Best Slumber Party Ever Ch. 02


As I walked slowly through the house looking for Sheana, I realised most rooms were locked, something I thought at first rather peculiar, before the advantages in defending against a burglar became apparent. Even if he accessed the hall, he’d have to force his way into each room in turn where there might be nothing valuable at all. Clever. Soon enough I arrived back at the bedroom with the waterbed.

There, as I had guessed, was a small bundle of female distress hidden under the covers with only the ends of her long dark mane exposed. I walked around the bed and sank into the edge, placing a hand gently on what I assumed was her shoulder to give a rub of reassurance. I was glad when her familiar eyes and nose poked out from beneath the sheet.

“I’m really really sorry, Sheana,” I began softly. “We all are. We… they just went a bit too far, that’s all, and I know I really should have stuck up for you a lot better. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry.”

She didn’t reply but continued to lie still, accepting my gentle stroking of her arm and back until she sat up slightly, holding the sheets tight against her with only her face exposed.

“I’m sorry too,” she said quietly. “I don’t mind talking about… those sorts of things together, but it was too much to ask all of a sudden for me to… I just couldn’t…”

She began to sink beneath the covers again, her tears ready to re-flow. To calm her, I quickly lay down as well and put an arm around her on the outside of the sheets. I tried to change the subject.

“Don’t worry, we’ve stopped playing it now. What do you think of the waterbed anyway? I’ve never been on one before, have you?”

And finally I knew my comforting was taking effect as the wide smile which so often lit up her face reappeared and she wiggled away under the sheet, making room for me.

I slipped off my wrap and slid in quickly, giggling with my friend as the water readjusted, bobbing us around slightly with each movement. The giggles turned to louder laughs as it became obvious that each time one of us moved, the other received an unwelcome wave to ride. I wondered aloud how the Kitchings could possibly manage to sleep here together.

Sheana gave a mischievous grin. “Maybe they sleep somewhere else and just use this one for… you know… rumpy pumpy!” The phrase made us both giggle, the alcohol again taking hold. Lying on her front, she suddenly began to make exaggerated pelvic thrusts, accompanying them with heaving grunts to mimic the actors in the videos we had seen earlier. I immediately copied her so that we were both rumping and pumping away, side by side, causing the bed to suffer dangerous twin tidal waves. We added more moans and cries of “Yes! Yes! Do it harder! Deeper! Ohhh God! Yes! Oh yes!” until we collapsed finally in helpless mirth.

Our gyrations had pushed the eiderdown and covering sheet off and as we rolled onto our backs, breathing deeply from our exertions, our reflections in the mirrored ceiling startled me again. My eyes were caught by Sheana’s pubic patch, exposed by the riding-up of her tiny white nightie. She quickly pulled down her hem in a reflex motion as I recalled she had abandoned her white cotton knickers on the floor downstairs.

I rolled to face her. We were lying very close together in the middle of the bed, almost touching. I had a peculiar sensation of a shift in the atmosphere towards intimacy but tried to maintain a casual, conversational tone.

“So Sheana, I’m not saying I don’t like it or anything, but do all Sri Lankan women have hair as long as yours? Is it a cultural thing to let it grow?”

She looked up at me with a shy smile. This close, her eyes were so big and brown. “Many women grow it very long, but of course there are those who prefer it short, the same as everywhere else. The women don’t shave their body hair very much. Most of the men don’t seem to mind it. I was really surprised when I came here and saw Australians think you’re a, you know, lesbian, if you don’t shave your arm-pits and legs. I’m shaving now, but I say any man who doesn’t like it later on can find someone else!”

This was one of the first times I had heard Sheana speak of relations with men, and I was very interested in what she had to say.

“What age do girls get married over there?” I prompted.

“Well, it depends on whether the girl’s parents accept the terms offered by the man, you know, the husband-to-be. You and I would probably both be married by now to a wealthy man. If he were a Muslim, we might even both be his wives!”

The image of us both sharing a bed with the same man struck me as odd without being totally off-putting. “Imagine someone rich like Kimberly’s dad coming along and buying us to be his wives,” I said.

