A Titillating Tailgate


“Lastly,” my boss said, concluding our team huddle, “I have some good news. The new girl, Amy, starts Monday. Mark, as we discussed, I’ll need you to introduce her around, show her the ropes.”

“Great,” I thought. Glenn, one of the other sales managers, had unexpectedly quit nearly four months ago, and the search for his replacement took way longer than expected. As a result, everyone on the team was absolutely buried. Especially me, since I had taken the majority of his accounts and it was peak season for many of my existing customers. This meant a ton of new orders, but with the attendant service calls, installations, and follow ups, there simply weren’t enough hours in the day.

Once she was trained, Amy would be a welcome addition, since she would take all of Glenn’s accounts off my plate. At this point, however, a babysitting assignment was the last thing I wanted.

“At least she’s cute,” I thought, in an effort to console myself. Cute was an understatement. She was gorgeous. With her clear green eyes, flawless tan skin, million dollar smile, and bouncy blond curls cascading down past her shoulders, she’d have been a beauty even if she didn’t have the perfect athletic body. Since she did, however, she was basically the whole package.

Luckily, in addition to being good-looking, Amy was a quick study. After just a few weeks of squiring her around, introducing her to our key business partners, and getting her up to speed on our systems, she was ready to fully assume her duties. Thankfully, because my own staggering workload was in dire need of attention.

Several weeks after I’d left Amy to her own devices, I heard her lilting voice approaching my cube. “Hey Stranger! What’s the deal? I’m old news now? Don’t have time for me anymore?”

“I guess it has been a while.” I replied. “But after doing your job for so long, I’m pretty swamped over here.” I smiled to let her know I was teasing.

“Haha. Fair enough,” she said with a big grin. “but at least tell me you have time for lunch. I’d love to catch up, plus I never got to properly thank you for doing such a good job training me.”

“Sorry, wish I could. I’m still way behind, and my busy season won’t be over for a couple of weeks. Maybe we can do something then.”

She pursed her full lips into a perfect pout. “You suck!” she scolded. I think kiddingly. “Well, how about this? Word on the street is you’re a Tech fan. You going to the State game this weekend?”

I’m a Tech alum, and utterly consumed with the fortunes of its teams. Also, the Tech and State campuses are only 15 miles apart, so it’s a huge rivalry, and whenever they compete it’s a happening.

“Everyone in the state is going to be there this weekend.” I replied, trying to sound more funny than condescending. “And I have tickets, so yes, I’ll be among them.”

“Great!” she said. “I’m not privileged enough to have tickets,” she continued, mocking my tone, “but Dave and I will be down there tailgating. You should stop by. A couple of beers is the least I could do for taking me under your eskort görükle wing those first few weeks.”

“Sounds like a plan.” I said. “My wife is going out of town this weekend, so you won’t get to meet her, but my buddy Steve and I will be making the rounds. Just text me when you get down there and let me know where you are and I’ll drop by.”

Come Saturday, we started even earlier than usual, and several drinks in I’d all but forgotten Amy’s offer. Around noon, however, my phone buzzed. I retrieved it from my pocket to find her text.

“Hey Stud!” it teased. “You gonna come see me?”

“Sure.” I typed back, “Where are you guys?”

“In the big field south of the stadium.”

“Oh, okay. That narrows it down to about 2,000 tailgate spots.”

“We have an orange tent.”

“Great, that gets it down to 1,000 to sort through. Much better.”

“Stop it. Just text me when you’re in the area and we’ll figure it out.”

Twenty minutes later, I heard that voice. “MAAAAAAARRRRRRKKKKK!!!!!!! Over here!!!!!!!!!”

I was blown away. I already knew she was hot, but I don’t know that anyone’s looked more resplendent in a more basic outfit. She wore a ladies cut jersey that was cropped enough to reveal hints of her flat belly and her cutoff jean shorts showed as much of those toned legs as they could without risking arrest.

“Dave, this is Mark, the other man in my life,” I heard her say as I reached the tent.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, extending my hand “I’m sure she’s overstating it.”

“Believe me, I learned long ago to tune her out. Especially when she’s been doing shots,” he said, laughing.

We exchanged a few war stories about life at the office as we happily downed a few beers, then, feeling we’d sufficiently caught up, I announced that I was heading out.

“What time is it?” Amy inquired.

“After 3:00,” I said “so we have about 4 hours ’til game time.”

“Which way are you headed?”

“Another friend of mine tailgates at the Smythe lot. I have to stop by there for our customary pregame shot of bourbon. It’s a tradition.”

“Perfect! That’s where we parked, so I’ll walk with you.” she said. “We got here earlier than I anticipated, so I feel like I’d better lie down and take a nap. Otherwise I may pass out before kickoff. That okay, honey?” she called back to Dave.

“I think that’s a good idea.” he said. “I’m putting the burgers on around 6, so just be back by then if you’re wanting to eat tonight.”

With that, we departed. I let Amy take the lead, under the guise that she knew better the way to her car, than I. The real reason, of course, was to give me more opportunity to check out her sexy ass as we walked. That voluptuous backside was a surprising but welcome feature on a body that otherwise seemed to allow no excess. Her arms, legs and, as I could now see, abs, were perfectly toned, and her breasts, while seemingly perky, were the small sort you’d expect from such an athletic type.

Too soon, it seemed to me, we reached her car. Though it was kestel escort just as well, I supposed, as it had been difficult to maintain a conversation while trying to imagine what was underneath Amy’s shorts and thinking of all the fun Dave must have with that hot little body of hers.

“Well, it was great catching up with you. I’ll see you Monday.” I said, turning away.

“Are we caught up?” she asked forlornly. “I was hoping you’d keep me company for a few more minutes. I can’t just get in the car and go to sleep.”

“Oh, you need me to help you fall asleep? Do I bore you or something?” I teased.

That intoxicating grin once again flashed across her face. “Shut up and get in. In the back.” she said.

With that, we both crawled into the back of her SUV. I wondered whether her decision to nap was as spontaneous as it appeared, as the third row seat was pushed all the way back and the second row was already folded down.

“Pretty comfy, don’t you think?” she said.

“Not bad. And with the tinted windows, you don’t even have to worry about the sun beating in.” I replied. The alcohol was starting to take effect, and I’d really hoped she’d be the one to carry the conversation until I could reasonably excuse myself.

“Or people seeing in.” she said, then leaned over and placed a firm kiss on my lips.

I began to flush, and it wasn’t from the alcohol. I started to stammer a weak protest, but before I could get anything out, her lips had found mine again. As her tongue darted into my mouth, feverishly searching out mine, my body was ready to give into the temptation. I decided I should raise a proper objection, however.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Thanking you,” she said mischievously.

“Well, I did do a pretty good job by you.” I grinned back, my defenses slipping away.

“You certainly did.” She smiled wickedly. “And now I’m going to do a job for you.”

With that she slid to her knees in front of me and began rubbing the bulge that was rapidly forming in my jeans.

“I think someone wants to see me.” She said coyly.

Fully into it now, I reached down to touch her hair, face, breasts, anything I could get my hands on.

“Easy…” she admonished. “This is for you. Just sit back, relax and enjoy it.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy seeing that hot body of yours.” I replied.

“Hmm” she demurred. “I guess I can show you a little something. We’re about to be good friends, after all.”

Sitting up, she pulled her top over her head to reveal the breasts I’d been trying to picture through that jersey. Happily, they were as pert as I’d anticipated. In fact, she hadn’t even worn a bra.

“Oh my God.” I panted, as she continued to stroke my cock through my pants.

“I’m excited too. But I guess you can already see that” she whispered, flicking a finger across one of her stiff nipples. “Now let’s get down to business.”

In a flash, she had my pants pulled down to my knees and her mouth around the head of my swollen cock. As she played bursa sınırsız escort her tongue across its sensitive underside, I feared I might explode before she even really got started. I inhaled deeply and tried to relax.

After swirling her tongue around the bulbous head a few more times, she took it out of her mouth and began licking up and down the shaft. If I thought she was sexy before, seeing the way she hungrily attacked my hard dick accentuated it.

“Mmm…” she moaned, letting me know she was enjoying herself. Although I’m sure not as much as I was. “I need to get this back in my mouth.”

I fancied that she might not be able to pull it off, as engorged as I now was. Slowly, however, her talented mouth began to engulf me. Inch by inch, she worked her way down until I felt the tip of my 7 inches hitting the back of her throat. At this, she pulled back slightly, then began to bob her head earnestly up and down, again slowly at first, then increasingly fast.

As she adjusted to having the entirety of me pistoning in and out of her gullet, she also began to suck me even harder. When it comes to getting blowjobs, my stance is the more suction, the better, and I again worried I would lose control. Again breathing deeply, however, I adjusted to the feel of being in her mouth and allowed myself to focus on the pleasure she was giving me. And was she ever.

If I could’ve kept going on like that, I’d have even been willing to miss the game, but that wasn’t to be the case. Heck, maybe she did want to get a nap in after all. Whatever the case, she amped up her ministrations on my stiff rod, using her hand to pump my shaft and play with my balls, while her mouth homed in on my bloated cock head.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “I can’t wait to see you come for me.”

Her furious efforts to make that happen were having the intended effect and I knew that, no matter what steps I tried to forestall it, this encounter was approaching an end. When she deep throated me again, then cast her eyes up into mine, I knew I was about to go over the edge.

“I’m about to go.” I gasped, hoping it would be sufficient warning. “Do you have a towel or something?”

Again a devilish grin illuminated her face. “It’s sweet of you to ask, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

She then plunged her head down my length and, in a final flurry of thrusts, my cock began to spurt forth ropes of jizz. Each eruption felt stronger than the last and each surprised me more, given how many had come before. As for Amy, she handled the first few explosions well, but eventually she couldn’t swallow my DNA as quickly as it came at her and rivulets began to dribble down her chin, onto her chest and her still hard nipples.

Undaunted, however, she licked her lips clean and reached a finger down to scoop the errant strands off of herself. Looking straight into my eyes, she lasciviously sucked it clean as well.

“That was incredible.” I said, finally able to muster a sentence after a period of prolonged, though not awkward, silence.

“Glad you liked it.” she smiled. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while. Maybe next time you won’t be so quick to decline my lunch invites.” She added flirtatiously.

“Definitely not.” I heartily agreed.

“Good…” she said. “Because next time, I want to fuck.”

A Romp on Retreat


The first time I met Matthew was really uneventful. He was sitting outside the music building, fiddling with his guitar, trying to work out another Rufus Wainwright song. His bare feet and shaggy hair made me sure that he was yet another liberal hippy that our campus was flooded with, so I walked on by without smiling. I couldn’t help but want to turn around and help him with his chord progression…and by chord progression, I really do mean chord progression. At that point at least.

As the first week of classes passed by, it turned out that we were both in the choir. He sang bass, and I was a soprano so we really didn’t have much interaction. I couldn’t help but pick up on the cute snarls he made when he struggled with Handel, or the looks of utter peace that washed over him when we sang Eric Whitacre even though we were on opposite sides of the room. I also couldn’t help but notice when his gaze drifted my way when our director got a little long winded.

When it was announced that we were going off campus for our weekend retreat and that we needed to sign up for what rooms we were in, I forgot to, of course. When the housing assignments were posted, I saw that I was placed in a common area on the floor because they’d run out of beds. It didn’t really matter though, because I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping much. I was, after all, a hardcore study girl at the time. I knew I’d be up into the wee hours of the morning doing reading, writing and arithmetic.

The day we left for the retreat, I was little late. I’d had class right up until 2, and my professor seemed intent on holding us until 2:15, but I made it in time. The bus was already full though, so I had to ride in one of the cars we were taking to haul equipment. Matthew was driving, and the back seat was full of all sorts of random things. Luckily there was room in the trunk for my bag, and we headed off on the 4 hour drive to the retreat.

On the way there, Matthew and I didn’t talk a lot at first. I played with the hem of my skirt that rested at my knees, and I stared out the window. The radio seemed to hum dully whenever I touched it in search of music, but Matthew’s fingers always seemed to find the best music no matter where we were. Our conversations were dashed with simple yes or no questions. “Is this station ok?” “Is it too cool in here for you?” “Did the bus merge to the left up there?” I really wanted to get to know more about him, but I was just too shy to ask. Then all of a sudden, he hesitated on a country song playing an old George Jones classic, and I started humming along.

Matthew’s face lit up and he quickly turned his head to me. “You know this song?”

“Uhm…Yeah. He Stopped Loving Her Today is pretty standard.”

And then it happened. We just clicked and started talking and laughing. He told me all about his experiences growing up, and we shared a lot. We were both raised as Methodists in small towns. We both loved country music and bass fishing. It was like we had been friends since we were kids. We spent the rest of the drive talking and laughing. When we finally pulled in to the huge cabin all of us were staying eskort bayan gorukle in for the weekend, I was kind of disappointed we wouldn’t be spending time like that together again for a while.

It turns out that Matthew was staying in the men’s common area that weekend. When we pulled up however, he had noticed a hammock outside. He then decided he was going to sleep out there that night, and I helped him round up a rope and a sheet to create a tent over the hammock so he wouldn’t be attacked by mosquitoes.

After we had all settled in our things, we marched up the hill to the building for our rehearsal. The day was so slow to come to an end, but after dinner, another rehearsal, and some sectional bonding, we had some free time. I was, of course, intent on doing homework. I isolated myself at the kitchen table while everybody else talked with friends or went to bed. Almost an hour into my work, I heard somebody behind me opening cabinets. I turned around and it was Matthew.

“You haven’t seen any coffee cups have you?” he asked after stifling a yawn.

“No, but I sure have seen a lot of aniline and pyridine. Wanna talk for a bit to wake up?”

He plopped down beside me in a chair and looked over my shoulder. For some reason I felt like he wasn’t paying attention to the book but my b cup chest. He could plainly see in the low cut shirt I was wearing. I turned my eyes to him quickly and caught him looking down my shirt. We both grinned because we knew what he’d been doing.

And in the middle of my quiet laughter, he kissed me. His fingers rested under my chin and tilted my face up to his. Even after his lips met mine, I hadn’t quite registered what was happening. I started to kiss him back, but he pulled away. He looked at me harder than he ever had. His eyes were searching my face for any kind of reaction.

“I want you, but not here,” he said, his pale blue eyes searching mine for reassurance.

