Amor Prohibetur Ch. 11


Mom Likes Trying New Things

Hey, what’s up?

About my mom: She’s forty-three and she has a full figure. Not fat really, but thick around the middle. She has big tits, like around double Es, and she has a big butt, too. I don’t want to tell you too much about her, except her name is Mai.

About me: Really, all you need to know is that I’m 19 and I go to a junior college. I’m not skinny but lean. I do work out for definition, but not really for bulk. I have a good body when compared to my dad, who’s big enough that he looks like he swallowed a barrel. This might be why my I seduced my mom so quickly, because my dad is so big and fat compared to me.

In our culture, families are pretty close. I remember when I was younger. My dad would snore so loud that my mom couldn’t sleep. She would come over and sleep with me in my bed, because we only had the two bedrooms and she didn’t like sleeping alone in the living room. She said it was scary to sleep in the living room by herself. Also, my mom and dad would kiss and hug a lot around me. Since our house was so small, I would always rub against my mom’s arms or back while she was moving around. Sometimes she would even press her breasts against me by accident. I didn’t think anything of it because that’s how I was raised.

Well, that all changed in junior college. I met this other guy in my auto shop class… I don’t know if I should mention you his name. He works as a delivery driver at a pizza place and we got along so well that he ended up helping me get a job there. We would talk about girls all the time whenever it was slow. Oh, this is really funny. The manager left his office open one time, so we went in there and got his little nametag maker. My friend made a name tag that said Extra Sausage and I made one that said Extra Meat. We wore those nametags almost all night, until the supervisor saw them and made us take them off.

One night it was really slow and we were out behind the pizza place talking. My friend was smoking a cigarette. I think I was just drinking soda and eating some pizza that somebody ordered but never picked up. My friend said he had some pictures on his phone that he wanted to show me, as long as I didn’t tell anybody else about them. I said okay and he found them on his phone.

He showed me pictures of a girl posing against a car, with her shirt up in some of them. She was very hot, and I especially liked seeing her in her white bra. My friend said this was his sister. He’d gotten her to pose like that after bribing her with twenty dollars plus a large pizza. I didn’t believe this was really his sister until my friend showed me some other pictures of him and that same girl, plus his mom and dad next to them. He showed me a few more pictures. These were of his mom’s tits and butt, but he’d taken the pictures when his mom wasn’t looking.

My friend shocked me, really shocked me, when he said he was trying to get his sister to fuck him. He said he was saving up his tips until he had maybe a hundred and fifty dollars together. Then he was going to ask her if she’d do it. He also said that if he could get away with it, he’d fuck his mother too, except there was no way she would go for that. I couldn’t believe he was telling me this!

My friend asked me if I had sisters and I said no. When he asked me if I would fuck my mom, I said I’d never thought about that. He asked me to describe my mom and I did, and he thought about it for a little while. Then he told me to ask my mom to pose for some pictures for me. If I did it, he said he would trade me pictures of his sister or his mom for pictures of my mom. I already thought his sister was hot and I did want to have her pictures, so I said I would try.

My mom didn’t think anything of it when I asked her. She stood there and let me take three pictures of her standing in our kitchen. I pretended to put my phone away in my pocket. When she got busy and turned around I tried to take a picture of her butt. My mom caught me. She chased me all the way into my room until she took my phone away and saw the picture I’d taken. She made me erase the last picture and she asked me over and over who the picture was really for. I didn’t want to get my friend in trouble, so I said it was for me. My mom said she didn’t want me giving her picture out to anyone and she went back to the kitchen. I didn’t listen to her.

I showed my mom’s pictures to my friend at work and he made a deal with me. He said I could jerk off to the pictures of his sister that he sent me, if it was okay for him to jerk off to the pictures of my mom. I didn’t know what to say. He sent me his sister’s pictures anyway and he told me to think about it. He sent me even more pictures than he’d shown me the first time. Some of those showed his sister only in her underwear. Those pictures were really hot. At the end of our shifts, I was so ready to jerk off to his sister, that I sent him the three pictures I had of my mom.

