Backdoor Sweetheart Ch. 02


Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


As I glanced out of my bedroom window at Lizzie’s house, I was nervous. I knew I shouldn’t have been, but I was. For the hundredth time, I looked down at my Green Day T-shirt and jeans and considered changing into something else, something a bit less casual maybe. A second later I reconsidered, feeling like a total idiot, for the hundredth time.

Stepping out of my room to head out and have dinner at Lizzie’s place, I told myself that I was acting crazy. This was Lizzie, my sweet little Liz, the girl next door that I had known my whole life and grew up with, my best friend in the world and my almost-sister. I shouldn’t be so jumpy about spending an evening with her, we had done that countless times before.

Well, yeah, too bad that ‘before’ had assumed a whole new meaning lately, since the night we kissed for the first time. And had sex. Anal sex, actually. For the first time.


Ironically enough, when the cops showed up at Lizzie’s house, the success of her party was complete. True, people started running away in a panic and our Moms were called and rushed back home with their mouths agape and their eyes almost popping out of their skulls, and, most importantly, me and Lizzie were interrupted during our first time having sex together. Still, having the police knocking at her door seemed to increase Liz’s street cred in school by quite a lot.

In the end, nothing much happened despite the commotion caused by the police cruiser that some upright douchebag of a neighbor called, complaining about the noise. Luckily, the cops were reasonable enough to know that nothing much was going on after all. It definitely helped that one of them was a policewoman that our Moms knew from yoga class and whose son was at the party too. With some fussing and a lot of admonishing about the dangers of drinking and the need to keep the noise down at night, things were smoothed over. The only real crime perpetrated that night, as far as I was concerned, was the interruption that Lizzie and I suffered during our time alone in my room.

The following morning, as I helped Liz clean up the post-party wreckage, there were a lot of awkward silences, weird smiles and random blushing between us. In the light of day, the previous night seemed like an amazing dream that left us dazed now that we were fully awake.

It was a big deal after all, Lizzie and I having had sex. I guess we were both wondering where we were going from there. Even though we were still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that our relationship had just been changed forever, we both knew that nothing had been lost or ruined between us. On the contrary, something new was blossoming, a new bond that strengthened our already solid, deep-seated connection. After a while we sort of laughed the tension off, silently agreeing to revert to our usual almost-siblings routines for the time being while we sorted out our emotions.

Later that afternoon, once the last remains of the party had disappeared in the trash and I was ready to drive back to campus, Lizzie and I shared a long passionate soulkiss instead of just hugging goodbye. I could feel her excitement humming in sync with my own arousal as I held her in my arms and she pressed her soft curvy frame against mine. It felt good to know that at least our bodies had no doubt at all about the two of us being together. That gave me hope that our minds would soon follow suit.

I was forced to skip my next visit home two weeks later because I had some papers due before the Christmas break, but then Lizzie was out of town on a school trip that weekend anyway. We stayed in touch as usual, of course, chatting and laughing and making the most of every minute we were together, even from afar.

During that time, Lizzie was always on my mind. I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms again, to kiss her and caress her and do so much more. I masturbated several times a day fantasizing about her, conjuring up sexy images of her full lips, her large tits and that beautiful plump heart-shaped ass of hers. I craved to see and touch her curvaceous naked body again and I dreamed of it nightly. The core of my fantasies was our night together, of course, particularly our amazing assfuck, which I replayed in my head over and over again. Just thinking about it was enough to make my dick achingly hard. I didn’t even feel like watching porn, I already had all the masturbatory material I needed stored in my brain. Besides, I always pictured Lizzie’s sweet face on all the big-titted round-assed porn stars I used to jerk off to anyway, even before we had sex.

Those weeks felt incredibly long, the days dragging on so damn slowly. Despite all the classes and assignments I had to deal with, the thought of Lizzie was always there, filling me with affection and longing. We had never been apart for so long before and I was dying to see her again, and so was she, as she never failed to tell me during Eryaman Escort our daily talks. Eventually though, to my immense joy, our forced separation ended and I headed back home.


So there I was, three weeks after our first time, crossing our shared backyard, headed to Lizzie’s house with butterflies in my stomach. As I walked up to the backdoor to Liz’s house and let myself in as always, I couldn’t shake off a sense of nervousness. At that point there was no doubt in my mind that I loved Lizzie, no, more, that I was in love with her. I wanted to be with her, completely, as boyfriend and girlfriend. The question was, would she feel the same?

