Welcome Home Big Brother Ch. 02


“Shhh, don’t worry okay Cindy? Just relax. It was fun wasn’t it? You enjoyed it. C’mon, get dressed. We’ll finish this later,” her brother had said to her.

Those very words echoed in her mind that night. They teased her in her sleep and brought with them images of Lee’s mouth on her neck, his soft tongue flicking against her hardened nipples, and his fingers toying with her swollen clit. She remembered how his pupils had dilated and the intensity of his stare as he parted her pussy lips and slipped his fingers inside her pussy, only to discover that his own sister was warm and wet for him.

Her body was on fire and the air in her room had thickened. She couldn’t breathe. Frustrated, Cindy got out of bed and opened her window. She sat on the edge of the windowsill and closed her eyes. She looked so fragile and feminine as the moonbeams reflected off the dampness of her skin and the coolness of the night’s breeze caressed her face and teased her nipples to erectness. There was something so utterly sexy about seeing her dressed in white with the straps of her nightgown slipping off her right shoulder, the tendrils of her hair clinging to the dampness on her neck, and her cheeks flushed with color. She opened her eyes and gazed into an adjacent window where her brother was staying. The light was still on and she could hear the faint murmur of voices from the television. Cindy shifted her gaze up towards the moon and sighed. What was she going to do? She was so confused. She needed to clear her mind. Cindy got up and tip-toed out of her bedroom.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Lee got up from his bed and pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his long, lean torso. He unzipped his jeans, tossed them aside, and sat down on his bed in his boxer-briefs. He tried watching T.V. to get his mind off things, but who was he kidding? He couldn’t believe that he had taken advantage of his little sister. He knew it had been wrong but it had been so long since he’d seen her and he’d forgotten how cute and sexy she was. He was tired of hearing how guys didn’t know how to treat her right and how she was never happy in her relationships. Sure, he knew his sister was a little rough around the edges. She acted like a sassy-know-it-all-bad-ass who was too good and too smart and too independent for any man. But deep down inside, he knew that she was afraid of being vulnerable and getting hurt. He realized that he was probably the only man who she had trusted and what had he just done?

Lee climbed into bed and closed his eyes. He couldn’t get his mind of how vulnerable she had looked to him earlier tonight. He remembered how she had hesitated and how tense her body had become right when he had reached down to touch her pussy. And then he remembered how her entire body had surrendered to his touch and how she had kissed him and parted her legs further, urging him to stroke and penetrate her with his fingers. Her eyes had been filled with such longing and so much trust.

His cock throbbed and ached for her body again. He realized what he had done was forbidden and taboo, but he had been too turned on to care. He wanted to touch his little sister’s naked body…to cup her wet pussy in his hand…to make her tremble with his touch…and to taste her in his mouth. Oh god, what was he thinking? He had to stop this. It just wasn’t right.

Lee got up, slipped on his jeans, karabük escort and walked out of his room. He needed to get some fresh air and clear his mind.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Cindy opened the door to their backyard and stepped outside. The moon was directly overhead and the grass below tickled her bare feet. She walked over to the swing set that her parents had built for them years ago and sat down. She pushed her feet off the ground and felt her body soar up to the sky. Cindy giggled and closed her eyes. She loved how the wind brushed against her face and the feeling of her nightgown being lifted from underneath her as she swung higher.

“A-hem. I guess you couldn’t sleep either huh?” Startled, Cindy turned around to find her brother leaning against the screen door, watching her.

“Don’t you ever scare me like that! How long have you been standing there?!” Cindy hissed.

“Long enough to hear you giggle and say wheeeeeeeeeeeee just like you did when you were eight years old,” Lee laughed, stepping out onto the grass.

Cindy suddenly became quiet. The swing lost its momentum and she let her toes brush against the grass. She watched her world slow down again. Lee smiled and sat down in front of her.

“So what’s keeping you up tonight?” he asked while brushing his fingertips against the grass.

“Umm..nothing. You know, it’s just really hot tonight. I kept tossing and turning. Dad really should get the AC fixed,” Cindy replied. She looked down at her toes and started to swing again.

“Hey, stop it for a minute. Hey, will you look at me? What’s wrong, Cindy?” Lee asked. He gently wrapped his hands around each of her ankles and planted her feet to the ground. Cindy could feel the warmth from his big hands infuse her skin.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just…ummm…I have a lot on my mind. That’s all. I don’t want to talk about it,” Cindy said.

“Hmm…okay. Whatever you say,” Lee replied. He started massaging her feet and pressed his thumbs into the soft, fleshy parts that were rich with nerve-endings. Her toenails were painted a shade of bright pink and her skin felt so soft and smooth under his touch. His eyes wondered up to her toned calves to the top of her milky white thighs, and then to the nipples that poked through her nightgown. His cock stirred in his pants and he inhaled slowly before looking up at her. God, she looked so fucking sexy with her jet black hair blowing in the wind; such a deep contrast to her pale skin and white nightgown. Her red, pouty lips were as sensuous as ever, and when she caught him staring at her, she immediately bit down on her lower lip and said,

“Hey! Stop rubbing my feet because—“

“I’m making you horny?” Lee said and winked.

“NO!! Because — “

“I’m making you wet?” Lee teased.

“Oh shut up.! What’s wrong with you? Let go of me!” Cindy hissed and tried stand up.

Lee wrestled her feet to the ground and chuckled as he watched her struggle.

“Whoa! Get a load of this! I never knew that you didn’t wear panties to bed!” Lee said. Cindy immediately stopped struggling and pressed her thighs together, all the while blushing. He swore that while she was struggling and throwing her legs in the air, he had caught a glimpse of her wet slit underneath her nightgown.

“Lee! Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?!” karabük escort bayan Lee let go of her and sat down quietly. He had only intended to lighten up the situation by teasing her, but now knew that he had gone a little too far. The truth was that he didn’t know what to do or how to fix things between them. They both sat quietly for a moment, as if contemplating what had happened earlier and how unfunny the situation was right now.

“Okay, just calm down and I’ll stop. Since you don’t feel like talking, do you mind listening to what’s on my mind?” Lee asked.

“I’m listening,” Cindy replied softly.

“Ever since what happened earlier, I’ve been up all night just thinking about it. I know what I did was wrong and I’m sorry but god…I just…I’ve been wanting…I mean, I’ve been thinking about…oh goddd, just let me show you,” Lee said, and before Cindy had a moment to react, he lifted up her nightgown, pulled her legs apart, and slipped his tongue into her wet slit. His tongue was immediately greeted with a flood of wetness from her pussy. He felt her thighs tense around his head, drawing his mouth closer to her sweet nectar, and filling his nose with her sweet, musky scent. The combination of soap and perfume was so highly intoxicating that he couldn’t resist rubbing his face into her warm pool of honey and opening his hungry mouth to lap up her sweet juices. Lee looked up as she arched her back and saw that her eyes were closed and that her sexy little mouth was open and gasping for breath. He watched her perky, dark nipples press against the fabric of her nightgown and then let his gaze fall upon her soft, sensual lips as he flicked his tongue over her hard little clit and imagined those sexy lips wrapped around the head of his cock and milking the cum out of his balls.

“Oh Lee…stop…ohhh…you shouldn’t be licking me…stop Lee…OOhhh god!” And as Cindy uttered those words, she realized that her body had completely betrayed her. When she looked down and saw her brother’s tongue slip in and out of her pussy and felt it drag across her clit, she moaned and spread her legs even wider for him. Her right hand reached down to spread her thick, swollen lips and she lifted her hips off the swing, urging her brother to take her erect little clit into his mouth. A part of her wanted to look away because she knew this was wrong, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of her brother’s tongue swirling around her clit and penetrating her tight hole. She loved how her legs and thighs would tremble whenever his teeth dragged across her clit and how his lips and chin glistened with her pussy juices.

Lee got up on his knees and positioned his body next to his sister. He looked at how her body leaned back against the swing and how her knuckles had turned white from gripping onto the side chains. He then lifted the nightgown over the tops of her breasts and took a moment to appreciate how luscious they were and how her pink nipples were hard and erect from the cold night’s air. He took one into his hand and squeezed it, admiring how firm and full it felt, and jiggled it from side to side. His eyes then wandered down the slope of her soft stomach and paused to stare at the way her swollen lips glistened with her wetness and how her thighs had parted for him while her feet never touched the ground.

As his right hand cupped escort karabük the back of her neck and his left hand reached down to cup her wet sex, Lee leaned over and slipped his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to suck on it and to taste her own sweetness on his lips. He was surprised to find her so eager to taste herself and loved how she sucked on his tongue and bobbed up and down it like she was giving him a blow job. And as he thought about how hot it was that he was feeding his sister her own cunt juice, he slipped his middle finger up her tight hole and began fucking it. Cindy immediately broke the kiss and moaned.

“OOooooh Lee…it feels so good when you…when you…”

“When I finger fuck you?” Lee finished.

“Ooooooohh yes. It feels so good when you touch me and rub my pussy and finger fuck it,” Cindy cooed.

Lee bent down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. He bit down on his gently, flicked his tongue over the tip, and vibrated his mouth against it.

“Look at me when I do this to you Cindy. Watch me suck on your nipple and watch me slide my fingers in and out of your pussy,” Lee commanded.

“No, I can’t. Don’t make me do it. I can’t watch this,” Cindy pleaded.

He then brought his lips to her ear and flicked his tongue against the soft, inner flesh. He smiled as he watched her body tremble and then tugged on her earlobe with his teeth.

“You liked watching my lick your pussy, didn’t you? I saw you staring at me then. Did you know that I’ve always wanted to suck on my little sister’s pussy and fuck it? Mmm, you taste so sweet Cindy,” Lee said.

Cindy moaned and started to grind her clit against his fingers. She gasped when he slipped a second finger in her tight little hole and moved in and out of her slowly, coating his fingers with her juices. He could hear how slick and wet her cunt was for him.

“Oh yeah, look how wet you’re getting for me Cindy. Mmm, you love having your brother’s fingers up your cunt don’t you? I know you wanna come all over them and coat them with your juices Cindy,” he said.

As he stroked her pussy and whispered these naughty things in her ears, the intensity of it all brought her to the brink of an orgasm. Her faced was flushed and her mouth was so beautifully contorted, as if trying to moan but nothing came out. Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead and on her neck and her body started convulsing with pleasure.

