A Gift for Donna


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This story contains strong adult themes, including incest, and should not be read if you are easily offended.


Birthday celebration leads to mother/daughter incest.



“…not looking, I’m not looking!” yells Donna as she burst through the front door into the living room, and in a brisk pace continues upstairs to her room leaving snow across the carpet. She seems to be completely oblivious to presence of two half naked women standing in the adjacent kitchen behind a messy kitchen island. Frida, the younger of the two women is holding her older partner by the waist, and tracks the intruder with her eyes wide and jaw dropped in surprise.

“I’ll be out in few, just need to grab my books before it’s too late,” Donna screams from top of the stairs and slams the door to her room.

The two women are stunned by this surprise visit. The only thing that seems to be moving is the cloud of falling snowflakes the unexpected visitor brought in.

“Mrs. Polly told me to bring these. Sharing is loving, or something like that,” says Donna with a smirk when she appears moments later at top of the staircase. With her head tilted way up to keep the tall stack of books under her chin, she is deliberately avoiding looking in the kitchen’s general direction, but descending with reckless speed; taking two step at the time.

“I’m still not looking; your secret is safe with me. Whatever you are cooking for my birthday, should be delicious and contain lots of chocolate. Just saying,” Donna proclaims theatrically, trying to balance the uneven stack of books as she gets close to the front door.

Frida is watching her fumbling for the door knob and tries to move to open the door for her. This helpful gesture proves to be quite difficult to perform as Maria, who is Donna’s mother, gropes her ass hard as Frida tries to move. Maria’s index finger barely moves deeper between Frida’s ass cheeks and she jumps and almost yelps with a sudden jolt of pleasure.

“There is no need to help me with the door,” continues Donna. “I’m 19 since last midnight, grown up, and therefore an adult who can somehow open this damn front door despite the fact both my hands are full. Ah-aa! Success!” she proclaims in triumph as she finally twists the knob and flees towards the bus stop through a deep layer of snow. The two women simultaneously breathe a sigh of relief.

“Oh god,” Maria manages to whisper.

“Books! She has promised them to Mrs. Polly for tomorrow.” says Frida in sudden realization, “How could I forget about her damned books!”

The front yard gate slamming shut tells them that they are once more alone. Cold air brought in by Donna washes over their skin and Frida presses her body against Maria, groping her lover’s ass, and greatly enjoying sensation of her boobs pressed against her.

“So, where were we?” Frida whispers as she plants a lingering kiss just below Maria’s earlobe.


Less than an hour ago, Maria was preparing a cake for her daughter’s 19th birthday celebration. Her Donna has grown into an attractive young woman. With a beautiful face framed with long dark hair, slim body with narrow waist and somewhat wider hips, she’s a striking image of her mother at a similar age. With her large boobs, she will have no shortage of boyfriends, even in this small old-fashioned city, that’s for sure. Not like in her own early years, she thinks. Maria was considering what flavor of icing she should make, when suddenly a knocking on the door breaks her chain of thoughts.

“Hello Mrs. Johnson, am I interrupting?” asks Frida, standing in the doorway. Frida is a young woman with short fiery red hair, blue eyes and an athletic body and is the best friend of Donna. Living just across the street, these two are widely considered inseparable; hardly ever seen without each other.

“Hi Frida, come on in, I’m just getting ready to bake the cake for our ‘adult’. But close the door please, it’s freezing outside,” says Maria with a warm welcoming smile.

“I want to ask you for a favor.” Frida says not wasting time for chit-chat, as she enters the kitchen area and steps close to Maria.

“Sure sweetie, fire it up. What can I do for the best friend of my beautiful daughter?” Perhaps too close, Maria realizes when Frida enters her personal space and gently takes her by the hands.

“You see, that’s it,” Frida says hesitantly, “Donna isn’t just my best friend…”

A sudden silence lingers until Maria urges her to go on, “…she is also my girlfriend.”

Maria is flooded with a wave of emotions that stops her breath. Standing there, motionless, Frida’s grip on her hand gets a bit stronger.

“Please, don’t be angry at her,” kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri pleads Frida, suddenly not sure if this was a good idea.

“Eh, uhm,” Maria clears her throat. “I’m not angry, just really surprised. Even though I shouldn’t be, considering how close you two are.”

Frida eases her grip a tiny bit, ‘this may actually work’ she hopes.

