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‘Did I say something wrong? Why hasn’t he texted me back?’

In the dark living room, Amy sat on the sofa with the laptop opened in her lap. The muddy-blonde wife, wearing a tank-top and pajama pants and socks, bit her nails while looking down to the clock in the bottom right corner of the computer screen. ‘3:30! I got to get to bed.’ Her eyes darted to the gloomy bedroom across the way. ‘I mean, what am I thinking anyway?’ She glanced back to the Direct Message but put her hand on the lid of the laptop, determined to end the connection and call it a night. ‘Maybe, its better he’s not answering.’ She hesitated, unable to bring herself to shut it down. The stranger crawled under her skin, making her want things, desire things she shouldn’t. She slipped her fingers under the band of her pajama bottoms and felt the dampness of her thong. In a flash of regret, she removed her hand and rubbed her socked feet on the couch cushions, fighting the urges. ‘Shit! How the hell am I getting any sleep tonight while thinking about some delicious stranger between my legs?’ Trying to ignore the tickling itch below, she leaned up and planted her feet on the floor. “I’m closing this laptop and nipping this nonsense in the bud,” she grumbled, “before I fall further down this rabbit ho—”

Bobby: I lost connection for a sec.

‘For a sec?’ Amy huffed. She thought about ignoring him, pretend she didn’t just sit around for nearly thirty minutes waiting for his reply. However, her body temperature rose, face flushed, and heart thrummed, at the mere thought of continuing their conversation. ‘End the connection! End the connection!’ Her brain screamed, battling with herself. She moved the cursor over the ‘X’ to close out the screen, paused, and slid it down to the Text-bar instead. She sighed when typing.

Me: Perfect timing.

Bobby: Shouldn’t you be in bed?

‘Uh, yeah…’ Amy thought as she typed.

Me: Yes.

Bobby: I guess… I’ll go now.

‘Oh no you ain’t! Not after making me wait for you.’ Amy gnawed her bottom lip, contemplating a more racy text. She started but quickly backspaced, erasing it.

Bobby: U erased…

‘Crap!’ Amy forgot he could see her writing status. She wrung the nervousness from her wrists, popped her knuckles, before trying again.

Me: I did. I’m sorry. You tugged at my strings. Sleep might be hard for me.

Bobby: No. Sleep will be HARD for me.

‘Whoa! Did he just make me think of his hard cock?’ Amy panted. The image of him sprawled on his bed with his big dick, stiff as a pole, soaked her panties. Her head spun with lustful images.

Me: Thanks for that. See what I mean? You are tugging real hard on my strings.

Bobby: What are you thinking about?

Me: The truth? The guilty truth?

Bobby: What is that?

Me: You.

‘There. I’d said it.’ Amy folded her arms over her tank-top. She pressed her feet into the edge of the table and bounced her knees with anxiety, shaking the computer in her lap. She went back to biting her nails while anticipating his reply.

Bobby: What about me?

‘God, he wants to play. Could he not make it so easy to fall into this trap?’ Amy reached out to respond, hands trembling with arousal, and texted back.

Me: Tasting my lips.

Bobby: I like that. Which ones?

‘Ha! You know which ones! You’ve wrapped your hands around my ankles and are dragging me down this stupid rabbit hole!’ Amy wiped her clammy palms on her pajama bottoms before continuing.

Me: Your hands on my body… I can’t believe I’m saying this.

Bobby: You’re naughty

“Great,” Amy sighed. ‘He thinks I’m some hussy. Or… some bored and desperate housewife that reads too much mommy porn.’

Me: I’m not.

Bobby: You sure?

‘Actually, I could be very naughty—’ Amy stopped herself mid-thought. ‘Wait! Stop! You can’t say that.’

Me: Yes.

Bobby: Fine…

‘No! Not fine.’ Amy wanted to be naughty with him. ‘Crap!’

Me: But you make me want to be.

‘Oh, God.’ Amy palmed her face after sending the message. ‘I do sound like a hussy.’

Me: And it’s a bit unnerving.

Bobby: Why?

For Amy, the question came off the screen in a strong, grisly voice. Her body filled with an exhilarating pressure, lowering her inhibitions to divulge her secret desires to this disembodied entity across the internet.

Me: I’m all hot and bothered thinking about another man. That’s pretty bad.

Bobby: That’s never happened?

The text woke Amy from her sexual trance. She perked up at the accusation.

Me: You think I do this all the time?

Bobby: No, I’m just asking.

Me: No. It hasn’t.

Bobby: Why do you think its happening?

‘You gotta be kidding me.’ Amy furrowed a brow. ‘Is he trying to psychoanalyze me right now?’

