A Night Like No Other


We were friends. Every once in a while we were a little more than friends. This night we would be a lot more. The weekend before had been our most recent foray into testing our friendship. I had managed to sneak a bottle of blueberry schnapps into the movie theater and Laura offered me a simple thank you kiss on my cheek. After the quick kiss her mouth lingered near my face. She gingerly kissed me again, nearer my mouth this time. I turned my head toward her and her lips found mine. After a heartbeat our mouths opened to let our tongues explore.

My hand moved to her neck and I was almost able to pull her closer to me when we sensed our friends approaching down the aisle. Rapidly breaking our kiss we tried to look normal. Friends barely out of their teens were only so mature and could be merciless on two members of the group who started hooking up. Throughout the rest of the night I couldn’t get the taste of buttered popcorn off my lips that had migrated there from Laura, damn.

Then that one hot night started out just like the dozens of others when she and I hung out. We were watching a movie on television, chit chatting, and drinking. This night, however, both of us had more than our fair share of alcohol. A pungent merlot for her and several large rum and cokes for me. We were in my den sprawled out on the sofa with a single light casting soft shadows.

Halfway thorough the movie when Laura returned from the bathroom she sat down on my right, next to me. She rested her body against mine and tilted her head down so it perched on my shoulder. This wasn’t altogether unusual so I didn’t think too much about it.

Within a minute the mix of odors that made up her scent flooded my nostrils. Peach body lotion, hairspray, shampoo and wine mixed together making the perfume that was uniquely her. I did my best to avoid thinking about Laura but her warm breath on my neck made it impossible. At this point, as far I was concerned, the movie was over.

What seemed like hours, but were really only minutes, later she stretched and squirmed next to me. When she was done she had worked her left arm deeper into the sofa cushions so her body could rest directly against mine, previously we had been arm to arm. She let her right arm rest on mine. She began to move her fingertips up and down my forearm. Her soft touch sent ripples through my body. Goosebumps exploded across my flesh. I prayed she didn’t notice but I could see her attention was on what she was doing. Everything she did from the way she held her body against me to the way she looked at me I knew we would be pushing the friendship envelope this evening.

My head swam. From the sudden attention of the woman next to me or the last Captain’s and Coke I did not know. I struggled trying to figure out what exactly to do. Laura had been a bit of a tease before but the way she was touching me now was something new. I was shocked I wasn’t suffering from an erection yet, it never did take much for me to get going. That wonderment was a bad thing since I now realized that tonight’s first drink worked its way through my system, my bladder started to tell me it needed release.

I fought with what to do. I wanted to try and reciprocate in some way but she had me pinned down against the sofa with her body and there wasn’t much chance of me doing anything without forcing her to move. Then again the last thing I needed was to somehow wiz myself if things got going.

“Umm,” I stuttered and she looked up at me, “I have to use the bathroom.” She looked strangely into my eyes for a second, and then I guess she realized she was one potty break up on me so she merely leaned up freeing me. “I’ll be right back.” I couldn’t think of anything wittier to say.

Once inside my bathroom the only thing that kept me from hitting my head against the wall was the fact that she would hear. I had made the right decision, the time in front of the john let me run through all the permutations of what was going on. By the time I zipped up my pants I silently said Fuck It and headed back to the sofa. For once in my life I wasn’t going to think about the consequences and instead live in the moment.

When I returned to the den I noticed the television volume had been greatly reduced. She was still sitting in the same spot with her hip turned left so she would be facing me once I sat down. She had been mildly setting the mood while I was gone. Laura had even gone so far as to remove her sneakers.

As I walked to her I found it humorous that we were both dressed basically the same. We both wore sneakers (until recently), jean shorts, and a light colored cotton Tee shirt. I gently lowered myself to the sofa with my body turned much like she was situated so I could face her. She caught my eye with hers and we just sat there. I guess we both decided to make the first move at the same Escort Bayan moment. We moved toward each other, smiled briefly, and our lips met.

We had made out a couple times before this. Many of those a similar situations to this one, late in the evening and both of us over the legal limit, demonstrated her skill with her lips so I knew I would enjoy the foreplay to the foreplay. We moved closer and my hands went to either side of her face. Her hands slid over my shoulders and arms.

Laura let out a quiet moan as I slipped my tongue between her lips. Apparently that was all the stimulus she needed to kick things up a notch. Quickly she hopped up on my lap, straddling me at my thighs. I let my hands move up from their resting place on her hips. Letting one hand cup her breast my other got behind her. With the middle finger of that hand I traced a line up her spine, from just above her waistline to the base of her neck.

The weight of her breast felt great under the gentle pressure of my hand. I moved my thumb around a bit to see if I could find a nipple under her clothes. After just a few samplings I felt a small nub start to protrude. Breaking our kiss she leaned back and raised her arms in invitation. Sliding my hands under her Tee I pushed it up her torso. Normally I would have moved slowly but her now hard panting let me know I could and should accelerate things.

