guys the time of day. We all figured she was either a real bitch or a lezzie. Regardless, though, she was definitely hot as hell. She was 18 or 19 years old and about five foot seven. She had a slender body, I’d guess she weighed something like a hundred forty pounds or so. Her breasts were nice too, very firm and medium sized, I’d guess a C cup at least. To top it all off, her skin was lightly tanned with a smattering of freckles. Another thing about her that all the guys liked was that she always dressed sexy. Usually, she wore tight jeans or shorts with a halter or a top that showed off her cleavage. This time she was wearing a pair of blue jeans that were so tight they gave her a camel toe, and a white halter top that showed off her navel piercing and it was also thin enough that you could see that she had both of her nipples pierced.

Before I knew it, the credits were rolling and the teacher was giving us our homework, a two page essay on how the making of Star Wars changed the way movies were made to be handed in on Friday.

As we were leaving the room, someone bumped into Julie and she dropped her books on the floor. I was walking buy, so I stopped to help her.

“Thanks.” She said with a smile as I handed her a few of her books and we stood up.

“No problem.” I said and returned her smile.

We walked together to the parking lot neither of us saying much as we walked.

“Bye, see you on Wednesday.” I said as I headed over to my car.

“Bye, thanks again for your help.” Julie said as she walked over to a red Honda motorcycle.

I was a bit surprised to see her attach her bag to the gas tank and then pull on a helmet. As she started the bike and revved the engine a couple of times I called out, “Nice bike!”

She waved her thanks and then started to maneuver her bike out of the parking space. Once she got out Julie gunned the throttle and rode past me and out of the parking lot. As she went past me, I saw 600RR on the back of the bike just under the seat. Something about it seemed familiar, but I dismissed it as I walked the rest of the way to my car I heard the high pitched whine of Julie’s motorcycle fade down the street. I climbed into my own Honda Civic and headed home for a quick shower and a bite to eat before going next door to Mrs. Clark’s house.

As promised, I was at Mrs. Clark’s house at twelve thirty. I rang the doorbell at her back door and she let me in. She was wearing a black leather corset, with a matching black leather thong, and a pair of black leather boots that were thigh high and had spiked heels. Her red hair was also pulled back in a severe ponytail.

“Bobby. I do love when a sub is on time. Now get out of those clothes and meet me down stairs in the playroom.” She said

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied and began stripping as she left me and went down to the playroom.

As I walked down the stairs, I heard Mrs. Clark talking to someone and the distinctive slapping sound of leather on skin. I suddenly became self conscious about being naked in front of someone I didn’t know. I knew if I didn’t do as she told me Mrs. Clark would be unhappy with me and I’d be punished, so I took a deep breath and finished walking down the stairs and what I saw as I turned and gasped in surprise.

Mrs. Clark had a sexy redhead strapped onto a piece of bondage furniture I had learned was called a kneeler, it forced her to kneel with her legs spread and bound to the sides, and her arms out in from of her and bound to the front corners of the kneeler and her head was hanging down. When she heard me gasp, the redhead picked up her head to see who had come into the playroom and my jaw dropped, as I saw that the person Mrs. Clark had strapped to the kneeler was Julie. That’s when I realized why Julie’s bike seemed familiar, I had seen it driving down are street a bunch of İstanbul Escort times.

Both of our faces went bright red in embarrassment as we recognized each other.

“Your collar and cuffs are in the cabinet over here.” Mrs. Clark said as she pointed to one of the cabinets behind her with a black leather slapper she held in her right hand.

As I walked past Mrs. Clark and Julie, I noticed that Julie had on not only a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, but she also had on thigh cuffs, a wide leather belt around her waist and a leather cupless bra that was attached to the collar around her neck. I quickly took out my own collar and cuffs and put them on when I turned around to walk over and stand in front of the kneeler I was surprised to see that Julie had both of her outer labia pierced with rings. Attached to the rings were thin chains and they were wrapped around her legs in such away that they held her pussy wide open. Julie’s pussy was a bright pick, and it was so wet it was literally dripping with her juices. I walked to a spot a few feet in front of the kneeler and got to my knees on the floor, clasped my left hand in my right behind my back, bowed my head and waited for Mrs. Clark to give me a command.