“Oh Lee…I’m so…close. Oh please Lee…pleaseeeeee” she begged. She felt his thumb slide up to her clit, rubbing it up and down while his fingers penetrated her pussy hole. His fingers then moved up to her clit where they tapped it lightly before rubbing and vibrating against it. And as she felt her body succumb to her brother’s touch, Cindy looked directly into his eyes. He could see her eyes quiver and how vulnerable she appeared to him at that instant.

“Oh Lee…I’m gonna cum!!! Oh god, I’m cumming,” Cindy moaned as her pussy contracted around her brother’s fingers and her wetness poured out over his fingers. Her soft moans that echoed in the night’s air were quieted as Lee leaned over to give her a soft, sensual kiss. He slid his tongue into her mouth, tasting her passion, and then bit down on her lower lip playfully. He then brought his cum-drenched fingers to her mouth and watched her lick them and suck them clean. He heard her coo and smiled to himself.

Cindy sat up on the swing and blushed. She pulled her nightgown over her body and started to stand up when she felt the weight of his arm on her shoulder, pushing her down.

“Oh no. You don’t get to leave just yet. We’re just getting started,” Lee said with a smile.


What She Wants


Tiffany sat in math class and tried to concentrate. It wasn’t working. She hated senior math and wanted to melt into her chair. The teacher was old and mean. She was only getting a B in the class and her mom and dad were getting upset at Tiffany. Tiffany was an only child and was a complete brat. She had always gotten what she wanted and hated when she had to work for things. On her eighteenth birthday just a few weeks ago she had expected to get a BMW but instead had gotten a Miata. She was not impressed. Tiffany was on the shorter side and had dark blonde hair. She was very pretty curvy, which meant that the guys at school would drool over her. She hated when they flirted with her and had their eyes glued to her breasts.

“Tiffany!” Tiffany looked up and realized that the teacher had asked her a question. She had tuned out the class completely and knew she was going to get in trouble.

“You were just called to the office.”

“Oh.” Tiffany stood up and grabbed her bag. She was always being called to the office for student council meetings, but normally the meetings were scheduled during her English or History classes. Her parents would only let her remain on school council if her math mark remained a B or better. This meant she couldn’t miss any class time.

She walked down the hall towards the office, smiled, and said hi to fellow classmates. Tiffany was wearing a plaid skirt and white sweater. She loved dressing up and spent hours in the morning making sure her hair and makeup were just perfect. When she walked into the office, she was surprised that the rest of the student council wasn’t present.

“Hello Tiffany. Come into my office.” Mr. Andrew, the vice-principal, ushered her into his office and closed the door.

“Your father is on the phone.” Mr. Andrew handed her the phone and she sat down hesitantly.

“Yes Dad.”

“There’s been an accident. I need you to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. It’s your mother.”

Tiffany bit her lip and held back tears. She got up and left the office without saying anything to anyone.

“Tiffany! What’s wrong?” The vice-principal followed her out.

“My mom was in an accident. I have to go.”

Mr. Andrews watched helplessly as Tiffany walked out the door towards the parking lot. The drive to the hospital was short, but she didn’t remember a thing about it. She entered by the emergency room and after asking at the desk, was directed to a waiting room at the end of the hall. When she entered, her dad and grandmother were sitting in the tiny room. It had gray walls and four chairs, one on each wall.

“Tiffany!” Her grandmother came running and hugged her tight. Tiffany hugged her back while looking at her dad.

“What happened?”

“Tiffany sweetie. She passed away. It was a bad car accident. The doctors did everything they could.”

Tiffany gasped and collapsed on the floor. When her dad tried to get close, she kicked him away. She curled into a ball and cried her eyes out. She didn’t want anyone touching her or comforting her. Life wasn’t fair and she wanted to close her eyes and forget everything.

Tiffany’s dad and grandmother just hugged each other and tried to figure out how best to help her. Tiffany and her dad had always had a strained relationship. Her dad worked as a criminal lawyer and worked 60-70 hours per week. He was barely home and when he was, he would go on and on about how she needed higher marks to get into Yale. Of course, she really didn’t get a say in what university she went to. Her father had gone to Yale, as had his father, and his grandfather. He didn’t have a son, but he was going to make sure his daughter followed the legacy.

The next few days were a blur for Tiffany. They had to deal with funeral arrangements and Tiffany was getting annoyed at how people were treating her. When she went to school, everyone looked at her with pity. Her teachers gave her extensions on her assignments and she almost screamed when her evil math teacher offered to waive the unit test and give her an automatic B. When she was at home, her father would be in his home office either trying to keep up with his cases or dealing with paperwork.

On the day of the funeral, Tiffany woke up and pretended it was just another school day. She got through almost the whole funeral without crying. When her father stood up to give a short eulogy on his wife of twenty years, Tiffany couldn’t help but cry. When she listened to her father talk about her mother, she realized that before she came along they were madly in love. He talked about how they would write each other love notes and how they would have pajama weekends where they’d relax and spend time together. When those around her saw her cry, they assumed that the death of her mother had finally got to her. No one knew that the reason Tiffany was crying was because if she had not existed, her mother would still be alive and her father would still love her mother.

Tiffany’s mother had passed away almost kastamonu escort two months ago and things were starting to get back to normal. She and her dad were starting to talk again. She decided to stop being a bitch and actually accept the fact that her father was actually trying to make an effort. Tiffany was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. The power had gone out and there was a thunderstorm. She had always been afraid of the dark. Being back in her father’s huge mansion didn’t help things since she could hear every creak and moan of the house.

Tiffany got up and tiptoed her way down the hall towards her father’s bedroom. She knocked lightly and then opened the door.

“Daddy?” Tiffany was whispering. She didn’t want to startle him.

“Yes Tiffany?” As Tiffany’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room she saw he was lying in bed awake.

“You can call me a baby or wimp, but the storm is freaking me out.”

“Why don’t you come sleep in here then.” Tiffany giggled and ran into her father’s bed. Before her parents got divorced, she used to crawl into bed with her parents. They would all snuggle together. She was in elementary school at the time, but for some reason at this moment in time this was what Tiffany needed. She needed to feel safe and secure. Her father wrapped his arms around his daughter and very soon they were both asleep.

The next morning, Tiffany woke up and realized she was in her father’s bedroom. The power had come back on and the clock radio was blinking 12:00. She really had no idea what time it was. As she got up, she smelled her father’s famous pancakes. She ran down the stairs and as she entered the kitchen, she grinned. Her father had on jeans and a t-shirt along with his chef’s hat and pink frilly apron.

“Hi sweetie. I can call you sweetie right?”

“Yes Daddy.” Tiffany sat at the breakfast bar and poured herself orange juice.

“I’m glad you’re not moping around the house anymore. I know we have a long way to go before everything is right between us, but I’m happy that you are accepting the fact that I’m trying.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes and giggled. Her father always spoke so proper and dignified. They ate in silence. Tiffany spent the rest of the day in the living room doing her homework. She had missed almost two weeks of school and needed to catch up on her classes. Her father spent the day in his office catching up on his work. Around five o’clock, he stuck his head out of his office and called down the hall.

“Pizza or Chinese?”

“Chinese.” Tiffany hated pizza. Actually, she hated all Italian food, but she knew her father wouldn’t remember that. Once the Chinese food arrived, they ate in the living room. After dinner, they sat on the couch and watched a horror movie. Her father loved old horror movies and Tiffany didn’t have the guts to tell him they scared her. By the end of the film, she was practically sitting in his lap. When that movie was over, a romantic comedy began to play.

“Want to watch this too Tiffany?”


Half way through the movie Tiffany could feel something hard under her. When she squirmed her father moaned a bit and she bit her lip. He was hard. Very hard. There was nothing very sexual going on in the movie so she wondered if she was causing this. All sorts of thoughts were running through her head and she didn’t even realize that her nipples were hard. Her father must have noticed because the next thing she knew he was nibbling softly on her neck. Instead of pulling away she turned to face her father. He smiled and pulled her completely into his lap. He kissed her softly and she responded. Her hands were frantically pulling on his t-shirt and he had to push her hands away.

“Not so fast.” Her father whispered against her ear. He ran his hands down her back and caressed her round bottom. Tiffany was so aroused and all thoughts of this being wrong flew out of her head. All she knew was that she was wet and horny and he was nibbling her shoulders gently.

Her father pulled down the spaghetti straps of her tank top and caressed her nipples. He was going so slowly and she needed it faster. He licked her left nipple and then her right. Tiffany was moaning and was desperately trying to undo his jeans.

“Let’s go up to my bedroom baby.” Tiffany nodded and instead of him guiding her off his lap he slid his hands completely under her bottom and picked her up. Tiffany wasn’t exactly tiny, but her father was very physical fit. They got into his bedroom and he placed her on the edge of the bed. He locked eyes with her and undressed completely. His cock was so hard and throbbing and Tiffany licked her lips in anticipation.

He pulled off her tank top and leaned her back, his hands pulling off her shorts and panties. He suddenly sank four fingers deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her.

“Oh fuck daddy.” Tiffany was not expecting that and began to thrash around. His fingers felt escort kastamonu so good inside her and she was already close to cumming. She had had sex with two of her ex-boyfriends, but they were young and inexperienced. She had never felt this amazing. He latched onto her left nipple and sucked hard. He was kneeling above her and watched as his daughter thrashed around. He let go of her left nipple and sucked her right one into his mouth. Her nipples were so hard and he loved how big and soft her breasts were. He buried his face in her cleavage and pushed up to massage her g-spot.

“Fuck!” Tiffany screamed out as she orgasmed. She felt like she needed to pee and her whole body was shaking. Her pussy was soaking wet and she couldn’t concentrate on anything. Her father continued to rub her g-spot, feeling it pulse and swell above his thick fingers.

“Cum again sweetie.” He was coaxing her to cum again and he was so aroused, watching his teenage daughter orgasm so easily and so quickly. Tiffany came three more times and then he stopped. Sliding his fingers out of her pussy he sucked on them lightly. He leaned down and kissed her nose.

“Good night Tiffany.” Tiffany closed her eyes and was asleep immediately. Her father cuddled up against his daughter and was asleep quickly as well.

Tiffany woke up to a cold empty bed. It was seven in the morning when she stumbled out of bed and went to the washroom. She was sore and as she remembered the night before, she didn’t know what to think. As she got dressed for school, she tried to figure out why her father had done that and why she hadn’t said no. Yes, he had been away from her life for a number of years, but they were related. Her father was in his office with the door shut and so she left for school without saying anything.