Me: Beats the hell out of me. Coz it’s late? Maybe whatsapp escort I’m just fucking horny or because for some unknown reason I’m drawn to you.

Bobby: Why are you so horny? Do you get horny when it gets late?

‘Why all the questions! Stop making me think about what is happening to me and just… just—Could we just get on with it already?’ Amy’s face tightened, brows arched. She pressed the keys with a little more force.

Me: Yes… and you got my mind fucked up. Hey! How about you give me something? I’m confessing my secret thoughts.

Bobby: Like what?

Me: You’ve told me nothing.

Bobby: I’m the one that started this. You know I want my throbbing cock between your warm thighs. Did I mention that?

‘Oh!’ Amy gasped. Her eyes widened with excitement. She sat up straighter, folded her legs underneath her. ‘Now I got him talking.’

Me: Yes… well, is it throbbing?

Bobby: Oh, yeah. Can you feel it?

Me: I’d want to.

Bobby: Can you see it, pulsating in your hands?

Amy’s chest rose and fell heatedly. Her nipples stiffened beneath her tank-top. She couldn’t hold back anymore, literally thirsting for his cock. While typing with her right hand, she moved her left beneath the band of her pajama bottoms and rubbed her clit.

Me: I can feel its warmth.

Amy’s eyes rolled, closed, but upon opening again, she found a tall, lean man standing over her; his face was smooth and dark hair combed to the side. She breathed through slightly agape lips. Her eyes sailed down his muscular chest, six-pack abs, to his huge manhood dangling limp down his right thigh. Without hesitation, she reached out and grabbed his shaft in her free hand while her left continued working under her pajama bottoms.

“That’s it.” Bobby gazed down at her with bright blue eyes.

“You are making me want things I shouldn’t,” Amy whimpered. In haste, she pulled the tank-top over her head. Her slender B-cups flopped out with taut pink areolas. She shoved the pajama bottoms, thong, down from her bald pussy and whipped the socks off her size 8 feet, long toes topped with a deep red pedicure. Once completely naked, she laid back on the couch, waving for him.

“You’re so sexy, lying underneath me.” Bobby climbed between her long legs. His cock hardened, the engorged tip grazing her pink entrance. While cradling her chin, he gazed into her eyes.

“I crave your mouth all over me,” Amy moaned. She writhed underneath Bobby, thrusting her hips up and grinding her bald mound against the underbelly of his cock.

“It is. It’s kissing every portion of your body. From your neck…” Bobby’s lips peppered down her neck, shoulder. He fondled her bosoms, brushed his thumb across her erect nipples. “…tickling down to your breasts.”

“Ooouuu,” Amy moaned as Bobby suckled her tight pink nipples. With her feet on his calves, she pushed off and thrust her pussy harder into the bottom of his shaft. “Make me squirm under you. The thought of you getting hard is getting me wet. Shit! So wet. I want to feel your cock inside me.”

Bobby lowered his hips, his tip splitting her wet center. “How good does it feel?”

“Mmmmm-good.” Amy quivered in delight. The orgasmic itch, tickling pressure, made her eyelids flutter over her misty eyes. She lifted her legs, locked her ankles around his waist, and flexed her toes back. “I want you to tease me. I want to feel every inch of you, slowly.”

“How bad do you want it?”

“Fucking bad,” Amy squealed and squeezed him tighter in her thighs. “Drive in deep. Please!”

Bobby pushed his massive cock to the hilt. “You’re so wet.”

“You have no idea,” Amy moaned.

Bobby: Alright, I guess it’s time to call it a night, right?

The message acted like ice water thrown on the steamy couch. Amy bolted up from her comfortable position, naked, clothes strewn all over the floor. The vision of Bobby disappeared back into the computer screen. She snatched the laptop with frustration and typed the keys with vigor.

Me: Wow, that’s how you leave me? Okay.

Bobby: No. I couldn’t leave ya like that. Just checking. You’re the one that has to work.

Me: You screwed with my head real good. I’ll remember that.

Bobby: Oh, no. Your legs are still wrapped around me and ankles locked.

Amy glanced to the dark bedroom across the way and then back to the screen. With laptop in hand, she stretched long ways down the couch, head propped on the armrest. Her left hand slid back down to her pussy while typing with her right.

Me: I’m listening. I want to feel your back sweating. I want to hear your growls.

Amy closed her eyes, drifting back into the mood. The tickling itch intensified, filling her body with more excitable energy. She writhed while rubbing her clit. Her eyes shot open, face to face with Bobby’s istanbul escort bayan blue gaze.

