Are you gonna make me beg?

Big Tits

1. Jace is lying in the bed next to his brother. When they graduated high school a couple years ago, just before they headed off to different colleges, Jace begged Derek for one thing. For his brother to fuck him. They had decided on different schools, in different states, which meant being apart from each other. They had a close relationship to say the least but as twins they could barely stomach the thought of separating. The sun filters through the window and highlights Derek’s short brown hair. His skin tan and dark eyes seem lighter with the sun touching them in a certain way. They are identical in looks and even keep similar haircuts. Laying in bed with his brother, Jace speaks up first. “So…”His legs tangle with Derek’s naked body, as they had long since stopped wearing anything to bed. They had shared a room since birth and started sleeping in the same bed in high school, sneaking away to share steamy weekends together when they came home from college, like this weekend. The intimate contact became sexual two years ago and seemed to complete their already intense brotherly connection. No one really understood their closeness and they sometimes took for granted how close they had become. “What?” Derek traces a circle around Jace’s nipple and Jace moans. “God, Derek you’re really gonna make me beg…fuck.” Jace’s cock is already half hard and he knows Derek loves when he begs him, but every damn time? Derek chuckles as his hand slides lower, gripping his brother’s thick cock. This is just another weekend home from college but damn he misses his twin. Even finding a quick fuck with a few other guys hadn’t ever compared to Derek simply stroking his cock. “Perhaps not this time.” Derek Escort Fikirtepe strokes Jace slowly at first. “Where’s the lube?” Jace thrusts into Derek’s hand eagerly. “Fuck, I don’t know…mmmm…” He feels around in the bed sheets and his hand lands on the cool plastic bottle. “Here…god!” Derek’s masterful stroke amps Jace up fast. “Would you be quiet,” Derek warns Jace as he slicks lube on his brother’s dick. Derek often wonders if he’ll ever get over losing his brother. It’s been two years already but they still have two more years of college left. He hates to spend one night away from his brother and they haven’t seen each other in a month. He won’t see Jace again until holiday break. “Fuck..yeah..uhhh.” Jace’s cock throbs and he is already so close. “Derek I want you to do something.” “Isn’t this enough?” Derek strokes faster and tugs on Jace’s balls. “Yes!” Jace turns his body and holds Derek’s shoulders. “Wait…I wanted to ask you…to fuck me.” Derek’s hand stops. He looks at Jace, his gaze hard. “What?” Derek questions his twin. They’ve given each other handjobs and even made-out a little…but fucking? “Before we head off to college again. I want you to fuck me. I want you to be my first. Please. I’ll beg.” Jace moans and kisses Derek. “Please fuck my tight hole. I want your cock, Derek.” Derek moans and he jerks Jace off hard and fast. Jace has had sex before but he won’t let that out of the bag just yet. He wants his “first time” to be special and for it to count he wants it to be with his brother. “Fucking tease.” Derek growls. “I’ll fuck you but not before you suck my cock and do whatever I tell you. Got that.” “Yes!” Jace cries Sancaktepe escort out. “Want to cum?” “Please…” “Beg me.” “Please, oh please let me cum..” Derek pushes his finger against Jace’s ass hole. He’s never tried that before and Jace arches off the bed. Derek knows Jace is a screamer so he covers his mouth, smothering him with a deep kiss. “Cum for me, brother…” he says quietly and seconds later Jace shoots his load, coating them both in hot cum. 2. Derek has such a fondness for his twin brother that it is breaking his heart to think they won’t wake up in the same bed everyday. That they won’t share their secret affair and be able to indulge in their lusts any time the mood strikes. He has thoughts about driving his brother mad with lust before letting Jace cum. Derek’s cock stirs and he bites his lip to keep from moaning. They had already shared a few wank sessions since returning home from college for the weekend. He knows if he shows any sign of arousal Jace will tease him. Derek is also contemplating Jace’s request to fuck him. He sits at the computer and watches his brother, imagining Jace rubbing himself, moaning while preparing his ass to be fucked. Derek will make Jace wait but not for much longer. He’d already been thinking about fucking Jace for a while now but thought it would be pushing Jace a bit too far to actually fuck his ass. They shower together and then dress. Jace whines when Derek makes him go to the store before they go to the hotel. “Derek…I want to go to the hotel. I want you to fuck me now,” Jace taunts Derek. “Don’t you want me? Don’t you want to sink your hard cock into my tight-” “Enough!” Derek’s cock is straining üsküdar escort bayan against his zipper as it is. “I will fuck you when I’m good and ready but you keep fucking with me and I’ll surely shut you up…somehow.” Desire and curosity war in Jace’s eyes as he stares at his brother’s profile. Derek sits in the driver’s seat, and Jace’s eyes travel down to the bulge of his cock. “Shut me up how?” They pull into the parking lot and Derek shuts off the car. He had never done anything with Jace in public. They were twins after all. There was no way to play it off if they were caught in a sexual situation. But Derek’s feeling daring. He has a dark tint on his windows and he’s the only car in the parking lot.3. “Unzip me,” Derek states in a soft yet firm voice. “Do not touch me anywhere else but my zipper and don’t speak.” Jace is about to protest when Derek shoots him a look and raises his eyebrow. “If you want me to do this, any of this, then obey me, Jace.” Jace bites his lip and nods. He doesn’t speak as he reaches for the zipper of Derek’s jeans. His fingers tremble slightly. “Quicker…” Jace undoes the button and pulls down the zipper. Being Derek he goes commando and he’s not wearing boxers. His cock is so stiff, it’s pointing up towards his belly button. “See what you’ve done? You’re going to use your mouth on me, until I feel satisfied.” Jace’s eyes widen and his cock twitches. He knew this day would come but suddenly it’s here. The moment he’ll finally feel a cock in his mouth and it’s Derek’s. The other boys he’d fooled around with were nothing compared to this. He smiles and his mouth waters in anticipation. Derek chuckles and uses his hand to push Jace’s head down towards his hard cock. “Tongue only.” Jace slides his tongue against the stiff rod of Derek’s cock, swirls his tongue around the tip as best he can without using his hands and the taste of pre-cum coats his tongue making Jace moan. “God, yes…” Derek’s cock twitches and leaks more pre-cum which Jace laps up in a hurry.

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