After School Aquatics: Next Year


This story takes place in the Westville High series created by Zaxxon. He’s been most gracious to allow me the use of his characters and I want to thank him again for all of his help and ideas for this story.

This story takes place between my previous tale “Back To School: Ski Trip” and Zaxxons “Westville High Sluts Ch.1”. I recommend you read the Westville series before you start this one so there is no confusion.

As with all of my previous stories, every character is at least 18 years in age.

* * * * *

The final bell rang for the school day at Westville High and the students began to file into the halls. It was Friday so most of the students quickly gathered the contents of their lockers and headed out to party and relax for the rest of the weekend. Some students had a reason to stay after school however.

Greg McNeil, a senior of Westville, had to serve some detention time after school for trashing the boy’s locker room after last Thursdays football game. After he and the rest of the players on the team returned after their defeat an argument had started and a few fists were thrown as things got out of hand. Greg along with five other players got off pretty lightly by just serving a total of twenty hours of detention. The schools bitchy yet gorgeous principal had told him to show up at the gym right after school and to report to Coach Hicks to help clean up the gym and any other duties that were assigned to him for at least one hour.

Greg finally showed up at Hicks’ office about fifteen minutes after school got out but he couldn’t find the coach anywhere. Noticing that Miss Stevens’ office door was open he popped his head around the corner to see if she was in.

Sarah had her back to him as she placed a file into a cabinet. She was only wearing a black sports bra that was pushed out to its limit by her huge 36DD breasts. Greg admired her slender shoulders and sexy back before his eyes trailed down to her curvy sculpted ass that was clad in a pair of very tight dark green running shorts. Her athletic legs were completely in view and her delicate feet were incased in a pair of white sneakers. Her shoulder length blonde hair was tied back into a pony tail and draped across one of her shoulders.

“Hey Miss Stevens.”, Greg greeted the sexy faculty member after he got an eyeful of her incredible body.

Sarah turned to see one of the senior boys leaning against the doorframe of her office. She recognized him from the boy’s gym class but she couldn’t remember his name. “Hi, can I help you with anything?” she asked as she turned towards him.

Greg got a wonderful view of Sarah’s ample cleavage as she turned to face him. The small metal whistle around her neck was nuzzled between her firm tits. “Yeah, do you know where Coach Hicks is?”

“No I haven’t seen him sense his last class. I take it he’s not in his office?” Sarah said as she propped herself up on the edge of her desk. She had to admit that the student in front of her was pretty cute. She immediately shook the thought from her head, “Stop that! You’ve got to stop caving in to your urges like that!” Sarah scolded herself.

“No and I couldn’t find him in the guys locker room either.” Greg’s eyes explored the length of Sarah’s sexy smooth legs as she crossed them.

“What do you need him for?” She asked.

“Well….” Greg scratched the back of his head out of embarrassment, “I’m supposed to help him clean up the gym and anything else he needs for at least one hour. I’m working off some detention.”

“Well if you want you can help me put away and clean everything.” Sarah suggested before she hoped down from her desk and headed out of her office, “I’ll make sure that Ms. Schwartz gets the time taken off of your detention. What did you say your name was?”

“Greg, Greg McNeil.”, he said as he stepped aside from the doorway to let Sarah pass. She moved past him and headed towards some basketballs that were strewn around the entire gym. Greg was frozen in place as he admired his sex gym teacher’s incredible body. Her big tits bounced with each step she took and he could see the delicate lines of the muscles in her legs and back. Greg’s cock immediately became hard and he quickly went to work picking up the balls and pushing the benches back into place, all the while trying the hide the tent that was starting to show in his shorts.

Unknowingly, Sarah put herself in several positions that showed off her incredible body. She would bend down in front of the horny senior giving him a wonderful view of her firm ass or into the deep valley of her cleavage. Carrying the balls in her arms would squash her breasts against her and force them to bulge out of the top of her sports bra. And while helping Greg push the benches in, her toned athletic legs would flex and her back would arch slightly.