Bobby hammered her pussy on the couch, chest to breasts. “I’m fucking you hard,” he said, narrating his actions. “I hear your shaky breaths in my ear.”

“Oh, God, yeah.” Amy clung to him, melting against his chest. She extended her legs straight in the air, toes pointed.

Bobby postured up in the push-up position and drove down with more speed, power. The couch squeaked. Their flesh clapped.

“Baby,” Amy cried out, “it fucking feels so good. Go harder, harder.” Her breasts bounced with sharp nipples. Her legs stiffened in the air, trembled, with toes curled tightly. The tremor ran down her thighs, and upon crossing her midsection, the sensation exploded into euphoric tickles. She strained, convulsed, and pushed the orgasm all over his cock.

Bobby slowed his hips. He inched in and out, in and out, before finally pulling out. His cock drenched with her juices.

“Oh, my god,” Amy breathlessly said. She stared vacantly at the ceiling with a hand to her brow. Her legs lowered to his back. “I just came.”

“That’s so fuckin’ hot.” Bobby climbed off the couch and stood up. He smiled down at her frazzled state, cock twitching.

“Fuck, I want to lick you.” Amy hurried to her knees on the carpet. Sitting on her heels, she grabbed the base of his shaft with both hands and churned the long pole. “I want just a taste of your dick in my mouth, to feel its warmth, its hardness between my lips.” She leaned forward and slipped the tip in her mouth. She slurped on the engorged head while stroking the base.

“It feels good between your lips,” Bobby growled, muscles tensed.

Amy bobbed halfway down the length, choked, and then sucked as she withdrew. Upon reaching the tip, she tightened her lips and went down again, her tongue caressing the underbelly. Her neck jerked in and out in rapid succession, swallowing to the midway point each time. She finally pulled away, and while jerking his shaft, she said, “Slowly drive it in. I want to devour you.”

Bobby cupped her head, holding her in place, and pushed his hips forward, inching his cock down her throat. “Just like that, baby.”

Amy gargled, gagged, before withdrawing, sucking as she did. “I want to own your release inside me,” she moaned on the tip. While jerking the top-half, she lowered and licked up the underbelly. “…but you have to return the favor first.”

“You’re so sexy.” Bobby helped her up to the couch, knelt on the carpet, and tossed her legs over his shoulders. Before starting, he looked up her flat stomach, breasts, to her flustered face.

Slouched against the backrest, Amy groped her bosoms and gently tugged on her tight nipples. “I want your tongue flicking my clit. Don’t make me wait. Pleeease,” she begged. She rubbed her feet up and down his back. Upon feeling his lips, tongue, on her pussy, the orgasmic itch increased tenfold, making her watery eyes roll in the back of her head.

Bobby flicked her clit with his tongue, all while kneading her bald mound with his fingers. He smacked, kissed, and slurped on her pussy. “You taste so sweet.”

“Oh, fuck,” Amy’s voice rose in pitch with the intensifying tickle. She looked down at Bobby’s wagging head as he devoured her center. Her eyes distended, mouth agape. Her legs trembled, tensed, trapping his head between her warm thighs. “I want to cum again. My clit is so swollen.”

Bobby’s tongue snaked inside her pink slit, wiggled about, before lapping her like a thirsty dog. “Cum for me.”

“Keep going,” Amy crooned. She pointed her toes down his back, as a tingly tremor crawled up her legs and attacked her center, inflating her with more exhilarating pressure. Her breasts jiggled with stiff nipples. She clutched the sofa on each side with a death grip. “God, I feel tingles throughout my body.” She wiggled her toes and then balled her feet. “You have so much control over me.”

With his arms wrapped under her legs, Bobby gripped her thighs firmly and pressed his mouth against her clit. He licked, munched, and fluttered his lips.

“God, this feels so good,” Amy’s voice rose even higher from the incredible sensation. “Make me cum, baby. I want to cum on your tongue.” The titillating tension built to unimaginable heights. Her face expanded in utter shock before twisting in pleasure. She strained, pushed. Her legs darted in the air, quaked, with toes curled. Her whole body shook. The orgasm piqued and flooded her core with dizzying tickles. “Ooouuuuu!”

Bobby ate her pussy with energy as she convulsed from the deliriously strong orgasm. As she flopped to her back, hand to her brow, he licked the residue off the pink plate and stood with a smile, ogling her trembling body.

“I just, uh, I just came,” Amy said breathlessly. On her back, she hugged her naked body and özbek escort crossed her legs over her tickling pussy as the last few tremors passed through. She caught her breath, fanned her saturated eyes, before sitting up right in front of Bobby’s massive erection. The purple tip pointed directly in her face, veins protruded from the shaft. “But I’m not done, and neither are you.”

