Auction of Promises Ch. 06


The days passed in a blur of preparations. The RSVPs were arriving, the last details were arranged. The only thing that worried Penny was her continuing inability to reach Katherine. They spent hours leaving voice mails for each other. The day they were supposed to meet to try on the gowns, Katherine had to leave town, but assured Penny [via another voice mail] that she would take Meg and both be fitted; everything would be ready for the big day. They left messages about all things concerning the wedding, and it progressed nicely. But it bothered Penny that the entire March family had not yet met her William. She knew they would love him, but she wanted to see everyone interact and become comfortable friends. It frustrated her.

Other things frustrated her too. As the days passed, she and William became even closer, loved each other more. The natural outpouring of that love included the physicality that she longed to share with him, but William was resolved to wait. She wanted that too, when she was rational. There was just nothing rational about her feelings and her body’s reaction to William.

There were times when she was rational, when it all made sense. It was acceptable in the morning, when she woke and stretched and smiled with love for him. It was tolerable while she drank her juice and crunched her cereal. She could be stalwart while getting letters ready to mail, or made her bed, or even cleaned the kitchen. But then, she would drop her jammies in a heap and enter the shower; the hot, steamy shower, which made her body all wet and slick. And she would lather her body with vanilla-scented soap, making it slippery and soft. She would imagine her William, his hands and mouth touching her like this, or like that. Showers became sensual and addictive. Her hands would slide where William’s had been the night before, the memories would come tumbling back and her eyes would close and her fingers would take on their own life.

Dressing became a sensual experience as well. She chose the garments carefully, with William in mind, knowing he might drop by the office for a few minutes, and those few minutes would make her feel alive and womanly and so wanted. A few minutes with William would be filled with possibilities, loving possibilities. Even if he didn’t come by, he would call and she would hear his breath becoming short as they exchanged words of love and longing.

Her day would pass in a blur of desire and love. She wondered if all lovers felt this way. She tried to express to Julie all her thoughts and was reassured that it was normal and natural. She hadn’t told Julie about the waiting, about the torture of separating every night, leaving William or having him leave her. That part was private.

The nights, the things they did, the things they didn’t do, all of that was private too. If she could have reached Katherine for a real talk, she might have shared with her, but that never happened. So, each night, they tempted and teased and moved closer to the brink. It was a line that Penny would happily have crossed; she wanted William so much, so completely. But, somehow, he was able to withstand all her seductions.

So, the days passed. The wedding preparations appeared to be perfectly organized. Her dress was fitted and safely wrapped in a garment bag in her closet. She had heard, again via voice mail, that Katherine and Meg had their gowns and accessories. Almost daily, they made plans to meet, to become the extended family that Penny was sure they would be, but something always came up. At least, she was sure they would all be together at the wedding rehearsal. She was anxious to share her love with her best friends.

Each night, William was with her. They ate dinner, watched movies, skated, walked, or just sat together, reading and listening to music. The attraction was nearly overwhelming. One or the other, or both, constantly touched and kissed and simply inhaled. Penny felt as if all her senses were in overdrive. She imagined she could identify William’s ring when the phone rang. She sensed his steps as he approached her building. She could identify his scent from rooms away. Her heart pounded in his presence, her mind went blank with desire. A simple kiss became many, a touch became a an invitation to sink into that hazy world of sensuality they shared. Penny was delighted to be submerged in William. It meant everything to her, to be close to him.

Each night, William tempted Penny. He didn’t mean to, but he wanted her too. He wanted to feel her against him, naked and ready, wanted to feel her hot pinkness wrapped around his throbbing cock, massaging it as she massaged his finger. He wanted to feel her come while he was inside her, while he poured his come into her. He didn’t think the wedding day would ever arrive. Or the wedding night. At work, he thought of her and her voice, her soft moans, her small cries. Then he would call her, his cock already hard in anticipation, just to hear her voice, just to reassure himself that she existed and that she loved kazak escort him. Secretly, he marked off the days on his calendar, counting down until she would be his sweet wife, his complete lover.