Eventually Sarah noticed the young mans eagerness and she couldn’t help but smile a little. Even though she tried to keep her job strictly professional she couldn’t help but almanbahis adresi admit to all the fun she’d had so far with all of the sexual experiences she’d had with Westville’s senior boys. She knew she had a great body and she liked that she could turn them on so easily. But this time she wasn’t going to let anything happen. “Come on Sarah, we’re just cleaning the gym. There’s no reason that this has to turn into some sexual encounter and have another student think I’m a slut!” She thought to herself.

The last thing that needed to be put away were the thick red wrestling mats that were pretty heavy after they were folded up. They got most of them put away but the stack of heavy mats kept getting higher which was making it harder for both of them to slide them to the top.

Greg was out in the gym sliding another one of the heavy mats back to the storage room when he suddenly heard Miss Stevens cry out. He quickly dropped the mat he was dragging and ran to the storage room. When he went in he saw that Sarah had tried to push her mat on top of the stack that was about two feet taller then her. Instead it had slid back towards her and she had just barely caught it before it fell on her head. Greg quickly got behind Sarah without even thinking and helped her push it back onto the top.

“Whew, thanks Greg. That really could have hurt.” Sarah thanked him as she closed her eyes and leaned forward to rest her head against the stack of mats. But soon she became aware of the fact that he was still behind her and that he was pressed right up against her firm ass. “Um…..Greg?”

Greg had heard some of the rumors about Miss Stevens. Supposedly she’d had sex with a senior a couple of years ago by the name of Brent Johnson. Then there was the rumor about a supposed gangbang that happened last year between her and three guys during a swimming program. And a third rumor claimed that she had fucked Bobby Smith a few times. Apparently Betty Smith, Bobby’s mom, had also fucked a couple guys at the same graduation party.

Greg didn’t really know if any of these rumors were true but he couldn’t help himself as he reached up and squeezed both of Sarah’s huge 36DD breasts in his hands. He sighed contently as he was finally able to get his hands on the greatly fantasized Miss Stevens.

“Greg! W-What are you doing!?” Sarah exclaimed in surprise as she looked down at her breasts being groped by strong teenage hands. She bit her bottom lip as she felt her nipples start to become hard and her pussy become a little wet. “Oh great! Not again!” she thought to herself, but she couldn’t ignore the pleasure emanating from her breasts and the wonderful feeling of him grinding into her firm butt.

“I-I can’t help myself Miss Stevens! You’re so hot!” Greg replied as he lifted her sports bra up to let it rest on top of her tits while he moved his hands back down to feel the firm naked flesh in his hands. Her breasts were warm to the touch and her big pink nipples dug into his palms.

Sarah looked over at the storage room door to see that it was still open. “At least c-close the door.” She whispered to him as she felt her walls crumble and she knew she was about to fuck another one of her students. It seemed like she was having sex with her students as often as teaching them.

Greg couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Here was Miss Stevens, the fantasy of every guy in the school, openly giving herself to him! Without another thought he quickly moved to the door and shut it before he turned back around to look at his sexy teacher while we quickly began to rip his clothes off.

Sarah was very surprised about Greg’s enthusiasm as she watched him strip down. Soon his hard cock swung out and pointed right at her as he kicked his boxers away. Sarah blushed a little as she leaned forward, causing her big breasts to swing under her, and slid her tight jogging shorts down her smooth legs to reveal that she had a black thong underneath that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Still looking over at Greg she leaned her upper body against the stack of mats and stuck her sexy ass out. “Let’s make it a quickie ok?” she said as she stood up on her tiptoes and spread her thighs a little.

Not wasting a single moment, Greg quickly got behind the beautiful gym teacher. His hard cock bounced against his abs with each step he took. He reached out and squeezed both of her glorious butt cheeks and began to knead the flesh like dough in his hands. He did this for a few moments before he moved his hands up to explore her sexy back and then under to squeeze her fat tits. He dry humped her as he played with her body, sliding his cock into the crack of her ass.

“Oh!….C-Come on Greg, don’t waste time!” Sarah urged as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of a large cock rubbing against her.

Greg reached back and slipped Sarah’s thong down to the middle of her thighs but he was too eager to plunge into her hot pussy to take them completely off. Guiding his cock with one hand he almanbahis adres nuzzled it into her pussy lips while he gripped her waist with his other hand. He could feel how wet she was and the heat radiating from her as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her.

