After our hushed conversations online, all I can think about is that first time we stole away in secret to acquaint ourselves. We met openly in a park and walked hand in hand along one of its sparsely traversed trails. You kissed me on the mouth straight away, and for the next hour we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Though we railed against taking each other right there, out in the open, we parted with plans to meet again, more privately, and I arrived home mesmerized. I remember our kisses with such vivid clarity that I have clung to those memories this whole week waiting to be with you again. It is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I sleep. I try to remember your warmth, your scent, your taste: the feel of your warm lips upon my breasts. Though I try to recreate it in my mind, all I am left with is an insatiable want that my trembling fingers cannot satiate alone. A want of nothing else but you…

The day has finally arrived. I drive to the hotel, a woman, in aching desperation for your touch. I feel no guilt with what I am about to do: My body does not have the strength or the want to deny you will. You text me the room number and I knock on the door. You answer and take me in your arms as strongly as you did when we first met: your strength further arousing my achingly wet pussy as the soft flesh of my breasts is pressed up against your chest firmly. All the while your stiffening cock pushes against my trembling stomach. I have painstakingly planned out what I Manavgat Escort Bayan am wearing — a black cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and a black thong. As you start to rub my back, you kiss me hard and deeply and I feel that pointed tongue of yours jut in and out of my mouth. I feel the moistness of as it is intermingling and I struggle against myself not to lose control of my desires as your hand finds its way up my dress rubbing my ass seductively.

I find myself not able to take it anymore and I kneel before you and start to unbuckle your pants. I pull them down and notice the thickening bulge of your underwear and it is apparent that you are oozing wet. I swallow hard as my throat spasms in anticipation of taking your dick as far down as it will go. I am perhaps more aroused by the fact that you want it too.

I pull down your underwear and expose your stiff cock, dripping with liquid pleasure. Your head is exquisitely attached to a long shaft, which, until now, I could only have only imagined inside of me, stretching the thick, tight, walls of my pussy around it as I clench down from the inside, desperate to milk and consume its essence. My mouth parts slightly and my damp tongue starts to lick you slowly, savoring the sweetness of your precum on my tongue (and swallowing it delightfully). My tongue continues down the length of your shaft, sliding up and down as I passionately press my warm lips against you, gently sucking it as I make my way back up to your head. I consume your dick voraciously Manavgat Escort and forcefully, taking your length into my throat, slightly choking myself. You mouth your pleasure breathily as you grab the back of my head and push it into your cock powerfully — your hips thrust at my face, pushing your cock right to the back of my throat.

You pump slower into my mouth now and pull your cock, drenched in my saliva. You pull me up and lead me over to the bed and lay me down upon it. You kneel on the floor by the bed, push up my dress, and draw my thighs apart revealing my panties drenched with the wetness you caused. You smell my muskiness as you pull the panties from my body to reveal my pussy, glistening wet, its lips swollen and aching for you to split me apart.

Your tongue probes between my pussy lips. You pull them apart with your hands to expose my enflamed clit. Your tongue juts it in and out of my aching body as your face, pressed up against my cunt, is slathered in my excitement. My body starts to jerk against you hard as I swear loudly in pleasure and grab on to your hair in effort to guide your tongue onto my clit. You begin to lick it in long strokes with your tongue and start to flick at my sensitive clit as you take it between your lips and start to suck on it. As your tongue works my clit my body writhes in pleasure as I inch closer to orgasm…finally my body is wracked with spasms and I yell and buck against you as I cum, my juices flowing freely into and onto your mouth…

You remove my dress Escort Manavgat and bra to expose my creamy, longing breasts as I spy your furious erection coming towards me as you climb atop. You lay on me and start to suck on my breasts as your erect cock teases the outside of my cunt, pressing up against it. It is almost more than I can bear. I am ready for you: I tell you I need you, that I want you badly.

You plunge your stiffened, hot flesh into my bare, shaven pussy and feel my body unyieldingly acquiesce to your lust. I feel the head of your cock pop into my pussy and I eagerly swallow your shaft. I wrap my legs around you as you thrust into me deeply, your eyes fixed upon every expression of want and pleasure that spreads about my flushed face. You plow my pussy with long, glorious, strokes as the bed beneath us buckles under the pressure of your thrusting. I buck my hips against yours, meeting your thrusts with my own as I am eager to keep taking in your throbbing dick. You grunt with pleasure with each push, the sweat of our bodies mingling as we are lost in this grip of lust, passion and self-abandon. Your cock fills me nicely and I long for you to spill your hot seed inside of me. My nails dig into your back as I breathe “cum, baby…I want your cum inside of me…please…” You start to thrust faster and my pussy, hot with friction, teeming with my own thick, creamy cum, finally feels your cock start to twitch as you grunt loudly with sweet release. You start to pump slower and slower as my muscles milk the hot, sticky essence from your body. You unhook your cock and I lay there, panting, in literal fulfillment…one that has not filled me in such a long time. I rise from the bed as that fulfillment starts streaming down the side of my leg. I look upon you with satisfaction and want you all over again…

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