During the day, she tried to rationalize that what had happened between her and her father was fine. She decided that it wasn’t really sex and that she was eighteen and a consenting adult. She had four more months of school and then would be in college. If she got into Yale she would be living in residence anyway. By the time she got home, she had a list in her head of all the reasons why last night was O.K. She walked into the house and was ready to talk to her father. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her father was kissing this blonde woman in the kitchen. She glanced at the doorway and pulled away.

“Jack. Your daughter is home.” Her father opened his eyes and smiled.

“Hi Tiffany. Sorry about that. This is Madeleine.”

Tiffany just stared in awe. He had a girlfriend? Since when? Wasn’t she the most important person in his life?

“Hi.” Tiffany tried not to smirk and watched in disgust as the two of them cooked dinner. Throughout dinner, Tiffany learned that Madeleine was as French professor at the community college and they had been dating for a few months. After Tiffany’s mom died, she had stayed away to make sure that there were no rumors flying around. The moment Tiffany was done with dinner, she stormed into her room. She was so angry and wanted her father. She waited in bed until Madeleine left and she must have fallen asleep because when she awoke it was three in the morning and she was on top of her covers, dressed in her school clothes. She knew what she needed to do. She tiptoed into her father’s bedroom and after undressing climbed under the covers.

She slid down until her mouth was above his cock and she began to lick the tip. She had only given two blowjobs in her life, but the Internet was a great place to learn sexual techniques. She wrapped her lip around his cock and hummed. She felt him grow in her mouth and that urged her on even more. She pushed more of his cock into her mouth and when the tip hit the back of her throat she took a deep breath to relax and pushed more. She pulled back and deep throated again. She could taste the salty precum oozing out of the tip and as she wrapped her hand around the shaft she could feel it pulsing. She knew that eventually he would cum in her mouth and she didn’t really like the taste of semen, but would do this for her father.

Jack woke up and felt a warm wetness around his cock. He tried to figure out what was going on. Madeleine had refused to stay over and he had gone to bed sexually frustrated. Now he was getting a pretty good blowjob. He opened his eyes and after pulling back the covers saw his teenage daughter sucking his cock.

“Oh baby.” Jack cried out and immediately began to cum. The image of his daughter between his legs with her pink lips wrapped around his cock was too much. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and he grabbed it and pushed her harder onto his cock as he came.

Tiffany swallowed her father’s cum and pretended to like the taste. He was holding her hair and once he finished cumming he let go and pulled her up to a sitting position.

“How the hell do you know how to do that?” Jack’s mind was spinning. His daughter had just sucked kastamonu escort bayan him off and he had loved it.

“I read how to do it on the Internet Daddy.” Tiffany was cuddling up against him and all he could do was wrap his arm around her. He was exhausted from such an intense orgasm and really couldn’t think straight.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” Her father fell asleep first and Tiffany was close behind.

The next morning, Tiffany got ready for school like normal. Jack was in his office, but had left a note saying they would talk when she got home from school. Tiffany was floating on clouds all day. She loved sucking her father’s cock and loved when he fingered her. She knew he would let this continue. She had always gotten her way.

Tiffany got into the house and went to his home office. He worked from home a lot since his cases involved a lot of travel. Instead of having an office, it made sense to put money towards a home office so that when he was in town, he could be with his family. Of course, after the divorce it didn’t make sense, but he loved the freedom of working from home. Jack was sitting at his desk and looked up as Tiffany walked in. She was wearing a short jean skirt with a tight purple sweater. Her hair was curled today and she had the exact amount of makeup to accentuate her chocolate brown eyes. She got those eyes from her mother.

“We need to talk sweetie. What happened the last few nights isn’t right. If anyone found out I could be put into jail. Do you understand?”

Tiffany’s lip quivered and he knew she was going to cry.

“But Daddy!”

“I know sweetie. There is no other way.”

“Can’t we keep it a secret?”

Jack thought for a moment. She did have a good suggestion. Madeleine wasn’t putting out yet and he was a pretty horny guy. As long as they didn’t have sex it wasn’t that bad. He guessed he was just freaking out because the latest case he was working involved a murderer. His client was currently in jail and it gave him the creeps every time he had to visit. He wanted to remain on the right side of the law.

“Yes sweetie.” Tiffany grinned and jumped into his lap. She kissed him hard and before long she was spread eagle on his desk while he licked her pussy. She was holding her legs in the air and moaned as he pushed four fingers inside her pussy. He rubbed her g-spot and that caused her to orgasm.

“Daddy I need to pee. Oh god that feels good.” Jack grinned and knew what was happening to his daughter.

“Don’t hold back baby. You’re going to gush.”

Tiffany cried out and felt her clit swell. He was pushing against her g-spot with three fingers and she had this intense urge to pee. She finally let go and cried out as she orgasmed. Her father sucked her juices and licked her pussy clean.

“That’s my girl.”

Tiffany and her father spent the next few weeks having a set routine. Tiffany would go to school during the day and after finishing her homework would spend the evening making out with her father. They never had intercourse since they agreed that was wrong, but Tiffany got better and better at sucking his cock and he loved the taste of her pussy.

On a Sunday morning, Tiffany sat pouting on the kitchen counter. Her father was leaving for a criminal case and wouldn’t be home for two weeks.

“I’ll call every night Tiffany. And you can get take out every night if you want. Please don’t pout. I hate being away from you as well.”

Jack walked over and softly kissed his daughter. They had been doing everything sexual except intercourse for the last month. She was used to him being away so much, but this was the first time he was leaving since they had begun their secret relationship. Jack grabbed his things and walked to the waiting taxi. He hated leaving Tiffany, but had a career and if she was going to be a high power attorney like he was, he needed to earn enough to send her to Yale.

Tiffany was miserable the whole time her father was away. She hated sleeping alone and even though she slept in his bed, it wasn’t the same. Just as she was getting into bed the phone rang.


“How’s my baby girl.” Tiffany giggled. Her father had started calling her that and she loved it. Since most times he would lick her pussy while saying that, she loved it even more.

“I miss you Daddy so much.” Tiffany was whining a bit, but she wanted to make her father feel guilty.

“I know sweetie. Can you pick me up at the airport tomorrow? My flight gets in at two o’clock.”

“Of course Daddy. So what are you wearing right now?” Tiffany giggled as she slid her hand into her panties and began to stroke her clit.

“Tiffany! This is not a good time.”

“I’m wearing those pink panties you like and nothing else. My pussy is really wet and my clit is very hard. I’m rubbing it right now.”

Jack closed his eyes and imagined his daughter on her bed playing with herself. He was sitting on the bed in his hotel room in only boxers. His cock was throbbing and begging to be touched.

“I’m wearing those black boxers you love. Masturbate for me. Tell Daddy what you’re doing. Be a good girl for Daddy.”

Tiffany moaned and rubbed harder.

“I’m fingering myself with two fingers. I’m so wet Daddy. My clit is throbbing and I want to cum.”

Wendy Ch. 01

Franceska Jaimes

This story is set in England, so the words used are English not American. All characters are over 18.


Hello, my name is Wendy Turner and at the moment I am staying with my Aunt Maude and Uncle Andy while I study for my University degree. I greatly admire and respect both my Uncle and Aunt and fully appreciate how they helped my mother Rose to bring me up in difficult circumstances. My father left my mother when I was quite young and she had a terrible struggle financially to keep us in food and shelter. She did a wonderful job of it and I really appreciate and loved her for all her sacrifices.

She would always tell me what wonderful support she had from my Aunty Maude and Uncle Andy during my growing up years. They lived quite a long way away and yet would always manage to come and visit us about once a month, and bring us presents and food parcels.

I loved sitting on my Aunty’s lap as she used to cuddle me and I would bury my face in her woolly cardigan. Her cardy always seems so full and squashy and my mother used to laugh at me as Aunty Maude pulled me into her bosom. We were such a close affectionate family.

Aunty Maude was my mother’s older sister and apart from the presents – I found out later – she would give my mother money to help her with her bills. I frequently saw my mother kissing my Aunty Maude very tenderly in gratitude.

I remember one day after going for a walk with my Uncle that when we returned we found my Aunty sitting on the settee with her hand on my mothers leg above her stocking top. My mother seemed to have one of her hands inside Aunty Maude’s cardigan too. They were both giggling like young girls.

My Uncle Andrew joked with me that they were closer than sisters and were always tickling each other. It didn’t seem to surprise him at all that we could see my Aunt’s bra. I don’t know why but I almost felt jealous of my mother being cuddled so closely by my Aunt Maude.

Throughout my teens I knew I had to study, as my Aunt and Uncle used to give my mother money to help my schooling, and thanks to their support I did rather well in my exams and won a place at University. My mother was so proud of me but also saddened when she had to tell me that there was no way could she afford to send me to University. I was heartbroken with disappointment.

Then my Aunty Maude paid us a surprise visit with the wonderful news that she had discussed it with Uncle Andrew and they would provide all the necessary funding.

I was overjoyed and so was my mother but also worried that we still couldn’t afford the fees for residency.

Uncle Andrew smiled “Don’t worry Rose. We’ve talked it through. The University is only a few miles from our house, so Wendy can stay with us. We have a spare room which she can have as a study bedroom, and we can easily arrange transport for her if she needs it.”

It was wonderful. All our problems had been solved by my wonderful Aunty and Uncle.

When I was waiting to start the first term in University my mother really drilled it into me that it was important that I behave myself and not cause any problems.

She also explained that my Uncle strongly believed in corporal punishment for any misdemeanour so it was quite possible I could get my bottom spanked by either my Uncle or my Aunt. Although I was now 20, for some reason it didn’t sound unusual. In fact my mother told me that Maude had often spanked her as she grew up.

She laughed, “Actually she still does it to me on occasions, if I’ve been a naughty girl!”

As she was in her mid forties, I was surprised – and showed it. She simply dismissed it saying “It’s not only your Aunty who spanks me, either!”

I wondered if she as talking about my Uncle but didn’t ask her. It seemed strange, but maybe that’s the way she liked it.

When my mother was preparing all my clothes for University I had some lovely new smart clothes provided by Aunt Maude, who’d apparently picked them herself. I suppose my mother must have told her my size, but some of the cardigans and twinsets were rather my Aunt’s choice and not mine. My mother also put in some of my old short school skirts. When I laughed that they were much too short now, she smiled.