“So how long have you two been dating?” Maria asks in a desperate attempt not to freak out. ‘My daughter is a lesbian!’

“Oh, uhm, we started kissing this summer, you know, just to practice and stuff. She groped my boob once by accident,” Frida looks into distance with dreamy eyes; not seeing as Maria shuts her eyes in parental horror.

“Sometimes we just kiss, sometimes we fondle each other. Her boobs are amazing. Soo huge and soft,” continues Frida huskily as she brings her hand towards her chest, still holding Maria’s palm.

“I wonder how she looks completely naked,” Frida whispers to herself but apparently loud enough for Maria to hear.

Maria tries to gently liberate her palm from Frida’s grip without breaking her reverie when she stops in sudden realization.

“You haven’t seen Donna naked yet?” Maria says and then thinks ‘These kids are really sweet and innocent…me, at their age…’ and visibly trembles as a shiver from dirty memories goes down her spine. Frida doesn’t notice as she is looking down, watching points of her shoes and slowly shakes her head.

“Uhm, no, we just kiss and play with each other boobs.” Taking deep breath and hesitating for a moment, she explains, “I convinced her once to touch herself with a hand inside her panties, in front of me. It was my 19th birthday wish. I really wanted to join in but I just froze and just watched.” She presses Maria’s palm back towards her chest and steps even closer to her “That’s why I’m here Mrs. Johnson,” and taking deep breath “I want to make love to your daughter.”

Maria looks at her sharply.

“I want to make love to your daughter,” Frida repeats herself, “I love her very much!”

Maria has to smile at the vigor in Frida’s voice.

“Tonight, on her birthday, and I want this to be perfect, and,” she continues, taking a deep breath. “I need you to show me how to make love to woman.”

Frida hesitates for a moment, then opens her mouth but Maria won’t let her go on with this nonsense any further.

“What?! No! Frida, are you crazy!? NO!” ‘This needs to be stopped now’, Maria thinks. “Sweetie, if you really love my daughter, and you want to make love to her, it will be the first time for both of you. If it makes you feel safer, you can have sex in this house. Just give me enough time to get out of your way. It will be truly special, as the first time should be,” she presses on, watching a tornado of mixed emotions on Frida’s face as her hopes die.” You don’t need my help. Besides, what makes you think I would go for this outlandish idea?”

“I saw you with Lady Polyester,” answers Frida with an edge in her voice that wasn’t there before.

Maria’s heart stops in mid beat. Mrs. Polly, or as everyone calls her behind her back, Lady Polyester, was the principal at the local university, a prime council woman, head of the flower committee and so on. She was maintaining every important office to be had in their town. She was also generally disliked by all, as a cold, uptight person, with no warmth in her personality whatsoever.

“The fact that Lady Polyester had kinky lesbian sex with the mother of my best friend truly blew my mind,” Frida’s voice ramps up a notch.

“Kinky,” Maria manages to whisper.

“I saw you strapped to an office chair with her face buried between your legs. I saw you grinding your pussy against her thigh while she had you blind folded.” She steps towards Maria, forcing her to take step back. “You are willing to have sex with the coldest robot I know, on regular basis no less, but not with the woman that wants to make your daughter happy!” Searching for answers in Maria’s eyes, Frida almost shouts. “What do you see in her? Do you really date her?”

Maria wordlessly shakes her head. Frida grabs her arms by the elbows.

“So this is just casual sex for you? How do they call it? No strings?” Maria’s hands are pinned against her own hips by Frida’s frustration, “Then why…?” Frida looks at Maria sharply when it dawns on her. “Is she forcing you? Blackmail?!”

Panic in Maria’s eyes confirms her suspicion. Frida calms down as she steps even closer to her. Maria’s back is now pressed against the wall. “What does she have on you?” Asks Frida her voice suddenly calm.

Maria closes her eyes in desperation. She has been pushed into a corner and has her hands pinned against her own body. She really is trapped now. “I really don’t want to talk about it, you wouldn’t understand” her one last attempt at escape.

“Make me understand! I want to help you, I want to set you free from her,” Frida insists.

A sad smile flickers on Maria’s face.

“There is no way of breaking away from her, not without destroying my life in process, and Donna’s too. I searched for way out for long time, only to dig myself deeper in her web. Her coldness is also her armor; she has no chinks in it.”

