Beginning of Something New Pt. 01

Big Tits

*I just want to say thank you so much for reading. This is my first story so good and bad criticism is welcomed! ENJOY! *


Being her best friend for 9 years has been amazing. Mayla and I do everything together. We work together, shop together, eat together, and spend almost every holiday together. When you saw Mayla, you saw Dani.

My name is Daniela Lyn Crunes. My friends call me Dani for short. I am 24 years old and a college graduate from Penn State. I graduated top of my class with honors and my degree in Journalism. I am 5 feet 4 inches with a curvy body with a milk chocolate complexion and 36B breast to complement my body. I have never been that “skinny girl” so I have a little meat on my bones, which has never hurt anybody.

As I said before my best friend and I, Mayla, do everything together. Which means yes, she did go to Penn State, graduating with honors right with me. She got her degree in Education and she, in my opinion, will make an excellent teacher. Mayla stands just as talk as me, but an inch higher. She is slightly thicker than me with 36CC breast and caramel colored skin. Everyone always think we are sisters at best because we are so similar but not quite.

Our friendship started our freshman year of high school. We were both new at the school so we just befriended each other. Years went on as our friendship grew stronger and stronger. We went through everything together. Been through plenty of boyfriends and breakups together. Most people called us inseparable. Not saying that isn’t true because let’s be real, it is.

It was 12:30pm on Wednesday, and I waiting in the café for Mayla to come out of her office so we could leave for lunch. I hadn’t seen her that morning so I had no idea what she had on. So, when she entered the café, I was stunned. Mayla strutted past tables toward me in a black and white stripped pencil skirt that had red pinstripes and a red, 4 button blouse that was slightly shear to where you could see Ümraniye Escort her double C breast under her tank top. She had on her usual silver necklace that her father had given her for graduation. And to top off her outfit she had on a pair of black, closed toe, 5-inch pumps. She looked great and she knew it. As she made her way to me, she caught me taking a lasting glimpse at her body and how her outfit hugged every perfect place.

“Are you undressing me with your eyes, Dani?” she said jokingly with a light chuckle.

Coming back to reality I quickly responded, “Of course not May, you just look really pretty today.”

She could probably see my nervousness all over my face so I tried to disguise it with a smile. In my head, I thought to myself that she may like me starring at her so lustfully. I quickly pushed that thought away. Why would she even think that? We are strictly friends, right?

With a quick glance, we began our way to the parking lot discussing which car we were taking today and where we planned to eat. I couldn’t help myself at looking at Mayla’s ass in her pencil skirt. It looked amazing and was hugged tightly. I so desperately wanted to reach out a fill my hands with it but I decided not to.


Despite Dani’s hard efforts to disguise her long sensual efforts of looking at me, I saw her. Hell, I saw her when I walked into the café and I saw her when we were walking to the parking lot. I, myself, even looked at Dani sensually. I couldn’t help myself! Even though she had breast a cup size smaller than mine, they still looked great in the pastel pink button up blouse she wore. Dani was and always had been a pants kind of girl. So even to work, while all the other females wore skirts or dresses, Dani would wear a great pair of dress pants, or a sharp pant suit. That was just Dani! Today she wore a pair of solid black dress pants and solid black pumps. She looked damn good if I’d say so myself.

As Ümraniye Escort Bayan we reached the parking lot getting into my car, I decided to ask Dani a very bold question.

“Dani…” I said quietly.

“Yeah May?” she said with concern in her voice.

“Do you think I am unlovable or unattractive?”

“Why would you think that babe?” as she affectionately called me.

“I dunno, guys just only want me for sex most of the time. I can’t seem to find the right guy.” I said as I didn’t break my glare at the road ahead of me.

There was a long pause between us. I instantly regretted opening this window to my feelings. Truth is, I wanted Dani to profess her love for me so I would no longer feel weird for feeling this way about my best friend. I had never been with a girl before but, I wanted to be with Dani. I wanted to love her better than any other guy she’s been with. So, my logic was to corner her into saying she is in love with me then come out with the same news.

(Dani’s Persective)

The time has come, May has finally realized guys aren’t right for her. I wanted to tell her I’m the one she has been looking for all along. I wanted to tell her that being with me would make her more happy than free endless Chipotle meals.

Instead the only thing that came out was,

“May don’t worry about the douche bag guys you’ve dated. They are just boys and you will eventually find a man that makes you happy.”

That’s all I could say! It’s not what I wanted to say but it’s what I should say. Thinking to myself what if I never get this chance again I began to talk.

“May, I have actually been wanting to say…”

“Your right, the perfect guy will come someday.” May said cutting me short.

I was slightly thankful that she cut me off. I would have spilled every feeling and emotion about her, and I’m not sure I’m fully ready for that. We arrived at our usual spot down the street in a Escort Ümraniye quiet neighborhood for lunch. Debating on whether to eat inside or just go back to the café with our food we walked in to order. Our day went on as usual with no other mentions of the brief car conversation. Part of me wanted to discuss the topic again with a possibility of me telling my feelings but the other part of me was grateful that it hadn’t come back up.

Once work was over at 6:30pm, I walked to the café to find Mayla waiting on me as usual. But something seemed a little off. I walked over to her to see that she had been crying. Her foundation was parted with the streaks of her tears and her mascara had run just a little bit. Once she saw me she effortlessly got herself together and greeted me with a fake smile. I knew something was up.

(Mayla’s Perspective)

I had been waiting for Dani for a little over five minutes in the café. I left my desk a little early because I just could handle it anymore. Before it was time to go home, I got a call from my mother who sounded distressed over the phone, telling me that my father had a stroke and is in the hospital. I cried at my desk for a good twenty minutes before packing up my things to head home. Then while waiting for Dani, a few more tears streaked down.

I saw Dani approach and in attempt to look half way decent, I wiped my face and shifted. Dani saw the way I was looking and without words took me into a long and warm embrace. I didn’t want to let go but I knew I had to. Being in her arms I felt safe, I felt so much love and it was comfortable being pressed against her breast and feeling them rise and fall with her breaths. It was perfect.

Breaking my comfort, Dani pulled back and looked and me.

“Stay at my house tonight?” she said comforting.

I nodded my head as no words could escape my mouth. I was torn apart and I knew a night with my best friend would make me better. Dani grabbed my arm leading me to her car. I was okay with leaving my car at the office, we had both done it plenty of times. I climbed into the passenger seat of Dani’s car, slouching my body into the seat as far as it could go as she shut the door behind me. I knew it was going to be a long night explaining to Dani what was going on.

To be continued…

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