They had progressed in their limited lovemaking. They had to. Kisses, touches, his fingers stroking her clit; these occurred nightly. Her small hand stroking his cock, her mouth hungrily kissing and sucking on it; these too were nightly. He often kissed her soft mound through panties, but denied himself the first real taste of her until they could truly make love. But they explored each other, kissing and touching every inch of naked flesh. He loved to kiss and nip at her soft ass, gently biting those delicious, soft pillows. Through super-human effort, he denied himself the release of orgasm, although he frequently assisted Penny, enjoying her thrilled surprise each time.

Just when William thought he couldn’t make it, that he would have to have this woman, have to be deep inside her, the rehearsal night arrived. And with it, the promise of the wedding day and the wedding night. He was meeting Penny at the church, where he would finally be introduced to her best friend, Katherine, and her favorite child, Meg. Penny had talked of nothing else for months. He knew she was anxious to blend her special family with her true love. He was pleased it would finally happen and they could begin that part of their new life together.

When he arrived at the church, he found Penny in tears. She was sitting quietly in the pew, weeping, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably. He rushed to her, held her, listened to her sobbing words, trying to understand what catastrophe had befallen them. It took awhile and several attempts, but he finally realized the problem. Meg was sick. Katherine had left yet another voice mail, saying she needed to stay home with her, promising that she would be at the wedding and would know what to do, that Meg would be all better and skip ahead of Penny, strewing rose petals and winning the hearts of all the guests. Katherine absolutely promised! But Penny was so upset that, once again, William wouldn’t meet her closest friends; that one more occasion would pass without them meeting her future husband. It was all so awful, this one part of her life that seemed totally out of her control!

William held her, listened to her sadness, and kissed away her tears. He assured her that tomorrow he would meet the Marches and they would all become best friends. He heard her taking long, deep breaths, relaxing in his arms, trusting him. He loved that about her; the complete way she trusted and believed in him. They sat close together, in the back of the little church by the lake, and just held each other. Tomorrow night, she would be his wife and he would be her husband and they would live happily ever after, belonging and loving one another for the rest of their days.

The rehearsal went well. The dinner was fun, all of the families mingling and liking one another. Wiliam and Penny sat at the head table, lost in their own world of happiness. They both doubted that any other couple had ever been as in love. Too soon, Penny was being whisked away by her sisters and Julie for a girls’ night. It would be the first evening they hadn’t spent together in months. William hated to release her, to let her walk away from him. He contented himself with whispering words of love and promises of joy, then kissing her deeply. Penny felt sadness at leaving him, but joy that after tonight, she would never have to leave him again.

Penelope’s wedding day started out wonderfully. The sky was the brightest blue, the breeze mild and cool. Her friends and family fed her breakfast, talked with her, and assisted her with getting dressed. Her make-up was gentle, William preferred that. Her dark hair was pulled back with tiny curls framing her face. Her face glowed with happiness and contentment. Her gossamer undergarments brought ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from her ladies-in-waiting. When her hair and make-up were perfect, she held up her arms and her dress was lowered onto her. She felt remarkably like Cinderella, all ready for the ball. She also felt amazingly calm, not nervous at all. Penny had never been as sure of a decision as she was of marrying William.

At the church, the guests were arriving. William was there, with his best man, pacing in the waiting room, checking his tie, smoothing his hair. He knew that Penny was just down the hall and had to fight the desire to go to her, to hold her one more time, feel her against him, kiss her hello. Finally, his best man led him to the altar. He waited there, the guests quietly murmuring behind him. Then the processional began and the crowd stilled. The attendants moved sedately down the aisle. With relief, he saw Katherine was there and knew that Penny must be relieved. Then little Meg walked adorably down the carpet, tossing petals, looking around, eyes wide and lips smiling. William immediately knew why Penny loved her so much and istanbul bayan escort felt anxious to have his own little girl, one who looked just like her mother. He was lost in thought when suddenly there was a hush. He turned and saw his Penelope, standing beside her father, so beautiful she brought tears to his eyes. She walked to him, nearly bouncing with happiness, her eyes never leaving his. As her father presented her, William eagerly took her hands in his, to hold forever.