Trapped in the corner, Frida pressing against her with fingers clawed in her arms makes her feel captured. Her body flooded with a sensation she knows very well and something gives way in Maria’s mind, and with deep sigh she spills some details.

“She met my older partner from my previous life and got her talking. She knows stuff about me that could get me into real trouble in this town. At first she used it to get me out of Uni, but now, she is using it to her full advantage.”

‘Real trouble…, what, is she connected to the mob or something?’ thinks Frida, and then catches on to the important detail. “Her?!” she interrupts the flood of confession; “your previous partner was a Her? As in a woman?” Maria nods, her secret is out of the bag now. “Your lesbian past is what is she blackmailing you with?”

Maria shuts her eyes at that word. “I really do not want to talk about my past. Best way to keep a secret, well what’s left of it, is not to talk about it.” She tries to set herself free but Frida won’t let go.

“I promise you I will do what I can to get you out of this situation. I know the right people.” Maria looks at her quizzically. “Not many people know this, but Lady Polyester is my mother’s sister. Mom has to know something we can use,” explains Frida thinking aloud and casting the tiniest ray of light.

Maria rejects any hope. “You do realize you might ruin your family reputation…” she says slowly.

“Technically, yeah,” replies Frida with smirk. “Trust me, no one likes her. She is my Mom’s twin sister and they never talk to each other. I’ll ask Mom about Aunt Polly, about stories from when they were younger,” she chuckles. “Aunt Polly, it sounds so weird.” Then she notices the intense gaze of Maria.

“Does Donna know about me and Lady Polyester?” Maria asks breathlessly. Frida shakes her head. “But she will find out if you don’t get what you want from me, right?” she asks.

“I will not rat on you, I will find the way to get Lady Polyester off your back” she promises.

“You would really do that for me?” Maria still won’t dare to hope.

Frida nods slowly as she calmly takes Maria’s palm and puts it on her own small perky breast. Maria is hypnotized by the perky sensation; won’t move, won’t breathe. Looking deep into Maria’s eyes for what seems to be eons, Frida almost loses all hope as she sees no reaction.

But then, with the tiniest of twitches, she feels fingers slowly close around her small tit. ‘Houston, we have lift-off!’ Frida’s heart skips beat as Maria cups both her boobs and squeezes harder.

Frida moves in to kiss Maria, but she is already planting a wet kiss on her neck; breathing hot breath on Frida’s skin that sends shivers starting at her throat and going down her back. Frida takes a step back, pulls her long shirt dress over her head in one smooth motion and slowly lets it drop beside her. Maria, suddenly free from the warm proximity of her young captor feels light headed. She looks at Frida, and for the first time truly looks at her as an adult, not just her daughter’s best friend. Girlfriend, her daughter’s soon to be lover, she corrects herself looking up and down at her body. Her eyes absorb Frida’s lean body, with her long legs, and small-ish perky tits sitting high on her chest; trapped in a tight bra and matching blue panties. Her fiery red hair framing the nice impish face dotted with freckles, and blue eyes glowing in a hunger that she didn’t notice before.

Maria takes one step closer, presses her body against Frida and starts kissing her. Almost immediately she has a tongue flicking in her mouth. She feels her large boobs squeezed against Frida’s chest as she reaches behind her for the bra clasps. She finally gets them open and the bra falls on the floor. Maria admires for a moment the freckled porcelain-like skin around her pointy pinky nipples.

A small squeak escapes from Frida’s mouth as Maria buries her fingers in her right boob while sucking her left nipple. Frida’s breathing becomes erratic as Maria goes on her knees while planting a series of wet kisses down her belly, on her hips, and inside her thighs, making the young woman’s legs spread apart in process. Then she twists her head up, presses her face against the inviting crotch and in one long hungry lick traces Frida’s panties from the dark wet spot between her legs going up toward pubic area.

A Heavy breathing Frida, has to lean forward above the kneeling Maria to put her weight against the wall. She needs help in an effort to seek support that her trembling legs can’t provide.

‘She is getting really wet.’ Maria thinks and flicks her tongue against the fabric of her wet panties. ‘Oh, God help me, me too’ she thinks to herself, as Frida’s strong musky aroma hits her, bringing a wave of heat spreading from her panties.