I grabbed his hand and stood up. We crept out the front door past piles of sleeping people and cautiously went downhill to the hammock-tent we had created earlier that day. On the way off the porch and down the steep hill we stole kisses from each other and tried to contain our nervous giggling by falling into one another.

When we made it to the hammock, Matthew grabbed my hips while he was facing me and pulled me against him. Instead of kissing me right away he pressed his forehead against mine. His breathing was hard, and he slid his hands up my body to the back of my head. He laced his fingers in my hair, and kissed me deeply.

I pushed my body against his and started kissing him back. I had never felt so hungry for another human being in my life than I was in that moment. Then he pulled his lips away from mine, and I looked up at him confused, almost sad. I was so afraid he’d decided this was a mistake. Then he got down on his knees in front of me and ran his hands up from my ankles, to the backs of my calves and on up under my skirt to the backs of my thighs.

I caught on rather quickly to what he was going to do, and I was so wet with excitement. He reached mudanya escort up to my hips and slowly pulled my panties down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, and I pulled skirt up higher. He kissed the inside of my knees and slowly brought his mouth closer to my aching pussy. I lifted my right leg and rested my foot on his shoulder. I ran my fingers over the back of his neck and bit my lip as he moved higher on my leg. When his lips reached my shaved pussy, he gently kissed it, and a moan from deep in my throat met the air.

He looked up at me and smiled. He then brought his mouth back to my dripping pussy and ran his tongue along my slit. He slid his thumb along the same path and stopped briefly at my clit. He flicked it with his tongue a few times, and then he began rubbing it with his thumb. He then used his tongue to trace circles around the opening of my drenched pussy.

“Please…I just need you inside me!” I begged him. I pushed his face away from me, and I laid back on the grassy hill with my legs spread wide and my skirt bunched up around my waist. Matthew sat back beside me and watched me reach for my pussy out of frustration, but before I could get any satisfaction, he grabbed my wrist. Before I knew what was going on, he held my hand over my head. His free hand found the bottom of my light shirt and slowly pushed it up to reveal two pink, hard nipples on my soft, pale breasts.

He took both nipples into his mouth, one at a time, and rolled them between his teeth. His hand slowly slid down to my belly button. From there he continued to kiss and suck on my chest, but his finger drew light circles around my belly button and a line even further down. By this point, my moans and begging were starting to get a little noisy, so he let go of my wrist and placed a finger over my lips.

I surprised him by grabbing his hand and guiding his finger into my mouth. I guided his finger deeper into my mouth just like I would his cock. He stopped kissing me and raised an eye brow with a slightly mischievous smile. He pulled his hands away from me and went to undo his jeans, but it was my turn to grab his wrist. I bit my lip and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans.

We both sat up to our knees, and he hungrily kissed me as I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans to reveal his boxers. In more frenzied manner, I started jerking his jeans and boxers down. I moaned quietly with anticipation when his cock popped out, and he rolled down onto his back to finish kicking them off. I reached over and wrapped my fingers around his cock, giving it a few good strokes. His head fell back and his mouth came open. I didn’t want to spoil the fun before it happened, so I ran my index finger up his tummy and rolled back onto my back with my legs spread wide again.

He moved quickly on top of me. He leaned over me and kissed my forehead lightly. I moved my hand between us and found his cock again. I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slit, and rested on my clit a few times. I finally put the head of his cock inside me, and he slowly pushed his hips forward. I could feel his cock bursa evi olan escort pushing deep inside me. I looked right up and him and took a deep breath. I eased my hand away from the base of his cock and slid it up to my rock hard nipples.

He stayed inside me there for a second, and then he started rocking in and out of me slowly. Each time he’d almost slip out of me, and then he’d push his cock back into me, as deep as before. I started pushing my hips up to meet his, grunting with him when he couldn’t get any deeper. He reached a hand down to rub my clit, and I let him know I appreciated it by moaning even louder. He leaned over and kissed me again, this time probing my mouth with his tongue. I felt like I couldn’t hold any more Matthew inside me at that point. I wrapped my long legs around his hips.

“Fuck me harder, Matthew,” I whispered in his ear.

He listened alright, and he placed his hand on either side of my head. I reached down to continue rubbing my clit. I grabbed his back with my other hand, and bit my lip.

“Oh God, I’m almost there” I said with more urgency. “Don’t stop, baby. Keep fucking me with that huge cock of yours.”

Saying that was enough to make him fuck me not only harder but faster. That was all I needed to cum. My finger nails dug into his back; my legs squeezed tighter around his waist. My pussy contracted around his cock. I bit down on his shoulder to keep from being too loud. He didn’t miss a beat though. He kept pumping his cock in and out of me.

I slowly brought my arm off his back, and I laid my legs down on either side of him again. I sighed heavily and pushed him onto his back. I pressed my lips against his while my hair draped over his face. His hands rested on my ass as I leaned down to kiss him deeper. He started to sit up with me on top of him so I grabbed his wrists and held them over his head.

I raised myself up, and his cock, covered in my cum, slid right out of me. I planted kisses down his neck and chest and his flat stomach. I then got to his monster of a cock. The moonlight allowed me to see a gorgeous cock that must have been 7 inches and pretty thick. I held his cock at the base and ran my tongue up the sensitive under side.

I cupped his balls in my hands and kissed the head of his cock. I parted my lips and slid his cock in. My cum gathered on my lips, and Matthew looked down at me and moaned. I ran my tongue in circles around his cock, effectively pulling my cum back into my mouth. I closed my eyes as I sucked his cock and let it pop out of my mouth. He looked down at me and groaned again, so I could only smile and put his cock back in my mouth.

I slowly pumped my head up and down and used my hand to slide over what wasn’t going in my mouth. He haphazardly placed one of his large hands on the back of my head and urged me down further. I obliged taking more of him into me. His huge cock kept pressing against the back of my throat, and my lower lip would press against his balls.

His long fingers tangled themselves in my hair, and he pushed his cock against me harder. My eyes watered, and he moaned that he was going to cum. With one more thrust, his cum came pouring into my throat. I swallowed the cum and milked his cock for more. His fingers ran through my hair and then he petted me on the back of the head. He let out a heavy sigh, and I knew in that moment that we’d have lots more nights together.

A Night of Error Ch. 04



Leela and Viswanath in Goa Beach

After their returning from Patna, the sexual life of Leela and Viswanath was rejuvenated drastically. Whenever they would recall their 15 days adventure in slum, they would feel a new vigorous flow, a new sensation in their bodies and minds. In the meantime, Meera had visited and informed Viswanath that she was pregnant. Viswanath gave her some money to take care of herself.

After few days, they both remembered their son Aditya. It had been quite a long time they had not seen their son. Viswanath made a call to his son Aditya that they would be visiting New Delhi to see him, and they would spend few days in New Delhi. Then Aditya informed him that a tour had already been scheduled to Goa with his two friends. He wished that his parents should visit Goa first where he would be waiting for them, then from there all of them would leave for New Delhi. He informed him that he would be arranging their Hotel accommodations at Goa.

After a week, Viswanath received an envelope through mail sent by his son Aditya. The envelope contained Train Tickets for both Leela and Viswanath from Kolkata to Mumbai, onward and return bus tickets from Mumbai to Goa, Train Tickets from Mumbai to New Delhi, and their hotel accommodation particulars.

Viswanath and Leela were very pleased to visit Goa. They knew that Goa had the finest and best sea beaches of the world. Viswanath had a secret desire to visit Anjuna beach of Goa. He had already heard that Anjuna beach of Goa was the abode of Hippies and there was a nude colony in that beach.

Both Leela and Viswanath started their preparation for the journey. They started pack up their all essential items in their travel bags. Usha was left out, because she had to appear her examination in college.

Just before their departure from Dhanbad to Kolkata, in evening, Viswanath received a call from his son Aditya.

“Papa, I am sorry. Due to office exigencies, I have cancelled my trip to Goa. Since I have arranged everything for the trip of Goa, you and Mom must visit Goa. After finishing your Goa trip, you both return to Mumbai, and from there, you board the train to New Delhi. I will be waiting for both of you at New Delhi. Really…papa, I am extremely sorry for not joining you at Goa,”Aditya said.

“It is OK, Don’t worry Aditya! We will meet you at Delhi” replied Viswanath.

Next day, they reached Kolkata in afternoon, and then they boarded the train to Mumbai. They reached Mumbai after two days. From Mumbai they boarded the bus to Goa and reached Panjim (Capital city of Goa) in next morning.


They reached the Hotel in Panjim where their accommodations were already arranged by their son Aditya in advance. Due to their long exhausted journey, they both took rest whole day in the hotel room.

In the evening, Viswanath said, “Hey Leela, Tomorrow morning, we would visit Anjuna beach. I don’t expect my Leela would be clad in saree whilst at beach area. Now we both are in holiday mood, and let us have some modern outfits. It would be better, if we would purchase some light clothes which are fit for beach.”

Both of them visited local market of Panjim, and they purchased one pair of loose fitting pajamas with tops for Leela, One pair of shorts and T shirt for Viswanath, and two straw hats for them. Leela also purchased a pair of crocs foot wear for beach. They also purchased a cotton shoulder hand bag to keep water bottle, food/snacks items, Camera, a Towel, and extra clothes for them. They both had a hard fucking in night.

Next day morning, both of them felt refreshed and energetic. They put on their purchased dresses meant for beach. Viswanath put the cotton bag filled with all required matters on his shoulder. They hired a Taxi, and reached the village of Anjuna. It was a bright morning; sun was just rising up slowly. The time was 7.00 AM.

The village of Anjuna, a five square mile area is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach. While the village is perched atop a hill, it was full of swaying palm and coconut trees; there is a beautiful beach down below known as Anjuna beach.

Anjuna beach is a popular beach of Goa, which has seen Hippie culture long back. This is the most famous beach, liked and loved by the foreigners. This sea side is well known amongst back packers and hippies. The stretch of Anjuna beach is almost 2km. Flanked by the Arabian Sea on its one side, Anjuna beach is famous for its stunning natural beauty with swaying palm trees and coconut trees, and a vast expanse of soft white sand.

At this hour of the day, the village seemed to be waking up very slowly. Few shops were opened. They could see 4/5 numbers of European Tourists walking through the village. They passed out the village and reached the small Hillock from where they had to climb down in order to reach Anjuna beach.

They reached down the hill then walked right side which led them near to beach. They reached near the starting point eskort bursa of beach. They walked through the soft sand near the blue sea. The beach was marked by an unusual rocky formation overlaying a cove of white sand and black rock that jet out in to the sea.

They were walking sides by the waves; the white foams of wave were touching their feet. After going some distance, they could notice a lot of white objects spreading near the beach. When they came nearer they could clearly see that those were the white bodies of Europeans. All of them were completely naked and sprawled across the beach. They were basking their bodies in the sun.


The females were ranged between the ages of 20 years to 40 years, their sun tanned body comprised rounded as well as saggy breasts, exposing their bushy pubic hairs, and some had cleaned pussy. Some of them were massaging their breasts, thighs, and pussy areas with oils. The males were also lying fully naked on the white sand exposing their dangling soft, flaccid cocks. Viswanath had never seen such types of scene in his life, he witnessed it live in his open eyes, and he developed a hard one. Some of the nude males and females were taking their bath in the sea water jumping amongst the waves.

Bathing is generally safer at Anjuna beach than at the most of the nearby beaches, especially at the more serene southern end of the beach where a rocky headland keeps the sea calm. At this place, sun starved European tourists laze around bathing in the pleasant sun.

In a few distance, near palm trees and coconut trees, they could notice the numerous palm leafed huts, which were meant for staying, cafe, and cold beer shop.

Leela asked, “Is it the Nude colony you were referring to me?”

“Yes,” replied Viswanath.

“Let us cross this area and go ahead, because these people don’t like intervention of outsiders in their lives,” said Viswanath.

They went ahead, and reached near a place, few distance away from the nude colony.

The place was calm and quite. Just 100 meters away from there, they noticed a person waving his hands at them. The person came nearer to them. He was a person in his Fifties, a black colored person, wearing a shorts and T Shirt. He was a taller person, with masculine figure, looking like an ordinary person from nearby local area. A small leather bag with a strap hung over from his shoulder.

The person said to Viswanath, “Sahib, (Addressed respectfully) I am a masseur. If you go to massage parlors, it will cost you much there. You both can get a body massage here, near the sea shore, near the waves, and the pleasure you derive would be no doubt something different. I am a professional, experienced, and have been doing this quite a long time. I have rendered my services to many tourists, particularly to the Tourists from European countries. Don’t worry, I will charge a very nominal price.”

“What’s your name?” asked Viswanath.

“Sahib, I am Anthony, a local from Goa, I earn my living from massage only.”

He repeated again, “Sahib, I guarantee you that my massage will reduce stress and tension as well as anxiety and depression.”

Viswanath looked at Leela meaningfully and winked at her. Leela smiled at him with a consent look.

“You see, I am not interested, Memsahib may be,” Said Viswanath.


“But some more tourists may come to this side of the area. I don’t want it in open place.” apprehended Leela.

“Don’t worry, Mem sahib, You see those rocks near the sea water,” he indicated far away, nearly half km away from where they were standing,” That is the safest and private place. Usually, nobody goes in that side of place. Please follow me.”

Both of them followed him. They reached near the place. It was a beautiful and scenic place. It was nature’s beauty. The nearby beach was marked by an unusual rocky formation overlaying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts out in to the sea. For more than a half km, the sea beach was strewn with small and big rocks. The most wonderful scenic beauty was that the inlet of blue sea water had entered amongst the rocks.

But they choose a place which was full of white sands, surrounded by black rocks as if God had made a heavenly bed room. Even a person from outside cannot notice anything as it was hidden by nature. The blue ocean could be seen from very near and a cool breeze was flowing. The atmosphere was quite seductive, sexy and romantic.

Anthony picked out a folded plastic material from his big. It was a big plastic sheet, length of 10 feet and width of 5 feet. He spread the plastic sheet on the white sand then put a clean white bed sheet on it.

“Mem sahib, you can lie here. You may have your under wears in your body, but the problem is that those may be spoiled by oil,” he said in a professional tone.

“What types of oil you will be using?” asked Viswanath.

“Sahib, I will be using pure olive oil.” replied Anthony.

“Excuse me Sahib, I have to open my bursa yabancı escort upper dress otherwise it will be spoiled by oil,” he said.

