Ambrose And The Rent Boy


Putting it mildly Ambrose, my first West Indian patron was much bigger than I had envisaged.

And I don’t just mean torso wise, he was a tall guy yes, and sturdy but not overweight but he had a huge erection which created a bit of a problem.

But the thing is, from the first time I met him on a social network I liked him, he was all smiles and had bundles of personality and we certainly shared some very revealing interludes on the net.

But Ambrose was not happy.

“I haven’t come all this way for a crap fuck!” he yelled and I was troubled by his aggressiveness..

I had tried my best to accommodate him but it was jolly painful and I felt was splitting because he was so big as well as a good eight inches in length.

Of all the guys I have been with, apart from the first time, I have never had a problem with entry. Okay I have had some awkward moments but with a little bit of patience and understanding, and with the help of lubricants, I have managed to give a good service always and pride myself on that.

But Ambrose tried me in different ways to gain a feasible end full entry because that is what he wanted, he’d paid good money and wanted the full fuck, but I was at a stumbling block.

“You should have known how large I am, Alex” he said angrily,” you have seen it enough on skype.

I had and it looked divine. I looked forward to our meeting, I felt it was a challenge as never before had I been with a West Indian, and I have heard they are Çankaya Escort very passionate and eager lovers.

But it is different seeing it on a small screen than for real. He’d had me touch it and do all the foreplay stuff which was really thrilling. But the first time I grew doubtful regarding his size is when he pushed it into my mouth and seemingly forced me to suck him, he was that kind of forceful guy. I had them before, there were always those who wanted to be masterful and I enjoyed that as a change from my clients who are gentle and who treat me like they would a woman, equally as nice but it is good to experience both worlds.

Ambrose’s last effort was to pin me back against the edge of my bed, stretching my legs wide and back, his big hands levering me by the back of my knees. He levered me so high up I could not see what he was doing but I soon felt it.

The surge and movement of his busy mouth, first all over my ass and then, spreading my cheeks wide apart, into my already worked cavity was delightful and I so wanted his fuck then. I really thought he would achieve that after all the work he did on me which lasted a goof half hour, and I was numbed by him. But when still after a good rubbing in of lubricating oil he still could not get the final plunge into my resistant hole, despite my trying all the tricks I knew to work him deep up inside by moving my hips.

He was panting and puffing and I apologised Keçiören Escort profusely saying it had never happened before but he could have his money back if he wanted..

“I am willing to do anything else you may want Ambrose?”

But he was still fuming, he gave me some hard slapping across my butt and it stung almost as much as the pain I felt inside after his prolonged efforts to get his desired fuck.

“You did try the sized anal vibrators before I came didn’t you Alex. You know the ones I showed you on Skype, the one that matched my size?”

I promised I did and could not fathom why this should happen. You’d think with the extra flexibility of the real thing it would be easier.

“Well let me try, I want your ass and don’t intend to go before I’ve had it.”

By this time I was frustrated I could not do the full business with him but couldn’t understand why.

He had me suck and ball him as he worked the eight inch dildo into me, I felt him sliding and stretching it inside me and that felt fine. I took a few deep sucks of his thick cock and enjoyed the pungent earthiness as I always did, I was prone very much to the art of the perfect suck and aimed at least to make that good for my client . And he certainly liked that because he spurted like a volcano into my face about three times.

He wiped some of his spunk from my face and massaged that into my hole before he plunged in that dildo Etimesgut Escort again. In a way I was hoping the mouth fuck would have satisfied him and we could have forgone the rest, but he seemed adamant to have my ass but still he couldn’t get the dildo into me properly and it was hurting like hell.

He was growing more angry by the minute and I was at my wits end. But as he massaged the dildo into me some more the squelching sound grew more prominent. Okay it is all part of the process and not unusual to hear these sounds created by the lubricant which was nice.

But this was something more and I know I am stupid but then I knew what the problem was. The night before I had been out for a grand slam meal and unusually, I had not been able to go to the loo in the morning.

“Give me ten Ambrose and your needs will be fulfilled promise”

I left him on the bed massaging himself and felt rotten I had not been able to give my usual quality service.

But a simple thing like empting the bowel had not occurred to me and that is all it was. Sounds crude perhaps but at the end of the day it made good sense

I returned with confidence to the bedroom and Ambrose asked if it was okay.

I said it was as good as it comes and I tell you what – he made up for loss time and fucked me like it was the end of the world, managing a perfect fit this time with great relief and he was one happy guy.

He told me that in a way it was worth all the frustration of the trying and waiting which made it all the more stimulating in the end.

“Same time next week, Alex?” he asked. “It will have to be PM because it will take me all morning to drive down fro Aberdeen.”

Another happy client but I had to forego my tricks for the next day, Ambrose had certainly had his money’s worth and I needed to recoup.

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