“You have to take care of your nice new University clothes, Wendy. These old school skirts are just for wearing around the house.”

I laughed “But they are very short Mum. My knickers will be showing if I bend over!”

She smiled. “I’m sure your Aunt and Uncle won’t mind you wearing your short skirts, Wendy. In fact they will probably enjoy seeing little peeks of your panties, too!”

I smiled back. I knew men liked seeing panties but I didn’t realise that Aunt Maude liked it as well.

I remember going to my Aunt’s home on the first day. My mother had suggested that I wear my old grey cardigan and pleated black skirt so as to protect my new University clothes. I’d caught the train to their town, where Uncle Andy had picked me up from the railway station – it had been karaman escort dso nice to see him I just gave him a big hug on the platform! Then Uncle Andy carried my big bag from the car to their house, and took my coat then showed me into the lounge.

There was Aunt Maude, who got straight up off the chair and came over with a huge welcoming smile to give me a big hug. I hugged her back, feeling the soft wool of her blue twinset against my fingers. She kissed me on each cheek, then gave me a big kiss on the lips too.

“My, it is good to see you young Wendy!” she smiled. “I do hope you enjoy stopping with us as much as we will!”

She smiled again then let go of her hug as she told me to stand up straight so that they could admire me.

I loved it as she laughed and told Uncle Andy: “Don’t you think our Wendy is such a nice big girl now? Look how well she fills out her lovely grey cardigan – and that skirt shows her nice strong legs off so well.”

Uncle Andrew smiled at me, then came over to give me a welcoming hug too, only this time he also gave my bottom a gentle squeeze as he held me, kissing me as Aunt Maude had, first on the cheeks and then full on the lips. He seemed to stay cuddling me for some time, and so I held him tight too.

Then he looked over to Maude: “There’s no doubt our little Wendy has grown into a nice big girl for us, Maude, hasn’t she? Shall I go and make a cup of tea for us, while you explain our house rules to her?”

“Yes, that’s a very good idea, Andy. You go and put the kettle on while we sit down on the sofa side by side.”

And taking my hand, she led me to the sofa where we sat down. My Aunt gave me another cuddle into her cardy, which she knew I liked so much.

“Well,” she began, still with an arm around my shoulder, “We live a very happy life together, Wendy, so we need to be able to keep our normal life going while you stay with us. This means you need to know our little rules, my love!”

She smiled, and drew my right hand to her waist. The wool felt nice and soft, and so did her body under it. Although she wasn’t what you’d call fat, she was a well built woman, with a generous bust and a chubby waist.

“The first rule is that we are very open – there are no locks on any of the doors, and we like being undressed, so we often go around the house completely naked, or sometimes with just a cardigan on to keep warm. We like it that way, so hope you can fit in with us. You can obviously keep all your clothes on if you like, but just be aware that you will often see us undressed.”

“Oh, Aunty!” I cried, “I didn’t know you were nudists! How exciting! But I’m not sure I could be undressed in front of Uncle Andy – I’d be much too embarrassed!”

“Well we thought you might be, which is why you don’t need to undress yourself if you don’t want. But as I say, we often do. In fact I think Uncle Andy may well have undressed while he’s making the tea, so you can start get used to us being naked quite soon.”

“Golly!” I said, “But I’ve never seen a grown man naked before! Will I be able to see his…”

And I broke off as Uncle Andy came back into the room carrying a tray of tea things – but wearing nothing at all!

I didn’t know where to look – except I did, because his big pink thing was hanging down, coming out of a great bush of hair, with his other two things hanging down behind it. And as he walked over to the table, it swung from side to side, seeming to grow as I looked at it.

“Hello Wendy!” he smiled, putting the tray down on the table. “Did Maude tell you about our love of being undressed? Have you seen a naked man before?”

“Well yes, she told me,” I blurted out, “but no, I’ve never seen a grown man undressed before. I was just saying that to Aunt Maude.” and I felt myself redden as my eyes kept drifting back to his thing.

Uncle Andy looked into my eyes: “Well, if I come and sit between you two, then Maude can give you your first lesson in the difference between men and women. But first I’ll pour the tea. How do you like yours, Wendy?”

“Oh, just as it comes.” I said, then realised that maybe I should have put it a different way, as I saw Uncle Andy’s thing twitch and grow a bit more. It was now sticking out from his body, pointing forwards.

“Sugar?” he asked, looking round at me having poured out the three cups.

“No thanks. Mummy always says I’m sweet enough!” I replied, smiling.

It was all a bit strange, but somehow Aunt and Uncle made it seem so normal. Uncle Andy brought two cups over to me and Aunt Maude, and I couldn’t help but watch as his thing moved from side to side, seeming to now be pointing further upwards.

I smiled and took the cup and saucer. “Thank you Uncle, ” I said, remembering how Mum had told me to be polite at all times.

He went back to get his cup, then as he walked back Aunt Maude spoke.

“We two girls need to move apart a bit don’t we, then Uncle Andy can sit between us. There’s escort karaman plenty of room for three on the sofa if we all squash up a bit.”

So we both shuffled apart, with Uncle Andy’s thing now right in front of me, when to my relief he sat down. There wasn’t that much room on the sofa, so we were all squeezed against each other, and I couldn’t help be see his thing now pushing upwards, the end looking darker red and shiny. It did look a funny thing!

“How’s the tea, Wendy?” asked my Aunt.

“It’s fine,” I replied, “but it’s a bit too hot to drink at the moment.”

“Yes, I was thinking that too – why don’t you put yours on the side table, and I’ll do the same with mine.

“Well I’ll keep mine,” smiled Uncle Andy, “as I like it hot.”

“I know you do pet!” said Aunt Maude, looking over to me. “The other reason for putting my tea down is I can show you Andy’s body better. Now I know this is the interesting part, so let’s start here,” she said, reaching over and putting her fingers round Uncle’s thing.

Uncle seemed to like it, bacause he sighed deeply and I saw his thing get even bigger as Aunty squeezed it tight and pushed her hand downwards. It had a big smooth head with a little slit, and it seemed a brighter red than the rest of it. And down the shaft into the forest of hairs there seemed to be lots of veins. It was all very strange to see – a bit like my old biology books, but somehow much more alive.

“This is Uncle Andy’s knob!” she smiled. “It’s always getting stiff like this, but it’s very nice and the skin has a lovely warm soft feel, even though it’s quite hard in the middle. Now you hold it too, so you can feel for yourself. It is very important that you get familiar with our naked bodies, as you’ll be seeing them lots while you stay with us.”

So nervously I reached forward, and Aunty just sort of pulled my hand around Uncle’s thing, then moved her own hand away, so there I was holding it on my own. It was quite hard and warm, I remember, and Uncle did let out a gasp as I squeezed it too, like Aunty had.

“You’ll find Uncle likes that a lot – but then he likes all sorts of attention on his knob. And when he’s had lots of attention, his knob shows its thanks by squirting sticky cream everywhere.”

I’d heard that boys did those squirty things, but never seen it for myself. And now I was holding Uncle’s “knob” and squeezing it like my Aunt had. It felt so strange, but somehow perfectly normal all the same. After all Aunt and I were still fully clothed – it was only Uncle Andy that was nude.

“Here, Andy, let me take your cup,” she said, smiling over to me, “and perhaps Wendy would like to see your knob cumming – would you pet?”

“Well,” I said, not knowing quite what to say. “If you are sure, Aunty and Uncle, that it’s alright….” I trailed off.

So Uncle passed his cup to Aunty to put on the little table next to hers, and Uncle put his arms out behind us both, then seemed to clear his throat before he spoke.

“Do you want to show Wendy the things that my knob likes, Maude?” he asked.

“Why yes, of course,” smiled Aunty, moving her warm hand over mine.

“Well the easiest lesson for day one, is just moving your hand up and down his shaft, like this.” she continued, pulling my hand up and down Uncle’s knob.

It felt funny because there was a hard bit in the middle, but the skin just moved up and down with our fingers, apart from the big round end which just seemed to get bigger. Quite soon his entire knob seemed very big and hard, and we were getting into a regular rhythm with our hands going up and down.

After a few minutes Aunty smiled at me and spoke: “Look, Wendy, there’s the first little tear on the end of his knob! But he’s not really crying, are you pet?”

Uncle seemed to be breathing faster now, and had some difficulty with his words.

“Oh no,” he said, “It’s certainly not crying – it’s actually getting very happy. Your fingers are doing a very good job Wendy.” and he gripped his hand around my shoulder, stroking my cardigan.

“Oh good!” I smiled at him, “I do hope I can be a good help to you.”

It all seemed so natural, really, as my hands and my Aunt’s moved up and down Uncle’s knob. It was starting to get slippy now, as his tears seemed to have spilled down his shaft making our fingers slide easily as we continued our arm movements. My arm was getting quite achey, but I didn’t want to let it show, so carried on, smiling at both Aunty and Uncle.

“Right,” said Aunt Maude, after another few minutes. “I think he’s nearly ready to shoot for us now, so just get ready to see some creamy white sticky cum spouting out of his end – and when it does you can move your hand faster and squeeze harder until it’s all over. Is that OK, Wendy? I’ll just leave you to it now, and let him stroke me while you mkae him cum!”

So she moved her hand away, leaving me on my own with my hand now moving very fast up and down his knob. Uncle, meanwhile, karaman escort bayan had lowered his hand over Aunt’s cardigan, and she’d undone a couple of buttons to let him feel inside over her breasts over her jumper. It reminded my of that time I’d seen my Mum doing the same thing, so it felt nice and cosy. Except Uncle was now making some funny groaning noises as his panting got faster and faster.

He started crying out “Yes, Wendy, Yes!” so I knew he wanted me to continue, then suddenly out shot all this sticky white cream, just like Aunt had said. I watched as it shot up into the air, landing on his belly just above the forest of hairs.

Just as his cream started squirting out I felt him grab me tighter round the shoulder and pull me close to him, and I could see his other hand was now stroking Aunt’s breasts, as he’d pulled her jumper up and had a hand inside her white bra.

His whole body had be writhing as his cum first shot out, and now I kept going harder as Aunt had told me, watching as more spurts of cum came out, spurting into the air and splashing back on his body.

