A Free Morning


I had finished my breakfast and was still sitting at the table, sipping on my coffee when she returned home from her early morning workout. At the gym by 5:30am, she sure is dedicated. As she rounded the corner from the mudroom and entered the kitchen, I could tell she pushed herself hard today. Sweat still glistening on her forehead and wet patches under boob and emanating around the crotch of her leggings, told the story.

“Morning, Love,” I said while extending my arms and inviting her over for an embrace and a kiss.

“Morning,” she replied as she leaned into my arms. I planted a few longish pecks on her lips and a slight nibble on her lower lip before parting. As she rose, her crotch was directly in front of my face. I looked up, into her eyes and said,

“Now, drop your pants and let my lick you at full flavor before you go and shower all of that deliciousness away.” She threw a “you aren’t serious” look down at me, but she quickly understood that I wasn’t joking. Without taking a step away, she hooked the waist of her leggings and panties with her thumbs and slowly slid them down. They seemed to be melting down off her body. The top of her pubic hair had just become visible. My gaze was fixated right there, eagerly waiting for what is to come. Her pants continued the slow drift downward. All of her pubic hair was now exposed. As she passed by her crotch, her wetness held onto her panties for a few extra seconds. There was a brief moment where her panties and pants were separated. Once the tension was great enough, her pussy released the panties and the snapped back into her pants. As this happened, a waft of her scent billowed into my nose. I inhaled deeply. I needed that smell to be embedded in every cell of my body. That’s a scent you want to have with you all day long. As her pants got just below her knees, I stopped her.

“But I wont be able to spread my legs or move,” she pleaded.

“Exactly,” I replied.

I learned forward, split her lips with a pointed tongue and then widened it as much as I could. I gave her a long slow lick with my fattened tongue, from the base of her opening right up to her clit. I repointed my tongue and flicked her clit before pulling away. I repeated this 3 more times.

“Amazing,” I said. “If I could figure out how to get that flavor into chewing gum, I’d be a billionaire”

“Sure would be a hit with the guys,” she said through a chuckle.

“All men. All men would buy pussy flavored gum.” I reached out with my index and ring fingers, dipped and swirled around her hole, then rubbed my two fingers just below my nostrils.

“What are you doing?” she wondered out loud.

“Now I will be able to smell you all day long,” I said with a shit-eating grin. She smiled, grabbed the back of my head and buried it into her pussy for a few more licks. I pulled back and said, “Now, turn around and tell me to lick your ass.”

“What!?!” she questioned.

“You heard me,” I said.

She obliged and started to turn around. This was a bit difficult as her pants were still just below her knees and her sneakers were pretty grippy on the hardwood floor. She finally had her ass crack right in front of my face and said rather meekly, “Lick my ass.”

“I need an adjective,” I said. “Am I licking you tight little ass, your sweaty ass, your dirty ass, or you know, something like that?”

“Okay,…..lick my….ummm…sweaty ass,” she said.

“That’s a pretty dirty thing to ask for, why do you think I would do that for you?” I playfully asked. “Am I just a filthy pig or am I subservient to you?”

“Hmmm, I think I like the idea of subservience,” she said after a brief pause.

“Great, now put it all together and demand that your servant does it for you,” I nearly begged.

She looked over her right shoulder, grabbed a handful of my scalp, and pulled my head back. She turned slightly, so that her head was hoovering directly over top of mine. She spit right into my face, a direct hit to the bridge of my nose, as she growled, “Lick my sweaty ass, you little bitch!” She then spun back around and tried to suffocate me between her ass cheeks. My tongue circled her asshole a few times and pushed in for some slight penetration before I had to pull away for a breath.

“Good girl,” I said. “Next time, don’t make me ask.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “I kind of like it when you grovel…..like the needy little bitch that you are.” She smiled and almanbahis leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“I’ll be upstairs as soon as the kids leave for school,” I said. She teasingly wiggled her ass while pulling her pants back up and headed upstairs. I wasn’t long before I could hear the kids stirring. The next half hour would be painful. I’d be sitting at the kitchen table, rock hard, and eagerly anticipating our romp while waiting for the kids to get themselves out the door and off to school. The kids are in high school, one senior and one sophomore. They are self-sufficient…in the mornings anyway. We no longer need to spend an hour trying to get them out of bed, in the shower, fed, and out the door. It’s nice that it frees up our overlapping mornings for loud, passionate sexploits that have been missing for nearly 17 years. No more silent orgasms for us!

With the kids finally out the door, I rushed upstairs to continue what we had started. I opened our bedroom door and left it that way. I walked through the bedroom and flung open the bathroom door. My beautiful wife is standing before me, wet hair in a bun, completely naked, and applying one of her 15 creams that are specific to each patch of skin on her body. No need to make fun of her for that right now. I scooped her up and carried her out of the bathroom to our bed.

During the short trip she apologized, “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking and put cream on my tits. You probably won’t want to suck on my nipples right now.”

