Angel Time


(The Angel in my “Ode to an Angel” story is the inspiration for the character here. This is a fabrication, but something I’d love to have happen. )

Angel and I were spending our lunch hour together. It was at that time that I told her about the article I wrote about her. Her beautiful eyes were looking at me and melting me as she smiled at me.

“Did people read it?” she asked.

“They did,” I responded.

She gave a hearty laugh before she asked the next question.

“So, these folks read a story about me even though we never fucked or did more than you getting a lap dance from me?” she asked.

I looked at her and smiled back.

“Yes. It was about you as a person, not as a sex machine. I wanted folks to realize that the pretty girls they see on the different social media sites were worthy of respect.”

She leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

‘You always take care of me, Daddy,” she whispered before watching me blush.

She knew every time she said that she would get the same reaction from me. It was one of the ways she would pick on me. We continued to enjoy our time together before I started again.

“Are you working today?”

She looked at me and smiled.

“I start at eleven. No reservations for four hours though. Wanna come through?”

I looked at my phone in my bank account and saw I had some spare cash.

“How long and what time?”

She smiled again and whispered the price. I sent the amount on the cash app and smiled back at her. She looked at me with questioning in her eyes.

“Are you sure you can?”

“Angel, if I didn’t want to, Otele Gelen Escort I wouldn’t,” I smiled back.

She looked at me and smiled again before she kissed me on the forehead.

“See you in an hour, Daddy,” she whispered before turning and walking out of the coffee shop.

I watched her behind swaying as she walked away. I was wondering how lucky I was to get her as a friend. I finished off my coffee and went to keep busy for a little while before I headed towards the club. The club was quiet since it was still early. I was able to find a parking space. I texted Angel before walking in. I paid the cover charge and walked inside.

There she was, slipping onto stage to dance in her dark colored top and bottoms with matching shoes. After I paid, I walked in and sat down to watch her. Angel, for those who don’t know her, has black hair that is cut in a bob like style. She has a slender body that has tattoos of different types. She also has a gorgeous pair of breasts that were hiding behind a black top that clipped on the front and a pair of matching panties. Her heels were a pair of black ones that I knew she recently acquired. And of course, her smile was flawless. She saw me and smiled at me before she slipped off stage.

“Hi, Daddy,” she said matter-of-factly since the club was mostly empty except for a few other dancers and the gentleman who took my cover.

I followed her to the VIP area of the club. Unlike some that we read about in stories; this one doesn’t have individual rooms for everyone. Instead, it’s an area that’s separated Balgat Escort out where the girls do their special dances. Having had a few dances from Angel before, I already knew what she was going to do, or so I thought. She led me to a far corner before she had me sit on the leather seat. She stood over me as she put her phone on the chair next to us before she sat on my knee. She first placed her hand on my chest.

“It’s been a while since you’ve been here,” she whispered.

“Bills came. I’m sorry I missed your birthday.”

“I did too. I hate getting sick like that.”

She slid around so her gorgeous ass was in my lap before she started gyrating. My hands went to her hips to be respectful. After all, with a small number of folks at the club, I doubted I could do more. That’s when she turned towards me and showed me her top. The clasp was gold in the middle. I looked at her and pressed my luck.

“Is this top a front clasp?” I asked.

She nodded her head before I reached up and undid it, letting her gorgeous nipples come free. She moaned a bit.

“I needed that,” she whispered.

I leaned forward and was about to press my lips against one of them when she slid her hand behind my head and encouraged me. I bit them a little and sucked a bit before I went to the other one. It was then we started talking about life like we usually did when we saw each other. It was shortly after that when she slid on my lap and moved my hand to her back. I slid it down until I was grabbing as her ass and squeezing.

“I definitely missed that, Daddy,” Büyükesat Escort she said.

I looked over to make sure no one was paying attention before she slid sideways on my lap. My hand slid as well so it was rubbing her through her panties before she moved them for me. I started rubbing her naked vulva carefully like a kid trying to sneak out a candy bar. She looked at me and moaned again, encouraging me. When she quieted down, I moved my hand up, so it was grasping her throat.

“Did you like that, Angel?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy,” she moaned.

We started rubbing on each other before she rubbed the front of my jeans.

“You know, next time you should wear sweatpants,” she whispered.

“I can do that?” I asked.

I have mentioned I don’t frequent those kinds of clubs. So, I was under the impression I had to be a bit dressy. She nodded her head.

“Your jeans are too difficult to hide if I was stroking your cock. So, sweatpants next time?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I whispered.

During some of our conversations, we would toy with the idea of me being her dominant or her doing it to me. She gave me a wicked smile when I said that.

“We need to do a dungeon one day,” she said.

I looked at her when she said that.

“I want to try one of those crosses out. Would you take me?”

“Once we find one,” I answered as my hands found her pussy again.

She started gyrating so I was rubbing her again before she confessed.

“I like it when you play with my ass, Daddy.”

I pulled her close so I could start teasing her ass right then. During the rest of our time together, she must have had maybe three or four more orgasms while we teased each other. We finished with her taking a picture of us together and her sending it to me so I had it on my phone. I left that day a happy man even though I was contemplating how to get the opportunity to fuck her. Maybe if this story gets some love, I’ll tell you that story also.

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