Maria reaches up, grabs a perky boob above her and both women make eye contact. Sucking her pussy through the material of the panties, Maria reaches for the waist band and pulls down the blue panties to her knees. After momentarily losing contact, Maria buries her face into Frida’s pussy, hungrily lapping her wetness, her nose inhaling the aroma from her flaming red strip of pubic hair.

Frida holds her breath with sudden gasp, and then she responds with screams of pure pleasure. She comes in a huge wave of ecstasy, grabs Maria’s hair and pushes her head against her pussy, hard.

It takes seemingly ages till she finally catches her breath. In sudden realization, she unclasps her fingers from her lover’s hair and Maria can finally lift her head from her burning pussy, her face gleaming with pussy juice.

“Damn, this beats rubbing pussy through panties any day,” Frida giggles and sits down next to Maria, resting her head on her shoulder. She’s still breathing heavily and Maria can feel the sweaty heaving chest on her shoulder as a new wave of giggles hits the young woman.

“You told me you just kiss each other,” she says with hint of accusation in her voice.

Frida needs more time to get her breathing under control, but then she grabs her own boob and looks at Maria. “We do, we just kiss and play with each other’s boobs, while rubbing our fingers against our own panties, but when we can’t hold it any longer, we move back a little and finish up while looking into each other’s eyes. It’s really hot.”

‘I bet,’ thinks Maria while Frida leans closer.

“But this is way better” and kisses Maria on her neck, just under her earlobe. Maria stiffens as Frida slowly slides a hand under her shirt and squeezes her breast a bit too hard. Frida has to get on her knees and arms to continue kissing Maria as her lover moves to lie down on the floor.

Frida lowers her torso and enjoys the sensation of her naked tits rubbing against a warm body. She kisses her lover on her lips and neck; on that spot just below the throat. Then she plays with Maria’s tits. They are a bit larger and heavier than her best friend’s tits, but from what she can tell, the similarity is undeniable. Large, soft and pillowy; jiggling with every shaky breath Maria takes.

“Try to twist my nipple,” Maria breaths in advice. She grabs Frida’s perky boob that is rubbing against her stomach and does the same. “Like that,” Frida’s eyes open in wave of pleasure and she twists the nipple she has just sucked. “Not so hard!” Maria exclaims arching her back to press both women closer.

“Sorry!” Her apology melts into sucking the hurt boob in an attempt to make it better. Then she moves to the other one with much more success. As proved by little moans escaping from Maria’s lips.

Frida follows the same path of kisses Maria took on her just few minutes ago, and as she reaches the waist band, Maria lifts her hips and drags her leggings, together with her panties to mid-thigh. Frida tries to get rid of clothes but the panties got tangled around Maria’s ankles.

“Take a sniff,” says Maria.

Frida moves her hand in a jerky motion, stops for a moment, and then she covers her face with the wet panties while taking deep breath. Maria watches the small boobs jiggle as the young lean body, sitting between her legs freezes in fascination. When Frida’s face emerges with hunger her eyes, Maria searches for Frida’s hand and squeezes her young lover’s fingers a bit.

She watches as Frida sticks out the point of her tongue and moves an inch towards her pussy, slowly getting closer. Frida plants her first tiny kiss, barely touching the burning pussy lips. Maria isn’t sure at first if she even feels anything, and then a jolt of pleasure hits her as Frida takes her swollen clit in her mouth in what it seems like attempt to tear it away. Frida reaches up and grabs that glorious tit, then squeezes it hard as she licks the pussy of her girlfriend’s mother.

A mix of pain and pleasure hits Maria like a truck, and she is now moaning in excitement as Frida’s nose is rubbing her clit whilst she is sucking at her pink folds. It takes a little time till she starts shaking in a wave of orgasm, but Frida is firmly attached to her crotch now and won’t let go.

After a while, Maria takes her shaking body somewhat under control. Frida emerges from her lover’s crotch and crawls up her body, rubbing her boobs against Maria’s body.

“Whoa, this is something I definitely have to do to your daughter,” she says with huge smile as she plants wet kiss on her lover’s dry lips, momentarily denying her chance to answer.

Maria breaks the kiss in a desperate move to catch her breath, but Frida’s body laying on top of her doesn’t make situation any easier to calm down.

“What will your girlfriend say when she finds out you cheated on her? With her own mother, no less?” Maria asks suddenly.

Frida slides down, laying next to her and rolls on her side so she faces Maria and reaches for her boob to squeeze.

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