Then he opened his T Shirt. Although he was more than 50 years, but his muscles were bulging out. He had a solid muscular body with abs, and flat stomach. He had well biceps, and his chest was wider with light hairs, but he was not hairy at all. He removed his shorts, he had only his underwear which was covering only his crotch area, and he could see his pubic hairs coming out from two sides of his underwear as his underwear was unable to cover full of his pubic hairs.

Leela took her clothes off, removing her bra and panty also. Viswanath covered her with a towel, and with towel in her body, she lay down on her stomach.

Anthony knelt down near Leela,poured in the olive oil in his right palm, and with his left hand he slipped the towel from her neck side to downwards up to waist by folding the towel, exposing Leela’s white naked back side which was glazing due to morning sun. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders, and neck for the next 30 minutes.


She was relaxing really well at this point, and starting to take deeper breaths. He then moved to her legs, and spread them ever so lightly to be able to access her complete leg on both sides.

He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. Then suddenly, he uncovered the remaining portion of the towel which was covering her buttocks. Now leela was completely naked in her back side.

He then moved inward to the inner thigh, and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips. And she would gasp lightly. He finished her legs, massaged her feet, and arms before asking her to turn over.

Leela called Viswanath and said, “Dear, I am feeling thirsty. Can you pass on me the water bottle?”

After some moment, she heard Viswanath’s voice,”Ohhhh…shit; there is no water, now I have to go, and bring water from the village. Sorry dear, just wait for 40 minutes…I am coming back like a horse.”

Viswanath immediately proceeded. Leela wondered how all the water of bottle got exhausted. Viswanath had sufficient water in the bottle, but it was a lie. He secretly hid behind the rock, and was peeping through the gaps of rocks few feet way. Both Leela and Anthony were clearly visible to him, and their conversation was clearly audible to him.

Since Viswanath had left, Anthony became more confident.

He said, “Mem sahib, can you turn over now so that I could massage your front portion. Towel will be on the way so if you permit I could remove it off you; however it is totally up to you.”

Leela was unaware of the fact that he was touching his cock and massaging slowly his cock above the underwear. Viswanath could see the outline of his cock above the underwear which started grow as he looked at Leela’s backside body.

With much reluctance and shyness, Leela turned over and lay on her back.

Anthony could see now her well rounded two boobs with reddish brown two nipples which appeared to be like cherries to him. The nipples were swollen and puffy, and those nipples were surrounded by small circles of areola. She had a flat tummy with deep naval. But her pussy was hidden under V shape bushy hairs.

Now Anthony focused his mind on her massage, and started with upper body. First, he worked on her shoulders then her stomach. He started massaging her breasts. He reached her areole on the first one, and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both the nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them, and started rubbing them. Leela’s stomach started twitching as he did this. He teased her nipples, and lightly pinched them while tugging on them.


He stopped doing that, and moved down to legs again. This time, he started at her feet, and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process.

Pretty soon, she had her legs spread enough to where he could massage her thighs, and sees her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs, and in the process would lightly touch her pussy to see if she complained.

“Memsahib, now I am going to finish full body massage on your last part of abdomen,” He said.

He began right up where her bush started, worked her hips and all around. He slowly moved his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis, slid his fingers down to her asshole, and started lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy.

He then began to work at her pussy more, and was rubbing her inner and outer lips. He massaged her clit, and she was positioning herself for a better contact. He then bursa merkez escort slowly fitted one of his fingers at her opening, and worked it in and out of her slowly. She started to move her hips to meet his fingers as it would thrust inward. He then put a second finger in followed shortly by a third, and she loved it.

He removed his hand that was massaging her clit, and replaced with his tongue. She reached over, and felt his bare leg next to her arm.

Viswanath got surprised when she grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position. Leela pulled down his underwear, and the erected enormous cock was just popped out, and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up, and grabbed his cock at the base, and Viswanath watched as her hand moved up his cock. She was much surprised to witness such a big cock. It was around 10 inches long. Her palm felt the hardness which was extreme hard like granite. She pulled the foreskin down, and found a big bulbous rounded head appeared like a small electric bulb.

She thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the base and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, it was tenth and a half inched long, and about seven inches around. She got scared whether she could accommodate such a monster inside her pussy.

He was licking at her pussy, and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth, and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock.

Viswanath thought he was going to choke her throat when she started sucking. She was not able to get his cock very far inside her mouth, may be three or four inches as it was a monstrous cock. While she did this, she was also stroking his cock at the same rhythm.

Viswanath was enjoying the whole scenario, and she was starting to get worked up to her first orgasm as Anthony continued his domination of her clit with his tongue.


Her legs started quivering as she came for the first time. She bucked her hips, and gasped for air all the while sucking harder on him while grabbing his cock tightly.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, and positioned himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing opening.

He asked, “Are you ready?”

She was little hesitant and said, “I am scared. It is too big for me. It may not enter inside, and I may feel severe pain.”

He smiled, and nodded his head. He said, “Let us try. I will not force you. Once it slides down inside then only you will feel the real pleasure. If you feel even slightest discomfort, we will stop…OK.”

Anthony put a lot of his saliva in more than half portion of his cock which was already bathed previously with saliva of Leela. The mixed saliva on the cock was in such a huge quantity that the saliva began dripping from the cock.

Anthony slowly started to enter the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. She never had a man of this size before.

He then slowly slid the head in to her. And she grimaced a little due to the opening muscles being stretched. She felt a sensation when the bulbous big knob just entered, touched, and knocked the door of her pussy entrance. He took his time, and let her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. Due to excess saliva lubrication,Leela could not feel that it has entered at about 8 inches, he pulled back, and pumped the rest of his cock deep in to her until his balls slapped up against her ass.

Leela pushed him and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhh…Goddd…leave me…I cannot.”

This sent pain through her whole abdomen.

He withdrew his big monstrous cock, and said, “Sorry Memsahib! More than half portion of my cock is inside your pussy. If we put a little effort, definitely it will go deep. If you agree then OK otherwise we will stop here.”

“OK, but for last try,” consented by Leela.

He told Leela to suck the cock more, and put her saliva in more quantity on his rock cock. He slowly pushed the cock inside, he stayed there, and let her cervix adjust to the size, and again he slowly pushed. Due to heavy lubrication of saliva, the cock slid automatically and both of them were unaware of the fact that the entire cock was engulfed by the pussy of Leela. The Pain started to fade, and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it.

At this point, he slowly started to move his dick in and out of her wet pussy. Then he increased the speed as the cock went deeper.


She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements, and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. She was moving in and out of her, and she was nearing orgasm two which she had never done in a single session. He kept going, and started to push his cock all the way inside the pussy to the end of the hole. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. T his time she started to squirt.

His balls were the size of golf balls and were striking the ass hole of Leela rhythmically with the movements of fucking.

At this point he came, and filled her with the thickest white cum. He filled her with so much cum; it was flowing around his cock, and out on to the sheet.

A Quick Afternoon Swim


I was in college, and it was about a week before finals started at the end of spring semester. It was May in North Carolina, and it was hot. I mean sweltering hot, the kind of hot that makes your shirt stick to your back in a matter of minutes, and makes you thirsty for a cold beer. It was on one of these days that I found myself alone on a Saturday in my apartment, watching some moronic TV program in the early afternoon. Our place still wasn’t air conditioned, and there was no escaping the killing temperature. I was sitting in gym shorts when it occurred to me that the campus pool had opened a few weeks ago, and that I bet it would feel great on a lazy afternoon like this one. So I changed into my swim shorts and took off for the pool with my towel in hand.

When I showed up at the side of the pool, I realized that this had been a great idea. Surprisingly, the place was almost deserted, with three swimmers in the water and a lifeguard reading a copy of Maxim, and generally looking bored with the whole scene. I took off the t-shirt I was wearing, kicked off my sandals, and dove into the cool water, letting the chill shock me all at once. It felt great, and I found myself really enjoying the way that the sunlight played over the water.

I moved over to where the lane dividers were, and began swimming at a slow, relaxing pace to limber up. After about three laps, I stopped and rested on the side, and that’s when I saw her come in the door. She was absolutely gorgeous, about 5’8″, deeply tanned skin, with dark-brown hair and a very small white bikini. I hadn’t been able to get any kind of a date recently, and the site of this beautiful Venus stopped the breath in my chest. Although I couldn’t remember meeting her, there was something oddly familiar about her. I thought about it for a minute or two, and continued with my swimming.

After another two laps, I stopped to rest again, mainly to look for her. I couldn’t see her anywhere, until about thirty seconds went by and somebody splashed against the wall next to me. I realized she was in the lane next to me, doing the same thing I was. I noted this in a back corner of my mind and kept on swimming.

I must have gone another ten laps, and was completely exhausted, when I stopped to rest, intending to quit for the day. When I got to the end of the lane, I noticed that she was doing the same thing. I tried to ignore her, but we were only about six feet away from each other, being in adjacent lanes. I caught her eye, and a look of recognition instantly flashed over her face.

“John?” she exclaimed. “John is that you?”

“Yeah,” I replied, trying to mask the fact that I didn’t remember her name.

“You don’t remember me do you? I’m Jessica, remember I was your lab partner last week?”

Suddenly it all came back to me. She had taken my physics lab last week because she had some conflict with her normal time. I sure as hell remember that torturous hour and a half. She was wearing unbelievably short shorts and some non-existent shirt that made it impossible for me to do the lab. I seem to remember thinking she was trying to flirt with me. Oh yeah, I remembered her all right.

“Hey, what’s up?” I exclaimed. “How’ve you been?”

“Oh, fine I guess. It was so hot today I felt like taking a swim.”

“Yeah, me too,” I said, trying not to look at her incredible tits.

“So, you wanna race?” she challenged.

“Um…..not really, I was actually about to quit” I remarked, noticing how tired I really was.

“C’mon, what are you, some kind of a pussy?” she retorted, and then, with a wink, she quipped, “if you beat me I’ll kiss you.”

This was too much to turn down, and I accepted. However, she wasn’t nearly as tired as I was, and despite my leading early, she beat me pretty well.

Shit, I wonder if she was serious, I thought as I rested on the edge.

“C’mon John, I know just what you need,” she suggested, as she leapt out of the pool.

She was standing on the edge of the pool above me, giving me an excellent view of her superb body as her wet bathing suit clung to her in the most delicious way. “What’s that?” I asked.

“A few minutes in the hot tub. It always relaxes me after a swim.” She turned to get her towel after saying that, and I admired the way that her ass went up and down as she walked. She really was beautiful, I thought as I agreed to the invitation.

When I stood next to her and wrapped my navy blue towel around my waist, I watched her reach her arms behind her head while she was putting her hair up into a bun or something. This made her beautiful tits stretch against the white material of her bathing suit top, and I noticed that the cold water had made her nipples hard, causing them to push against the thin fabric.

I had no idea where the thing was, I explained as we walked. I was interested to learn that we had one, as I had not been in a Jacuzzi in some time.

After a short walk, we arrived at the room. It was kind of a weird set-up. The door opened up to three more doors, one each for the sauna, the steam room, and the hot tub. We went for the hot tub, and I was glad to see that it was very self-contained in a small room, with barely enough room for the thing to fit in there.

“Shit,” she exclaimed, as we saw that there were three guys already in there, sitting around, talking eskort bayan bursa bullshit to each other. All conversation instantly stopped when Jessica stuck her head in the room, I noted with some amusement.

“Oh well,” I muttered, pissed I didn’t get to get in a hot tub with her.

“How do you like the sauna?” she asked, instantly turning my mood around.

I answered by turning around and pulling the door open, holding it for her so I could survey her perfect form as she sauntered through the opening.

The heat hit me like a wall when I followed Jessica inside. “I forgot how hot and dry these things get,” I said. She responded by dumping more water on the heater thing, then giving me a wicked smirk. I was beginning to enjoy this, I thought.

This was a small room too, I noticed, only able to hold about four people in a pinch. There were two benches, one high and one low, positioned on top of one another. She chose the bottom one, and sat down leaning on the high part. She closed her eyes and sighed, breathing in the hot air luxuriantly. I laid down on the top bench, closed my eyes and tried to relax.

“Damn, I’m so tense,” Jessica exclaimed suddenly, startling me out of a reverie about the lab we had together. “I always tighten up after a workout,” she said. While I was thinking about the implications of that statement, she said “I wish they had masseurs or something for hire at this college.”

At this, I decided to take a chance. “I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it,” I said hesitantly, fearing a refusal.

“Well, would you mind?” she asked, “I’m sorry to ask you when you’re trying to relax though.”

“No problem,” I replied, almost giddy. I asked her to lean forward, and then slid off the high bench, falling to rest behind her with my legs on either side of her slender frame. I cracked my knuckles and reached up to knead her tanned shoulders.

“Oooooooh…” she heaved in pleasure as she leaned forward in relaxation.

“Most people carry a great deal of tension in their shoulders,” I said as I relieved her of a particularly twisted knot

“I’ll say,” she said. She had been sweating profusely in the sauna, and it was giving me a great natural lubricant for the massage. I moved my hands from her shoulders and began to massage her lower back working around to the sides to work out the tension in the oblique muscles.

She sighed as her body relaxed, and then leaned back, startling me because I had had an enormous hard-on going.

Her lower back hit the tip of my raging prick, and she instantly knew what it was. She stood up, and moved towards the door. I exhaled mightily and rested my head back, thinking that I had blown another one, that I had lost my touch. She astonished me though, by instead of leaving, dropping the pin in the door so that it couldn’t open. She looked at me with a look that could have melted ice, and then returned to her original position between my legs.

“Continue,” she said brusquely, knocking me out of my daydream. I began to rub her back again, focusing this time on her middle back and working my way downwards. I was trying to figure out what exactly to do when she inched backwards on the bench until she was touching my dick. I sucked in a breath as she made contact, but persisted in giving her the massage. I returned my hands to her shoulders, and she responded with a deep sigh. I decided to take a chance, and I let my hands fall off of her neck and caress her sides. I let my fingertips graze the exposed sides of her breasts, and she drew in a quick breath. She leaned back, and made full contact with my cock, making me jump at the sensation. I continued to run my hands up and down her sides, loving the way that she arched her back with every pass by her breasts. I gave her a luxuriant wet kiss on her back, just below the neck, and she gave off a purr of contentment.