“That’s a very good girl!” said my Aunt, as I continued to move my hand faster up and down like she had said. “You are doing him very well, Wendy, and I can see he likes it very much indeed. Look how much cum he’s splashing everywhere!”

And as I looked there were more spurts jumping out, some landing on his belly, some on his legs, some even splashing on my hand, on my skirt and on Aunt’s skirt and her cardigan.

“Oh dear,” I said, “I’m afraid there are some splashes on your skirt and cardy, Aunty. I’m very sorry – it just seemed to shoot everywhere!”

“Never mind,” smiled Aunt, “they needed a wash anyway, and when it comes to pleasing Andy’s knob, what do dirty clothes matter? We can both take them off in a minute. Now just keep going till you feel him go soft, then you can slow down.”

So with my arm now definitely feeling more than a bit achy, I was quite glad when Uncle’s knob stopped spurting out, and just like Aunty had said it would, it began to feel a bit softer and bendy.

Uncle was still hugging me tightly, stroking my shoulder, and still had his hand in Aunty’s jumper, when he smiled at me and said some words I’ll remember for ever.

“God that was so wonderful Wendy, you are such a good girl. I do hope we can make things just as wonderful for you too. Now let me give you a kiss to say thank you.”

So I moved my face closer towards his, smiling, as his arm pulled me all the way and I felt our lips meet. He pushed his lips towards me, and suddenly I felt his tongue in my mouth. I pushed my tongue back at his, and we seemed to entwine tongues as he kissed me so strongly. I even felt his knob harden slightly too.

Then he pulled away, and smiled at me again.

“Thank you for that special treat, Wendy. That’s what we call ‘tossing off’ and you’ve just tossed me off very well indeed.”

“Well I’m glad you liked it Uncle.” I smiled, happy that I’d done a good job. “But it does get very messy, doesn’t it?”

“Oh it certainly does!” laughed Aunt Maude. “But that’s why it’s nice being naked – we can just go and have a bath afterwards. And sometimes he puts his cum in my special places so there’s no mess at all – but that’s a lesson for another day. Now I’ll just go and get the tissues for a quick mop up, and I think I’ll leave my skirt for the washing. I think you need to take yours off too Wendy, as I noticed several squirts going right over it. I think your cardigan is fine though, so you can keep that on if you like.”

By now Uncle Andy had shut his eyes and was panting more gently as he sat there, so I moved my sticky hand off his shrinking knob.

Aunt got up and slipped off her skirt, then seeing me with my sticky fingers she said: “Just wipe it on your skirt, pet, then pass me your skirt and I’ll slip it in the wash too.”

So I stood up, feeling a bit strange, but then seeing Aunt in her unbuttoned cardy and tight white panties, it didn’t seem so strange to be slipping off my skirt, and showing my white thong off to them both.

As Aunt went out of the room I realised we’d not drunk our tea, so reached for Uncle’s cup and offered it to him.

“I hope it’s not too cold for you, Uncle.” I said.

“Oh I don’t care how cold it is, Wendy, that was such a beautiful tossing you gave me.” he smiled up at me, taking a big slurp from the cold tea. I drank mine while still standing up, then Aunt came back in with a tissue box, and her cardy buttoned back up again.

She sat next to uncle, and began mopping away at the various globs of cum that I seemed to have made him to splash all over his body.

‘Well,’ I thought to myself, ‘as long as he enjoyed it as much as he said he did, then a little mopping up and clothes washing is probably a good thing’.

Soon there was a neat pile of dirty tissues, and Aunt and Uncle sitting side by side finishing off their teas.

“Why don’t you go and have a little bath now Andy,” said Aunty, looking at Uncle, “and I’ll have a little more fun with Wendy. By the way Wendy, those panties look a little too tiny for our normal use – and they seem much too tight between your legs. I think I may have to get some bigger ones for when you’re relaxing at home.”

Wheeling Park Ch. 12


I thought I was at home, upstairs in my bedroom, surrounded by my motorcycle posters in my own double bed and spread out under the quilts on the soft, compressed foam mattress of cloud stuff.

Strangely, though, I seemed to be jammed up against something. It was soft and warm and, when I fell into the half dream of a nice, warm coral reef, it was still there while I breathed the water just fine amidst all the multi coloured fish. It was a pretty nice place and I wondered why I left it so long ago,… Everyone was here. There was also a special friend, a very special one, but not the shark that had appeared, lovingly nuzzling at my neck and cheek. I was marveling at the shark’s ability to turn me on when I remembered that I was jammed up, or something.

I remembered that because, whatever it was, the reef possibly, had shifted. I distinctly felt it redistribute its contact along my side, suddenly noticing the shark was gone.

“Sharkey girl!” I called, laughing afterward.

Well, sharkey girl had done quite a number on me and I had no idea what a female shark would do with a human male hardon, but it only seemed natural that it finish the job somehow, after all.

Someone grabbed it. I looked down to see the lower body of a mermaid pressed against me. She was gently gripping my erect cock and moving her hand up and down.

This, I realized, was the one I was really waiting for, that very special friend. Forget the damned cock teasing shark, this, I remembered as I looked up at her face, was of course the one and only-



I jerked fully awake with a yell, jumping in alarm and surprise, arms and legs flailing and throwing her off of me.

“Fuck!” she yelled in her own sudden surprise and alarm, rolling away from me.

I panted on the bed, spread eagled on my back, naked and without covers because of the previous night’s heat. She was also naked and, as my mind began to boggle, I recalled that there was a perfectly good reason for this. Of course, I’d spent half the night having sex with my sister.


“Holy shit, baby, you scared the hell outta me!”

(baby!? omigod!)

“Hey,… you okay?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, instead climbed back on the bed and overtop of me on her hands and knees, looking straight down into my face with her hair hanging.

“Okay?” she asked again with more concern.

Something happened then. First, even though I was uptight about having her naked body that close, I was thankful she’d covered me with herself. I found that strange, even at the time, but then I really looked her in the face, reading her expression like I can so easily do with her and,… I relaxed a little. Then a little more.

“Yeah, sis. Just thought, ahhh,… You know, waking up someplace different.”

She nodded. By then, my panic attack had mostly subsided and I actually laughed softly, prompting a smile from her.

“What’s so funny, gear head?”

I rested my hand on her bare hip and replied, “It’s actually not. Funny, I mean. I was just thinking,… Well I realized that everything’s okay, cause it was you and that just seems so fucked.”

“I know. Things,… feel different, somehow. Do you regret it?”

“I keep thinking I should, I keep going to feel regret, or shame cause I expect I should, but,… It’s kinda not there. I’d think it would be,” I said, looking up at her with a genuinely perplexed expression.

“I know, me too. But it’s so natural cause it’s us, right? I mean we’re even talking about it like we talk about stuff.”

“I just can’t believe it happened,” I said. “I can’t,…”

She kissed me, allowing her lips to linger there before straightening her elbows again.

“I love you. And y’know, your biggest problem is that you haven’t been getting any good morning kisses,” she theorized with a knowing grin.

“So, I’ll be a nicer guy today?”

“I think so, but we’ll see. That wasn’t a real good morning kiss session. Jump in the shower, tag team breakfast, just like at home.”

The ‘tag team breakfast’ is a little meal preparation system that Jen and I had figured out during the past year. Basically, we get up at the same time, one of us takes a six minute shower while the other gets breakfast started. After six minutes, the one who started the meal would run upstairs for his or her six minute shower while the freshly clean person would come down to finish the meal, set it out and run a quick kitchen cleanup. Both of us could eat and shower, be out of the house and off to school in a little less than a half hour on some mornings.

“I want coffee,” I asserted. “And put a shot of rye in it, will ya?”

“No. Just coffee.”

“Huh?” I asked as she stepped out the door.

“Hurry up, I want to get out and gone before Mom and Liv get here. We’ll just leave a note.”

“What are we doing!?” I called, sitting up in Mom’s bed now. “And why won’t you spike my-“

“Tag team meals don’t work when you waste time!” she called back a little irritably.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

“Alright, kıbrıs escort what’s going on, you two?”

“What do you mean?” I asked Carrie.

We were sitting out on the sandbar, the bottoms of mine, Carrie’s and Robbie’s boobs in the water while Jarid sat with us. He wouldn’t wear his Speedos, but he looked just as good in the denim cutoffs I made for him out of a half ruined pair of low cut, tighter fitting blue denims he had, despite his protests of me ruining his ‘best’ jeans.

“Well, for one thing, Jarid’s here, he’s smiling instead of looking like he wants to dig his own grave and crawl in, and you two have been shooting those looks back and forth the whole time.”

“Really?” I asked, teasing.

“She’s right and you know it,” Robbie ascertained. “Both of you have silly perma-smiles pasted on your faces like you’ve just dropped a hit of cid. What gives, Barbie?”

“Oh,… nothing,” I teased further, my smile getting even wider as Jarid and I glanced at one another.

“Jarid will tell us,” Robbie said. “Jarid, I’ll show you my tits if you tell us what’s up.”

“You’d show him your tits anyway, you silly woman,” Carrie said.

“Well, he’s got it goin on, doesn’t he?” she easily excused herself.

As she smiled at his reddening face, she pulled the bright green triangles of her bikini top to the sides of her boobs, letting them hang naturally.

I felt a twinge of jealousy. I was quite surprised by it and, even though I couldn’t hold anything against my good friend, Robbie, this being the Park and neither of them knowing how I now felt about him, I experienced a need to assert control somehow.

“Jarid and I are together now,” I said, still smiling and glancing lovingly at him. “And except for Livy, we’re exclusive to each other.”

There was a pause, both their faces betraying their surprise before Carrie spoke.

“Wow. Good for you two.”

“You think it’s weird and disgusting,” I assumed.

“No, Barbie,” Carrie answered. “It’s not like that hasn’t gone on here before, you know. Besides, I may not know Jarid very well, but I know you and I know what kind of a person you are and how you’ve always treated me and everyone else around here. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

“That goes for me, too,” Robbie said, having not put her boobs away.

“Thanks. Sorry, I guess I was just a little paranoid about what you’d think. I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth and then accuse you of having them there.”

“Perfectly natural, think no more of it,” Carrie said dismissively. “Actually, I’ll bet you two look just adorable holding hands and kissing.”

“I’d hop in his lap right now so you could watch, if not for the Magpie,” I confided.

“Jen!” Jarid complained, turning a deeper shade of red as the girls laughed knowingly.

“Cause he’s an Aquapheliac, too.” I giggled.