The ceremony was lovely. Finally, they were married. They turned together and shared one very perfect kiss, their first. It brought to mind that today would be filled with firsts, and William almost laughed out loud with joy.

The afternoon and early evening passed quickly, full of well wishes, tradition and busyness. Penny was always just out of his reach, surrounded by others. They shared the first dance to their song, “Breathe”. Penny snuggled close to him, listening to the words, full of love for William, enjoying the time together. Then, abruptly, they were separated with all sorts of duties that seemed to last for hours. When they could meet, it seemed time for only a whispered word or a short caress, before one or both was pulled away.

Penny didn’t have any time with Katherine either. They had a moment for a hug and kiss before the ceremony, and only seconds to share afterward. Meg had rushed to her, but then held back, awed by her elegance. She shyly handed her a gift-wrapped package, then rushed off to join the other small children at play. Penny placed it aside, to open later.

Finally, the celebration was winding down. Penny threw the bouquet, they were pelted with bird seed [a gift for the birds in the park], and they entered the limo, a sanctuary. Both released a deep breath and moved together, ready to start their new life, anxious for the wedding night ahead.

They were using a cabin belonging to a friend. The ride was not too long, just enough for the couple to kiss and almost sink into that hazy, sensual world they so easily created. Too soon, the chauffeur was opening the door, coughing discreetly, and helping Penny out of the car. He carried in the bags, then bowed and wished them both luck.

William and Penny knew they were already the luckiest people in the world. He carried her over the threshold, kissing her deeply as he walked. Once inside, he closed and locked the door, securing their private bower. Penny was still in her finery, William still in his tuxedo.

They walked to the bedroom, arm in arm, and stood before the huge bed, both smiling and excited. William turned to Penny, taking her hand and bending to kiss her. “Tonight, we will begin our lives together. Things we do tonight, we will probably do the rest of our lives. We will be setting habits and lifestyles for years to come. I love you, Penny. I want tonight to be perfect for you. Let’s begin our lives. Now.”

He turned her then, assisting in the opening of the many tiny buttons down the back of her dress. Then he stood before her, waiting patiently as she learned to undo his tie and opened all the buttons on his shirt. They took turns, opening and unhooking, unzipping and removing, until they stood before each other, naked and eager. Again, he bent to kiss her, feeling her body pressed full-length against him.

They moved to the bathroom, where William began filling the oversized tub with warm water and lots of fragrant bubbles. They stepped in together, sitting across from each other, marveling at the intimacy of this act.

William had thought they would need some time for Penny to relax, to feel prepared for the next step. But he had misjudged her. She was ready to share her bed with him, to make love completely and finally spend a night in his arms afterwards. She told him that in a million ways.

Using a soft sponge and lots of bubbly soap, they washed each other. Penny was first to discard the sponge, preferring her own slippery hands and fingers moving over him. She kept igniting fires on his body, her touch innocent and knowing at the same time. She moved slowly over his chest, soaping his niplets and teasing them. William felt himself hardening and throbbing in the warm water, excited that all the weeks of denial were finally at an end.

He leaned forward, kissing Penny and taking her hands in his. He kissed each fingertip, marveling at the softness of her, the sweetness. She turned then, moving back against him, his cock hot and hard against her ass. He had access to her soft, full breasts, could pinch and fondle her hard nipples as much as he wanted. Penny was squirming in the water, her hips wriggling delightfully against his erection. Her head was growing heavy on his chest, her little moans becoming louder. He leaned down to kiss her neck, nibble along the length of it, finding her earlobe and sucking on it, causing her to cry out.

She turned then, looking into his eyes with lust and need burning in hers. Amazingly, she took the lead. Penny azeri escort stood, reaching down to help him up, her rosy skin covered with patches of bubbles. She started a shower of warm water to rinse them. They stood, side by side, arms about each other, feeling the spray on their fevered flesh, knowing that they were about to become truly joined. As they stepped from the tub, they wrapped each other in a fluffy towel, taking a second one to dry arms and faces and hands. They were both thinking this was a tradition they would like to continue, bathing together, drying together, walking to their bed together.