She then leaned her head back even farther, over my right shoulder, and made eye contact. I hesitated for a minute, and then kissed her lightly and carefully. She looked at me for a minute, seemingly surprised, then slowly brought her mouth to mine for a kiss more passionate than any I have ever felt. She kissed me ever so slowly, almost hypnotically, sucking my tongue into her mouth lightly. As our tongues intertwined and wrestled between us, I hadn’t even noticed that my hands had stopped moving at her stomach. She moved her hands from my knees, and gently moved my hands up to cup her breasts. I smiled inwardly as I began to knead and massage her soaking wet mounds, loving the feel of her hard nipples under my thumbs.

She moaned into my mouth, turning me on even more, if that was possible. She reached up to behind her neck, breaking the kiss for a moment, and untied the small bow that held her bikini top on. As the pieces of white fabric fell away, I gazed at the most amazing pair of tits I had ever seen. Milky white and perfectly sized, she sighed as my hands found her newly bared flesh and our lips met again.

We continued to kiss, for what seemed like forever. I let my hands fall off of her perfect tits and fall to her thighs. She sighed as I massaged the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs, and arched her back to push my hands closer to the only part of her body that remained clothed. I carefully rubbed the smooth, sweat soaked altıparmak escort skin of her legs, allowing my fingers to reach higher each time. Her moans and sighs became more fervent the higher I went, and I could detect the scent of her juices in the small enclosure. I finally reached her apex, and lightly rubbed the sides of her vagina around the outside of her bikini bottom. She tensed up under my arms as I began to touch her very wet pussy through the fabric. She reached down to her sides and peeled off the rest of her bikini, laying her bare to my gaze. I could see that she shaved herself almost completely, and that her twat was swollen and wet. We continued to kiss, and I raised my left hand to her breast and kneaded it, bringing the nipple back to life.

As we kissed with a renewed ferocity, I slipped my middle finger inside of her up to the knuckle. She moaned deeply and loudly, and broke the kiss to inhale in pleasure. I inserted a second finger and felt her squirm in tension. As I returned my lips to hers, she reached down and placed her hand on mine, trying desperately to push my fingers in farther. She began to moan almost constantly, and kissed me even more desperately the closer she got to climax.

When I sensed she didn’t have much longer, I rubbed her G-spot and slid my thumb across her clitoris simultaneously. She shrieked and arched her back sharply, pushing me even deeper inside of her. She almost immediately started bucking her hips up and down in the throes of a powerful orgasm, moaning loudly and gasping noiseless screams at the walls.

She finally calmed down, and her frantic motions ceased. She opened her eyes for the first time in several minutes and gazed dreamily at my face, only a couple of inches away. She kissed me suddenly and hard, pulling me in closer by my neck. I started to wonder where this was going, when there was an abrupt knock on the door, accompanied by the sound of a guy bitching about the door being locked.

She giggles, and said, “Should we take this somewhere else?”

I wiggled my eyebrows in reply, and she went about putting her bathing suit back on. I tried to stash my hard-on as best I could, and wrapped my towel around my midsection. I followed her out, and much to my chagrin it’s the same three idiots that were in the Jacuzzi earlier. Jessica walked proudly out the door with her nipples still straining against her top. I followed grinning like an idiot as I watched the three guy’s mouths fall open in astonishment.

We got to the exit door at the front of the gym, and she asked me a little nervously, “Your place or mine?” giggling a little bit at the cliché.

I suddenly had a great idea. “Hey, how about dinner instead,” I exclaimed.

“Huh?” she asked, surprised.

“Dinner at my favorite restaurant tonight, and afterwards we can have…dessert…at my apartment,” I suggested with a challenging air.

“Okay,” she returned.

“Good. I’ll pick you up at seven-thirty,” and almost as an afterthought, “dress nice.”


As I rolled into the driveway of her apartment, I recounted the last couple of hours. I had rushed back home and made a reservation for the restaurant tonight, took a long cold shower, and changed into my best suit, a cream-colored silk and wool blend three button. Topped off with a blue shirt and a darker blue tie, I thought I looked very dashing indeed as I stepped out of my burgundy Acura RSX. I knocked on the door, then turned around to look at the sunset. I heard the door open and was astounded by what greeted me. Jessica was wearing a black halter-top dress that had an amazing way of clinging to her curves all the way down. The neck was cut low, allowing for a fair amount of cleavage to show in the pale dusk. Her black stiletto heels were sexy as hell.

“Is this okay?” she asked, giggling at the dumb look on my face.

“Oh yeah, it’s great,” I said, breaking out of my trance.

As I opened the car door for her and she slid past me, I quickly pinned her against the door frame of my car, and she gasped as I kissed her passionately. My cock sprang to life and pulsed against her as I pressed my body tight against hers. I felt her fingernails on my ass, and pulled away before things got too out of hand there in the street. She looked at me with lust filled eyes with an admonishing shake of the head. I just smiled and walked around to the driver’s side. As I slid in and pulled my seat belt on, I had to quickly adjust my straining member. I couldn’t believe how hard I was just sitting there. John Coltrane blared from the speakers as I started the car. As we navigated the streets of Raleigh, she finally asked me, “So where is it that we’re going that I need to dress up for?”

“It’s a surprise,” I replied, as I opened the sunroof.

“Oh well, I expected nothing less,” she replied with a smile as I shifted gears. She started to lightly stroke the top of my right leg, giving me goosebumps and exciting other things as well. Her hand moved to the inside of my thigh, and she gave me a wicked smile as she moved up to my raging hard-on. But, in disappointment and reluctance, I touched her hand softly and told her that we’re almost there.

“Oooohhh…” she cooed in mock disappointment. I contented myself to watching her hair swirl in the wind as I turn down bursa türbanlı escort the last block to the restaurant.

I killed the stereo, and the wailing saxophone was cut off as I pulled up to the valet. “We’re here,” I told her, as her door was opened by a man in black tie.

“This is where we’re going?” she exclaimed in astonishment as she took the hand of the valet helping her out of the low-slung car.

“Yep,” I commented in silent triumph at her reaction. “Sullivan’s is my favorite restaurant in town,” I said as I tossed the keys to the valet. I took her arm and escorted her in the front door, smiling at the people waiting in line as we cut in front of them. The owner was there to greet me at the hostess stand.

“Paul!” I exclaimed as I took his hand.

“Mr. Hathaway, let me show you to your table,” he said with a smile as he turned into the dining room. I savored the sights and sounds of a five-star restaurant, and I savored even more the way that every guy in the restaurant stopped what they were doing to stare at Jessica as she walked swiftly across the dimly-lit room. As he arrives at the table, he pulled her chair out for her.

“Thank you,” she purred as she slipped into the luxurious leather.

“Would you like anything to drink from the bar, madam?” he asked.

She shot me a look, probably due to the fact that we’re both only twenty, one year underage. I raised my eyebrows suggestively. She hesitantly ordered a cosmopolitan, and I asked for a double Glenlivet on the rocks.

“How can you do this?” she asked me in astonishment, once the waiter had left.

“Well, you ever heard of Hathaway construction?” I replied.

“Of course, their signs are all over town.”

“Well, my dad’s Connor Hathaway. He did the renovation of this place a couple of years back, and he and the owner became good friends. I’ve kind of…inherited the benefits of their association, you might say,” I quipped as I took a drink. I smirked at her across the small table, enjoying the look on her face.

The waiter came up and we ordered. I don’t even remember what we ate because I was staring at Jessica the whole time, except that we had a fantastic Pinot Noir. The next thing I remembered was that the entrees were cleared, and as we were ordering dessert, she gave me a nasty wink.

“Is there anything else you want tonight,” I asked.

“Oh I think there’s something I could get, but I don’t think it’s on the menu,” she said to the waiter.

“Oh madam, I’m sure we could arrange something with the chef,” he replied, almost with an air of indignation.

I suddenly felt a hand moving up my thigh. I desperately tried to look normal as she eyed me over the rim of her wineglass.

“Oh, I don’t know…” she mused thoughtfully. “I think I’ll just have an Irish coffee,” she said nonchalantly as her hand reached my dick and slowly brought it to life.

I almost instantly had a raging hard-on brewing, and I ordered another Scotch with a slight stutter on the consonants. The waiter left, much to my relief, and Jessica started to rub my dick with a new ferocity, bringing me almost to the brink. I hold back and think of anything, anything that’ll keep me from coming in my pants. The drink comes to mind. I hadn’t even noticed it was there. I slugged the double down in one swallow, feeling the deep burn of the whiskey as it slid down my throat. I grabbed her hand in mid-stroke, and simultaneously waved the waiter over. She gave me a satisfied look as she sipped her drink, knowing that I was seconds away from exploding all over the inside of my suit.

I hurriedly shoved my credit card into the waiter’s hand, and then returned my attention to Jessica. She looked slightly impish as she delicately took a sip from her coffee, and then told me “I’ve got to use the bathroom.”

An idea started brewing when the waiter brought me my card and the check, and I signed it without even thinking twice about the absurd tip I gave the man. I gave him the ticket for the valet and hurried off to the bathroom myself, just barely concealing my extreme hard-on from the occupants of the restaurant. I prayed that the bathroom was a one occupancy affair before I burst in on Jessica as she’s powdering her nose or something in the mirror. She smiled in surprise and opened her mouth to say something, but I locked the door and covered the distance to her before she could speak. I roughly kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth. She instantly embraced the idea and returned my kiss. I then roughly grabbed her ass and pushed her to the wall. She broke the kiss in astonishment to my roughness. I continued to kiss her like an insane man, and at the same time moved my left hand up to cup her large breast as it heaved under the tight confines of her dress. She moaned deeply into my mouth, and I moved my right hand down her side to grip her firm ass. She was really getting into it now, arching her back and breathing heavily as the tensions of the evening built up between us. She started scraping her fingernails across my broad back at my shoulder blades, moaning slightly into my mouth. I moved my hand to her front, and slowly moved my hand between her legs and under her dress. I could feel the wetness between her legs, and she moaned as I stroked her pussy lightly through her panties. I pushed the miniscule layer of lace aside and slipped my middle finger into her core as deep as I could push it. She broke the kiss and let out an unearthly deep groan as I slipped one finger, then two, deep inside of her. She tried to kiss me, but I deftly avoided her lips as I continue finger-fucking her.

A Recounting of Sex with K

Big Dicks

I met her a little over a decade ago, in high school. I will call her K and she was a friend of my girlfriend at the time, though we often had snarky things to say about her in confidence. There was something about her that could be a bit bourgeois at times and she clearly was accustomed to having her way.

Her father was a local politician and very much spoiled his only daughter and it had very subtle ways of showing. I honestly don’t believe she would have realized it, but even her way of speaking had a debutante air. I often found myself sneaking glances at her vibrant blue eyes or her full breasts.

We weren’t particularly close then but we shared a group of friends and would occasionally discus books that both enjoyed. Of course, over the next few years we would grow closer. We both went to school for English, which would give us plenty of fodder for discussion.

In the summer of our sophomore year of college, we found ourselves back in our home town so, naturally, we would often meet for coffee or the like. It was all very innocent. We both had been in relationships since Freshman year, which for a young person is forever, but there was a very distinct tension brewing between us and we’d often flirt with thinly veiled jokes.

It’s quite stupid how the tension finally boiled over, but the cliched youthfulness of it never fails to make me smile with fond recollection. It was over a game of Mario Kart, of all things.

K was staying with her parents over the summer and they happened to be out on this particular night. We’d had a few of our friends over earlier, but they’d left fairly early for some reason or another, leaving just the two of us.

Her parents, as you may have guessed, are modestly wealthy and have a large and very well stocked bar in the corner of their living room, which was most inviting to two young college students. She poured two vodka & cranberries (not my first choice, but she didn’t really ask…) and we drank them while we played Mario Kart, of which she was far better and more experienced.

It was K who introduced the first of several wagers. She decided that if she one, I must give her a message. Sure, I agreed, adding my own stipulation. If I were to win, then she had to model some lingerie that we had previously discussed. Apparently, her mother had given her this lingerie at the start of the summer, which we both thought was pretty strange. We had a good laugh about it, but the thought of her wearing some of the things she showed me had been on my mind ever since. She was reluctant, but confident enough to agree.

And whether it was dumb luck, shaky nerves, or my own passionate resolution, I had finally, and for the first time ever, beaten her at that stupid game. But then, perhaps, maybe she had lost on purpose?

“Okay, fine. But I’m going to wear my underwear underneath it…” she said, her ivory-pale skin blushing.

“Nope. That’s not how lingerie is meant to be worn.” I responded, but assuming still that she would wear her bra and panties beneath the sheer lingerie.

She left the game room for her bedroom and closed the door. I sat there for what felt like hours, wondering if she would, in fact, go through with it. It seemed to good to be true, and she did seem to be taking her time. Was she having reservations?

After an excruciating wait, I heard her open her bedroom door. Now, at thirty years of age, I can still recall with perfect clarity the vivacious anticipation that I have seldom felt after my early twenties. My entire body was warm and my head was spinning, in part, I’m sure, due to the four or so generous cocktails, but mostly because of my libido which was spreading through my body like wildfire.

The fit was quite tight. Her massive breasts almost spilled over, like a glass of milk overflowing. She moved slowly, deliberately, as if any sudden movement would free them from their lacy restraint. K smiled and rolled her eyes bursa eskort as she spun around, her near-naked white ass flashing all too briefly before me. It took every bit of my will to not bury my face in the cleave of her breasts, or in the cushion comfort of her ass. I’d always known her to have wide hips, but to see them on full display sent me reeling. I couldn’t think of anything to say for a minute or so. I just knew I wanted more.

“Another round?” I asked, devilishly. I was referring to the video game, but she took it to mean another drink. She gathered up our glasses and we walked together to the bar where she filled them, again, quite generously. Neither of us said anything. We only smiled, occasionally biting our lips. She seemed to delight in the power she was holding over me.

We did play another round. I don’t even recall what was wagered or if we even did wager. We were now both pretty drunk and incredibly horny. As much as I hate to use the cliché “one thing led to another…” but that’s about the measure of it. Maybe I kissed her? That must be it. I must have pulled her toward me, uninhibited, a man possessed.

We tore at each other without abandon, with years of curiosity leading us to this point. It was frenzied, mad, most likely very clumsy. She sank down from the couch and took my cock between her soft breasts. Still, to this day, I’ve never encountered such perfect breasts. They maintained the same shape out of the lingerie as they did within, despite their massive size.