It was a minor inconvenience. I do love suckling on her nipples, but it really isn’t necessary. “Not a problem, Love,” I said. “I’m really more interested in eating your sweet pussy instead.”

“Oooh,” she gasped, happily. “Then you better get to it.” As I lay her on the bed, her legs spilled open. There were no coy pretenses here. She knew what she wanted. I gave her a few soft and supple kisses, before lowering myself to her honeypot and getting to work. Damn! She had fully cleansed herself. I expected this but was hoping for get right back to the full flavor experience from earlier this morning. Don’t get me wrong, clean pussy isn’t terrible. It just doesn’t compare to a pussy with a full day or more or sweat and secretions. As long as there hasn’t been any cum inside, a pussy is much better off being unwashed then freshly clean.

I can tell she has been warmed up from my earlier licks. There is no flinching when I get near her clit. On first contact, she is already pressing her clit into my tongue. Still, I like to tease a bit. Even though she is ready, I won’t solely focus on her clit right now. I lick her whole of her pussy, starting at the base of her hole, splitting her lips and gathering as much of her sweet nectar as I can. Just a brief circle and flick of her clit, before returning to the base. Each time my tongue crosses her opening, I let it slip in just a little bit deeper. With my tongue buried inside, I lick her inner walls and try to reach the backside of her clit. I am lapping up the entirety of her pussy. Inner, outer, full licks. Her juices are flowing fresh and finally replacing the clean taste of soap. By the time I return to her clit, she is already moaning deeply. I’m thoroughly enjoying giving her pleasure, but I want to move on to bigger and better things. I know just what to do to send her over the edge.

While continuing to glid my tongue across her clit, I rest my index and ring finger at the entrance to her hole. I circle the edge with my fingers, pressing slightly deeper with each cycle. She was wet enough that my fingers could have easily sunk right in without any resistance, but I still wanted to tease her a bit. Her moans grew deeper with each agonizing slow inch of penetration. Once I had both fingers fully inserted, I turned my hand over signaled come here, with the fingers inside her pussy, searching for the spongy ridges of her g-spot. Upon contact, her head tilted back, eyes rolled, and I watched a small tremor wave roll across her body. Her back arched and her moans become more of a high-pitched whimper as I continued stroking her g-spot. I switched between long and short strokes, just pressure, light pressure, and occasionally deep, deep, deep penetration. Trying to reach her cervix with my fingers. She put both hands behind my head and pulled in.

“Oh, FUCK,……yes…..I’m gonna……CUM!” I held constant pressure on her g-spot and sucked her clit into my mouth. She almanbahis giriş ground her pussy all over my nose and chin, covering my face in her exquisite juices. She knows to do this. I told her once, that this ensures that any bitches that try to talk to me will smell her and know that I am claimed.

As she came down from her orgasm and returned to reality, I crawled up beside her and gave her a deep wet kiss. Both of my knees where on her right side. I grabbed her wrists with my left hand and held them together above her head. My cock was dangling just above her mouth. I lowered myself, just enough, to drag my shaft and head across her lips. She parted her lips and the head of my cock dropped into her mouth. She sucked it in with some force, but I was easily able to pop it back out. She tried to grab it with her mouth again, but with my hand restraining her wrists above her head, she could only reach as far as her neck would allow. Straining, she gave up and dropped her head back onto the bed. I repeated this process a few times. Each time I removed my cock from her mouth, the lust in her eyes grew hotter. She wanted that cock in her mouth, but I wasn’t letting it happen….yet.

Her legs were together and folded over to her left side. With my right hand, I influenced her to open her legs and felt her wetness with my middle and ring fingers. With the base of my palm on her mons, I bent up my two fingers up into the spiderman web slinging position. My fingers easily entered her pussy. I started with a gentle stroking motion, trying to rub my palm with the fingers that were inside of her. She let out a guttural moan and again strained her neck trying to get my cock back in her mouth. My strokes slowly transformed into more of an in and out motion, with the heel of my palm keeping pressure on her clit. Her left foot was planted on the bed and her knee in the air. This was causing just a bit of friction for my hand. With a couple of taps with my index finger on the inside of her thigh I convinced her to drop her left leg onto the bed. She obliged without hesitation and was now splayed out wide open on the bed. I picked up the pace with my hand in and out of her pussy.

I continued to temporarily dip my cock into her mouth. I absolutely loved watch the internal battle in her head. She so wanted my cock in her mouth, but when the strain was too much, she would have to drop her head back on the bed. With her head back, she would focus on the pleasure emanating from her pussy before remembering…oh yeah, I need that cock in my mouth. This back and forth went on until I could hear the sloshing sound of her wetness growing. I increase the pace one last time and felt a few droplets of spray on my wrist.

“Don’t hold back,” I said. “Push it out, push it all out!”

She screamed long enough for it to by interrupted by three breathes. A torrent of squirt was soaking my wrist and puddling in my cupped hand. I didn’t stop stroking. Each time my hand made contact with her pussy, droplets of squirt were splashed across her stomach and tits. Some hitting my face and chest as well. When she finally stopped, I drove my cock back into her mouth. She devoured that cock for as long as I allowed it to stay in her mouth. I popped it out of her mouth and turned her over onto her hands and knees.