Having sex with my sweet Liz had been a dream come true, and the fact that we had anal sex didn’t make it any less amazing nor intimate. Still, I knew that Lizzie’s being technically still a virgin had a deeper meaning to it. She had told me so herself, a year earlier, when she said that she wanted her first time to be with her one true love. I was completely on board with the fact that she wanted to save herself for the man of her life and yes, I had imagined I could be that guy even back then, but in light of recent events the whole thing had assumed a totally new relevance to me.

I had been thinking about that conversation a lot in the previous weeks, remembering how embarrassed Lizzie had looked that day while she mumbled that she knew how staying a virgin was sort of weird nowadays, but she found the whole idea romantic. The way she had put it back then, I agreed. But that was before. Now, needless to say, I couldn’t stop myself from obsessing about that key detail, the association she had established between her virginity and finding the love of her life. I still thought that Liz should decide however she preferred about the how and when having cherry popped, but I wished like hell she’d let me have it, because that would mean that she saw me as her one true love. As for me, at that point there could be little doubt in my mind that Lizzie was the one.

Trying not to get too tangled up in my thoughts, I shook my head and crossed Lizzie’s empty kitchen and then stepped into the hall, calling out for her. “Liz? Lizzie, I’m here! Hello? Where are you Liz!?”

I couldn’t ignore how my voice was shaking as I yelled out her name. Suddenly, I heard her thumping steps drawing near from upstairs. The moment I turned, I saw her at the top of the stairs.

“Russ!” she beamed, rushing down the stairs on her naked little feet. “Finally!”

And there she was, my sweet Lizzie, with her cute nerdy glasses and her auburn hair up in a ponytail. She was wearing a green polo shirt, tight and unbuttoned enough to show a generous amount of cleavage, and a pair of her usual ass-hugging cotton shorts. As she rushed at me with a radiant smile on her lips, I couldn’t tear my eyes from her swaying, jutting tits. The image of those big and obviously bra-less jugs bouncing and jiggling mouth-wateringly soon filled my vision, entrancing me, until I was suddenly snapped awake by the cannoning impact of Lizzie throwing her curvy little self into my arms and hugging me fiercely.

“Oh my god, Russ!” she chirped, squeezing me hard as I braced myself not to fall on my ass. “It’s been soooo long, I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, Liz,” I chuckled as I ran my hands down her spine and locked her in my embrace. As a warm feeling of joy radiated through me, Lizzie got on her tiptoes and started jumping up and down crazily, laughing while she peppered my face with smooches.

And just like that, with my sweet Liz snuggled in my arms and her scent filling my nostril, all my tension and doubts and silly misgivings melted away. Lizzie and I were together, that was all that mattered. Within mere seconds, we clicked like we always did.

We hugged and laughed and shared a long kiss before moving to the kitchen,where we chatted and caught up while we set the table and heated up our dinner. Her Mom had prepared her special lasagna for my return as a way to make up for the fact that she and my Mom wouldn’t be there with us that night because of the traditional pre-Christmas party at the office. Throughout our meal, Lizzie pitched me her new ideas and summed up some of the stories she was working on while I listened and counseled like always, until we were lost in one of our usual empathic moods.

After dinner we cuddled on the couch and watched the final episode of True Detective, which we had agreed not to watch until we were together. During the scary parts Lizzie snuggled so tight to me that her huge boobs were squashed against my chest right under my chin. The upper slopes of her mounds were so close to my face that I could smell her smooth pale tit-flesh. Without thinking, I reached my arm around and rested my hand on her plump ass, caressing her beautiful rump through the thin cotton of her shorts and massaging her warm naked thigh. She didn’t object, actually cuddling closer still.

By the time the show was over, Lizzie was purring and I had a visible Sincan Escort bulge in my pants. Once the TV was off, she turned her pretty face up to look at me. “Russ…”

“Yeah, Liz?”

“Do you, uhm…” she mumbled, frowning and pushing her glasses up on her nose with her index, like she always did when she was excited or nervous about something she was going to say. “Do you love me, Russ?”

I blinked. Then I laughed. Then I spoke. “I do. I love you Lizzie, more than anybody else.”

“Yeah, I knew that,” Lizzie smiled, rolling her eyes mockingly, “and I love you too, so much, and not just because you’re my almost-brother. But I mean, you know, after what happened that night…”

“Yeah, about that night,” I interjected, “I actually wanted to tell you…”

“…how great it was?” Liz finished for me, smiling as I nodded and laughed along with her.