Penny had a new wardrobe of beautiful, gossamer gowns, but she didn’t choose any of them. Instead, she stood by the bed and dropped her towel, incredibly beautiful and sensuous as she was. She felt no timidity, no fear; just an abiding desire to become one with William, tonight and every night.

They stood, kissing and touching, still incredulous that they were free to do anything they wanted. They could caress as they loved to do, but they didn’t have to stop, didn’t have to go to separate beds in separate homes ever again.

Somehow, they weren’t standing anymore; they were stretched full-length together on the massive bed, their bodies pressed closely. They kissed innocently, just touching lips, just pressing together slightly, just inhaling the other’s breath. Then the kisses became deeper, less chaste, more needy. Tongues slipped back and forth, teasing and testing. Lips twisted and sucked, finding new ways to be together. Their naked bodies were hot, flushed, reaching also, trying to find the way to unite.

William kissed her neck, moving his soft lips down to the curve of her shoulder, nibbling there, delighting in the way his mouth just fit. His fingers roamed freely, laying claim to all of her, knowing it well, yet discovering it for the first time. His mouth continued its journey, finding her engorged nipples and teasing them as he loved to do. He closed his eyes and suckled, finding peace and contentment at her breast. But it didn’t last long. There were things he longed to do, places he needed to taste and feel. He slid down her lush body, caressing her curves with fingers and palms and tongue.

He was moving at a lover’s pace, discovering slowly and happily. His tongue left a trail of heat and dampness down her body, circling her navel, finding his way to the edge of her curlies, inhaling her essence and breathing deeply. This was something he had longed to do for weeks, but kept for tonight. He kissed the curls, feeling the springy texture on his chin, mouth and cheeks. He used his fingers to comb through them, liking the way they wrapped over his fingertips. It was incredibly sensual. Looking up at Penny, he was pleased to find her watching him. They locked eyes as he slid even further, his tongue outstretched, searching. There! He found the slit he wanted. His tongue moved slowly up and down, parting the curls and finding the swollen, damp pinkness he craved. He loved watching her face, seeing the myriad of expressions pass over her. Her fingers slid into his hair, encouraging him, holding him there. Her soft thighs had fallen open, giving him complete access, indicating her complete desire.

He delved deeper, discovering with his tongue all the places his fingers had found before. It was familiar, yet incredibly different. The silkiness, the satiny pinkness, the delicious taste of her; he savored it all. He sought that tiny button he had touched before. It was there, hard and ready, and she jumped at the touch of his tongue on her clit for the first time. Her soft moans filled the air, her fingers grasped his hair. He felt her hips twisting under him, pushing up to his face, wanting more.

William toyed with her, teasing her. His tongue lightly stroked along her clit, circling slowly, one way and then the other. He paused, holding very still. With a rapid stroke, he began flicking her clit, up and down, feeling her tense beneath him, feeling her hips begin a wild dance. He knew her, knew her reactions, listened to her ragged breathing and felt her fingers gripping him with desperation. Her body was tightening under him, her legs straightening and locking in place. His face was clasped between her damp thighs, allowing him no escape. Not that he wanted to escape, he was as close to heaven as he had ever been. He lowered his face deeper into her warm pink, feeling his face completely encased in her liquid heat. Now he couldn’t hear her breathing, but could tell from her fingers and her hips that she was nearly there. This was a moment he had dreamed of for weeks. He continued his happy stroking of her clit and pussy, knowing the pleasure he was giving her, knowing that she was about to come.

She stiffened, completely still for a moment. Then, her entire body spasmed and began to tremble. He held her hips, continuing his ministrations, feeling her body bucking under his mouth. Her fingers gripped his scalp, and her cries filled the air. He rode with her, holding her close until he felt her relax under him. Finally, he lifted his damp face and looked up at her. She was flushed and smiling, her eyes unfocused. Her entire body was loose, content. William kissed his way up her body once again, finding her mouth and feasting there.

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