Sheana turned her eyes upward again and smiled. “Mmm, yes, Mr Kitching. He’s nice, isn’t he? I don’t think I would mind being married to someone as rich and handsome as him, even if he was so much older. Maybe it was Mr Kitching’s idea to get a bed like this. Maybe he likes to make love Anadolu Yakası Escort on water.”

Her eyes closed and she licked her lips as her hands seemed to slide up her body automatically to rest on her breasts, cupping them firmly. I watched in fascination as her hidden nipples rose, defining themselves clearly through the thin material. Her thumbs and first fingers gave each emerging point a subtle tweak, an intimate self-touch which made my simmering arousal do a big double-take. She seemed to have forgotten for a moment I was close beside her, watching intently, until her hands froze suddenly, and she gave me a quick sideways glance and an enticing, unembarrassed smile. I realised with excitement her caresses had been quite deliberate – she wanted to play some Truth or Dare with me on her own terms, to show me she was interested in sexy things too. It was time for us to do something reckless. I was curious to see how far she wanted to go, but sensed she would need my encouragement.

“God, it’s so hot in here,” I said. “I’m boiling.”

I pulled back the sheet and sat up to peel off my chemise, throwing it onto the floor, and followed it with my knickers before reclining with my hands behind my head and legs bent at the knees to observe her reaction in the mirror. I felt a special thrill in the way her eyes seemed to linger on my exposed breasts for a long moment, and then another when she glanced lower to take in my small pubic patch, newly waxed. It seemed so natural to remove my clothes just then. I felt totally free – free from school, free from adults, free from boys – and though I didn’t think my body was perfection itself, perhaps even underdeveloped in comparison to hers, I felt a strong need to let her know I felt comfortable like this, to assure her the time was right for any kind of adventure she wished to initiate.

“You know, I think you’re right, Sheana – I feel like this room has seen all kinds of sex happen. Can you feel it too?” I edged closer to her and confessed unashamedly the things I had done earlier, the way I had stripped and rolled around on the bed, even my fantasy about letting Kim’s dad seduce me here so I could watch us doing it in the mirror overhead.

“Imagine lying right here,” I whispered to her, “looking up and seeing his naked bum going up and down while you felt his long juicy cock sliding slowly in and out of you. Or what if you were up on your knees with him behind you, like this…”

I rolled over and knelt with my weight resting on my forearms, my bare bottom high in the air. “Then you could both look into the wall mirror over here – see, just like being in your own movie.”

On the sliding mirrored doors, I could see Sheana looking past me, staring at my naked reflection, at my breasts hanging down, at the curve of my bottom. She seemed lost in wonder – was she so naive she had never guessed why lovers enjoy having mirrors in their bedrooms?

Then, at last, she did something, something completely unexpected. Moving slowly, she knelt up to face me in the middle of the bed, the rearranged weight of her knees causing it to dip sharply in the middle. As I watched her in the mirror with my head flat on the pillow and my body in the same vulnerable position, she took the hem of her nightie hesitatingly in both hands and slowly, very slowly, raised it up and off over her head. It was a moment I will never forget, rich in symbolism, a sign of her inhibitions being shed in favour of her desires. I still had no idea what we were going to do together, but to see her reveal her large brown breasts and beautiful body at last, to know she was announcing her willingness for us to explore a sensuous experience together, made my warming pussy twitch urgently.

Still moving very slowly, as if in a dream, she came around behind me on the bed, kneeling between my parted legs, her eyes never leaving our combined image on the wall for a second. When she spoke, her voice was soft and husky, trance-like.

“If you are there… and he is behind you… like this… how would he hold you?”

Was she acting out a secret fantasy? I wasn’t sure, but something deep down told me to let things run and I lowered my own voice in response to hers.

“He holds me by the hips, our legs are touching.” She moved until our thighs touched, taking hold of me exactly as I described. Her hands and legs felt so cool against my bare skin, her lightly haired thighs slightly prickly as they rubbed against mine. I felt so completely exposed and vulnerable to her, knowing she could see every wrinkle of my vagina and anus at any time. I spoke again, as seductively as I could.

“When I’m wet for him, he loves holding me wide open with his fingers to push his cock inside me, very very slowly, and when it’s all the way in, he starts to do it to a rhythm, moving it smoothly in and out, fucking me as slowly and as beautifully as he can.”