“Yes, but not just that,” I went on, taking a deep breath, finally ready to spill the beans. “I more than love you, Lizzie. I’m in love with you. I’m totally, definitely, crazy in love with you.”

“So am I, Russ,” she said, throwing her arms around my neck, beaming with joy. “I’m in love with you too! Oh my god, it’s such a relief to hear you say it and to be able to say it to you! I love you! And I mean it in a girlfriend kind of way, beside the way I loved you already. Oh Russ,” she laughed, holding me tight, her big brown eyes sparkling, “and to think that I was so worried about all this, while it’s just so easy and natural! I’ve been thinking and rethinking and overthinking about us and wanting more while being scared of losing what we have…”

“Same here, Liz,” I chuckled, relieved to hear her express my very same concerns. Her lips were still curled up in a smile as they met mine and we kissed, long and deep, tasting each other and moaning into the other’s mouth.

“Russ,” Liz murmured after I while, her words interrupted by my persistent kisses, “I wanted to tell you that… You know, that night, when we didn’t… I mean we had anal sex, but I was still not sure about having regular sex… Well, I’m sure now.”

I stopped smooching Liz’s soft mouth at that, the implications of what she was saying sinking in. I blinked as our gazes locked. “You mean… You want us to… You’re okay if I… If it’s me who…”

“Yes,” she nodded firmly, her face flushed and beaming. “I want you to have my cherry. You’re the one, Russ, I know you are.”

“Oh Lizzie,” I sighed, before crushing her in a bear hug and starting to kiss her all over again. As she giggled and squealed under my affectionate assault, I mumbled my love for her, trying to convey how happy she’d just made me and how thrilled I was that she felt the same way about me as I felt about her. It was a while before I calmed down and she could go on.

“Well, I see you’re happy about the good news,” she grinned impishly as she brushed her naked thigh over the bulge in my pants, “too bad there’s some bad news too…”


“Yeah, not exactly ‘bad’ but, well…” she shrugged, then explained. “I went to the doctor and I started taking the pill, but right now I’m not actually covered. I mean, I should almost be, more or less… Well, based on when I started taking it and everything, it won’t be effective for another couple of days. I don’t really wanna use a condom, Russ, I don’t want anything between us and I wanna feel it when you cum inside my pussy and, you know, it’s just two more days, so…”

“So,” I said slowly, and edge of doubt in my tone, “that’s it? That’s the ‘bad’ news?”

“Yeah. As much as I love you, I’d rather not risk getting pregnant tonight. We don’t want any babies, do we? Not yet, at least…” she concluded with a shy yet sexy little smile that had my cock flex in my pants. It was mind-blowing how Lizzie could be sweet and loving and super hot at the same time.

I gave her a big smacking kiss before I replied. “I can wait, Lizzie, it’s no problem. And about the ‘having babies’ part,” I snickered, “don’t think you can scare me off that easy! The idea of you being pregnant with my babies doesn’t sound bad at all, I mean, not right now maybe, but still…”

That made her laugh, and me too, my embrace tightening around her as she cooed affectionately in response. “Sooo,” she murmured, nuzzling my neck and pressing her heavy tits firmly against my side, “I guess this means you’ll have to settle for my ass again tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow, just to be safe. You okay with that?”

“Do you need to ask!?” I chuckled, squeezing her plump round bubble-butt in my palm to stress my point. “I love your beautiful ass, Lizzie, and I love how it feels to be inside it.”

“I know, me too” she purred, wiggling her rump against my kneading hand. “I’ve been thinking about it all the time, Russ. It was so hot… Having your cock so deep in me, filling my ass with so much creamy cum… I swear, I had the biggest most awesome orgasm in the world, like nothing I ever even imagined!”

“Just hearing you say that makes me Etlik Escort so horny, Liz,” I murmured grinding my pant-clad boner against her thigh. “I’ve jerked off like a million times thinking about your beautiful ass and that tight little asshole of yours.”

“Mmh, I masturbated too, and I always fingered my ass when I did. It made me cum so hard, Russ, and all the time I kept wishing it was your cock pumping in and out of my butt.”

