Anal Orgasm


If I ever were to achieve anal orgasm with just a small butt plug… this is how it would happen.

I step into the bathroom to get ready for bed. As I’m brushing my teeth, I consider how to wind down, a movie, House rerun, and then I had an idea. I had an awful terrible idea.

I retrieved my small jeweled butt plug from the dresser and headed back to the bathroom to hunt down that bottle of Astroglide I put somewhere.

Found it. I realize I’m still brushing my teeth. I turn off autopilot and rinse and spit. I wash my hands and slide down my leggings. Standing at the sink, I lube up the butt plug.

Reaching around, I rub the lube against my soft little asshole. Slowly slipping the tip of my finger in and out. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this. I focus on breathing as I bring the cold, wet tip of the plug up against my tight hole. Adjusting to get that perfect angle, I slowly insert the toy in my ass. It burns as the toy stretches me out.

I like the pain. As I feel the stainless steal pushing deeper inside me, I tremble as I wait Taksim escort for my sphincter to close around the bulb. The instant relief and fullness make my pussy ache.

Standing up, I let my ass adjust to being plugged. I reach around and gently pull on the base of the plug. I moan as my body is overwhelmed with sensation. I feel my ass tighten around the toy. Then I tap my fingers ask the end of the plug. Feeling a jolt of pleasure as the plug moves inside me. I pull my leggings back up.

I’m ready to lay down and enjoy some TV while teasing myself. And I sit on the side of my bed, taking off my jewelry, I feel the plug being pushed into me. I start to swivel my hips slowly and rock back and forth. Hands on on my thighs. Rolling my neck around in an effort to stretch. I stop rocking my hips and breathe.

As I think about what it would be like to have you here. Finding me, sitting here on the bed grinding this plug into my greedy little asshole. You’ve been watching move my hips around from the door way for several minutes. Your cock Taksim escort bayan being erect at the thought of fucking me with my ass plugged. I think about how you would order me to undress then bend over the bed.

Caressing my ass cheeks with the other hand resting on the small of my back. You stop caressing and I feel my pussy gush with anticipation. Smack! I feel the delectable sting as you spank me. Smack! You light up every inch of my ass.

When you’ve gone back to caressing you trail your fingers down to my soaking wet pussy. Coating your fingers with my juices you bring them around to my mouth and make me taste myself.

My pussy pulsate as you push your fingers to the back of my throat. Slowly fucking my mouth. You spank me again, only this time you didn’t connect with my ass, but my dripping pussy. The sensory overload has me gagging and moaning on your fingers. My pussy gushes as you slap it again.

You slowly enter me from behind. Not moving until I start pushing back on your cock, desperate to be filled completely.

You Escort taksim grip my hair and call me a filthy cockwhore as you being to bury your cock in me relentlessly.

As I get lost in the sensation of you filling me, my pleasure starts to build. I whimper, “please don’t stop”. You do just that, you remove the plug in my ass and tell me you know how I crave to have a real cock to filling me.

You line your cock up and push it into my anus. You wait for me to start rocking back and forth to bring you deeper into me. I moan as you stretch my ass further.

It’s feels amazing as I slide back and forth on your cock. I pick up my pace. Slamming my ass back and forth on your pole. I whimper and moan, desperate to be fucked harder. You take over as you love the sounds I’m making, sounds of desperation. Your perfect little anal slut.

As you pound your cock into me. I feel my orgasm hit me. I’m coming. My eyes rolls back in my head as I’m overwhelmed with pleasure. My ass and my pussy convulsing as I start to gush.

I open my eyes. I’m still sitting on the side of the bed, pussy and anus throbbing. And I feel tingly all over like after I orgasm. My hands are on my thighs still. The realization dawns on me. The mind is a powerful thing because I just had a anal orgasm, fantasizing about you.

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