Sheana was breathing audibly now. Still holding my hips firmly, she began to bump her pelvis against Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan me, gently at first, stroking her beautiful bushy patch up and down against my bottom and inner thighs. It felt ticklish but in a very nice, very sexy way. I moaned a little and she made her strokes slower and harder, rubbing herself tantalisingly into my exposed cleft.

“Then I move back against him in the same rhythm. Doing that makes him go really deep inside me, and that’s what I want so much, his big hard dick going deeper and deeper, harder and faster.” I matched my movements to my words, wiggling my bottom back against her crotch. I closed my eyes to imagine I was really being held by Mr Kitching, that any second now I was going to feel his silky smooth erection slide itself into me. The mere thought of it made me moan lustfully again and drops of love-fluid began to spill from me.

Opening my eyes, Sheana was still staring intently at our joined bodies in the mirror, dropping eye-contact only to flick some of her abundant hair away from her face. There were tiny drops of perspiration slipping down her magnificent cleavage and her breathing quickened as she began to squirm her exposed mound against my own, gripping my hips harder as she went on simulating the motions of fucking. She was oozing her own intimate nectar now, her moist dew spreading itself on one thigh, then the other, but the tactile sensations were still outweighed by the visual. The sight of our hot, bare, women’s bodies rubbing against each other was almost indescribably arousing. The contrast between us, her curves so dark and buxom against my slender paleness, struck me as extremely erotic in the most artistic way.

I had never seen her wonderful breasts uncovered for so long before, only a quick flash in a changing room from time to time, but to see them roll and bounce now in such a private sexual context made me understand something of the irresistible fascination of the mammary gland for us all. Her nipples were dark chocolate discs set into a paler background, the tips poking out hugely from each soft mound. I had never considered seriously the sexual possibilities of any woman’s body other than my own before, but my most exciting thought now was of taking one of her lovely chocolate nipples between my lips, rolling it around on my tongue, chewing on it, and sucking it hard. I focussed on them greedily as the possibility of actually doing it took shape in my mind. I thought of all the names for breasts I could remember: tits, boobs, jugs, hooters, bosoms, bee-stings… But no label could possibly express the intense love I felt for those wonderful womanly parts of us, so attractive and desirable in their natural state.

Now her hands began to move as well, smoothing strongly along my sides and across my shoulder blades. She massaged my perspiration into my spine, sending her thumbs on a deep wonderful journey slowly up and down the sides of the long ridge. When she leaned forward to caress my shoulders, her heavy orbs came to rest against my lower back, causing more delightful sensations as they grazed me again and again. Then she knelt up tall, but this time her hands were on the cheeks of my bottom, caressing and kneading each side like sensitive dough. Closing my eyes, I thought: ‘Someone is fondling my bare bottom; it’s another girl; and I love it; she’s so beautiful and she feels so good.’ The cultural taboo against what we were doing spoke up for a second, but I silenced it, enjoying tremendously everything I was feeling, seeing and hearing.

With a growl, Sheana suddenly wrapped her arms around my mid-riff in a bear hug and collapsed us into the middle of the bed. We lay curled together like two spoons, every part of our bodies touching, both of us nude and very aroused. I rolled over so we lay face to face on our sides, and the obvious desire on her face to do more matched my own. My need to touch her was overpowering. My hand slid up directly onto her top breast, ready to move away as soon as she stopped me. But she didn’t. It was the first time I had ever touched another woman’s naked body, and when my fingertip circled the rim of her stiff nipple, she murmured with pleasure and immediately reached out to touch mine in the same way.

Our knowing fingers teased each other’s nipples until we tingled with arousal. Having the time and opportunity to explore each other’s bodies so freely was thrilling in the extreme. It was like masturbation by remote control – everything I did to her was done to me in turn. I was lost in an erotic haze, wondering when I was going to wake up. But still I wanted more – if this was a dream, then I wanted to explore it as fully as possible before I awoke. I let my hand be still on her breast and looked deeply into her wide brown eyes.

“Sheana… can I kiss them?” I asked hoarsely. “I really, really want to.”

I felt a tremor pass through her as she closed her eyes for a second before she let my breast go and rolled onto her back, my hand slipping Escort Anadolu Yakası away. A lump of panic formed inside me for a moment, but then she was rolling back to me, cupping both of her large breasts herself, raising them for my lips, her eyes inviting me to take them and do as I wished. With immense joy and gratitude, I slid closer and dipped my head.