“Wh-! That’s not true!” he stammered, trying to deny it.

“Livy told me, baby.”

“Oh, great!”

“Aw, what’s the big deal?” Carrie asked, splashing him with her hand. “Just think of the fun you’ll have with her, both of you having that little kink.”

“Day-um, I’m jealous,” Robbie said, still not putting those boobs away.

“I know,” Carrie said, “It’s what I say, I wish I was an aqua- will you put those tits away? Jeez, ya think Barbie wants those in Jarid’s face?”

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Barbie,” Robbie quickly apologized while hastily popping them back in her bikini top. “It’s the park, y’know and I just don’t think.”

“It’s okay, Robbie,” I assured her, feeling bad about my petty jealousy. “Hey, you’re right, this is the Park, get em out if you want, it doesn’t bother us.”

“Put em away,” Carrie instructed. “We don’t want to confuse the poor boy.”

Jarid said, “I don’t confuse that easily.”

We all chuckled over this, but Robbie put them away and didn’t get them out again, as per Carrie’s demand.

“It’s okay, Barbie, I know,” the tattooed blonde insisted with a reassuring smile. “She just likes to have them out, is all. I’ll break out the nipple clamps later on and make it up to her.”

Robbie giggled and the matter was dropped.

“So, yeah,… You two don’t worry. If you knew how many times Robbie and I have traded husbands and stuff,… Well, nobody has any right to judge you two, especially here and when you’re both so nice to everyone.”

“Well, I’m nice. He’s antisocial,” I corrected.

“But I’m nicer today cause I got good morning kisses,” he added.

“This is true,” I affirmed, “but they weren’t proper good morning kisses, so he could be a lot nicer.”

“See what she’s doing, Jarid? Already trying to change you. Tisk, tisk.”

We both laughed at that.

“Men need to be changed, though,” Robbie weighed in. “It’s not like they come ready for use out of the box. There’s some assembly required, then you gotta input the proper programming and keep them defragmented, so they can think straight and all that.”

“Yeah, how you gonna get rid of all that programming his mother escort kıbrıs put into his head?” Carrie asked.

Okay, this was funny. Maybe you had to be there, or maybe you have to be in the position I was in to appreciate it, but it was damned funny and we all laughed. Mostly, I appreciated that joke because it was what truly told me that my friends at the Park wouldn’t judge us, or think any less of us. As for outside the park? Well, that’s not where my friends were anymore.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

We were walking through the grass above the beach later on, Jen’s thin cotton shorts and shirt half dried and only translucent now. I looked as I pleased as she did at me and, without bra and panties, she was showing quite a lot, even then. I slowed to a stop, dragging her to a halt as well. She did a little quarter circle at the end of my arm, coming round with a smile that she never used before as she looked up at me.

“Should we have talked about this?” I asked her. “I mean, it’s a pretty big thing and it might sound stupid, but I just think maybe we should have-“

“Baby, I seduced you. You wanted me, sure, but I made you want me. At first, I just wanted you for the kink of it but, the more I fantasized and stuff, the more I started to see it in a different way. There was nothing to talk about. We wanted each other and I,… wanted more. Would you have agreed if I came to you about it first?”

“You’re very forward,” I noted. “Well, I guess you always were. No, I probably wouldn’t have agreed, because,… Well, just because.”

“Do you regret it? Do you see what we have together?”

Suddenly, it was almost like talking to Olivia.

“I can’t regret it because I do see. But, you know how I,… You know.”

“Yeah, I know. You like to study your options before you jump. Look, you make fun of my ‘Offensive Forward’ mentality sometimes, but what you don’t know is that when the plays break down and things could go either way in sudden death overtime and you find yourself in front of the net with the puck, you take a shot. It doesn’t matter if you can’t even see an opening, no worries about failure, you just watch your feet at the crease and snap it. Sometimes good things happen and it’s how you win. I think we scored last night and I think we’re winning, bro.”

“That’s one hell of an analogy,” I said, not knowing quite what else to say.

“Yeah, but it’s just an analogy. It doesn’t come close to the value of what happened. Before this, I was uncertain. I knew what I wanted in life and I knew to drive myself hard to get it, like we were taught, but now it’s different. Now I feel like I can set my eyes ahead of myself and keep them there, and that instead of seeing my way ahead at the end of a flashlight beam, I can see the whole way between me and my goals. I’m content and happy.”

“Yeah,…” I said, thinking of her words and comparing them to how I felt. “I know kinda what you mean. Everything seems different now. When I look at you, it’s like you’re this totally different person, but at the same time, I know you so well. I know your smile, I know what makes you mad and what makes you happy, but,… It’s really hard to explain. When you smile at me now, I just love you so much,…”

“It was like a honeymoon last night, wasn’t it?” she asked with the very smile I’d just mentioned and probably on purpose.

“Yeah. I’m glad they left us alone.” I said.

“That’s why I wanted us to get out and away from them for a little while this morning. I wanted to make sure we could really connect after that, so it wouldn’t turn into some filthy little regret between us instead of what it was.

“I understand,” I said. “But will that follow outside the Park? What then? You know everything is changed forever now, right?”

“Well,… you’d think so, wouldn’t you?” she replied with a thoughtful expression. “But, when I imagined us going back, getting on with our lives in town, I realized that almost nothing would change. We’ll go to university and come back home together, like at high school, and study together at noon like we always did. We’ll go get groceries and drive Mom’s car on our errands like we always did. I’ll be in hockey, you’ll be working on your bike, or a car, or whatever in the garage in your spare time, and nothing changes.”

“Except that we’ll be having an intimate relationship that nobody can ever find out about because it would ruin our lives.”

“Nobody will find out. We’ve always been very close and any little slip up we may make will be chalked up to that.”

“But, will you see it this way then? When you’re out of the Park and back in the world?”

“I know what you mean, but I honestly think I will. And you know what? After university, we can move someplace where nobody knows us and where my last name is the same as yours cause we’re married. We can be a little more open then and it won’t always feel so,… you know. No, I love you and I can’t wait to come and visit you in the garage in the evenings this winter for our little talks. kıbrıs escort bayan And,… we can sleep together in our bedrooms.”

“See, there’s a problem already,” I pointed out.

“What problem?”

“Your room. You got all those soaps and scents and bastard powders in there and you never dust.”

“Your allergy? You kiddin’ me?” she laughed.

“You don’t understand, it’s bad. You’ll have to come to my room.”

“You’re telling me I can’t have you in my bed?”

“You know you can’t, your room is a biohazard zone for me.”

“Oh, come on!”

“It’s true. After one minute, my nose is all tickly, my eyes are watering and I’m sniffing. After two minutes, I’m beyond the point of fatal exposure and I’ve got an allergy cold to deal with.”

She laughed, asking, “Fatal exposure? You tard! We’ll figure something out.”

“Well, unless you actually clean your room, I don’t know wha- Oh wait, here’s what we do: I’ll put a big plastic bag over my head and duct tape it around my neck. Yeah, then I’ll run that fifty foot airline from the little compressor that Mom got me for Christmas last year into your room and feed it into the bag. The air pressure inflates the bag, my carbon dioxide escapes out the collar along with excess air pressure, so my head doesn’t implode, and none of your contaminants can get in.”

“What about when the compressor runs out, you’ll suffocate.”

“That’s the ingenious part,” I said, holding a finger up while making my point. “The-“

“What, you suffocating?” she giggled, coming closer.

” … No. The ingenious part is that, if left plugged in and turned on, the compressor will turn itself on automatically whenever the pressure drops. So,… You see,…”

“I see you really are a tard,” she said. “You’re not fucking me like that.”

“Sure I am.”

“Oh, no you’re not! I’ll tell Mom!”

That reduced us both to hysterics.

“Hey,” she prodded after we’d mostly recovered ourselves.


“You think this would have been possible with some other guy? Remember Kyle, my ex boyfriend? You think I ever laughed like this with him? We’re already closer than most people who have been married for years, definitely closer than Mom and Dad ever were, do you realize that? What are we gonna do, go out and get some best runner up to each other? Make some kids and screw them up with another divorce? Could we ever find anyone to love and be loved by like each other?”


Well, we couldn’t. It wasn’t as if I wanted kids, at least not then, and I still don’t, so what else was I supposed to say to this? Furthermore, I knew I loved her like she wanted, knew she knew it and there wasn’t even any use in denying it. How should I have made a moral stand at that point when I felt exactly as she did?

“I want you to know that I realize I’ve had more time with this than you have,” she said, moving yet closer and putting her arms around my neck. “And I know this is pretty shocking for you, even though you know it’s right for us, like I do, but it’s nothing more than us together, just like always and just the way it was meant to be. Okay?”

“I feel that anyway. It’s just,…”

“What, baby?”

“It’s just that line we crossed.”

“Oh. You mean the line. The one we like, see in our minds, where there’s society’s approval on one side and living a lie around unacceptable, deviant behaviour on the other. That one?”

“Yeah, that’d be it.”

“That is a tough one, it was for me, too. All I can say is that I never settle for second best, no matter what, and I don’t like being told I have to for reasons that don’t satisfy me by people who mean nothing to me.”

I didn’t reply to this. I just took her in, her beauty and sincerity both holding my eyes as much as my attention to who she was to me now.

“What?” she asked.

“I do love that tattoo.”

She smiled wide at this and kissed me.

“It really fits you too, you know. Especially now. It’s weird, but you’re kinda like you were before we got here, but,… obviously not.”

“I know, I’m your bad Barbie. Gimmie kisses.”

“Wait,” I said, putting my hands on her waist.

“Hmm. There’s a new facial expression from you. I like it.”

“Yeah?” I asked, hiking her shirt up over her luscious tits as she only smiled, making no move whatsoever to stop me.

I softly kissed between them, just where and how she liked it before moving one aside just a little so I could go deeper.

“Mmm, Jarid, you remembered!”

“Yup,” I said, straightening up with a smile. “I like doing it.”

“Why don’t you pinch my nipples a little bit? … Yeah, like that. Ooooh, yeah.”

She undid my cutoffs and put her hand straight in, quickly bringing me the rest of the way to full erection, the umpteenth one I’d had that day, so far. It was such a turn on, standing there in public doing that, with her of all people. Before I knew it, my hand was inside the front of her shorts, my fingers tracing around her lips as she sighed heavily.