She didn’t break eye-contact with me the entire time she bounced her tits on my lap. Her mouth hung open, stupidly, as mine did, I’m sure, and our breathing seemed to be synchronized. I remember thinking “I love you” in my head, and honestly wondering if I hadn’t said it out loud, awkwardly.

“Stop, you’re going to make me cum!” I said, breathlessly. But she ignored me. She just kept staring at me with those perfect blue eyes, her lips parting as if she were speaking but making no sound.

Generally, I don’t cum from things like oral, thinking it more of an appetizer to intercourse, but I came then. Hard. Her jaw was dripping, her neck soaked, and a thick pool of white between her bouncing breasts, which continued with even more vigor until I, giggling with overstimulation, had to beg her to cease. I have excellent control over my orgasm, but she had taken it, taken me completely.

I sat there, almost in disbelief, while she went off for a towel. I closed my eyes and I could have fallen asleep there, until I head a distinct buzzing sound.

She lay there at my feet, tugging at her nipple and rubbing a small purple vibrator between the lips of her gorgeous pussy! She was staring straight at my cock, which was still hard despite the gratuitous amounts of cum it had just spent. I bit my lip and watched, clutching the base of my 8″ cock to keep it standing.

Soon, I joined her on the floor and kissed her. It wasn’t like before. It was a tender, breathy sort of kiss. Like the realization of what we were doing was settling in, and having cleared my head of my animal passion, found something else there. Something tender.

My hand glided down her body and down to the vibrator. Now, with her hands free, she took my cock, which, after a short respite, was again fully erect, and with her other hand, she pulled my face closer once more. Not for a kiss this time, no. She rested my forehead on her own and we watched the playful song and dance of each others moaning lips.

Her brow furrowed as she neared climax. It was an angry look, almost of outrage. Her moan was guttural as her eyes closed tight. A rushing stream of liquid exploded from her soaking pussy as she lifted her ass off the floor.

“ohgodohgodohgod” she repeated, finally collapsing after some time.

I toweled off my hand, which had been drenched, and lay next to her. It was some time before either of us spoke…

I recall bursa otele gelen escort that summer as a montage of sexual experiences with one of my closest friends. We fooled around in a photobooth, ignorant to the small screens showcasing our passion to the mall-goers. If we found ourselves riding together in the backseat of a friend’s car, she would rub my cock through my jeans, while thoughtfully gazing from a window. I once bent her over on the stairs of a friends apartment complex. We fucked in the grass or groped each other in the pool when no one was looking. In retrospect, our friends must have known, though to this day no one has every said a word about it.

The unfortunate thing about all this fooling around, is that we never had the chance to finish. We were always rushing so as to not to get caught by our friends or her parents or the lovers we’d left in our college towns for the summer. We were always surrounded by people, cleverly finding ways to sneak some time alone, sure, but always timing ourselves so as to not raise suspicion, despite, I’m sure, everyone knowing already.

That is, until her family left again for a week. We planned and plotted and scheme, all these things that we’d been dreaming about for the month or so since we first began this affair. Maybe even longer.

And so one Saturday night K invited ten or so friends over for drinks and swimming and the like. It was a pleasant time. Then, at precisely 11pm, K announced that she was tired and was going to bed. As I mentioned, she has always called the shots among our group of friends. I left with the rest, to keep up appearances, but quickly circled back.

The side door was left unlocked, as I had instructed her, and so I left myself in. She was to be ready for me, but I wanted to leave that vague. I love a nice surprise. I walked through her house, looking in on each room, wondering where I’d find her. Then I heard a male voice. At first, I thought it was a television until I recognized it as her boyfriend, who I’d met a few times before. Apparently he had called her on Skype to tell her goodnight.

“Yes, we had a good time. Yes, I miss you too” etc etc. I watched her from the door-frame where she could see me but away from screen of her Macbook. Quietly, I unbuttoned my pants and slowly undid my zipper. My cock was already heavy with anticipation, as I pulled it out slowly. She all but slammed her laptop closed after a rushed goodbye and beckoned me over. I shook my head and pulled a blindfold from my pocket and tossed it to her, saying as cold and sternly as I could “put it on…”

“Crawl to me” I said. I was already relishing being in power over her.

“Sit up. Open your mouth…”

She did as she was told and I slapped her face a few times with my cock before placing my tip on her tongue. My god, my cock was in K’s mouth, I thought gleefully. Somehow, despite all of our fooling around, my cock had never been in her mouth. She moved slowly down my shaft, coughing occasionally.

Grabbing her hair, I pulled out and pushed her back on all fours and demanded she crawl to the living room. I followed her, removing all my clothes until I was completely nude. When we had reached the living room, I guided her to the couch where I bent her over my lap and pulled up her dress.

Her luscious ass jiggled with every firm slap I gave her, until it turned from lily white to a bright red. Gently, I raised her face to mine and kissed her deeply.

“I love you” she said, prompting me to remove her blindfold and look longingly into those bright blue pools. And, although I had planned a long night of foreplay and teasing, I let her pull me down to the floor and inside her.

A little bit at first. Then a little more. “We should get some towels” she said and I followed her to the laundry room, where I once quipped something about a maid living before realizing that her family literally nilüfer escort did have a maid…but I digress.

I bent her over the washer and started at her again, getting about half-way in her, my hands at that perfect crux where her slender waist meets her wide, voluptuous hips and ass, watching her pussy grasp my cock when I would pull back from her. I stopped suddenly and gave her ass a nice slap before walking now to her bedroom where I laid the towels out.

Before I could do anything else, she shoved me down on the bed. Her jaw was tightened as if she were grinding her teeth now. She quickly climbed on top of me and with a shoved my dick inside her. Not all the way in, but enough that we both seemed to exhale all of the oxygen in our lungs. As much as I wanted to tease her and keep this game of foreplay and dominance going, I knew it was done. I was hers now. All I could do was grab her ass and waist and hold on.

She shoved one of her breasts in my face and I eagerly took it in my mouth, licking and biting and sucking like I was starved for it. I would have been perfectly happy to die then, in that moment, suffocating in the soft flesh of her breasts.

With every thrust, my cock went deeper inside her it seemed. Her pace quickened, her moans grew more pleading until, again, that almost growl. That same rush of fluid. Her pussy suddenly accepted the full length of my cock as her whole body tightened. She was no longer bouncing her hips. She just squeezed my body against hers, her pussy relaxing and tightening on my fat dick, her whole body shaking.

“Fuckohgod I think I’m peeing” she said meekly. I could feel the warmth of it dripping down my balls. I didn’t care, my whole being was concentrating on not cumming inside of her.

And so we quickly cleaned ourselves off, threw the sheets in the wash, etc. I was beginning to worry that she had forgotten about me. My balls were so heavy with cum and my penis was just as hard as it was when I was inside of her. But after we had done all of this (and made another hearty cocktail) she took my still exposed cock in her hand and asked me where and how I wanted to cum.

“Inside you, of course” was my response, as it invariably always is and will be.

“You can cum in my ass if you want” she said, biting her lip, her blue eyes still fixed on my throbbing member.

“Are you serious?!” I asked, laughing. My shock was sincere.

“I think about it sometimes when I masturbate” she told me.

And so we fooled around some more, until my dick was covered in a thick coat of my own pre-cum, which at this point was steadily dripping from the tip of my cock. She leaned against the wall of her bedroom, and with one hand, pulled her ass-cheek aside.

The process was slow, but once she had me inside her I felt like I could cum at any point. She was moaning a low and consistent hum, that raised in pitch the deeper I went. Every thrust was slow and measured, but to my surprise, she was able to take it all. I kept thinking “I’m fucking K in the ass! This is insane! My cock is in K’s ass!” The insanity of it was quickly pushing me to the edge. I gave her one last stroke, burying my cock deep into her ass, my balls on her once-more soaking pussy, and released myself into her. She grabbed my hand from around her waist and squeezed it as I released what felt like a months worth of hot cum into her ass. Into K’s ass…

And so, summer ended and many years have gone by since then. She is still with the same guy and they live in an adjacent city. She’s a doctor now and we still talk, but we rarely ever mention that summer. We still see each other every month or so, dinners and parties and the like. We still share the same friends. Hell, we are still plenty young. Here’s hoping for a part 2!


Thank you for reading my story. I’ve been a long-time reader (off and on) of Literotica and have only started publishing to the site this month, with this second recounting of a fondly remembered experience.

My stories, so far, have been true, but I am open to suggestions, criticisms, etc. It has been very exciting to FINALLY be able to reveal these intimate things and I hope to continue to do so!



A Phone Call


“I must go,” she said. “It’s getting late.”

She kissed me fondly, gave my prick a little farewell tickle and got out of bed.

She crossed the room to where her clothes were scattered. Some were providentially on a chair, the others anywhere they’d come to rest when, in our urgency, she’d thrown them away – or I’d ripped them off.

As I watched her pick up her clothes, I marvelled at what a great afternoon it had been – especially marvellous in the light of the circumstances in which she’d come to me.

Her husband – yes, she was married as I’d known all along – was, to the world, a likeable conservative type – butter wouldn’t, as they say, melt in his mouth.

But a closer association with him – the association he had with a wife – revealed a very different character.

He was much older than Gerry, as I was accustomed to call her. (Her full name was Geraldine but that was a bit of a mouthful. Mostly I called her darling anyway or a variation of other expressions that a lover customarily uses with his best girl.)

When he wasn’t happy with her – often in some inconsequential way – he would lash out at her. He was a big man – or at least tall – and sturdy enough to pack a hefty wallop. Mostly he hit her in the guts or – even more dangerously – in the chest, where the bruises didn’t show. Or they did not, in any event, show in public but I had seen her bruising – which, admittedly could have come from a bump or a fall. But the odds were that the stories she told me were true.

Now she had gathered up her clothes and was putting on her panties.

If I’ve got a fetish at all, it’s seeing a girl take off her panties – or put them on, which – curiously, perhaps – is nearly as good.

It’s the revealing or concealing of that precious niche that arouses me.

Now, as she put one foot and then the other in the legs of her panties, I began to feel my prick stir. As she drew them up her legs and around her hips, I got harder – and harder.

Surely, after all the loving we’d already had that afternoon – and it had been what the romantic gurus escort bayan would call “Quality Loving” – I didn’t need any more.

But it looked as though I did.

My cock was throbbing to go back where he knew he belonged.

And I was keen to put him there.

I said if I have a fetish, it’s about seeing a girl take her panties off; but the important thing is of course the meaning she gives to the act of taking them off.

What she’s really doing – in the presence of her lover – is to confirm her availability – to say to him, “I’m all yours – and she’s all yours…. She’s ready and waiting to receive him….”

And a crucial feature in this invitation, of course, is what she reveals when she takes her panties off.

It’s not just a matter of revealing the delightful little device that snuggles between her legs waiting to convey the visitor into an unbelievable wonderland.

There are other features of attraction or distraction. For example, I love to see the upper thighs and the curve of her bottom, gradually revealed as she slides her panties down.

And that was what was turning me on now – in a contrary sort of way – as I watched her pull her panties up and I noted again the perfect curvature of her bottom.

My mouth – if I can put it that way – was watering at the sight of how her body moved when she bent down to put her feet one after the other, into the legs of her panties. Then she straightened up and started to pull on her white stockings which she secured with a pink garter at the top.

My lust grew into a frenzy.

I could see the sweet fullness of her thighs as she drew each stocking up – and note again the curve of her bottom – not the bottom full on, but a side view that, for some reason, gave me a special delight.

She looked towards me and smiled as she saw how perfectly my throbbing prick appreciated the contours of her thighs and bottom. She knew I was imagining how it would be to slip him between the lips of her delightful little honey pot….how he would be clasped and fondled until he could stand no more bursa merkez escort and he would…

She pursed her lips to send me a lover’s kiss….

I almost went off without her touching me…or my embracing her…

I had to have her – again.

I couldn’t help it. I had to make love again to this beautiful girl…..

With my cock upstanding and wobbling inelegantly as I stood up, I just had to go over and take her in my arms.

“Take them off again,” I said. “Please…please, darling, take them off…I want you …”

I kissed her and held her but she drew away…

“Sweetheart, I can’t. I’m already late. I promised to be at the hotel at six o’clock. It’s nearly a quarter to now. He’ll be waiting. Please….”

“Then may I just….”

I slid her panties down and slipped my prick between her legs. It was great – not like putting it where it really belonged but a pretty good second option.

I rubbed him to and fro and thought I might be able to do enough to satisfy him. When I’d done that, I thought, I’ll just pull him out and say, “We’ll finish him off next time.”

But – already – I was too late.

Delight had taken over…

I had started by just having fun but now it was getting serious – for both of us.

I wanted to go the whole way.

So did Gerry.

Her reluctance had vanished.

Now she was kissing me, running her hands over my body and sighing.

“Darling, please put him – put him in….”

“But the phone call….He’ll be waiting…”

“Oh, let him wait,” she said. “What about me? You can’t just stir me up and then leave me.”

“But you said you had to be at the hotel at six,” I murmured. “Please, darling, I want you to stay. I want to make love to you – always – but….”

“Then that’s what we’ll do.”


“I’ll phone him.”

She was breathing heavily now, as she took the phone and dialled the number. I heard the ringing sound.

“Hello,” a voice said.

I touched her gently on her most tender gürsu escort spot, rubbing her now stiff little clit, my finger tracing a circle of pleasure around her moist vaginal lips.

She was squirming and wriggling with desire.

“Oh, darling…” she said into the phone. “Oh, angel….”

A surprised voice at the other end said, “What was that? Is that you, dear?”

I spread her legs and gently eased my prick into her eager little pussy…

She gasped with pleasure. “Oh, yes….yes, darling…”

“Oh, so it is you,” the voice said. “You sound ….excited…”

I thrust my cock in further. He went in so easily, so sweetly… I felt my crisis mounting. I watched my cock as he thrust ever more deeply into her corridor of love.

Writhing with pleasure that ran through her whole body, she sighed and groaned as she held the phone.

“Oh, darling….Please…I can’t wait…I’m coming …I’m coming…”

“You’re coming? When?”

“Oh, darling…darling… I’m coming NOW….”

She shrieked the last word into the phone as, in her ecstasy, she hurled the instrument away and wrapped her arms around me.

“Fuck me,” she cried “Just fuck me…”.

The phone lay on the bed.

Beside us.

Beside my cock embedded deep in her honeypot.