The wet spot on the bed was about 12″ x 6″. I love admiring my work after making her squirt.

“Look at what a mess you made,” I yelled. “What kind of a whore pisses all over her marital bed?” I demanded with as much disdain as I could muster. She knew I was joking, so she just looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at me. With my right hand still soaking wet, I dragged it front and back across her ass and administered a good solid slap to each cheek. She let out a yelp, but did not pull away. I gathered as much saliva in my mouth as I could and drooled right onto the top of her ass crack. As it started to slither across her asshole, she gave me a little “oooohhoo” and wiggled her ass again. Before the spit could reach her pussy, I stopped it with my thumb and massaged it into her asshole. There was no resistance to this plundering. The guards abandoned their post before the fight even began.

“Ya, know,” I said with my thumb fully inserted into her ass. “It’s been a long time since I’ve taken this ass. Maybe I should send you to wok today with an asshole full of cum today?”

“No,” she gasped. almanbahis yeni giriş “You have to wait.” I have no idea what she meant by this. My birthday was just a few weeks away, so maybe that was what she was getting at? But I wasn’t sure

“I will obey your wishes today, but you know that this ass is mine and I could really take it whenever I please. Isn’t that, right?”

“Uh-huh,” she agreed with a murmur.

“No, I want to hear you say it,” I demanded.

“This ass is yours,” she stated convincingly. “You can take it whenever you wish.”

“Good to know,” I said while removing my thumb from her ass.

I reached between her legs to feel how wet she was. Still sopping wet, as always, the case after squirting. My hard cock slid right in without any hint of friction. Still, I eased in slowly and pulled on her hips to ensure full stroke. When it was not possible to push any further, I clenched my glutes to make sure I was deforming her cervix with pressure. I stayed tight and made some small circles with my hips. She craves the deepest penetration, and she was purring while the head of my cock was pressed against her furthest wall.

“The Hitachi is under your pillow,” I informed her. I don’t know how she processed my statement so quickly. I don’t even think the words were fully out of my mouth before the pillow was thrown across the room, the Hitachi was turned onto high speed and jammed into her clit. “I fucking love make you squirt,” I cooed. “It is so fucking dirty.” True, I did love making her squirt just for the act itself. Another benefit was how much more eager of a lover it makes her. Instead of just taking a pounding from my cock, she will actively throw herself against it.

The moment the Hitachi touched her clit, she seemed to pick up right from the top of her last orgasm. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. She was wailing and moaning and screaming bucking wildly for what seemed like a full 2 minutes. I stopped my motion briefly, just to watch her furiously slamming her fanny onto my cock.

“Oh my GOD!” she exclaimed. “Keep fucking me! Keep fucking my cunt!” She dropped the Hitachi and was panting heavily. I continued pounding her cunt. She was not pushing back against me much anymore and seemed like she was having some trouble holding herself up. I pulled out and flipped her onto her back. I grabbed the back of her knees and placed them on either side of her chest. In this position, she was fully opened up, and I would easily be able to bounce the head of my cock off of her cervix. Again, I entered deep on the first stroke.

“Oww, faawaawawk! Fuck that cunt. Fuck that cunt with your cock!”

I just kept it deep with short stoke for a little while, before rearing back and pounding her with full, deep strokes. She was moaning and screaming and bucking while drawing blood by digging her nails into my chest.


I moved my hands from her knees to her hips and lifted her off the bed. I was now kneeling and holding her up. She was still pretty limp; her body just fell away from where I was holding her, legs and arms splayed out wide. My cock was so hard, I probably could have held her up with just that. I wasn’t thrusting now; I was just lifting her up slightly and then letting her weight fall onto my cock.

“Fuck…..your fucking cock…..is so deep…..in my……fucking cunt!”

This felt amazing, but it wasn’t a full enough stroke for me to cum. I dropped her back down to the bed, threw her ankles up to her head and pinned them there. I feverishly began pumping as fast, deep, and hard as I could. The end of each thrust forced a squeal out of her mouth. My orgasm was building fast and she was receiving all of me, head tilted back and eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Do you want me to cum inside you?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, cum inside me,” she purred without opening her eyes.

“That wasn’t very convincing,” I said. “Maybe I’ll just pull out and cum all over the sheets.”

She picked he head up and stared right into my eyes and shouted, “You better cum….inside my fucking cunt! Fill up my fucking cunt with your fucking cum!”

That was all I could take. I stiffened up, growled, and shot my seed deep inside of her. Her moaning conveyed the message of deep satisfaction as my cock throbbed and pumped rope after rope of cum over her cervix. For sure, her cervix was drowning in cum. I relaxed and collapsed into her embrace.

“That was fucking amazing,” she said.

“No shit!” I replied. “Now make sure my diner is on the table when I get home from work tonight.”

She laughed, as she knew I was joking. However, diner was ready when I got home that night.

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