“D-Don’t tease me!” Sarah said as she looked back at him with pleading eyes, “Fuck me!”

With those words Greg slid into her with one quick and hard thrust. He groaned in pleasure as his teacher’s moist and tight pussy enveloped him. Looking down, Greg smiled as he saw Miss Steven’s ass squashed against his pelvis as she moaned contently. Keeping his grip tight on her trim waist, he pulled out slowly to see that his dick was slick and wet with her juices. Quickly he thrust back into her, making Sarah gasp in surprise. Not wanting to waste anymore time Greg began to fuck her hard and fast.

“Ugh!….Y-Yeah….” Sarah moaned as she was fucked by the horny teenager, “F-Faster!…..Oh God!” Her large 36DD tits swung underneath her wildly as she was bounced back and forth on Greg’s shaft. She could feel her wetness travel down the inside of her naked legs and drip onto the mat. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was. “I guess I really was craving a nice hard cock.” She thought to herself as she bit her lower lip to keep herself from moaning to loudly.

“Oh fuck yes!” Greg exclaimed as he was finally fulfilling his high school fantasy. His heavy balls, already filling with a big load of cum, were swinging in and bouncing against the sexy gym teacher with each powerful thrust he made. He looked down to see her ass jiggle each time his body slapped against hers.

Unfortunately Greg hadn’t closed the storage room door completely and it opened a couple of inches as both student and teacher fucked each other savagely. At that moment Brain Stevenson and Dan O’Bryan, two more of the schools seniors, came into the gym to play a few hoops because it was raining outside.

They were placing there bags on the far side of the gym when they suddenly heard some moaning coming from the storage room. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows before they made their way over to the door. There eyes became wide as they came upon the sight of Miss Stevens getting fucked by one of their classmates. Smiling Brian and Dan both enjoyed the show immensely.

“Oh!…..H-Harder!” Sarah encouraged Greg as she pushed back against him with each thrust he made. She could feel that she was starting to get a little sweaty with excitement and exertion. The air in the room became humid and muggy with the smell of sex and her pussy made wet sucking noises around the cock being stuffed into her.

“Yeah!….Take that dick!” Greg felt a surge of power as he was finally fucking the famous Miss Stevens. She felt incredible as her cunt muscles squeezed around him and literally massaged his hard column of flesh as it pierced her again and again.

While they continued their passionate fucking Brian suddenly got an idea. Pulling out his camera phone he turned off the flash and began to take as many pictures as he could. He then switched over to the digital video function which could hold about twenty seconds of video and sound. It was like having a trailer to the greatest porno he’d ever seen.

Greg leaned forward and reached his hands under his sexy teacher to cup and squeeze the heavy weight of her big tits. “Oh God Miss Stevens you’ve got the greatest tits in the world!” He yelled out as he squeezed her tit flesh with his hands.

Sarah looked down to see her fat titties being mauled by her young lover. “Oh yes, squeeze my big tits!” she encouraged him.

About ten minutes passed as student and teacher fucked each others brains out before Greg could feel he was on the urge of cumming. He squashed Sarah’s tits against her chest and thrust himself completely into her as he felt his balls empty the biggest load of cum he’d ever had in his life. He didn’t even care that he wasn’t wearing a condom. It was incredible as he felt his cock jerk and twitch inside his teacher as rope after rope of cum was pumped into her womb.

Dan and Brian decided to make themselves scarce as they saw that the show was coming to an end. They both quietly left the gym before either Greg or Sarah noticed anything.

Greg soon stood back up and griped the base of his wet cock as he pulled it out of his teacher’s pussy. “Oh my God Miss Stevens!” He breathed out as he moved over and leaned against the stack of mats beside her, “That was fucking incredible.”

Sarah stood back up on shaky legs and pulled her thong back up. “You can say that again.” She said as she slipped her sports bra back over her immense breasts. She then picked up her jogging shorts and slipped them on. “I’ll let Ms. Schwartz know that you worked your hour at the gym. But you can’t tell anyone about this! Ok?” She ran her hands through her hair as she stressed this last part to him.

“Yeah, sure thing. I promise.” Greg lied as he also began to get dressed.