Close enough to transmit her plea –

“Fuck me…Fuck me…”

“I will! I will,” the voice from the discarded phone was saying. “I’ll wait for you…if I …. Oh, my God, if I CAN wait…I think I’m …Oooooh…..”

The voice ended as though he had come too. Then…

The line was cut.

I could feel the pulsing in my loins, the flood of semen as I reached my climax.

“Oh, darling I love you,” I cried.

But she heard nothing. She was way, way up in the heavens, dancing somewhere on a special rainbow, in her wonderland of love.

When finally she came back to earth, I withdrew my prick slowly and lovingly from her still trembling body and kissed her gently.

She said, “Oh, darling, that was really super. We must use the phone more often when we’re making love.”

“Want to ring him back now?”

“Not now, darling; but, yes, next time… We can call it ‘getting even in the most delightful way.’ And he won’t even know what he’s missing – and what we’re getting. Let’s have another phone-call fuck tomorrow…”

A Noble Fantasy


The knights were atop their steeds in presentation to the Queen, about to fight for her honor. Sir William, strong, with his dark blonde hair tied behind him, handsome in face and wearing the colors of red and white; Sir Geoffrey, looking smaller in stature but dark and evil as he wore the colors of black and white, his skin and hair dark as well. Their introductions made, Sir William, dressed in the colors of good must be the victor in this battle. Sir Geoffrey, although quite good looking, was said to be a cheat and would do anything to win.

Introducing the knights to the crowd was the Master at Arms, Sir Marcus, very handsome in his own right. I gazed upon him atop his horse and felt unquestionable lust for this man. He circled the jousting field, the breeze in his hair spreading it out behind him. When the horse came to a stop and the air no longer held his flowing hair, it was long enough to rest at his waist! I watched him; all I could think of was to bury my hands in his hair, to kiss his full lips and press our naked flesh together. Alas, I knew he’d have nothing of me as I was only a spectator at the fair but that certainly did not stop my shamelessly wanting him.

The spectacle continued with the knights, although not in full armor, jousting with one another. Their lances held high and proud, would knock one or the other from their horse. The crowd was wild in their chanting – when Sir William was in his area, “Might for Right” could be heard from the crowd. When Sir Geoffrey was in his area of the field, the crowd yelled “Cheat to Win”! Over the next few minutes, the knights’ skills were tested with the lance and the sword. A fight erupted and Sir William challenged Sir Geoffrey to a fight to the death – a joust will full armor – the survivor being the victor. I would be sure to attend the next part of this show!

The show at the Renaissance Fair took a break to allow guests to wander the grounds, sample the roasted turkey legs and mead then purchase memories from the vendors. I continued to sit on the bleachers near the jousting field and daydreamed of being naked along side Sir Marcus with my hands tangled in his hair! The thoughts of me next to him, hot and sweaty with my hands in his hair, his head on my chest, his mouth covering mine – all these thoughts excited me tremendously. Within minutes, Sir Marcus and Sir Geoffrey came walking towards the bleachers.

“Sir Marcus,” I called out.

“Yes, m’lady?” he answered as he walked closer to the bleachers.

“May I have a photo of you? Your hair is magnificent and I would very much like to feel it against my skin.”

“But of course, m’lady” he said as he came closer to me.

He took my hand in his, asked my name and kissed my hand as any strong knight would do. I knew this was all part of the fair experience, but my body reacted as though it were real – butterflies in my stomach, lust in my heart and heat between my legs!

He stood behind me, more than a foot taller, a hand on my shoulder, my hand in the other and the picture was taken. I turned and thanked him but he requested one additional picture. I turned back toward the camera as he reached behind and brought his hair to rest on my chest as the photo was snapped!

“Sir, I thank you very much for the attention and the photo.” I said.

“M’lady, it was worth the time and effort just to see the fire rise in your cheeks. Will you be attending the final stage of the joust this afternoon?” he asked

“Nothing would keep me away!”

Long before the show was to start, I took a seat in the front row so that he would be able to spot me. The show started as the Master of Arms road onto the field, his hair flowing behind him, his horse’s hooves kicking up the sand on the field. He rode around the field, passing by me without so much as a nod. My heart sank as I realized his behavior with me really had been part of the “experience”. It appeared he’d not even remembered me, my hand in his, his soft hair on my chest or the fire in my cheeks.

He faced the Queen and began his speech, yet he stumbled on his lines! As he struggled to come up with his next sentence, he turned his horse toward the crowd and looked straight at me; his eyes bright, his smile wicked. He turned back, faced the royal stage and continued his soliloquy, stumbling over the porno words only another time or two.

After the show was over, the dust settled and the dead removed from the field, he came to me as I sat on the bleachers, finishing the Pale Ale I’d gotten earlier.

“Are you here with anyone fair lass?” He asked.

“No sir,” I began, “and you?”

“Today I wander the grounds of Lyon alone. I would honored if you would accompany me as I walk.”

“It would be my pleasure, good knight, to be of service to you in any way that you desire.” I said confidently, with a wry smile.

His eyebrow rose, his smile widened, he looked at me quizzically, as if he were trying to decide exactly what I meant. I reached out and touched his chest lightly.

“I’d love to have your hair touching me as I touch the tip of my tongue to the back of your neck, down your spine….” I teased and stopped.

He studied my face for a moment, turned and took my hand. He led me behind the fence near the jousting field, grabbed both my hands with his, brought them over my head, pushed me against the fence, his hands pinning me, his body pressing into mine, my back pressing into the fence. He leaned down to me, his full lips touching mine tentatively at first, then more urgently. His lips kissed my neck, my chest, my ears, my lips; his tongue darting between my lips. We kissed for only a few moments, our tongues tasting one another, exploring the other’s mouth. As it ended, I felt as though I was going to fall to the ground, my knees felt so very weak; my skin felt as though it were on fire.

“I’d wanted to do that since I saw you earlier and felt the heat in your body as we had our picture taken. You’re a very sensual woman.” he said.

I heard the noises of the fair, the people; the smell of the horses mingled with the smell of roasting turkey legs. We could be discovered at any time, but that did not stop me from pressing my body to his!

He let go of my hands, allowing me full access to his body. He leaned down to again kiss my neck and my chest as I ran my hands over his sides, onto his back, holding him against me, enjoying the heat he was putting out. His arm wrapped around my back, holding me close against him, the difference in our heights becoming quite apparent as I felt him lift me off the ground slightly, only my toes touching the ground. His free hand came around to my breast, cupped it, massaged it through the fabric. I felt the nipple harden as he rubbed and pinched it through the material. There was nothing I could do, nor did I want to do, other than enjoy his touch and moan in appreciation.

I reached between us, able to feel his hard cock against my soft stomach, anxious to feel it in my hand. I brought my hand to his cock, rubbed it gently along its length, stopped at the head, wrapping my hand around him through the fabric. His movement stopped for just a moment as he enjoyed the feel of my hand touching him, teasing him. His hand left my breast and took the hand that stroked his cock. He turned and led me away from the fence, further into the trees. It was darker and cooler in here as the tops of the trees shaded the ground from the sunlight; the smell of the wood damp but fresh and inviting. He took off his cloak, spreading it on the thick, green grass; he sat down upon the cloak and motioned for me to join him there.

I gathered up my skirt, straddled his legs and perched upon his thighs, my feet flat on the ground. We kissed again, our lips firm against one another, our tongues tangled, my hands, finally, entwined in his hair. I’d never felt a man’s hair so soft, so silky, so long! His arms around me, he rested his hands on my lower back, pulled me to him, gently scooting me further onto his lap. I straightened my back, pushed my breasts into his chest, pressed down on his lap, rocked my pelvis and felt his cock under me. I continued to rock as I kissed him and my hands played in his hair, his arms held me tighter every moment, pulling me further into him until I was sure I wouldn’t be able to take another breath.

I broke away, scooted back on his legs just a bit, unbuckled the worn leather belt that held his blue and black costume in place and tossed it to the side. I pulled at the soft blue cotton tunic as he lifted himself slightly so that the material would come out from under him, off over his head, tossed to the growing pile started by the belt. I pulled off the next piece of his costume, a black cotton shirt, and threw it onto the pile of leather and cloth already on the ground.

His skin was so warm, so soft, so touchable. I ran my hands over his chest, shoulders, sides, back – everywhere I could reach without having to move. I trailed my tongue along his neck just below his ear, down his neck, onto his collar bone, further out to his shoulder then back over to his collar bone; to the hollow in his throat, kissing him here, then trailed my tongue again over to his neck, his earlobe, just behind his ear, all the while I continued to caress his hair, pulling the band out from the back which was holding his hair away from his face, letting it fall around our shoulders, the silken strands touching my skin, increasing the temperature of my already hot skin.

As I kissed him again, I felt his hands pull on my vest, under the stretchy lace. His strong hands caressed me, moved up over my back onto my shoulder blades, around to my sides, coming around to the front, sliding up to my breasts again. He pulled the vest over my head and tossed it to the pile. I sat on his lap, clad only now in my black lace bra and black linen skirt, my skin on fire, my pussy growing hotter and wetter. He planted small kisses around my neck, on the freckles of my chest; his hands on my back, he unhooked my bra, let it fall and threw it onto the pile, too.

My soft, round breasts finally free of their imprisonment, were held in his hands, his thumbs and fingers surrounding the nipples – rolling, pinching, pulling. He leaned down and took one breast into his mouth, biting gently on the nipple, my back arching in response to the pleasure felt. He sucked my breast further into his mouth as he continued to tease the other nipple with his fingers. I felt that I would spontaneously combust from the fire I felt inside of me.

I leaned back on his legs just a bit to allow my hand between us. I reached between and felt his cock, hard again, between my legs, yet imprisoned in his costume. I pulled the bow on the drawstring of his pants, loosening the waistband, my hand touched the hot flesh of his cock. A deep moan came from his throat as I touched him. I leaned back just a bit further, my breast still in his mouth, his teeth still clamped onto my nipple, biting just a bit harder as I moved away. His cock was a burning rod in my hand, I kept him there, stroking, squeezing, pulling, my palm coming to the head of his cock, squeezing his cock into the circlet of my thumb and forefinger, moving it further down the shaft.

I was overcome with the need to have his engorged cock in my mouth. I moved back far enough where he had to let my breast out of his mouth. I pulled his loosened pants away from his body, leaned over and took him into my hot, wet mouth, holding the shaft with my hand, licking his cockhead like and ice cream cone, ’round one way, then back the other. He leaned back, his hands behind him supporting his weight, his head back, hair over his shoulders and onto his chest as well as on the cloak behind him. I licked my hand, placed it around his cock, let him slide in and out of my hand as he slid in and out of my mouth, my tongue flicked the head every so often, his moans music to my ears. As I continued to suck him into my mouth, I reached down into the costume, firmly grasping his balls, massaging them gently, my fingertip pressing firmly on his perineum, massaging there as well.

His breathing soon was heavier, his moans louder, his balls rising into his body. I moved his cock in and out of my mouth faster, faster, faster, all the time sucking him gently when he was in my mouth, my hands continued their activities on his shaft and his balls. After a few more minutes of ever increasing speed, I was sure he was about to explode – but I didn’t want that just yet. I stopped suddenly, his displeasure displayed as he groaned and brought his head forward. I looked up at him, his swollen cock still in my mouth, my eyes locked on his, a smile coming across my face and his eyes widening in reaction to what I was doing. He put his head back again, surrendering to the feelings.

I held his cock in my slick, wet hand, slowly massaging him from the base to the head. As I did this, my tongue lapped at his balls, licking them gently, nipping at them lightly with my teeth. All was done very, very slowly even though I could feel his hips rising to meet me, wanting to thrust harder and faster, but I would not let him off that easily!

I picked up speed, only slightly, and changed position to put his cock in my mouth once again. The feel of his cock in my mouth was wonderful – like his hair, it was soft to the touch, smooth and silky. Yet because of the excitement, he was hard as a rock, sliding in and out of my mouth first slowly, then more quickly. I could tell he was getting close to his release as his hips moved higher, his breathing became heavier and the muscles in his thighs began to quiver.

I held him at this pace for just a moment longer, looked up and found his eyes on me as I dined on him. I held his gaze as I took his cock in and out of my mouth faster and faster, faster and faster until I knew he was about to explode. His eyes closed, his hips thrust one more time and remained high as he shot his hot load into my mouth. I drank it all down, hungry for more and continued to suck his now sensitive cockhead, to get every last drop, causing him to spasm each time I sucked him.

His elbows buckled, he fell back onto the cloak he’d laid out for us. His chest heaved with his breathing, eventually slowing down a bit. I sat up straight, still on his thighs. I let him rest only a moment. My small hands grabbed his, much larger than mine, and pulled him to a sitting position, his hands placed behind my back and I kissed him full on the mouth, the taste of his juices not yet completely gone from my tongue.

As we kissed, I pressed my naked flesh to his, rocked my pelvis to massage his cock. I continued for just a few minutes when I felt him harden underneath me again. He pushed me back a bit, enough to tilt my body away from his slightly, to get his hand in between my legs, to feel the dampness there. His fingers, firm but soft, spread the bare lips of my pussy, his thumb finding my clit immediately, he caused me to shudder with delight. He pressed, he rubbed, he toyed with my clit as my breathing became heavy, erratic. I let him do with me as he pleased but only for a short time – I wanted his cock inside of me.

With his fingers inside of me, he found that secret place of extreme pleasure, I reached to touch his cock as he was hard and needed more attention. I pushed his hands away just as he was about to send me over the edge, grabbed his cock, guided it inside of me and mounted him so that I could ride him as he’d ridden his steed earlier.

He grabbed my hips, rocking me forward and back. I held onto his shoulders as he pushed himself further into me, still rocking on his cock, my clit rubbed constantly as he moved me around. I could tell I wasn’t far from the ecstasy I’d been wanting when I first saw him. He opened his eyes, looked at me and I held his gaze as we were soon overcome by waves of pleasure; he held me still on him as we kissed deeply, both breathing heavily, jumping when I flexed my interior muscles, giving him another squeeze from inside.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, long enough for the breathing to return to normal, long enough for us to realize just exactly where we were and that the noises of the fair continued. He glanced at his watch, then looked at me.

“I’ve another performance.” He said.

“And here I thought you just did!” I said as I laughed.

“That,” he started, “was no performance. That was amazing.” He said as he helped me off of him and rose to get dressed. He smiled broadly, the smile of one who’s been satisfied, yet not satiated.