At that point we were just too worked up to restrain ourselves any longer. Our hands went for the other’s clothes and we tore each other’s tops off like they were on fire. The vision of Lizzie’s huge heavy tits swaying in my face made me growl with desire, her stiff suckable nipples and puffy pink areolas calling to me irresistibly. Before her shirt had touched the floor, my face was buried in the soft lush valley of her cleavage and I was kissing, licking and nuzzling her amazing jugs.

“Oooh yes, Russ, lick my big titties like that,” she sighed with pleasure, running her fingers through my hair while I devoured her amazing boobs with all I had. “Suck my nipples, yes, suck them hard, yeees… Ahhh harder, bite them, oohh yeeees!”

Lizzie’s curvy frame shivered as I feasted hungrily on her nipples, taking each of her rosy swollen buds in my mouth in turn. All the while I held her luscious melons in my hands, massaging and squeezing and caressing those incredible tits to my heart’s content. As I nursed on her soft engorged areolas, I sometimes delicately sank my teeth into her soft sensitive tit-flesh or nipped at her gummy nipples. Those stabs of slight pain seemed to arouse Lizzie a lot, making her squirm in my lap as she rocked her sort-clad crotch on my bulge.

I was far from done with my tit-worship when Liz pushed me back and climbed off my lap to kneel beside me on the couch with her sumptuous bubble-butt tilted up and her face lowered down, close to the tent in my pants. As I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her cotton shorts, ready to reveal her round plump ass, she rapidly unbuttoned and unzipped me, purring as she yanked down my jeans and boxers in one swift, urgent motion. My raging boner sprang up instantly, hitting Lizzie’s face with a meaty thwack and leaving a shiny smear of pre-cum on her cheek.

“Mmh, so hard,” she mumbled dreamily as she held my dick in her tiny hand. Jacking me off slowly at the base, she rubbed my pole on her face and pressed my glans to her lips, making me shiver as her hot breath hit my bloated tip. “So big and thick, all for me,” Lizzie murmured before opening her mouth and slipping the soft seal of her lips around my cockhead.

“Oh yes, Lizzie!” I exhaled, watching my sweet neighbor press her face down, slowly descending on my pole, taking me as far as her gag reflex allowed and then sliding her hot mouth up, slurping away on my meat. I trembled with delight while Lizzie began blowing me with gusto, humming as she bobbed her head on my lap, stuffing her face with my cock as if she was hungry for it.

“Ahhh, fuck!” I grunted when Lizzie’s increasingly deeper suctions made my glans push right into her constricting throat, making her choke a bit and forcing her to pull back. She wasn’t deterred though. Letting a thick dangling wad of spittle and pre-cum drool from her lips to splatter on my throbbing erection, Liz used her own saliva to lube my shaft with her hand before once again plunging down and resuming her passionate blowjob.

Sliding her lips lower and lower, Lizzie worked her jaw and angled her face better, managing to deep-throat more of my dick at each wet slurping pass. My vision was blurry and my cock throbbed with pleasure inside Liz’s gullet as I mumbled my encouragement. “Fuck, Lizzie… Oohh fuuuck! Your mouth feels amazing… You’re so good at this, Liz!”

“Mmmph, mmh mmphmh,” she gurgled, still bobbing fluidly on my pole, without even bothering to let me out of her dick-gobbling mouth. The lustful glint in her eyes and the way she wiggled her rump against my pawing hand where clear enough though. Grinning, I got the hint and focused on taking off her shorts, which I totally forgot about as soon as she had taken my boner in her mouth.

Panting from the pleasure of the sloppy deep-throating blowjob she was giving me, I pulled Lizzie’s shorts and panties past the protruding curve of her bubble-butt and down her shapely thighs. And there it was, like an unveiled monument: Liz’s juicy, gloriously round, plump ass.

Leaning closer, I reached for that perfect booty and started caressing and kneading and massaging Liz’s naked buttcheeks, holding them reverently in my hungry hands. Their softness and smoothness felt incredible under my fingertips, just as much as their fleshy firmness did when I grabbed hard onto them, sinking my digits possessively in my Liz’s beautiful ass.

Her cock-muffled purrs of appreciation added a humming vibration to her already incredible blowjob. Still kneading a plump asscheek with one hand, I reached lower to give Lizzie’s pussy some relief. When my fingers made contact with her sopping wet folds and I started easing one then two digits into her needy slit, she moaned and pressed her face all the way down on my cock until her lips were wrapped around my base. Shivering, Lizzie started blowing me faster, choking and spluttering on my throat-clogging meat but not missing a beat while I sawed my digits in and out of her sopping little pussy.

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