A Literary Mistake Ch. 02


“Anna. What a beautiful name,” I whispered. She closed her eyes, seemingly to savor the sound of her name being spoken. I slowly drew towards her in the moments that she was unaware. When she finally opened her eyes, my hands were lightly caressing her cheeks. I let my fingers travel slowly down her face, then her neck, so incredibly soft, and over her shoulders, until I could feel the fabric of her dress. I pushed the straps outward, until the fell over the side, leaving her shoulders bare. They were so incredibly sexy, more than anything I had seen before.

I leaned my head down and let my lips travel over her shoulder, savoring this new taste of skin, then pulled my lips upward on her neck. Anna placed her hands on the back of my neck and urged me gently forward. I didn’t have the time or the wits, just as I walked through the door, to notice Anna’s perfume. It didn’t have enough experience around women to know exactly what it was, but it was light, floral, just the right fragrance to accent the lithe body I was just slowly getting to know. The scent of her perfume was magnified as my lips drifted over her skin, until again I stood face to face with her.

I had never dreamed that kissing someone could be such a visceral experience. As we held each other, it seemed as if every nerve in my body was alert and sensing, and I had trouble processing all the intimate information. It took quiet a few minutes for me to figure out the next appropriate move, which was to pull down the zipper of Anna’s dress. But what a magnificent few minutes those were. The awkwardness I expected from myself during the first moments alone with Anna weren’t there, except for a little shakiness in my knees. Her lips guided me one instant, and then I was leading the next; no dominance whatsoever, it was give and take right from the start.

When my fingers finally reached the zipper of her dress, I felt a squeeze on both my arms, and more pressure on my lips, so I took that as a sign that it was ok to continue. My fingers how ever did not have the dexterity that my lips had, and I fumbled and fumbled, but the zipper just seemed to laugh at me defiantly. When our kiss started to suffer because of it, Anna moved her hands away from me, and without breaking the kiss, pushed my hands away and unzipped her dress. I had expected an admonishment or even some amount of cruel laughter and my inability to disrober her, but there was nothing of the sort. My fingers and hands began to explore the newly exposed skin of her back, just as smooth and soft as her neck and shoulders, and every few inches I felt a shiver from Anna. It elated me that I was giving her these sensations, and drove me to further explore. It served also to make me aware of how uncomfortable I was in my pants, erect beyond belief.

Finally, Anna stepped back, finally breaking a kiss that I wish could have lasted to eternity, and looked at me with an expression I will never, ever forget. A look, such as she was giving me, of true, intense desire and passion can never be faked, or imitated. With her lips slightly parted, arms crossed in front of her to hold of the dress that gravity wanted to take, her eyes staring intently into mine, she looked more beautiful than words could describe. I burned in my mind the memory of how escort şişli she looked at that moment. There was a sparkle in her eyes that I could not explain, a dancing light that I knew didn’t come from passion, but came from somewhere else, somewhere I didn’t know yet. I didn’t have time to dwell in that place, because she let her arms fall to her sides, and the dress, light enough outside to blow in the wind, fell quickly to the floor, to reveal a completely nude Anna, skin glowing in soft light and perfect curves from head to toe. She allowed me the pleasure of taking all of her in, as slowly I moved my eyes from her face, to her feet and back. She made no attempt to cover herself up in modesty.

Upon seeing her bare breasts, and the tantalizing shadow between her legs, I felt my arms and manhood surge forward in an attempt to take all of her all at once, but I managed at the last instant to control my body, except for the severe throbbing that ached to be freed. Some how mercy gave the idea to Anna, and she came towards me again, and her hand immediately went to my belt buckle. She must have seen the relieved look in my eyes because she gave me an understanding smile. I was amazed that so much had happened without a word being spoken. There seemed to be a connection and understanding between us, guiding us together in silence. I thought these things while my button was unsnapped, my zipper fell, and my pants were pushed over my hips, down my legs to the floor. The relief at having my aching member freed was stopped by the sudden pleasure of Anna’s finger slowly moving up the shaft. My surprised face met her gaze and I moaned softly as she explored me for several moments. I was thankful she never gave me a firm squeeze, because I think that would have led to a premature release, which was the last thing I wanted. I think she sensed that as well, and instead moving her other hand between my legs she instead put her hands on the bottom of my polo shirt and pulled up. I put my arms above my head, and after I brief moment of darkness, we were both nude, and embracing.

My aching erection was pressed to my stomach as Anna’s arms wrapped around me, and she buried her face in my neck. The sexual tension that had built up while we uncovered each other was forgotten for a moment, and we just felt each other’s souls, without pretense, words or clothes in the way. I caught my breath, calmed my heart, and managed ignore my arousal enough to stem the tide, and regain my control. I was startled from focus by Anna’s soft voice.

“Sean, you are an amazing young man. I’ve read a lot of your work, not just the story you just sent me, and you write with such emotion and passion. I can tell a lot about a person from the way they write, even for a class assignment.” She paused to take a breath. “I know which students are popular and don’t care. I know which students care, but don’t put themselves completely into their writing. You seem to put everything in your soul into your words. I’ve never read anything like that, or met anyone like you.”

“You know all this about me just from my writing?” I asked quite shocked by everything she was saying.

“No, not just that,” she said as her hand glided up and down my back. “It was your kiss, the first kiss we had, and escort beşiktaş the way you are holding me now, so gentle but firm at the same time. I don’t, I can’t understand why you spend all of your time to yourself.” She gave me a squeeze. I sighed.