With a flick of my wrist her shirt went flying to the floor and I leaned up to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms around my head and mashed her body against mine. With the passion of her kiss she tried her best to get to the back of my throat with her tongue. Slipping one hand down the back of her shorts, she didn’t wear a belt so there was enough of a gap for me to get my hand down; I grabbed a big handful of ass cheek. I could feel her silky panties in the palm of my hand. Fingers from my other hand made quick work of the three clasps of her bra. Once she felt the bra open up she pulled her body away so she could get the bra off her shoulders, but she kept her lips firmly locked on mine.

Both my hands went to her now freed breasts. They felt so warm and were a perfect handful. I could have sat there and played with them for days, she wouldn’t let it last that long. She cocked her body to one side slipping her hand down between us, tugging frantically at belt and button. She wanted my cock and she wasn’t going to let a few pieces of clothing get in her way.

Every time she made progress at my pants I’d give an extra sharp squeeze to her breast or a pinch of her nipple. It was just enough each time to hear a whimpering moan slip from deep in her throat. I tried to get my hands between us so I could work on her pants as well but she was having none of it. Her hands were moving too quickly between us for me to make any progress. Finally getting my belt undone she slid back onto the sofa next to me and I could hear the familiar sound of my zipper coming down. My engorged member popped out from my boxers and her hand closed over it. The precum that had already been released acted as a natural lubricant while she pumped me in her hand.

Her head slipped down to my crotch. She didn’t bother with any tame or slow introduction of her mouth to my cock; instead she swallowed it all the way down to the base easily. I was barely able to resist the urge to cum right then and there. She began to bob her head up and down running her lips along nearly the entire length of my shaft with each movement.

Since she was on all fours on the sofa I was able to slide one hand under her, once again cupping a breast. I teased, tweaked and rubbed it absently while I let myself enjoy the blow job I was receiving. She did not use her tongue much but she made up for that by deep throating me several times. She began to work at the head, sucking and kissing it. I knew the super sensitivity of that particular spot would give me problems if I let her continue.

To try and distract her I let my hand slip from her breasts, down her stomach, to the top of her jeans. Luckily, given her new orientation, the gap that previously let me access her ass left more than enough room to get in her pants and under her panties. From what I could feel there was only a small patch of pubic hair that ran my fingers through before I sought out her clit. Since I forgot to moisten my fingers before this I was pleased to feel her natural juices were flowing already. I let it cover my fingers before I started making small circles around her clit. Laura moaned once again. This time with my member in her mouth the sound was even better.

I increased the pressure around her clit and she started moving her hips to match my actions. Her hands moved to undo the button of her jeans. Her zipper flew open since my hand was working around in her pants. After they Escort were fully open she pushed them back on her hips but they only made it about halfway past them since she eagerly moved her hands back to me and began pumping again with her mouth still on my head.

The pink panties peeking out from her down sliding shorts made this whole scene even more erotic. Another minute of fingering her clit resulted in her shorts and panties sliding completely off her nice round ass. Feeling that, she moved her one leg up and out of them. This way she saw able to kneel with her legs further apart, giving me greater access to her pussy. I took full advantage and let two fingers slip into her tight pussy she seemed to grab my fingers as I massaged inside her.

With my fingers like pistons pushing away at her moistness forced her to release my cock from her warm wet mouth. She rested her forehead on my thigh while enjoying my manipulations. Her dark, mid-length hair fell about my penis and scrotum. It was more teasing than a feather and kept me rock hard. Soon enough she was able to regain her composure enough to move her face back up to mine and kiss me full on the lips. This had been the first time that I had been kissed so soon after a blowjob. Traces of my residual fluids were still on her lips. Those mixed with the small beads of sweat on her upper lip made the kiss extra salty. After the kiss she moved her mouth next to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me.”

Not needing any more prompting I stood up to let my pants and boxers fall to the floor. She laid back and slid her ass forward and spread her legs. Bending down at the knee I moved in close to her. I moved my mouth to the side of her neck and kissed her gently down towards her shoulder. As I did I felt her wrap both hands around my cock and guide it toward her opening. She rubbed my head over her clit three or four times before letting me slide into her.

At first I only put the throbbing tip in. I stopped kissing her and looked to her face. Her tiny mouth was curled in a smile her eyes were closed and she was holding her breath. I wish I had a camera at that moment to save the lovely expression on her face. I slowly pushed myself further into her. As I did this she opened her mouth her long held breath escaping with a nearly imperceptible whistle.

I stopped entering her, almost in my entire length, and she opened her eyes. She immediately saw me staring deep into her eyes. Any other time I would have quickly looked away, not wanting to be caught in the act. It was great to finally not have to. She moved her pelvis up so to take all of me into her. She threw her arms up around my shoulders and pulled herself up to kiss me once more.

We maneuvered our bodies around so we were lying lengthwise with her under me. I started thrusting in and out of her. Slowly I moved at first but soon enough she started moving with my same rhythm and we both increased our speed. Another minute of this and she was able to slip one leg out from under me and hook it around my body with her heel resting on my ass. She used this to try and get me to move quicker and I obliged as best I could.

I lost track of how long this went on, I just allowed myself enjoy the moment. It must have been a while as my arms started to feel wobbly. I had to move back, only to rest my arms for a few seconds, but she took the initiative to push me onto my back and climb on top of me.