I went directly for her nearest nipple, pulling on it with my lips and sucking it hungrily then attacking it with my tongue, doing everything instinctively, licking it, rolling it between my gums, pushing my tongue against it as though pressing it back into her, nibbling on the end. I opened my eyes and her expression told me everything I needed to know: she loved it, was almost delirious with pleasure. I gave the erect brown bud a last wet lingering lick and kept it pinched lightly between my thumb and forefinger as I repeated my experimental techniques on her other nipple. Sheana became louder, her moans echoing around the room, urging me to suck even harder.

“Oh please, please… keep doing it like that!” she cried. “Keep going!” By the movement of her arm, I knew her fingers were on her clit now, vibrating furiously. I would have loved to lean back and learn her preferred way of stroking herself, but my head was committed to staying on her breasts, where it was needed most. I licked, sucked, pinched and lapped at her tits alternately, guided by her sounds of pleasure. Then at last she gave one final drawn-out wail as her body stiffened and shuddered again and then again. With my mouth stuffed full of her gorgeous breast, I glanced up at her face and saw such tremendous pleasure and relief written there, my insides melted completely. I loved her so much for allowing me the joy of giving her such pleasure.

I released her and moved away a little, caressing her whole tummy and chest area in gentle, smooth strokes. She lay very still, her hands still cupping her mound, exhausted by the intensity of her release, and though I longed for her to reciprocate on my own breasts and body immediately, I waited patiently for her to recover, noticing how her nipples stayed stiff, each of them still wet with my saliva. And now the sudden lull gave me time to examine my feelings about her more clearly.

I had no doubts I was firmly heterosexual – my desire for men’s minds and bodies was perfectly clear to me. Yet I had to admit to myself that given this opportunity of seeing and touching a well-endowed and attractive friend in private and comfort, I was strongly aroused and very much wanted to touch her everywhere. My own nipples were still very stiff, I was flushed all over my face and chest, and I knew my pussy was dripping wet. However, I was also fairly sure I didn’t want to go through with an extended sexual relationship with Sheana or any other girl. It occurred to me in a flash what it must be like for a gay person, male or female, to live a normal social life in our present time and place. Our cultural conditioning against such relationships is so incredibly strong – I felt new respect for people who find themselves wanting to live an openly gay life with their lover.

Now Sheana took my hands in her own and held them softly and warmly. She opened her eyes at last and gazed deeply into mine. There was a long moment of stillness between us. We both knew we had experienced a special moment of sexual discovery. And suddenly I was concerned she might say something to downplay it, to make it less special than it was.

She spoke before I could, and my fears vanished.

“That was so amazing… I’ve never done anything like that before – with anyone. Would you… like me to do it to you too?”

Immensely relieved, I rolled onto my back immediately and this time she was the one smoothing her hands all over my body. I closed my eyes to focus fully on the novel sensations of a gentle, feminine touch. Her hands paused, and then my left nipple was suddenly cold then hot as she sucked in her breath around it before letting her tongue and lips encase it totally. Pure pleasure swooped from my nipple down through my clitoris and back up again and I raised my head to take one quick look at her beautiful dark face devouring my entire breast before all conscious thoughts were sucked up into her wonderful mouth. It was the first of the very few times in my life when I have been stimulated enough to reach orgasm without any direct touching of my clitoris at all. Needless to say, each orgasm I’ve reached this way has been unforgettable, and that first one was mind-blowing.

She moved across to my other breast to repeat her wonderful mouth action, sucking in as much flesh as she could before letting it slip out slowly and taking the nipple between her teeth, nibbling lightly on the very tip. I remember thinking, if sex with men was better than this, I would have to go out and offer myself to the first attractive man I could find. I had never dreamed how sensitive my breasts could be, and how responsive to the touches of a skilful lover.

Adding my finger on my clit this time, I came again quickly and then, when I just couldn’t take any more of her fabulous mouth on me, I pulled up her head and gave her a passionately grateful kiss right on the mouth. She responded in kind, our lips parting and her tongue sliding deep into my mouth for another new thrill as our delicious kiss went on and on.

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