My friend started teasing me about my mom. He said he was going to escort bayan bursa imagine my mom sucking his dick and that he was going to cum into her mouth. He said he was going to fuck my mom in my mom’s bedroom, while I was sleeping in my room. Then he started laughing and told me to think up some ways that I would imagine fucking his sister. He told me his sister liked to give head. Just hearing that was enough to make me very excited.

My friend had another idea. He told me to bribe my mom with twenty dollars so I could take a picture of her butt. If my mom said yes he said to make it forty, so I could take a picture of her butt in panties. I told him I didn’t think she would agree, but that I was going to try it anyway.

The following day, I did get a couple of pictures of my mom doing her housework. She was wearing a white shirt and gray sweatpants. I got a picture of her bending down to pick up the vacuum cord. Later I got another one of her tits hanging down, while she was bending over and wiping the furniture in the living room. I think she saw me take the pictures, but she didn’t say anything right away.

What happened later was that when my dad got home, he ate and went to take a nap. So we wouldn’t wake him up, my mom took me shopping with her. While we were in the store, I saw that every once in a while the men would look at her. They’d turn their heads away when I saw them and pretend that they hadn’t looked at all. This made me wonder if my mom was more attractive than I thought she was.

I compared my mom’s figure to that of the other women in the store. There were women that were prettier than she was, but they didn’t have the big curves my mom had. Other women had some curves but they weren’t as pretty. Usually they had big stomachs to go along with those curves. My mom didn’t have a big stomach but she did have a thick waist. That was the first time I really saw my mom as a sexy woman. I saw that even men who had prettier woman with them were sometimes glancing at my mom.

While we were shopping, my mom asked me why I had taken more pictures of her. I thought she might ask me that because I suspected she’d caught me earlier. I already had an answer ready for her. I said the pictures were for me, because I thought my mom was prettier than most of the women in the store. My mom said something about how my dad didn’t think so. Not only that, but my dad was always saying my mom was fat. The truth was that she was only thick and it was my dad who was fat.

I took a chance and I asked if I could take a picture of my mom’s butt for twenty dollars. Maybe she thought I was joking because she said she’d pose for twenty-five, and then she started laughing. I didn’t know what to tell her after that.

My mom got her shopping done. We were walking back to the car when she asked me if I was going to put her pictures on the Internet. I told her no, but I might show them to my friend at work and that was all. I took another chance and showed her the pictures of my friend’s sister. I explained the whole deal where my friend had given his sister twenty dollars and how she had posed for him. My mom asked me if that was what young people were doing nowadays. I shrugged and told her that as far as I knew, only my friend from work was doing it.

When we finished putting the groceries into the car, my mom asked to look at the pictures again. She said she couldn’t believe that my friend’s sister had posed for him like that. She couldn’t believe it either that I was asking my mom to do the same thing.

I thought that was the end of it, when my mom asked me if I had the twenty-five dollars with me. I said I did and she told me to hand them over. Then she leaned over the side of the car and told me to take a picture of her butt. I took first one picture and then a second one. I was very shocked when my mom pulled her sweats down and told me to take a third picture. Her ass looked very big, with only a skinny pink thong running down the middle of it. My mom had to remind me about taking the picture, because I was only standing there and not believing what she was doing in the middle of a busy parking lot.

During the drive back home, I remembered how my friend had told me that if she agreed to the first offer, I should quickly make the second offer. I asked my mom if she would let me take pictures of her in her underwear for forty dollars. She asked me if I had the money on me but I said no. She pulled the car over anyway and clicked on the inside light. I watched her pull her shirt up to show her pink bra with very large cups holding her large tits. My mom told me to hurry up and take the picture because she wasn’t going to pose for very long. I did take her picture, but it came out blurry because my hand was shaking so much.

My mom said it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell my dad any of this, because he would probably get madder at me than at my mom if he found out. I thought she was right about my dad. I was also getting excited because now I had pictures of bursa sinirsiz eskort my mom showing off her tits and her butt to me.