“You look like you could do this even longer if you had the chance.” I said.

“You’ll be back to the faire next year?” He asked, smiling. “I’ve got to go.” He said as he leaned over to kiss me one last time.

“Hey,” I said, “thanks for the photo and the memories to go along with it!”

“You’re welcome m’Lady. I enjoyed the fire in your loins as I did the fire in your cheeks when first we met. I anxiously await another meeting in Lyon next year.” He said as he walked away, his hair floating in the breeze, his scent lingered on my skin.

Although I am certain another maiden will capture his attention, I shall remember this year each time I see the photo. Perhaps another trip to Lyon should be taken next year…

Late Bloomer Gets Lucky Ch. 04

Big Tits

I woke up and looked around the room in the mellow light cast off by the lamp in the corner. Jann seemed to be sleeping soundly so I got up carefully, went down the hall to the bathroom and relieved my bladder. I flushed the toilet and returned to the room seeing that Jann had pulled a sheet over her. As I eased myself onto the bed, she stirred and said “I have to go too” and wrapping the sheet around her like a sloppy toga, she dragged it with her, staggering up the hall. I looked at the clock on her dresser and it said 3:15 am. We hadn’t slept too long and it wasn’t nearly enough time for Jann to sober up completely.

A few minutes later she came back to her room with a bit of a stumble and got into bed. I wrestled to get under the sheet that she had still wrapped loosely around her and she laughed as I was able to get inside with her, situate myself between her legs and against her warm skin pressing my chest against her big soft breasts. She put her arms around me and giggled.

I kissed her lightly and could tell that she had just brushed her teeth. She kissed me back and held me tighter as we began kissing deeply. I could still detect the alcohol on her breath over the light minty toothpaste scent and flavor as my tongue jousted with hers. My cock head wedged against her inner thigh as it hardened and Jann breathed deeply “Why didn’t we do this years ago?” she questioned. I just kissed her mouth again wetly and reached for her pussy. I put the palm of my hand against her mound and let my fingers drop down to her slit which was already wet…really wet.

“Oh, I love your hot cunt Jann.” I panted as I shifted my hips and guided the swollen head of my cock to her opening. I pushed gently and it sunk in all of the way “Jesus, that’s amazing!” I told her as I pressed my pelvic bone against hers. We kissed deeply as I began to pull out and then push back in. Her cunt was so wet and it got wet in seconds! I immediately settled into a somewhat fast stroke making wet smacking sounds as I pumped in and out of her soft box.

“Oh God Kev…fuck me.” she panted against my mouth as she interlocked her fingers behind my neck and rocked her hips, meeting my thrusts. From the base of my erection to about halfway to my bellybutton was wet with Jann’s pussy secretions, and as we clapped our bodies together, I felt more and more wetness on me while Jann moaned “OHH!” at every collision. I wrestled my hands under her ass immediately moving the middle finger of my right hand to her ass hole. I felt its resistance through the slippery lubricated wetness of Jann’s leaking pussy and pushed my finger inside her hot backside as she put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me tight.

I continued pumping my cock in and out of her pussy as I fucked her tight ass gently with my finger. “Oh my god Kev!” Jann groaned and held on to me desperately. I pulled my finger out of her tight, hot grip and slid my hard cock from her gaping pussy which made a wet kiss sound. I lifted her legs and looked her in her eyes as I positioned the fat, slippery head of my cock against her tight ass hole. Jann wasn’t talking or moaning any more, just breathing deeply.

As I pressed against her I kept my eyes locked on hers. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something but just partially bared her teeth porno as the swollen, round head of my erection pushed into her hot ass. “Oh yeah…” she whispered as I felt her anus slip over the head and grip the shaft of my throbbing manhood. I slowly pulled back a little but the tight circle of her hole held the rim of the fat head firmly. I pushed in a little further and I leaned down and gave Jann’s bottom lip a soft little bite.

“That was going to be for my husband” she pouted with a breathy exhale.

“I know Jann but like I said, if you only let me fuck your ass, it will be just one guy and besides, you don’t have to tell him. I will never tell anyone.” I said compassionately, finishing with a promise.

“Ohhhhh fuck.” she moaned as I pushed in a little further. My cock was buried about halfway in her tight, hot ass and I felt like I was going to come.

“Don’t move!” I quickly warned and we lay there breathing heavily, my chest pressed hard against her big warm tits and my engorged phallus pulsed and throbbed as it was being held captive by her burning tightness. My heart was pounding in my ears as I kissed her gently and probed her mouth with my tongue while I tried to calm myself down. After a few minutes of not moving inside her, I regained my composure and I began pushing into her again.

We kissed small pecks with the occasional sloppy wet open mouth kiss and she whimpered “Ooh.” as I buried each bit of my hardness into her ass. “You’re fucking my ass.” she whimpered, every few strokes. I reached down to spread her pussy lubricant onto my cock but her pussy had everything in the general vicinity of our loins covered in a shiny, slippery coating.

I had about 3 quarters of my length buried in her hot ass, when I drew my rod out and Jann gasped a sharp inhale. “You’re in my ass.” she whined before I pushed slowly back into her. She had her hands around the back of my neck again as I slowly sawed my cock back and forth pushing through the slippery tightness of her anus. “Oh yes.” she whispered “Fuck my ass hole.” as I kept a steady in and out tempo. I leaned in hard burying myself in her as deep as I could go and as I looked in her eyes she gasped “Oh Kevin…fuck!” and I returned to the steady tempo. Her hands left my neck and went between us so I lifted up to give her some room.

Both of her hands were on her pussy, one holding her mound flesh back a bit as the other rubbed her clit furiously. As she threw her head back, she mumbled and groaned so I buried my full length into her heat again and held it firmly as her rectum flexed and squeezed in sharp convulsions on my pulsating member. “OH YES!” she shouted as she continued her feverish rubbing and her ass continued flexing on my firm rod. “OH YES!” she shouted again and I started to move tiny little strokes in her ass. “OH MY GOD!” she yelled, surrendering as she threw her arms out beside her and her head collapsed back with her mouth open, breathing hard.

I started pulling out and pushing back inside her tightness again and could still feel the occasional flex from the muscles inside her ass. Jann moaned out a grunt with every thrust as I began lengthening my stroke. I held myself in a partial pushup position and watched her ample breasts shake as I packed my cock into her so slippery, yet so tight ass hole. I put my hands behind Jann’s knees and pushed until her thighs mashed against her heaving chest while I continued pushing my full length into her.

“Here it comes Jann” I grunted as I started to come.

“Yes.” she gasped in surrender as the first pump of my orgasm let loose. The second pump hurt a little again from her tightness, so I quickly pulled out of her anus and buried my jerking rod into her soaking wet pussy. Her cunt was so hot and my cum pumped out freely into her as she kept slurring and gasping “Yes.” with every spasm. I wanted to put it into her mouth again and finish off but instead, while I was still at full hardness, I pulled out of her welcoming pussy and pushed my erection back against the heat of her tight ass hole.

Jann gasped as I sunk into her, my cock still flexing, squeezing the last few small squirts of sperm into her ass. I held still and let my heart rate and breathing come back to normal, occasionally convulsing with the intensity of my finishing orgasm. I pulled out of her ass as my penis began softening and I leaned down planting a kiss on her swollen, soaking wet pussy before getting down beside her and kissing her mouth. “I love fucking that ass Jann.” I softly said to her as she lay there splayed out on her bed. She whimpered in response and I covered her with the sheet again. She was drifting off to sleep and I was not far behind. I looked at the clock on her dresser and saw 4:11 am.

I stirred awake again and saw that it was 8:07 am. I had a wicked morning hard on and Jann was still naked beside me under the sheet. I really didn’t want to wake her after she had been so drunk last night but she was nude, I was horny and an unclothed girl was still a rare thing for me. She was still splayed right out on her back as she was when we finished last night. I kissed her nipples and she didn’t move. I pulled the sheet back and looked at her pussy. She didn’t move. I gently rubbed her pussy with a finger and stroked it slowly as I watched her face but still, she had no reaction.

My cock lurched as it strained against its own hardness and I humped it a little against Jann’s thigh as the head made a slippery wet spot on her hip. I kept slowly stroking her pussy and suddenly my finger was slippery. Then it was really slippery and moments later she was soaked! I had only lightly stroked her pussy for about 30 seconds and she was this wet while sleeping! I could hardly believe it and my cock bounced excitedly.

I continued to watch her face to see if she would wake up but as I lifted myself over her leg to get in missionary position she still hadn’t moved. I put my throbbing cock against her wet pussy and eased into her. I didn’t jam right to the hilt because I thought that maybe I could fuck her and not disturb her too much, so I went about trying to fuck her gently. I started with a smooth, steady stroke in and out of her wet cunt. God what a cunt!

My best intentions of gently fucking her were abandoned as I got too excited and reached under her with both hands grabbing her ass and slapping hard thrusts into her. “AHH AHH!” she cried out as she awoke, the wet clapping sounds of her pussy being fucked already filling the air.

“Sorry Jann.” I apologized, “I woke up and you looked so good and you turned me on so much. I just couldn’t resist.”

She lazily responded “It’s ok. I want you to do it.” She crossed her legs behind me and threw her arms around me while I slapped into her warm, wet flesh. I was absolutely covered in her juice and I pulled out of her and pushed her legs off of me. I moved up and waved my throbbing rod toward her mouth. She took it in and swirled her tongue around it while pumping the shaft with her hand.

“Oh my god Jann!” I moaned at the intense stimulation. When she took her mouth off of it about a minute later I moved down and sheathed it into her pussy again. I began pulling all of the way out of her and pausing just a moment before pushing back inside her again. Long gliding strokes accentuated the feeling of Jann’s wetness. All the way out then a wave of warm heat on the way back in with a little squish. Jann lifted her legs up and I felt her hand moving around below my cock as I pulled it out and pushed it back in.

“Yeah Kev…fuck me.” she cooed and the next time I pulled out I felt her hand take my cock and pull it down. I pushed a little and she steered it right to her ass hole. I thought to myself that I really got her on board and when I pushed again the head went in. “Oh fuck yeah.” Jann whimpered and I set about easing my wet rod into her ass again. She immediately began rubbing her pussy and moaning. I pulled myself out of her and turned her over. She was on her knees with her ass up as high as she could get it but she kept her torso down on the bed, her head to one side and her arms under her. As I lined my cock up with her ass hole and started pushing inside I could hear her loudly gasping.

Jann was rubbing her pussy furiously as I worked into her ass hole and started to stroke. I buried into her and held then pulled slowly back before burying it in again against her tight resistance. After some repetition of these deliberate strokes and Jann’s constant moaning I began fucking her hole a little harder and faster. Randomly I would just stop while buried in her and marvel at the heat and tightness as I throbbed inside her before resuming stroking again.

During one such pause, I felt her contractions start, squeezing my engorged and throbbing penis so I began fucking her little ass hole roughly. Jann’s moans were very intense and moments later, my cock was squirting. Once again the second squirt hurt a little from the pressure of her ass so I pulled my cock from her hot grip and buried it in her sloppy pussy with a loud smack. My cum flowed freely into her cunt and after 2 more squirts in her wetness I pulled out and sort of pushed her over on her side.

I moved up quickly to get my cock close to her face but a squirt of cum hit her neck as I waved my wet stick toward her panting mouth. I had to push it in past her lips but after it was against her tongue and depositing the last few small squirts of sperm, she willingly sucked and licked it until my orgasm was finished. I pulled away from her mouth and pushed her onto her back again. I slid into Jann’s warm, wet cunt as my cock ached and began to soften.

We were motionless as we breathed heavily, recovering from the intensity. I stayed there for another 15 minutes or so. It was very difficult to leave. I just wanted to fuck her forever but I eventually dressed and left her as she slept. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day – and many days after that.

Unexpected Surprise after a Meeting


Disclaimer – All participants are above the age of 18.


I’d been working for VIPC (very important personal console) for three years as a product manager which gave me the opportunity every now and again to travel. Whether it be within the UK or abroad, I was always happy to go.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t enjoying this particular meeting that I’d been requested to attend. It seemed to be a complete waste of my time as the clients were looking for something that hadn’t been released yet and no matter how much money they offered me to secure the deal, I didn’t have any sway with the company holding back on the release date. I’d tried to persuade them to take one of our similar products, at a discounted rate, but they just weren’t interested.

“I’m afraid, Mr Thompson, that I have to call this meeting to an end with you as we can’t seem to come to an agreement and we do have other pressing matters to discuss.” Rachel, the manager informed me.

I gave her a tight smile. “No problem. I’m sorry that we can’t accommodate your requirements this time, but as soon as I hear more on the release, I will contact you.” I started packing up my things and pushed back my chair.

As I stood, I held my hand out to Rachel and she placed hers in mine. Her grip was firm but her skin was soft. I felt a tingle at her touch and raised my eyes to hers where she stared back at me with a twinkle.

“Thank you Mr Thompson.” She smiled ever so slightly before withdrawing her hand.

I left the meeting on a high, despite not being able to secure some more business from them. Rachel’s touch had lightened my mood and I felt aroused as I walked to the bar, imagining what I could so with her. She’d been a fairly new placement for this client and from what I heard, she was doing well. I couldn’t deny that she was attractive and I’m sure others thought so too.

I’d been settled at the bar for roughly half an hour when I saw people leaving the meeting room that I had been in. They headed straight for the hotel foyer so must have been on a day release to attend and now they had to get back to the office. I on the other hand, had an overnight stay.

“Hello Mr Thompson.”

I heard her voice to the left of me. I swivelled slightly on my stool. “Hello Rachel. Please, call me Jack.” I smiled at her.

“I thought you’d have left by now.” She gestured at my beer. “Don’t you have to drive back?”

“No not at all. I’m here for the night.”

She tilted her head ever so slightly at my remark porno and a fleeting smile crossed her lips. “Oh really? You have the joys of being wined and dined then? Are you meeting anyone?” She asks while placing her pert little bottom on the stool next to me.

“No, it’s just myself tonight I’m afraid.” I took a sip of my beer. “Would you like a drink?”

She pauses, “Actually, would you like to come up to my room?”

I glance at her quickly and clear my throat. An image of her splayed over the bed with her legs open revealing her wet pussy and her nipples standing to attention, crosses my mind and I feel my cock tingle with excitement.

