Andrius the Guard


Warning! This is an erotic short story only for reading of those 18+ or the legal age requirement of your country!

This story will include controversial themes such as orientation play, non-con reverse rape, and less so-watersports. Other kinks in the story include femdom, musk, and bondage.

This is part one of a longer tale, but I hope you enjoy, nonetheless!

The Tale of Andrius The Guard

Andrius was in the middle of his daily training in the woods, when it was suddenly cut short by a flash of red. The wolf didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to change forever…

Andrius was the largest of the males his age. When he had come of age he was nominated to be on the village guard, he would train every day at this time to protect the forest secluded village the best he could. He had a shining coat of gray fur, changing to a lighter silver-white on his front. He was very muscular, his toned form visible through his thick fur. He had a few scars from battle, especially concentrated along his back, giving him a deep and mature look along with his cool, azure eyes. As a male of his species he possessed a sheathe and furry sack, filled with two large orbs, dense with seed. They were especially heavy this time of year, along with his body giving off a heavy musk as it was the mating season of wolves. The females often flocked around him around this time of year, a bit more friendly than usual in ways that the male wasn’t really looking for. Part of it was how the flaunting tended to interrupt his training, but Andrius wasn’t ever too enthused by females to begin with.

The wolf in fact tended to have an eye for the other males of his village, especially for a certain dark furred wolf named Kylian. The black furred wolf was the second most powerful and prolific wolf next to Andrius, and never failed to make his heart skip a beat when he caught sight of his piercing red eyes, despite being his rival. It was this adoration of Kylian that led Andrius to aspire towards the next position of the village guard in the first place. He held this unrequited love tenderly in his heart, the conviction of such love driving him to be the best protector that he can, even in this moment, he made his way towards that red flash in the distance.

He would need to find its origin and stop it If it posed any threat to his village. If it was the beginning of some sort of fire, it would be especially troublesome. He did smell a vague scent of smoke, however it was strange and seemed to be mixed in with the new scent of some sort of canine. Either way, he was determined to stop the issue and ensure the safety of Kylian and his people.

As he approached the area of the flash, the faint canine scent in the air grew greatly. He did not know of any canines that would be in this area, if anyone had left the village he would have seen them. On top of that, the canine smell had an odd quality to it, almost ominous. The odor mixed with the smell of smoke made him feel very uneasy. With that, there didn’t seem to be a fire of any sort in the area. Despite this, Andrius himself did feel a slight fiery feeling in his groin as he inhaled the scent. Whatever the canine creature was, it seemed to be a female, one in heat at that. Andrius was a little put off as In the past he’d never been directly stimulated by a female’s scent, but the air must have been especially dense with pheromones… He was having trouble Maltepe Escort focusing as he became light headed, his own body being in rut from mating season, resonated with the scent, having a slight urge to toy with his junk in his loincloth. His walking slowed, at this moment he just wanted to lay against a tree and relieve his stress…- Though, He quickly snapped back to reality, remembering his mission. He shook the thought from his head and observed the area for any signs of this foreign entity.

A dark furred canine watched from a distance. Serena had a sleek feminine form, she looked like any other canine if not for the crimson horns encroaching her head. She had sharp crimson eyes to match as well. Hiding within a bush, she intently observed the large wolf before her. She was a hellhound, sent from the dirtiest pits of the underworld to Earth all with the single goal of reproducing and sowing her species within it. She was to use the seed of the strongest males she could find for her offspring, and right now the large wolf in front of her was seeming to be the ideal candidate. She smirked as her tail wagged, the space between her legs was already soaking with the lustful fluids spurred by her heat. She was excited and ready to be seeded by the male before her.

While Andrius was turned around she sprung out from her hiding spot. The wolf turned around just in time to see the female tackle him to the forest floor.

His body skidded across the grass on his back, he felt a great weight over him. He looked up to see the sight of an overly eager hellhound, smiling with her open mouth and drooling over him.

“Hello Wolfie! Hope you’re not scared to play with a demon!” Said the beast, teasingly.

Andrius was speechless, mostly astounded by her size. He didn’t expect any female to be as large as him, females of his species were usually smaller. Though he immediately realized that the beast over him was nothing like his species. She may have a snout and features like that of a wolf, but her large horns, fangs, and blood red eyes indicated she was something far greater. She was a Hellspawn, something Andrius had only heard from ancient stories.

“Get off!” he said fearfully but boldly, pushing the demon off his body. He stood up quickly as she was knocked off of him, drawing his sword from his back, pointing it at the demon on the ground before him.

“I won’t let a demon toy with me so easily, not while I’m tasked to protect my village! If you refuse to leave on your own, I’ll strike you here and return to where you came!” He growled down to her.

The demon looked up at him before smirking.with a snap of her fingers, the same red light as before flashed from her eyes, staining Andrius’s vision in crimson. It was like a terrible noise overtook all his sense, only able to feel steely tendrils closing over his limbs like a vice. In a moment his vision cleared, however now he was once again on the ground. This time with his back against a tree, his hands in metal shackles above his head that glowed with scarlet and locked to the back of the large oak behind him. He gave the obligatory struggle as he looked up at the female beast who stood over him, opting to brandish his fangs as he found the effort futile.

“Sorry doggy, you won’t be doing any guarding anytime soon… You’re a very handsome male and the last thing I’m doing is leaving before I accomplish Anadolu Yakası Escort my duty.”

With her legs open she moved her muff down to Andrius’s nose. His eyes widened before turning to a scowl, this sort of act being the last thing he was expecting. He swelled his chest in an angry panic.

“Get your vile snatch awa-!”