“Uhh! Yeaaah. Baby, let’s go home and fuck now.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

“Nope, I don’t like them,” Liv insisted, putting a dried dish in the cupboard and grabbing a wet one from the rack while I washed. “There’s just something about them that seems to represent the end of people who can still do things for themselves.”

Walker Family Incest Ch. 03


All characters in this story that participate in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.


My name is Susan Walker and I am a forty year old, happily married mother of two. Tommy is my twenty two year old son, and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter. Tommy goes to school at the University and rents a house with five other students, but he comes home to visit whenever there is an academic break. Krissy, on the other hand, still lives at home and would rather party with her girlfriends than go to school or get a job. Recently though, she has found work as a model, so she has plenty of money now to buy her own clothes, and she has plans to buy a new car.

Anyway, Tommy is home from school for a few more days, so I decided to take him downtown today buy him some new shirts and jeans. We normally shop over at the mall, but I thought it would be more exciting if we drove over to the “park and ride”, then take the train into town.

It is about eight o’clock in the morning and time to get out of bed, so I pull the satin sheet away from my naked body, then look over at my daughter Krissy. She is still soundly sleeping on her back, so I decide not to wake her up until I get back from the fast food place with some breakfast sandwiches. I sit there for a moment admiring her perfect little breasts slowly moving up and down with each breath she takes.

I should get out of bed right now, but the sight of her hard nipples poking into the satin sheet makes me want to reach over and touch them. I give into my desires, and slowly pull the sheet away from her naked body. After I get the sheet down to her waist, I run my hand across her flat stomach and place my fingers around one of her firm, young breasts. I can feel her hard nipple against the palm of my hand as I gently squeeze it.

This is starting to make me feel a little hornier than I normally am, so I remove my hand from her breast and push the sheet all the way down to her ankles. Then, I begin to gently run my hand up and down the full length of her gorgeous, thin body. I am getting really turned on touching my daughter’s soft skin, and my breathing rate is becoming more rapid. I should stop what I am doing right now, but instead I get out of bed, then walk around so I am standing between her outstretched legs. I pull the sheet completely off her, then gently grasp both her ankles and move her legs apart.

Her cute, little pussy looks inviting, so I lean forward on my elbows and bury my face between her legs. Jesus Christ she tastes good!

I alternate between running my tongue up and down her pussy lips and sucking on her exposed clit. After a couple of minutes, she starts moaning softly and slowly opens her eyes. I continue enjoying myself by darting my tongue in and out of her as she raises up from the bed and rests on her elbows.

Krissy looks into my eyes and says “Oh Mom, that feels so fucking good! Don’t ever stop!”

It is getting late and I don’t have all morning to spend with my face between my daughter’s legs, so after a few more minutes I abruptly stop and get to my feet. As I start walking to the master bathroom to take a shower, Krissy starts begging me to give her an orgasm.

I just look over my shoulder at her, smile, then say “Krissy honey, you will have to wait until I get back from the fast food place with our breakfast!”

I take a quick shower, put on a little makeup, then wrap a towel around me. I don’t feel like putting on any clothes right now, and besides, I won’t have to get out of the car at the fast food place because I am going to use the “drive thru” window. I grab my purse and within a couple of minutes I am sitting in my car ordering breakfast for us.

The voice over the speaker says “Please pull forward to the second window”, so I drive up and stop. The window opens and see it is one of my daughter’s friends. Her name is “Buffy”, and she is the cutest little slut I have ever laid my eyes on. I open my purse, grab a few dollars and hand them to her.

She says “Oh Mrs Walker, I almost did not recognize you in that towel your are wearing!” Then, she laughs briefly and hands me the change.

She hangs out the window for the next minute while we have “girl talk”, then she gets the two bags of food and hands them to me. As I reach up, my towel falls away from me, exposing my breasts to her.

Buffy immediately says “Gosh Mrs Walker, your tits are awesome! I wish mine looked as big and firm as yours!”

My daughter has told me that Buffy likes girls just as much as boys, so I ask her if she would like to give my tits a quick feel. She does not hesitate and leans out the service window as far as she possibly can. I just sit there with my arms down along my sides while Buffy gently squeezes my breasts and pinches my hard nipples. From the expression on her face, she is obviously enjoying herself!

Just then, another customer pulls their car directly behind mine, so I push her hands away from me and say “Next buca escort time you come over to our house, you can spend as long as you want playing with them!”

She says “I am going to call Krissy right after I get off work today!”

As my car starts moving forward, I blow her a kiss, then get back on the road and head for home. Within a couple of minutes I am parked in our driveway and open the car door to get out. I know I should take the towel and wrap it around me, but it is still fairly early in the morning, so I figure the neighbors probably will not see me walk naked to the front porch.

I take a quick glance up and down the road to see if anybody is watching me, then get out of the car. I immediately feel the morning sunshine warm my naked body as I reach into the car to get my purse and the two bags of food. I slam the door shut and walk all the way to the front porch before I remember that I forgot to get the morning newspaper from the paper box out by the street.

I should go inside and get dressed before I walk down to the street to get the paper, but the exhibitionist part of me says not to fucking bother putting any clothes on right now. I sit my purse and bags of food down on the porch, then walk naked through the front yard to the street. I look into the green plastic newspaper box and see that it has not arrived yet, so I start walking back to the house. After taking just a few steps, I notice the newspaper carrier a few houses down from me, so I decide to wait until they get here.

The little girl pedals her bicycle down the sidewalk and stops next to me. She is a sweetheart of a child, about twelve years old, and is the daughter of one of my girlfriends that lives the next block down.

She hands me the morning paper, then immediately says “Mrs Walker, you don’t have any clothes on!”

I glance down between my naked breasts, then say “Oh Gosh Jessica! You are right! I better get back in the house before someone sees me!”

Jessica giggles for a second, then hops back on her bike and pedals to the next house.

Just then I hear some shouting at me. They are saying “Susan! Susan!” I look across the street and see my neighbor Monica in her garage standing next to her new car.

She says “Susan, come over and see my new car!” I shout back at her that I can’t right now, but will come over later this afternoon. She starts explaining that it will just take a second and begs me to come over.

Being a really good friend of mine, I don’t want to disappoint her, so I walk across the street and up her driveway.

As soon as I step into her garage, we put our arms around each other, and start tongue kissing.

After a minute, I break the kiss, then say to her “Well, I don’t want to be the only naked person in your garage! Start stripping or I am going home!”

Monica immediately pulls off her T-shirt, then pushes down her shorts down to her ankles, and steps out of them. We immediately begin kissing again while we run our hands all over each others naked bodies. Another minute passes by, then her husband walks into the garage, pulls down his shorts and starts jacking his cock while his wife and I continue putting on a show for him.

Suddenly, Monica pushes me backwards, up against the side of her new car. Then, she drops down to her knees between my legs and buries her face in my pussy. Her husband takes a few steps towards me, then leans over and begins kissing me. I stick my tongue in his mouth, then reach out and grasp his hard cock

I stroke his cock while his wife licks my pussy for the next four or five minutes, then suddenly he says “Monica, I am going to ejaculate any second now!”

Monica stops licking me, then turns her head towards her husband. I start furiously jacking his cock for the next two or three seconds, then it erupts and sprays a huge amount of sperm all over his wife’s face. It gets in her eyes and she blinks over and over again.

I say to Monica “I love your new car!”, then casually start walking down their driveway. When I reach the road, I look over my shoulder back towards their garage and see both of them watching my naked ass cheeks gently move up and down as I walk. I give them a big smile, then toss my beautiful hair around my face and continue walking.

When I reach my front porch, I pick up my purse and the bags of food, then go inside the house and put the sandwiches in the microwave. After a few seconds, it beeps at me, so I take the sandwiches and go upstairs to give them to the kids.

I enter my bedroom to give one to Krissy, but she is not there, so I walk down the hallway to my son Tommy’s room. Oh my gosh, what a sight! Tommy is on top of his sister and he is slowly fucking her! Jesus Christ these kids are horny!

I walk over to the bed, sit down and hand Krissy one of the sandwiches, then we both pull the paper wrappers off them and begin eating. Tommy keeps fucking his sister for the buca escort bayan next minute while she enjoys her sandwich, then suddenly pulls his cock out of her and grabs the last sandwich for himself.

Krissy immediately says “Tommy, we are not done yet! Get on your back and I will get on top of you!”

Tommy takes another bite of his sandwich, then lays down on his back. Krissy straddles her brothers hard cock. While she is holding her sandwich in one hand, she guides his cock into her pussy with the other.

It takes a little effort to get her brother’s huge ten inch cock into her tight, little pussy, but after a couple of attempts, she is seated all the way down on him.

We spend the next couple of minutes talking while we eat, then Krissy starts bouncing up and down on her brother’s big cock. I finish my sandwich, so I get up from the bed and tell them to hurry up with what they are doing, then take a quick shower.

I go to my bedroom to select a nice dress to put on. I never wear panties or bra, so I slip on my favorite yellow “summer” dress that buttons down the front, then look at myself in the mirror while I brush my beautiful, long blond hair.

After a few minutes, I walk down the hallway to go downstairs and meet the kids. As I pass the open door of the bathroom I hear the water running, so I look in. Jesus Christ, Tommy has his sister pinned up against the shower wall and is fucking the hell out of her!

He has grabbed her by the wrists and is holding her arms above her as he rams his cock inside her tight pussy. I watch for a minute, then suddenly Tommy thrusts his hips upward harder than usual and Krissy’s feet leave the tile floor and dangle around in the air!

Krissy is totally turned on by the rough treatment her brother is giving her and screams at him “Tommy, Tommy don’t stop fucking me! I am going to orgasm at any second! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tommy keeps ramming his cock into his sister’s pussy over and over again for another couple of minutes, then he suddenly stops. He usually pulls his cock out of her and ejaculates on her face or stomach, but this time he is letting his whole load of sperm gush inside her.

Krissy becomes quiet, closes her eyes and remains still so she can feel her brother’s cock pumping in her pussy.

After a minute, she opens her eyes and says “Oh Tommy, I could feel your cock jerking inside me and filling my pussy with your warm sperm! I want you to ejaculate inside me more often! It feels wonderful!”

Tommy slowly lets his sister slide back down the tile wall until she can touch the floor, then pulls his cock out of her.

The show is over, so I say to them “I hate to interrupt you kids having fun, but we have to leave soon, or we will miss the train. Get dressed and meet me downstairs in five minutes, or I may leave without you!”