Her petite frame seemed right at home on top of me. Her hands rested on my chest and she planted her feet on either side of my hips and she simply squatted over me. I watched as each time she squatted down my member would disappear. She was an athletic girl but with the speed and ferocity she was moving I discovered how in shape she really was.

My hands explored every part of her body I could reach. Laura was soft in all the right places and firm in all the better ones. Fingers traced along her body: up from her ankles, around her knees, up her flank and along the back of her arms. The longer I touched her the more my fingers burned from that touch. I was drinking in every bit of this experience that I could.

Her pussy was just about the perfect mix of tight, wet and hot to keep me right on the edge of orgasm. After every dozen or so pumps she would arch her back to grind herself into me. In no time there was a thin sheen of sweat all over her body. That previous perfume had now changed to a mix of sex and sweat; I didn’t know which was sexier.

I was unable to resist her breasts that were bobbing around right in front of my face. Had she been a little taller I would have been able to get to her nipple with my mouth but I had to settle for alternating between cupping a breast and pinching the nipple of the other. With this added stimulus she started moaning again. A constant rolling moan Bayan Escort played as our own private soundtrack.

It was at this point that I realized we had only said two words to each other since we started. I tried thinking of something appropriate to say but when she shifted her weight to one side so she could have a free hand to tweak my own nipple every part of my brain that did any thinking shut off.

I found her clit and massaged it in a circling motion with my middle finger. The pitch and volume of her moaning changed and almost instantly her bouncing on me slowed dramatically. Her face and neck became flushed. Since she was moving more slowly I could feel her pussy contracting around me. Her moaning stopped and she held her breath as she slid all the way down onto me. I felt her cum all around my cock as her face contorted in pleasure.

After a few more seconds I stopped moving my hand and Laura groaned while collapsing on top of me. I slipped out of her as she came to rest. I could feel her body shaking just a little as I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. “Oh my,” she said in a crackly voice.

“Yeah, that was really…” still not knowing what to say I just let my voice trail off.

“Different.” We both shared a laugh over that. She shimmied around so she could still lie on top of me while looking me in the eyes. “I wanted to do that so much after we made out at the movies last week. When I went home that night I started playing with myself before I got in the front door.”

My cock that had lost some of its rigidity stirred back to life. She got an inquisitive look on her face and moved her leg that was on top of my hardening cock around a bit. “Seems like someone is coming back to life,” she said in a seductively deep voice.

“Well, he never really did get it all out of his system.”

“I didn’t even realize that you didn’t cum,” surprise evident in her voice.

“Yeah, first time for everything.” Both of us smiled again.

“Well, how’s about another first time for me.” With that she stood up and urged me to come to a sitting position. I though I was going to get a wicked blow job but we had already started that way so I wasn’t sure what she meant. Maybe I’d be able to finish without having to do the dreaded head tap warning.

She stood in front of me and ran her fingers through her hair, then down her body. One hand came to rest on a breast and the other snuck between her legs letting her thumb play with her clit. Once again my brain shut off. This time my mouth also drooped open.

“I always wanted to try this on a man and see his reaction.” She licked the tips of her fingers making sure to get them dripping with saliva. She rubbed that saliva between her wonderful breasts. I don’t remember how I ever found out but I knew that her bra size was 34C, perfect for her body. She grabbed my prick and gave it a few tugs, just to make sure it was as hard as it could be. She placed it between her breasts and then pushed them together. She moved her breasts up and down my cock. There was a little sticking between our flesh so to lube up the crevice she let a long stream of spit cover the head of my cock. Her movements quickly spread the lube around.

I could tell my facial expression must have changed since I saw her smirk. As long as she kept this up I didn’t care if she got a laugh. Although her mouth and pussy felt better the scene before me turned me on more. I watched her watch me and smile from time to time. She started to let more of my cock poke out from between her tits while bending her head over, sucking the tip into her mouth. A popping noise accompanied each upstroke when my cock would pull free of her mouth.

I could tell that the addition of her mouth to the equation would bring me to climax quickly. I started to moan. She added a twirl of her lips with each suck and my balls started to contract towards my body. I knew I was close.

“I can feel you throbbing between my tits,” she whispered between licks and sucks. That was the last straw. I felt the familiar burning that was the prelude to release. My moan turned into a primal bellow. She released her hold on her breasts and swallowed my entire cock down in a smooth motion. Her throat contracted around my cock head, my eyes rolled up into my head and I started to cum.

Reflexively my hands went to the sides of her head. I didn’t have to bother trying to push her head down at all since she kept her lips firmly sealed around the base of my cock. Surge after surge of cum shot directly down her throat. My balls continued to contract long after my cum ran out but it felt the same. She started stroking my cock with her lips once again. I could see her nostrils flaring trying to catch her breath.

After what seemed an eternity the contractions stopped and she could tell I was finished. She pulled her lips off me and let my withering member drop gently onto my thigh. As my vision began to refocus I could see her licking her lips. That was the first night of an immensely fun summer. I never did find out how that movie ended.

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