When I went to work later, I showed the pictures to my friend. He got very excited and made all kinds of plans, that maybe he would let me fuck his sister if I let him fuck my mom. He also said that I should try and get more pictures. Since I didn’t make tips like he did, I wouldn’t have the forty dollars until the next time I got paid. He lent me the money and he told me to try and bribe my mom again. I said I would try.

Because I work late, I woke up at ten in the morning. This was thanks to my mom, who put the radio on too loud at times and even after she knew what late hours I slept. I found her sorting things around in the kitchen. When she saw me, I put the forty dollars on the counter so she could see it. She was wearing an old blue shirt and white shorts that day, but she still looked very attractive to me.

My mom looked at the money and asked me what it was for. I said it was for more pictures. She took the money and told me to take as many pictures as I wanted, as long as I didn’t get in the way of her cleaning. I did start taking them, but I didn’t remind her that I wanted some pictures of her in only her underwear. I figured she would ask about it when she was ready. In the end she took my money and I took a lot of pictures of her with clothes on, but nothing else happened. I know that my friend at work would say I should have pushed my mom into it, but I was too shy to tell her I wanted to see her in her underwear again.

I went into my room to jerk off, and I shut the door to my room and locked it. I started looking at the pictures of my friend’s sister and of his mom, and of my mom. While I was jerking off, my mom came and knocked and she said she knew what I was doing in there. I heard her laughing as she went back to her housecleaning. The rest of the day went by like any other day.

It was late at night when my dad was already asleep, that my mom came into my room. She started talking to me about how my dad was much more exciting before he’d gotten fat, and how it was his fault he was staying so fat because he kept eating so much. She said that my aunts and my mom would always complain when they talked together, because their husbands had all gotten fat and lazy. None of their husbands wanted to do exciting things anymore.

I asked my mom if she thought it was exciting when I took pictures of her, and she said yes. Even though I was so shy, I reminded her that the forty dollars was so I could take a picture of her in her underwear. My mom said she had another way to finish that deal. She asked me to lie down on my bed and she went over to turn off my light.

I have to say something now. I have never had a girlfriend because I’ve always been too shy around girls. I’ve never had sex with a woman, either. The only sex I have had is with my hand, when I look at pictures and imagine the girls are standing next to me. Of course my mom knew all of this, because she tried to get me to go out with girls who were friends of my family. I was always so shy it never worked out for me.

This is why I work out so much. I’m hoping that the girls will look at my muscles and think only that I’m a quiet person, instead of not liking me for being so shy.

Again, my mom said she had a different way to pay me back for the forty dollars. She touched my stomach that is very flat and muscular, and she touched my chest under my shirt. She asked me if I like the way she was touching me and I said yes. She reached under my shorts and touched my dick, which was very hard by then. I was very nervous because my mom had her hand on my dick. When she started to jerk me off, I became so nervous that I stopped her.

I thought maybe my mom was mad at me, because she didn’t speak for a short while. Then she said that everything was okay and she wouldn’t touch me if I didn’t like it. When she asked me if she could try something else, I said okay.

My mom took my hands and placed them on her tits. She began to massage her tits with her hands still holding mine. She asked me if this bothered me and I said no. When she put my hands under her shirt and on her bra, I started to get nervous. Maybe my mom noticed this because she took my hands away and started touching my chest again, until I calmed down.

Before she left, my mom said she would pose for me the next day, in whatever outfit I asked her to wear. The only condition was that I could only wear shorts, and no shirt or underwear, so she could see if I was getting excited or not. I said okay. After thinking about her clothes, I told her I wanted her to wear her blue bikini.

When my mom left my room, I jerked off thinking about her. I don’t know why it was so easy for me to do this, when it was so difficult for me when a real woman got too close to me. I know this is not a normal thing, but that’s how I would always react.

The next day, escort bayan I woke up to my mom’s loud music. I guess I’d forgotten about the deal we’d made the night before, because I was very surprised to see my mom cleaning the house while wearing her blue bikini. When she saw me, she said I should start taking pictures right away. If I didn’t she would put on her regular clothes again and my forty dollars would be gone.