* almanbahis adres * * * *

While Greg and Sarah were cleaning the gym Emily Williams was bringing the weekly schedule forms along with the ballets for the class elections to the schools copying room. Emily was the new school secretary and this was her first year at the school. She’d already been given the title as one of the “Big Tit Faculty”, a name that the Westville High boys also gave to Principal Schwartz, Nurse Brown, and Miss Stevens.

Emily was a gorgeous woman and she loved to flaunt her body around whenever she got the chance. She was a little taller then the rest of the “Big Tit Faculty” by a couple of inches. Her skin had a pale creamy tone to it which contrasted with her long black curly hair nicely. Today she was wearing a black business skirt that ended about four inches above her knees and a pair of thigh high white stockings with three inch black heels on her feet. For her top she was wearing a red V-neck sweater that was pushed out due to her immense 40E breasts. Her very ample cleavage was very visible and her breasts bounced slightly with each step she took. Her beautiful long hair hung over her shoulders and trailed down her back while a few curls rested on the slopes of her breasts.

She was humming lightly to herself as she traveled down the hallways to the copying room. As she came to the room she was looking for she was surprised to see one of the senior boys already there and was making good use of one of the machines. “Oh hello.” she greeted him warmly.

The young man looked up and blushed when he saw the sexy woman standing in the door, “Oh H-Hi Ms. Williams.” His eyes trailed down to her deep cleavage before he could catch himself. He immediately turned to look at the papers he was printing and copying as he realized what he was doing.

Emily smiled to herself when she saw his eyes look at her tits. One of the reasons she loved wearing this top was to tease the boys at the school. She looked back over at the young man and suddenly remembered him. His name was John Taylor and he was one of the seniors running for class president. She had to admit that he was very cute, especially the way he was blushing. He was on the soccer and lacrosse teams and was very athletic with short brown hair and grey eyes with a small cleft in his chin.

Emily stepped into the room and pretended like nothing was unusual. She faced away from John and placed her own stack of papers next to the machine she was going to use. To tease him a little bit she leaned all the way down and opened the machine to see if the paper and ink were full. With her front facing away from him her firm ass stuck out in his direction and was easily within reaching distance.

John was of coarse staring at the wonderful sight before him and had completely forgotten what he was supposed to do.

Emily smiled and stood back up. She knew that he was staring and she loved to get the attention so she soon began to do her copying while she hummed a tune to herself and swayed her hips a little to the rhythm of the song that was in her head. Her nipples started to get a little hard because of her playful flirting. She wasn’t wearing a bra so it was fairly obvious if anyone saw her front.

After a few minutes of Emily supplying John with eye-candy her copier suddenly beeped at her with some kind of problem. “Oh no, now what’s wrong?” Emily whined as she looked at the little display on the machine, not understanding anything that it was showing her.

John suddenly snapped out of his trance and moved up to help her, “Here Ms. Williams let me take a look.” He opened up the front compartment after Emily moved aside and looked over the display for any potential problems. He saw that it was just a small paper jam and was about to pull it out when he looked up. Emily had moved to the side of the machine and was leaning forward with her elbows holding her up. With her upper body angled in his direction, John could see down her shirt and her glorious pale cleavage was revealed to him.

John was frozen in place at the sight before him. He just stared at the hypnotizing sight of Emily’s immense breasts without saying a thing. Emily smiled to herself and let the silence pass for a few moments before she looked down at the machine she was leaning against. “So what do you think is wrong with it?” she asked pretending that she hadn’t noticed anything.

“Oh! Um……g-give me a minute and I’ll get this thing working!” John stammered as he was brought back into the real world. He turned his attention to the machine but his eyes couldn’t help but drift up every now and again. “So… do you like working at the school Ms. Williams?”

“I love working here!” She said as she placed a finger to her chin and looked up as if to think. “Not only do I get pretty good pay and benefits but I get to spend even more time with my son.” She then looked down at John and winked at him playfully “Plus I get to flirt with all the young studs like yourself.”

John blushed and cleared his throat when he heard that last comment. He pretended to fidget with the machine but it was just an excuse to stay in his position and enjoy the sight of Emily’s cleavage.

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