Mrs. Clark continued slapping Julie’s ass with her slapper for several minutes before she stopped and addressed me again.

“So Bobby, what do you think of my other sub slut Julie here? She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Mrs. Clark asked.

“Oh yes Ma’am. Very beautiful Ma’am.” I said eagerly and truthfully.

Julie’s face turned an even brighter shade of red at my words.

“She’s such a wonderful sub slut. She’ll do anything I ask her to.” She said to me. And then, to Julie, she asked, “Won’t you my pet?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Julie said softly.

Mrs. Clark smiled and said, “Bobby come stand over here in front of Julie so she can suck that wonderful cock of yours.”

I was surprised, but very happy to receive that command. I stood up and walked the few feet to stand right in front of Julie’s face. Julie moved her head so that she could get my cock in her mouth and sucked it into her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhh.” I moaned in pleasure as Julie’s tongue performed it’s magic on my cock. I was totally hard in a microsecond. Julie worked her head back and forth in short bobbing strokes on my cock.

My head was back and my eyes were closed as I enjoyed Julie’s talented mouth. I could hear her sucking and slurping all over my cock as she continued to suck on it.

“That’s enough for now.” Mrs. Clark said, and Julie pulled her head back and left me cock fall from her mouth and bob up and down in front of her face.

“Bobby, come back here.” Mrs. Clark said.

“Yes Ma’am.” I said as I walked around the kneeler to stand behind and slightly to the side of Mrs. Clark.

Mrs. Clark quickly and professionally unhooked Julie’s cuffs from the kneeler and had her roll over on her back before she reattached the cuffs. Now Julie’s ankles were attached to the legs of the kneeler, her thigh cuffs were attached to the front corners of the kneeler so that her pussy was right at the edge, and her wrist cuffs were now attached to the middle set of legs so that her hands were almost touching the floor.

Mrs. Clark came behind me and clipped my wrist cuffs together behind my back. “Bobby, I want you to get on your knees, crawl between Julie’s legs and eat her pussy until I tell you to stop. I want to hear her begging me to tell you to stop.” She told me.

“Yes Ma’am.” I said as I dropped back to my knees and shuffled forward.

I looked greedily at Julie’s gorgeous pussy held open before me by those thin chains attached to her piercings. There was a finger thin strip of bright red hair above her pussy about three or four inches long. I also saw for the first time that Julie’s Clit hood was pierced vertically with a barbell style piercing, I smiled when I saw the capture bead at one end said “SLUT” in red letters over a black background. When I was close enough, I bent over and dove face forward into her pussy. Unlike Mrs. Clark’s pussy, Julie’s had no bitter taste at all. She tasted so good I can’t even begin to describe it. I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could get it and licked, and licked, and licked. I plunged my tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her tight hole with my tongue.

From the second I started, Julie began moaning, “Oh yes, Oh God. That feels so good. Mmmmmmmm.”

I moved up to her clit and flicked it with my tongue.

“AHHHH!” Julie screamed and her muscles strained at her bonds as she tried to arch her back. “OH GOD! OH MISTRESS! CAN I CUM PLEASE?” Julie cried out still straining at her bonds. I could hear the leather creaking and the metal clips and hook clinking as she twisted this way and that.

“No. Not yet.” Mrs. Clark said flatly.

“OH GOD! UGHHHHHH!” Julie moaned in pleasure and frustration as she tried not to cum, while at the same time I was trying as hard as I could to make her cum.

I Anadolu Yakası Escort sucked Julie’s clit engorged clit rapidly in and out of my mouth like it was a piece of hard candy flicking my tongue over it the whole time.


“Not yet.” Mrs. Clark said denying Julie’s release once again.

I turned my head slightly to the side so I could look at Mrs. Clark. She saw the question in my eye. Why won’t you let her cum? Mrs. Clark just winked at me.

I turned my head back between Julie’s legs giving her pussy my full attention once again.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!” Julie scream.

I could feel her clit twitching and throbbing in my mouth as I sucked on it. Julie was writhing on the kneeler now. On one hand, she wanted desperately to cum and cum hard. On the other, she wanted to obey Mrs. Clark.