“Girls now don’t seem to be interested in romanticism, passion, caring, loving or gentleness. They seem to want to wear tight, sluttish clothes, attract the bad boys, and get used, just so they can be popular,” I said with frustration. “I’ve tried being the nice guy, just being myself, but as you can see, I’m alone.” Anna pulled away as I said that and looked me in the eye.

“Actually Sean,” she put her hand on my cheek,” right now, you aren’t alone.” And with that she kissed me softly.

I couldn’t respond to this with words, but I managed a smile, and I kissed her more passionately, as thanks for making me realize my situation. I squeezed her tightly, thinking that there was no place in the world I would rather be. I could once again explore her with my hands, and it seemed to me that her body was absolutely perfect. I had trouble thinking that this wonderful, beautiful person was my English teacher, and that I was just an awkward, nerdy senior. As my hands fell slowly down her back toward her bottom, the name Ms. Hysard completely left my head. She was Anna, a woman, and I was Sean, a man, and I wanted her more than everything.

The next moment, I knew she wanted me too, because she whispered in my ear,

“Sean, take me upstairs.”

I thought for a moment taking her in my arms, and carrying her upstairs, as traditionally a groom would carry a bride, but a different urge took hold of me, and instead, I pulled her up, putting her arms around my neck, her legs straddling my hips, and her face even with mine. I wanted to look right into her eyes for as long as I could. Something happened, though, that I didn’t intend. I knew in the back of my mind that the position that we were in put her dangerously close to enveloping my erection. I didn’t want that to happen until we got upstairs, but I had to shift to get a better hold on her, and I heard her gasp. Then I felt the most incredible, wet, soft, squeezing sensation, which sent aftershocks all over the rest of my body. I nearly fell over I was so taken by how good it felt to be inside of Anna, but I regained control enough to start moving toward the stairs. Perhaps I should have pushed her away enough so that while I walked, the movement of my legs moved her slightly up and down, so that we were making love, standing, walking, moving, while I carried to her bedroom. However, I could tell by Anna’s grip on me, and the sounds she was making in my ear, that I should not and could not move her away. As I started up the stairs, she moved even father from me, although she never went farther than to squeeze the tip, before pressing against me again.

I never thought I would be making love to Anna before taking her upstairs, but here we were, just making it to the second floor, in a minor frenzy of pleasure, the bed awaiting us. I was concentrating so hard on holding her, walking steady and maintaining my balance, that I was able to control myself for the moment, despite the amazing sensations I was feeling. As we crossed the threshold escort bayrampaşa of Anna’s bedroom, another scent began to mingle with Anna’s perfume. I had never smelled it before, but instantly knew what it was. It was the smell of sex, and it was amazing. I was elated to know how aroused Anna’s was, that she could fill the hallway with her scent. I hope it was only the beginning to that scent for the evening.

Looking over Anna’s shoulder as she held me tightly, I saw the bed, perfectly made, a soft comforter on top with many pillows, and half a dozen lit candles giving the room a very soft glow. My body was beginning to get a little tired from carrying Anna, but before I put her down on the bed, a question came to my mind through the haze of pleasure centered between us. As I started to speak her weight sank against me and her wet walls slid down and squeezed me, eliciting a moan rather than a question. Once the pleasure wave passed, I gathered myself.

“Did you expect to be bringing me upstairs, Anna?” I asked softly, looking towards the candless. I felt her lips move up my neck, and suck on my ear lobe.

“Expecting, no. Wanting very badly, yes,” she breathed. “Now, no more words, Sean. Sit down on the bed. Please.” The words were too softly spoken to be a command, but I obeyed anyway, and soon her knees were on the bed, squeezing my hips, her hands grasping my chest. She stared down me with a smile, as she guided herself up and down, slowly on my shaft.

The control I had while I was focused on getting us up the stairs was gone, and all my being was centered on the sexual connection between us. It was beyond any pleasure I could have imagined, and the moaning and thrashing I was doing let Anna know that very thing. In a lucid moment while she rested against me, I reached my hands up and cupped her breasts, feeling their weight, and the hardness of her nipples against my palms. As he pulled herself almost completely away, I took her nipples between my fingers and pinched, and for the first time, we moaned at the exact same moment. The moment broke down the wall for both of us, and before I could grasp for control, I felt myself jerk and spasm, and orgasmic bliss took hold of me. If it were just my release, it would have been wonderful enough, but Anna orgasmed at that exact moment, and her muscles squeezed and clenched me, milking me, pulling not just on my erection but on my very soul. We were one at that moment.

I didn’t black out, but I lost awareness for a few minutes, until my senses returned from my groin to their usual places. Anna was now resting against me, breathing heavily, her arms underneath her chest, pressed between us. I managed to put my arms around her, and when I squeezed she sighed, a contented sigh. I didn’t want to move, in fact, I didn’t think I had the will to move, but it was an uncomfortable position. Without ever pulling myself out of her, I moved us both fully on to the bed. I managed to get Anna’s arms from underneath her and she let them rest weakly against my sides.

As tired as I was, I didn’t want to sleep. I wasn’t sure if Anna was dozing, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel her against me. I felt that I had found a place where I was comfortable, where I was supposed to be, where I was happy.

“Sean,” Anna whispered.

“Anna,” I responded.

“Don’t leave,” she sighed.

“I don’t plan on it, I don’t have to be home..,” I started, but Anna interrupted.

“No, not just tonight. Don’t leave me ever again. Please.”

“I… I…”

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