“I’ve been thinking about the products you mentioned in the meeting and I have something in my room that I’d like you to check.”

Of course. How silly of me. How could I have thought that she’d be inviting me up for anything different?

“Of course, I’d be delighted to help.” I gulp down the last of my beer and stand up.

“Brilliant. Follow me.” She flashes me a smile.

I grab my briefcase and follow her up to her room. I watch as her ass swayed backed and forth with each step and I imagined spreading my hands over her backside while pulling her closer to me. My cock throbs and I realise that I’m hard.

As she swipes the hotel card through the lock, I hold my breath, waiting for the familiar click and green light.

“Here we go.” She almost whispers as she pushes open the door.

Before I can fully step through, she’s pulling me in, her hands find the back of head and her fingers tug at my hair. Her lips take mine and she kisses me passionately. She pushes the door to with her foot before whispering in my ear.

“I wanted to do this as soon as you stepped in to the meeting Mr Thompson.” Her lips trail down my neck. “I hope you’re ready.”

I wrap my arms around her and pull her close to me, pushing my crotch against her to show her that I am.

“Oh you naughty boy. I know your type Jack.” She growls at me while undoing my shirt. ” I know what you want.” She tugs at my jeans, unzipping them and pushing them down. “Oh my …” She whispers, then lays her hand over my erect penis. “Commando style I see.” She giggles.

“Rachel, I’m …” I gasp at her touch.

“Sssh. I know Jack. I know.” She silences me. “I won’t tell your wife if you won’t. I promise. Besides, I’m going to give you what you want baby.”

She leads me to the bed and pushes me down, flat on my back. I watch her strip out of her tight blue dress and I groan out loud at the sight of her naked body. All thoughts of my wife gone although I’d wanted this from the minute we shook hands, I’ll admit that I hadn’t really give my wife much thought.

I sit up and take her breasts in my hands, tweaking each nipple then running my tongue along each one.

“Oh Jack. No. You have to do as I say.” She tells me, pushing me back down on to the bed.

I watch her slink in to the bathroom and moments later she returns. “Rachel?” I ask her with confusion on my face.

“Don’t fight it Jack.” She strolls over to me with her hands around the strap on dildo that she’s just put on. “I know you want this.”

“Wait, what?” I shake my head.

“Oh Jack baby. We’ve talked to many times online. Your deepest fantasies…” She smiles at me.

Realisation hits me as I figure it out. “You’re babydoll45?”

She doesn’t need to answer as it’s already very clear. She moves closer to me and kisses me once more. Her hand wraps around my cock and I moan as she pumps me ever so slowly.

“I know you want it.” She takes my hand and places it on the dildo. “I know you do.” She thrusts forward so the dildo slides in my hand. “That’s it.” She tells me as I moan once more.

She pushes me back on to the bed and climbs on top of me, laying down fully over me so that our cocks lay together, she rubs herself up and down me, trailing kisses along me shoulders. I can’t help moaning as she does this and I wrap my arms around her tiny body, spreading my legs on the bed so allow her access – inviting her. I want to be fucked. I want her to fuck me deeply. Wriggling out of my arms she moves down my body, dropping kisses on my chest, my stomach and finally, she reaches my cock which she takes easily with her mouth.

“Ohhh.” I shudder.

Using her hands, she spreads my legs further apart and spreads me cheeks. I grunt as her tongue flicks at my hole. She takes me asshole with her tongue, caressing it, loving it with her mouth.

“Rachel!” I gasp out.

She licks me once more before climbing back up me, ensuring she presses her dildo in to my body and she reaches over to the bedside table, withdrawing a tube of lube.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” She states, rubbing the lube up and down her dildo. I simply nod. My eyes begging her to take me, but I can’t find the words to ask her. She moves back down and positions the tip of the dildo against my hole, pushing against me slowly. I feel my cock throb every few seconds in anticipation, with excitement. She pushes a little harder and I take a breath as I feel the tip of the dildo push through and enter me.

“Sssh..” She places her hand around my cock, her eyes on mine and she pushes in to me a little further. I stare in to her eyes as she continues to push in to me. I groan as she enters me more and more with each little push.

“Oh fuck…” I mutter and find myself pushing my ass towards her.

A smile crosses her lips as I do this and she thrusts once more, forcing the rest of the dildo deep in to me. I moan at the fullness and feel myself leak precum. She pushes herself deep in to me and re-positions herself slightly, I grab her ass and tug her forward, making her jerk inside of me.

“Urgggh” I grunt loudly and tug her once more.

“You like this Jack?” She whispers to me, her eyes on mine as she thrusts in and out of me slowly. She places her hands on legs and quickens her movements. “You’ve been fucked like this before.” She states.

“No..” I grunt at her. She raises her eyebrows. “Not with a dildo.”

“With a man?” She asks me, surprise flashing across her face.

I nod at her and tug her deeper in to me once more. “Fuck me hard Rachel.” I whisper.

She thrusts in to me harder, trying to fulfil my request. After each thrust, she withdraws slowly, pleasuring me further as I feel everything then before the tip slips out, she pushes deep in to me, embedding the entire dildo in to me. I grunt and I groan as the feelings overtake me. I feel her shiver and smile, knowing that she’s been pleasured doing this to me.

“Come here.” I lift my legs and tug at her ass, pulling her deep in to me once more, wanting her body against mine. She grabs my shoulders and uses them to pull herself up and push back down. Each thrust feels stronger, harder, deeper.

“Rachel…” I groan her name as she hits my prostrate. Another thrust – “Ohh fuck!” I grunt.

Her next thrust causes her to shudder and I feel my cock throb before exploding, spewing cum between us, on to our skin. She lets out a moan as she shudders on top of me, jerking inside of me as she herself lets go.

With a sigh, she places a kiss on my chest and I feel her smile against my skin.

“Do you want to stay the night?” She looks up at me.

I look in to her eyes and feel an overwhelming feeling of love for this woman. Of course it isn’t love, but satisfaction, happiness. She’s given me the one thing I’ve been fantasising about for years. “Yes. Yes I do.”

And I think to myself that I’m so very glad that I came to the meeting after all.

Mean Girls Need Anal Too


Sylvain Etienne is a six-foot-tall, slim, dark-skinned young Haitian man living in the City of Montreal, Quebec. As a first-year student in the civil engineering program at the University of Montreal, he is having a blast. Well, Sylvain was having a blast until he met Samira Obeid, a tall, large woman of Mauritanian descent. Samira Obeid has taken to relentlessly teasing and downright harassing Sylvain, and the young Haitian man is flummoxed by this negative attention. How does a modern man get rid of a female bully in a sensitive place like a Canadian college campus? Sylvain has his hands full with Samira Obeid, that’s for sure.

Prior to meeting Samira Obeid, Sylvain thought that Muslim women from African nations like Mauritania were friendly, and well-behaved. Well, Samira Obeid might wear the Hijab and the traditional dress of a proper Muslim woman from Mauritania, but her conduct was definitely scandalous. Sylvain had no idea why Samira Obeid was so damned fixated on him. There are lots of young black men studying at the University of Montreal. Why is Samira Obeid so obsessed with him? Sylvain doesn’t understand Samira Obeid’s reasoning, so he’s taken to avoiding her. They play a certain game of cat and mouse all over the University of Montreal campus…

Samira Obeid stands around five-foot-eleven, with a pretty face, large breasts, a curvy body, wide hips, thick legs and a huge, round ass. When Sylvain first met Samira Obeid, he thought she reminded him of model Alexus Danisha, the big-booty chick so many brothers got a crush on. Well, Samira Obeid is also foul-mouthed and bossy, two kinds that Sylvain doesn’t like in a woman. Sylvain decided right then and there that Samira Obeid wasn’t his type. Too bad the big black woman from Mauritania hates taking no for an answer. Life has been hell for Sylvain Etienne ever since he met Samira Obeid…

“You cannot escape me,” Samira Obeid said to Sylvain, as she confronted him in the men’s locker room. Sylvain was fresh out of the shower. At this hour, the locker was empty. Sylvain stayed late to work on a project, and now he was regretting it. Samira Obeid had him dead to rights. Sylvain gasped as the tall, chubby, brown-skinned female bully cornered porno him. What the fuck is Samira Obeid doing in the men’s locker room? Sylvain forced himself to be calm. Sylvain has always been a gentleman but Samira Obeid is the kind of woman who taxes his patience. If this bitch gets physical, he just might be forced to retaliate. Even a gentleman has his limits, for real…

“What the fuck do you want from me?” Sylvain demanded, his ire rising. Samira Obeid looked him up and down, then grinned. The chubby Mauritanian woman pressed her ample body against the tall, slim Haitian man. In spite of himself, Sylvain noticed that Samira smelled kind of good. Sylvain took a deep breath, forcing himself to remain calm. Samira Obeid was totally invading his personal space. Sylvain would have shoved a man who did the same thing to him that’s for sure. Samira Obeid flashed Sylvain that nasty smile of hers.

“I want you to fuck me,” Samira Obeid said, with a casual shrug. Sylvain blinked in surprise. The tall, slim Haitian man frowned. Samira Obeid grinned and caressed Sylvain’s crotch. Sylvain bit his lip, wondering what to do. Samira Obeid licked her lips, then got on her knees. Sylvain exhaled sharply as Samira Obeid unzipped his pants, and the big black woman grinned upon realizing that he wasn’t wearing underwear. Samira Obeid stroked Sylvain’s long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Hmm, it looks like uncut dicks are her favorite…

“I’m not sure about this,” Sylvain protested, and Samira Obeid laughed, then took his cock into her mouth. Sylvain tried to protest some more but it’s really hard, pardon the pun, for a man to say no to a woman as she is sucking his dick. Samira Obeid winked at Sylvain as she sucked his big black cock. The chubby Mauritanian Muslim gal heard wonderful things about Haitian men and their dicks from her female friends at the University of Montreal campus. Is it any wonder that Samira Obeid is now so thirsty for Haitian dick? The Haitian ladies have only themselves to blame for pawning off their men to women of other communities…

“Sylvain, I can make you feel good, now, stop resisting,” Samira Obeid paused to say, and Sylvain nodded. Truth be told, Sylvain hasn’t been getting lucky with the ladies lately. Sylvain’s last date was Esther Julien, a Haitian gal he met at church a while ago. Sylvain thought he’d found a good, church-going woman but Esther Julien was not what she seemed. Sylvain had a lot to learn about the female of the species. Esther Julien was bossy and annoying, and Sylvain regretted spending his time and money on her. Well, unlike Esther, the bossy and annoying Samira Obeid didn’t mind putting out.

“Hmm, go for it,” Sylvain said, and Samira Obeid grinned, then continued sucking his big black cock. Samira Obeid seemed really into it, her lovely head bobbing as she gave Sylvain the deep throat treatment. Sylvain leaned against the locker room wall and groaned in pleasure while Samira Obeid fellated the hell out of him. Hot damn, who would have thought that the meanest woman on the University of Montreal campus would be so good at sucking dick? Hmm, it makes sense, now that Sylvain thinks about it. Mean women can suck a mean dick, and there’s nothing wrong with that, in the grand scheme of things.

“My turn,” Samira Obeid said to Sylvain, after getting him good and hard. The curvaceous, Hijab-wearing, pleasantly plump Mauritanian Muslim BBW lay on the tiled floor and hiked up her skirt. Sylvain grinned as he looked at this infuriating yet sinfully sexy woman. Samira Obeid spread her thick thighs invitingly and clucked her tongue impatiently. Sylvain got the hint, and got on his knees. Burying his handsome face between her thighs, he began eating her pussy. Samira Obeid moaned softly as Sylvain ate her pussy. At last, Samira Obeid got what she wanted. Sylvain ate Samira Obeid’s pussy for a good while, and didn’t let up until she came. Samira Obeid squealed in delight as Sylvain made her cum by fingering and licking her pussy…

“That’s more like it,” Sylvain said, grinning, as Samira Obeid got on all fours and shook her big Mauritanian booty at him. Samira Obeid twerked that ass, feeling lively after getting her pussy licked to completion by a certain Haitian gentleman. Sylvain was reluctant to engage with her at first but Samira Obeid knew he wouldn’t be able to resist her curvy body or that thick ass of hers. Black men love big booty women, and this holds true for Haitian men, Mauritanian women, and other places across the African Diaspora. When Samira Obeid spread her thick ass cheeks for him, Sylvain held his breath…

“Sylvain Etienne, stop gawking at my ass, be a fucking man and fuck me,” Samira Obeid demanded. Sylvain grimaced, realizing that Samira Obeid is bossy everywhere she goes. There’s only one way to handle a woman like that. Sylvain came up behind Samira Obeid and smacked her big ass. Samira Obeid yelped, and grinned, secretly pleased to see Sylvain take charge. Sylvain took some soap and lubricated Samira Obeid’s butt hole, then pressed his big Haitian dick against her backdoor. Time for the Mauritanian BBW to discover the power of Haitian dick…

“Give me that ass,” Sylvain said in a gruff tone. Without further ado, he plunged his big black cock into the depths of Samira Obeid’s asshole. The big beautiful black woman moaned deeply as her new lover began fucking her in the ass. Samira Obeid fingered her wet pussy and arched her back, grinding her big ass against Sylvain’s groin as he filled her asshole with his big black cock. Sylvain’s manly grunts mingled with Samira Obeid’s sharp squeals as he fucked her in the ass. The two of them fucked like this for some time. When Samira Obeid finally tapped out, Sylvain had already cum twice in her ass. As Sylvain’s cum leaked out of her butt hole, Samira Obeid farted. Sylvain laughed and smacked Samira Obeid’s ass. Samira Obeid, feeling relieved by Sylvain’s reaction, laughed as well. It’s good to meet a kindred spirit…

“You’re mine, my Haitian Prince,” Samira Obeid said to Sylvain Etienne, as they exited the locker room together. Maurice, the old Haitian janitor, smiled at the tall black nerd and the sexy black BBW as they walked toward him. Like everyone else on campus, Maurice knew that Samira Obeid had the hots for Sylvain Etienne. Judging from the way Sylvain had his hand on Samira Obeid’s thick ass, Maurice guessed that the two of them just smashed. Sylvain waved at Maurice, then kissed Samira Obeid on the forehead. Maurice was all smiles as he watched them go. Yup, mean girls need to get fucked too, and someone’s got to do it. Maurice stopped smiling when he reached the locker and saw the mess the new couple left for him. Damn those fuckers!