“Ugghhhhhh” Julie moaned as she bit her bottom lip desperately trying to keep from cumming. She was breathing hard through her nose, almost panting as she strained to keep control. It must have been like trying to stop a tidal wave with your bare hands.

“Ummmmm. Please?” she whimpered.

Mrs. Clark stepped up behind me and grabbed the hair on top of my head roughly with her left hand. “Cum.” was all she said as she roughly yanked my head back and brought the slapper down on Julie’s clit with a loud wet SMACK!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Julie screamed as she released her control and let her orgasm crash into her like a runaway freight train. I was taken totally by surprise as a powerful thick stream of liquid shot out of her pussy and soaked my chest. It felt like someone was spraying me with a garden hose!

“OHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!” Julie screamed moaned and gasped.

When Julie stopped squirting, the entire front of my body was soaked from head to toe in Julie’s cum. At first, I thought she had pissed on me, but when some of it got in my mouth it tasted sweet and I knew it wasn’t piss. Julie’s eyes had rolled into the back of her head, her eyelids twitching as her body trembled and twitched like her nervous system had short circuited. About ten minutes or so later, Julie’s body totally collapsed on the kneeler.

“She’ll be worn out for a while after an orgasm like that.” Mrs. Clark told me. She pulled up on my hair guiding me to my feet. Mrs. Clark grabbed a chain lead from the cabinet and clipped it to the ring on the front of my collar. “On over here.” She said as she pulled lightly on the lead.

I followed her to a padded black leather table about waist high. She unclipped my wrist cuffs freeing my hands and said, “Get on the table and lay on your back.”

I did as I was told and Mrs. Clark clipped my ankle cuffs to the bottom corners of the table, and then did the same with my wrists at the top of the table.

“Did you enjoy eating Julie’s pussy?” She asked.

“Yes Ma’am. Very much Ma’am.” I replied.

“Mmmm, I thought so.” She said absent mindedly as she walked away from me and began picking out various toys from different places on the walls. My cock was straight and stiff like a flagpole between my legs. Precum was leaking freely from the tip of my cock and dripping down to my thighs in long thin clingy strings. Mrs. Clark walked back over the where I was bound to the table carrying several toys. She set the toys down on a small table next to the bigger one that I was on.

“Bobby, before we start I’m going to explain a couple of things to you. The first of those is a safeword and how it’s used. In this playroom, we always use the safeword PIZZA.” She explained. “A safeword is used whenever things become too much for you and you want me or one of my guests who may be dom’ing you to stop. Everyone will always respect your safeword at all times. Anyone who doesn’t is kicked out and never ever allowed to return, period. Saying stop or no will not get anyone to stop, but if you say pizza everything stops right away and you’re released and we’ll make sure you’re ok. Do you understand?”

“Yes Ma’am. I say pizza and everything stops.” I replied.

“Excellent!” She said, happy that I understood. “Are you ready to start today’s session?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied.

“Good. Oh, one more thing. As you saw with Julie, you must ask for permission to cum. if you don’t or you cum before I give you permission you will be punished.” Mrs. Clark explained.

“Yes, Ma’am. I understand.” I told her.

“Good. Most subs have a hard time with this at first, but you’ll learn. They all learn sooner or later.” She said malicious smile.

I felt a spike of fear course through my spine and out in to the rest of my body when I heard those words. Mrs. Clark picked something up off the small table, it looked like a black rubber cord loop with some kind of fastener attached to it. Mrs. Clark slipped the rubber loop over my cock and balls, and then cinched it tight behind my balls.

“That was a cockring. It will not only delay your Üsküdar Escort orgasm, but it will also make you cock a little bigger by constricting the blood flow exiting your cock and causing it to become more engorged then normal.” She said by way of explanation as she moved back to the small table to pick up another item she had placed there. She picked up a pair of wide clips connected to each other by s small piece of chain, and then attached one clap to each of my nipples. “These are nipples clamps. The ones I’m using on you are more for beginners. That’s why they’re so wide. As you progress, I’ll begin using more painful clips on you.” She saw the look of apprehension cross my face and said, “Don’t worry my pet. You’ll come to love these little nasties.”