I took a lot of pictures. I have pictures of my mom making faces or sticking her tongue out at me. I have pictures of her holding her tits together and of her bending over while she was cleaning. I took over thirty pictures of her.

My mom asked me if my dick was hard and I said it was. She told me to lie down on the floor of the living room and I did. I got very scared when my mom tried to sit on my stomach. She sat next to me on the floor and tried to think of something else to do. She said I would have to get over this fear of girls or else I would never find a girlfriend. My mom didn’t see any way to make this happen unless she could sit on me.

She asked me if I could close my eyes while she tried again. When I said yes, she said that it was okay for me to touch her, because men were supposed to touch women. My mom said that she would stop if it became too much for me. I agreed, but if I had known what she was planning I would have said no right away.

Well, I did close my eyes and I thought my mom was going to sit on my waist as before. What she did instead was to put her legs over my face and lean over on my body. I opened my eyes to see only her bare thighs and her large ass covered by her bikini. Barely was this sinking in when I felt her pulling away my shorts. I told her to stop right away. I felt like pushing her away and running into my room, but if I pushed her I would have to put my hands on her body, and I didn’t want to do that either. I think I yelled for her to stop, but she only said that things were okay because she wasn’t going to touch me with her hands.

I felt her mouth going over my dick. I started squirming my body to get away, but she only laid her body over mine and kept me in place with her weight. I didn’t know what to do because I was nearly naked. I only wore my shorts around my legs. My mom was lying over me and only wearing her bikini. And in front of my eyes was her big ass.

I remembered that my friend from work had said that all women liked to suck dick, but I never believed him. This is what my mom started to do to me. Her mouth felt so wet around my dick. Even though I was nervous and really almost frightened, what she was doing to me felt very good. Her mouth was much better than when I only used my hand.

My mom laughed. She said my dad should be getting more of that, except his stomach was so big and disgusting and was always getting in the way. Before she started to suck my dick again, she said it was okay if I touched her body, and especially if I touched her butt.

Most of all, I still wanted to push her away from me. Since I was enjoying how she sucked my dick, I tried to calm down. My mom reminded me that she still had clothes on, and how I didn’t have a problem touching her when she had clothes on the night before. I didn’t know what to think about this. I liked touching my mom through her clothes, but not through her bra. I wasn’t sure if a bikini counted as one or the other.

She really gave me a good suck, because I started groaning and feeling very close to having my orgasm. This is when I decided that her bikini was more like clothing, because she could wear it outside the house, and less like underwear that nobody wore outside. I tried to set my hands only on her bikini, but her ass was so big that I ended up touching part of it.

Then my mom reached behind her and pulled her bikini to one side. What I saw there was like a nightmare. Her pussy was as big as my hand. It was colored in purple and almost black. It looked hungry, and at the same time, like a scary, very ugly flower with drooping petals and sap in the center. I couldn’t believe that my dad’s dick would dare to go in there. I tried to close my eyes so I wouldn’t have to look at it, but my eyes were fascinated by the sight it and kept staring.

For a second time, my mom gave me a really good suck. I almost came into her mouth, just like my friend had said he wanted to. I had a moment where I wished it was him getting his dick sucked instead of me, and that he would be looking at my mom’s big pussy instead of me. Then I had another moment when I wondered what the pussy of my friend’s sister would look like. I almost told my mom to stop so I could take a picture of her pussy. I wanted to compare it to the pussy of my friend’s sister later, when my friend got a picture of it. Maybe after seeing what the pussy of my friend’s sister looked like, I wouldn’t want to fuck it after all.

I was still thinking about this when I felt my mom moving away from me. I thought it was all over at first until I saw her trying to sit on my waist again. She said I was falling behind all the other young men, and that I would fall behind even more if she didn’t do what she was going to do next. My mom asked me if I was going to run away, and I said honestly that I might. Then she said she would allow me to take one or two pictures of her naked, if only I stayed still.

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