“No, you’re not.” Bobby yanked Amy to her feet and into his embrace. Moonlight spilled through the window, highlighting the naked couple as they entwined like vines.

While looking into his blue eyes, Amy underhanded his shaft and stroked the hard member. “Tell me what you want.”

Bobby kissed her soft lips. “I want you riding me.”

Amy smiled and playfully shoved him to the sofa. “Lay on your back.” After he sprawled across the couch, she straddled his lap, her knees digging into the cushions. She looked down, placing her forehead against his, and rotated her hips, pinning his cock to his stomach with her bald mound, her ass dimpling. “Your cock is so hard. Fuck, I could cum again.”

Bobby groped her ass, filling the spaces of his fingers with her flesh. As she rode to the tip, he dropped his hips slightly and then thrust upward, squeezing inside her tight wet core.

“Oouu,” Amy moaned in his ear. She cradled his head in her bosoms and rolled her hips like a belly-dancer, gently riding his massive manhood. “How do you want it? Fast, slow?”

“I want it fast,” Bobby said while showing affection to her nipples.

“You got it, baby,” Amy moaned. With her ankles over his thighs, she pushed off and jounced on his cock with energy. Her breasts jiggled in his face, nipples sharp. The pleasure pressure built inside, transforming her into a wild woman. “Your dick feels so hard it hurts. I love it.”

Bobby peppered kisses all over her bouncing breasts, flicking his tongue against her sharp pink nipples. “Damn, I want you so bad.”

“Yes,” Amy moaned, the itching pressure prickling all over. She looked down at him, mouth open with a look of surprise. She rode him faster, driving her pussy on his cock. The couch shook. “Oh god, I’m so wet. Feel how slick I am for you? This is what you do to me.” Her face twitched as if fighting a sneeze. “Drive from below. Please! Hard! So hard!”

“I’m fucking you, baby, shaking your entire body.” Bobby squeezed her ass tighter. From there, he took control by holding her in place and thrusting upward with energy. He rocked her body, skin smacking louder.

“Shit. I’m so wee-ee-eak,” Amy’s moan heightened with the speed of his impact. She clenched her ass, absorbing the shock. The exhilarating tension rose to a tipping point. Her pussy tickled intensely, forming tears in her eyes once again. She hugged his head in her breasts. Her feet lifted off the sofa, balancing only on her knees, with pointed toes. “Drive me down hard on you. Fuck, yes!”

“Cum on that dick,” Bobby growled.

“My whole freaking body wants to explode.” Amy’s face twisted in ultimate pleasure: forehead wrinkled, nose twitched, and mouth hung wide open. She strained, pushed, and released herself all over his thrusting cock. Her pussy exploded into heavenly tickles. For the first time in her life, she squirted on his lap. “I’m cummin! I’m cummin,” she crooned, face beet-red and veins protruding from her neck and forehead.

“Fuck!” Bobby wrapped her quivering body in his arms, tensed, and released his seed inside her warm wet pussy.

“I’m so…” Amy said softly, her head lying on his chest. Her feet lowered to the sofa as she melted in his arms. Her hips softly twitched on his cock. “…slick.”

“You like that, baby girl.”

“Yes, I like it when you call me that.” Amy stared off into nothing as the tremors slowly died down. “God, I want you so bad.”


After a moment, in which she gathered her faculties, Amy wagged the blur from her eyes and sat up on the sofa, hair disheveled, body perspiring. She was alone once again. The laptop set in arm’s reach on the coffee table, a blanket strewn on the floor, and a giant wet spot stained the couch’s middle cushion. ‘Shit.’ She flipped the cushion over. ‘This’ll have to do for now.’ She then snatched the blanket off the carpet, covered herself, and looked down to the computer screen.

Me: You just seriously fucked my head and my body.

Bobby: Haha that’s a good thing

Me: Yeah, don’t become my addiction

Bobby: I don’t want to be an addiction… just a nightcap

Me: So, what now? My day is gonna be fun now trying not to think of you.

Amy looked at the clock and realized she had two more hours before work.

Bobby: At least you came, huh? Lol

Me: And you’ve made me sin.

Bobby: Take me to church

Amy smiled.

Me: Nighty night. Thank you.

Bobby: My pleasure…

Amy closed her laptop and released a big breath. After rubbing her face, she put her clothes back on and proceeded to the dark bedroom. She eased onto the soft mattress, pulled the covers up, and snuggled with a man on the far edge. Through the open door, down the hall, she could still see the laptop on the coffee table.

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