Next, Mrs. Clark picked up a leather blindfold and fastened it over my head completely blocking off any view I might have had of what was happening to me. “I do so love blindfolds. I find it greatly intensifies the sensation you receive when you can’t see what is happening.” Mrs. Clark said with a touch of delight in her voice.

To prove her point, Mrs. Clark scraped her nails lightly over my thigh and up my chest to my neck. The unexpected sensation caused me to flinch slightly when I first felt it. Mrs. Clark leaned down close to my ear, I could feel the heat of her body on the side of my face and then the moist heat of her breath as she whispered in my ear. “See what I mean?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied in a soft shuddering breath.

She didn’t say anything, but I could almost feel Mrs. Clark’s smile as she stood back up. Much to my surprise and disappointment I Heard Mrs. Clark walk away from me, and then I heard her speaking to Julie.

“And how are you doing over here little one? Have you recovered from your orgasm yet?” Mrs. Clark asked.

“Yes Ma’am. I’m fine thank you man.” I heard Julie reply.

“Good. Are you ready for more?” Mrs. Clark asked.

“Yes Ma’am.” Julie replied eagerly.

“Good.” Mrs. Clark replied.

I couldn’t see anything, but Mrs. Clark released Julie from the kneeler and walked her over to a spot in the playroom right under a heavy duty metal hook attached to the ceiling.

“Stay here and assume the position.” Mrs. Clark ordered.

I pictured Julie getting down on her knees, grasping her left wrist in her right hand and bowing her head like I did when I was given that same command, but that’s not what was happening at all. When Julie was told to assume the position she spread her legs just a little more than shoulder’s width apart, then she laced her hands behind her head with her elbows pointing straight out to the sides while she arched her back slightly and then bowed her head.

This position made Julie’s breasts and ass stick out and left her no way to shield herself from anyone who wanted to look at her body. Mrs. Clark came back to Julie carrying to spreader bars in one hand. One was eighteen inches long and the other was thirty six. And in her other hand Mrs. Clark was carrying a short length of chain.

“Hold your arms out for me.” Mrs. Clark commanded.

Julie did as she was told and Mrs. Clark attached the ends of the smaller spreader bar to Julie’s wrist cuffs. Next she bent down and attached the longer bar to Julie’s ankle cuffs. When she was done Mrs. Clark stood back up and clipped the short length of chain to a ring in the center of the smaller bar, and then attached the other end of the chain to the hook in the ceiling. The chain was just short enough that Julie had to stand on her toes from time to time so she could take some of the strain off her wrists. Mrs. Clark went back to her cabinets again and came back to Julie carrying a couple of weights with clover clamps attached to the by short chains. Mrs. Clark attached the clover clamps to Julie’s outer labia and gently lowered each weight until only the clamp attached to Julie’s labia supported it.

“Ugghhh.” Julie groaned softly as the weights tugged on her pussy lips, stretching and pulling them away from her body.

Anyone who has ever had a clover clamp attached to them knows that the harder you pull on them, or the more weight attached to them the tighter they get. The weights attached to Julie’s pussy lips weighed about a pound each.

After a quick check to make sure Julie was ok, Mrs. Clark retrieved another item from her cabinet. When she came back, Mrs. Clark was carrying three small plastic cups that looked like little domes with a chimney on top, and something that looked like a weird gun. Mrs. Clark attached on of the cups to the end of the gun and placed it over one of Julie’s nipples. She squeezed the trigger and the gun, which was really a suction pump sucked Julie’s nipple into the cup. When Julie’s nipple and most of her areola had been sucked into the cup half filling it Mrs. Clark disconnected the pump from the cup, which sealed itself and kept Julie’s nipple sucked inside it. Mrs. Clark did the same thing to Julie’s other nipple, and then she squatted in front of Julie and proceeded to do the same thing to Julie’s clit.

“Ugghhh.” Julie moaned again as her clit was sucked hard into the small plastic cup, even the curved barbell that was vertically pierced through Julie’s clit hood had been sucked into the small cup.

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