Before he could finish his protest, Andrius’s muzzle was clamped shut by a strong paw. Serena stroked the scruff of his chin, her hands surprising tender even with their bold strength. As her scarlet eyes stare into him, he can’t help but be reminded of Kylian’s crimson gaze. He feels guilty and powerless, realizing that he’s unable to do anything to protect those he loves. His breath quickens, disgruntled at a hell hound’s pussy being the first crotch shoved in his face. In a purposeful show of struggle he tries to pull away, the source of those impossibly rich pheromones just before his sensitive nose.

“Get a whiff, pup. I’m in heat so you’ll really like my smell… Even though you’re an earthen beast, I’m sure your nose will respond the same way, we are both canines after all…”

Saying that, she rubs his nose into her puss. Her feminine scent clouds his muzzle, her pheromones instantly starting up the same burning that his crotch felt moments earlier. He panicked as his heart pounded, a tent begging to form in his loincloth. Andrius was exclusively homosexual, yet he was as aware as Serena of his the tent pitching higher as he’s forced to continue to huff on her fumes. A gracious excitement apparent as he was already staining his waist wrap with pre. Serena looked down expectantly as eventually the cloth fell away leaving his bright red musky length to stand free in the open. A drop of pre runs down his length, as the air is filled thicker with his virile scent.

“Mmm… looks like someone’s all pent up. Seems like you untainted beasts don’t get a lot of action, a shame since that’s a tasty looking cock you got there.”

Andrius was not ashamed at never mating before, though he had hoped that one day he would be able to court Kylian, hoping to save his fresh virgin seed for his beloved rival. Now painfully in the moment, it seemed that his towering length was closer to spilling its seed for someone then it ever had been in the past.

Serena unclamped his snout, but as Andrius tries to open his muzzle he finds it’s been bound shut with those same vibrant red chains. He tried his best to remain steadfast despite the unwanted scents and arousal clouding him, but the silver-white wolf was completely unprepared for her next remark.

“Fuck, just looking that defiant look of yours is getting me worked up y’know… I love stubbornness in a man. Seed from a fiery wolf like you is going to be perfect for my next litter~”

Andrius’s eyes widened, those sky colored eyes looking more uneasy than ever. This bitch was going to make him breed her! His first time mating being saved for his beloved Kylian was going to be stolen by some wicked skank! It was already terrible that his muzzle was rubbed into her snatch, but now she wanted to take his virginity along with his essence?

He growled angrily through his teeth, his face twisted in a desperate snarl. He thumped his heavy tail agrilly against the ground in a pitiful act of rebellion with his limited options.

“Aww, don’t worry puppy. Are you scared or something? İstanbul Escort I promise mating with a Hellhound isn’t that bad…”

Andrius huffed, swaying his tail again and continuing to bear his convicted gaze into her eyes.

“Or maybe it’s because of something else… Haha, You’re not a gay mutt, are you?”

Andrius gulped, though Serena was joking, his falling ears told her there was some merit to her inquisition. The sadistic beast smiled a knowing toothy grin at Andrius, as he broke eye contact, her own beastly fire revelling at the full extent of what she was putting the wolf through.

“Well, gay or not, my scent seemed to get you really hard… I know a great way to get you ready for mating, stud.”

She lifts her snatch from Andrius’s face, at first he’s relieved at finally getting to breathe fresh air. Though this was quickly seen to be only a momentary break. He looked up at the hellhound to see Serena parting the lips of her lower folds.

Just as Andrius’s head was cleared of her musk, it was replaced with a much more horrid and powerful scent. The ripe scent of a woman in heat poured over him. The hellhound’s bright yellow fluid jetting out all over his head. The hot steaming fluid ran down his face and dyed his once pure white and silver fur a vile yellow hue as it cascaded down his shoulders and body.

Andrius tried to pull back from the stream, but his efforts were futile as he was locked in place by the shackles.

“Come on, what’s wrong, Wolf? Is my smell too much for your sensitive nose? Too bad! You’ll be marked until every creature in the forest knows you’re mine~”

Andrius tried to growl past his teeth, agonized by a painful frustration. Against his will he had been tied and humiliated, and soon destined to sow a dynasty of demonic children. His pride was shattered by the moment. When he attempted to open his eyes, they would be met by burning urine. When he was able to open them for a moment he retched as he saw the once majestic fur of his chest ruined and matted. The powerful scent of the hellhound violated his snout, practically rending his nose as his eyes continued to burn. Tears soon formed and fell from his face, quickly washed by the yellow steam. He wished he could be free from this torture, back in the village with his comrades, away from this shame and at the comfort of Kylian.

This desire wouldn’t serve the poor beast any good however, as the virgin wolf was still at the demon’s mercy. All the while, his member stood erect below him, relishing in the stench of a fertile female. He cursed himself, resenting Serena for forcing him to become lustful and needy for her womanly form. The devious and wicked female only grinned as she relieved herself onto the disheveled male.

Eventually the yellow stream stopped, Serena taking Andrius’s muzzle in her hand and using it to wipe the rest of the dripping piss from her snatch, granting a pained whimper from the wolf. She grew excited looking at Andrius’s red and thick hard throbbing member, the majestic color contrasting nicely with his awfully stained coat. Turned on by the sight of the shaking male along with her own sadism, her hot hell hound cunt began to flow with a cleaner, more lustful fluid.

“I hope you’re ready to make some puppies, handsome. That’s all you’re going to want to do once your virgin cock the glory of sopping wet hellhound pussy. There won’t be any guarding, or valor, or lusting after other males, wolf. All that’ll be in that poor mortal skull of yours is your lust for your new master, Serana…”

Andrius’s ears twitched at hearing her name. A name that would be forever burned into his memory, for better or for worse…

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