I go downstairs to the kitchen, pour myself a glass of lemonade and sit at the table. A few minutes pass, then Krissy and Tommy come bounding down the stairs and run over towards me. Krissy’s dress is completely open in the front revealing her bra and panties. When she gets into the kitchen, she pulls the dress together and starts to button it up.

I immediately say “Oh, no you don’t Krissy! Take off your bra and panties first, then put your dress on! We are going to have a great afternoon flashing our bodies in public while Tommy takes videos of us!”

I glance over at Tommy to make sure he has the video camera hooked on his belt, then we get in the car and drive over to the train station. As soon as we park, the train arrives and comes to a complete stop. All three of us run towards it and jump on board. The doors immediately close and we are soon speeding towards downtown.

There are about a dozen people sitting in the front, so we go all the way to the back, and sit down. After a few minutes, Tommy suggests that he take his camera and go to the front of the train car and take video of Krissy and I exposing our tits.

He says that will be fucking cool because the passengers will not know what is happening behind them. I tell him that will be fun, but he has to warm me up first by kissing me.

He hands the video camera to Krissy, then she starts the camera and captures my son and I tongue kissing each other while the train continues on it’s journey.

I am getting horny as hell kissing my son while he fondles my breasts through the fabric of my dress, so I quickly unbutton it, then pull it down off my shoulders and throw it over the back of the empty seat in front of us. Tommy starts running his hands all over my naked body as I open the zipper to his shorts and start jacking his cock up and down.

After a few strokes his cock is hard, so I break our kiss, then lean over and begin sucking on it. His cock is so fucking big that I have to open my mouth as wide as it will go, then breath through my nose while he pushes on the back of my head escort buca with both of his hands.

My son’s cock hits the back of my throat, and I begin to gag. I desperately try to push his hands away from me, but he thrusts his hips upward even more and his cock slides down my throat! I cannot get any air inside my lungs so I place my hands on his thighs and push upward as hard as I can. My son releases his hands from the back of my head, then I raise up and take a breath of air.

My hair is all messed up, so I open my purse, get my brush and casually run it through my hair while I tell Tommy not to be so rough with me. After a few seconds, I put the brush back in my purse, then tell Krissy to go to the front of the train car and start taking video. She gets up from the bench seat, walks to the front, then turns around and points the camera towards Tommy and myself.

A few people turn around to see what she is taking video and pictures of, so I lean forward for a second so they can’t see my naked body. I am horny as hell, so I swing my leg over my son and plop down on his cock. My pussy lets about five or six inches inside of her, then I raise up a little bit and drop myself back down. Jesus Christ my son’s cock feels good inside me!

I immediately start bouncing up and down on it for a minute, then suddenly, Tommy struggles to get to his feet!

He holds onto the chrome rails and stands up while I lock my arms together around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist. After he is on his feet, he steps into the middle of the train car, grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and starts ramming his cock into my pussy.

Suddenly, a voice over the intercom says “Arriving downtown in two minutes”, so Tommy gives me a few more hard thrusts then lowers me down. I immediately grab my dress, pull it up around me and button it.

A few minutes later we are walking around the downtown area and are enjoying window shopping. As we walk past a women’s manicure shop called “Nails Xcetera”, we stop, then I reach into my purse and give a credit card to Tommy. I tell him to go shopping for the next hour while Krissy and I get our nails done.

My son gives me a quick kiss, then Krissy and I open the door of the salon and walk in. Gosh, this place is really nice on the inside! A beautiful young girl immediately walks up to us, asks a few questions, then escorts us over to a couple of big red leather chairs.

Within a few minutes, two equally beautiful young girls walk over to Krissy and I, then pull up stools and begin to manicure our feet. About fifteen minutes go by, then the two girls start working on our finger nails.

Just then, a beautiful woman about fifty years old enters the room and stops in front of me. She is awesome looking with her long, straight gray hair that matches the color of the “pin stripes” of her business suit.

She looks directly into my eyes and says “Your daughter and you look like perfect candidates for our body painting artist! She is here for only one week, then she returns to Paris, France! I will make a deal with you! I will let you get body painted for free if you tell everyone you meet today about my nail salon store!”

I reply to her that I would love to get body painted, so she takes my hand and guides Krissy and I through a doorway to an adjacent room.

It overlooks the busy sidewalk, so I say to her “If we get body painted, we will be naked, and people walking by will be able to see us! Don’t you have curtains or something like that so people can’t look at us?”

She immediately assures us that the tint of the window glass is so dark people walking by cannot seen through it. Krissy and I are excited as we unbutton our dresses and take them off. Just as we throw our dresses over the back of a chair, a dark haired beauty enters the room. She is absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life!

With a french accent, she asks me what kind of clothing we would like her to spray paint our bodies.

We tell her to put a bikini on both of us, then she says “How would you like me to paint a colorful “halter top” on you, then spray on some matching brief shorts? When I am finished painting, it will look so realistic that you will not even want to put your dresses back on! You can leave the salon completely naked and no one will even notice that you and your daughter are not wearing any clothes!”

My daughter and I look at each other for a second, then at the same time, we say to her “Paint the halter top and shorts on us!”

After about an hour, Krissy and I look in the mirror and see the woman was right! We appear to have “skin tight” clothes on, but actually, we are completely naked! Krissy and I thank the woman over and over again, then I wrap my arms around her waist to give her a quick hug. After I release her, she steps back, glances down at the front of white dress, then looks back up at me.

She says “Look, none of the paint came off from you onto my dress. My new paint formula works excellent and should last for two or more days, even if you take a shower. Now, go out and enjoy being nude in public!”

Krissy and I pick up our dresses and stuff them into my big purse, then the woman escorts us to the salon exit door and waves goodbye to us.

Vocational School Ch. 02

Bbc Whore

“How big does it get, Tommy?” his mother asked in amazement. Susan’s eighteen-year-old snacked in the kitchen, when the towel dropped from his body. After the initial shock of Tom’s nudity, her attention focused on his large penis. Impressed with his massive member dangling soft between his legs, Susan wondered what her son’s erection would look like.

“You mean once it is fully hard? Well, it was a little over eight inches, but that was last summer. I haven’t measured it since then,” he said. Tom noticed his mother’s fascination of his hefty genitals and did not rush to cover his nakedness from her view.

“Oh Tommy, it has to be longer than that. Why, you grew at least two inches taller over this past year,” she equated.

“You are right about that. My cock did get longer and a lot thicker, for sure. It depends on how excited I am, and how much I jerk on it, too,” he coolly told his mom with his giant pendulum prick swaying toward her.

“I know you like playing with it. I hear you moaning and the incessant clicking of your cock while you stroke on it in your room.” She did listen, and on more than one occasion, too. “How frequently do you…shall we say, take advantage of yourself, Tommy?”

“I play with my cock pretty much every day. It’s cool, mom. My friend, Robert, said he jerks on his cock that often, too. He has a big one like me. But of course, you know Robert; he says his is bigger than mine.”

Susan knew of her son’s habit, for she stood outside of his bedroom on a daily basis. Tom’s mother looked forward to the everyday eavesdropping. She wanted to watch him in person, but she could never allow herself to peep in his door. Frustrating her more was the arousing language uttered during his fantasies. Tom ordered to pleasure his cock. Susan ended up breathless in her own room, sprawled on the bed, with a pussy full of fingers, and desired to do everything he said.

“I like to read erotic stories or watch porn while I do it,” he continued, “I will jerk for hours while reading plots with incest involved, and I watch underground videos with the same taboo theme.”

Susan’s heart raced at the thought that her son was into family sex; that he possibly wanted to make love with his sexy mom. She wore no bra or panties under her terry-cloth robe, and the sash loosened enough for him to get a glimpse of her breasts. She teased the boy with hopes of seeing his cock in a full throbbing erection.

“Tommy, your sheets and all my towels are stained from you ejaculating on them. You have a lot of semen for a young man of eighteen,” she pretended to complain as she moved to sit in the living room. Tom followed, leaving the towel behind, and stood nude in front of his mother.

“My cum has to go somewhere, mom, and tissues stick to my dick. I can usually make it come four or five times a day. Is that a lot? I have not done it yet today, though, and I am horny, too. My nuts feel like they are going to explode,” he said while squeezing the large pink orbs in his fist. She noted that he shaved his balls.

“I see just talking about doing it is making you get hard,” she said, but Susan hoped it was from the sight of her breasts, as she let her robe fall open more. She stared in fascination at Tom’s huge cock while it grew thicker and longer. It bounced only a foot from her face as it stretched and angled upward.

“It’s not hard, yet. Do you want me to jerk on it and show you how stiff it can get? I can make it get real big and swollen, mom. Do you want to see? You can measure it for yourself if you want,” he said and squeezed his heavy cock. Tom inched closer, as he stroked on it slow and easy.

“Tommy, what are you doing, honey? You should not be playing with your penis in front of your mother,” she objected as thought a decent parent should, but now with the moral formality gestured, Susan became enthralled with watching him make it erect for her.

“How else is it going to get super hard? You’re the one who wanted to know how big it gets,” Tom reminded her.

“Well, just this one time, and it is for the sake of accuracy only. Okay, Tommy, you make it as big as you can, and I will put a tape on it,” she gave him permission to masturbate in front of his mother. It also was an excuse for her to fondle the object of her fantasies.

“Oh cool!” Tommy said excited, “This will give me bragging rights over Robert’s big dick. Maybe, he and I should have a competition with you being the official judge. Is it okay, if I while I do this, we watch porn, too?”

“We are just going to measure it, Tom. That is all. Do you understand? I do not want you saying anything about this, either.”

“I won’t say anything to dad or Cindy.”

“It’s your friend, Robert, and other boys that I do not want you blabbing to. Do you hear me, mister? You keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anyone about what goes on in this house.”

“Yes, mother,” Tom agreed, but added in jest, “If that will open your sweet lips for my bornova escort cock.”

“You smart-mouth, little bastard with your big dick better not be getting any ideas. I am your mother, and you keep mindful of that,” she raised her voice. She slapped him, too, as part of the parental charade, before she rushed to get the cloth tape from her sewing kit. Being in denial to this mischievous act, and prone to the ambitious notions of her well-hung son, Susan sat on the edge of the couch and watched while Tommy jerked on his big cock only inches from her face.

“This could take a little while, since you won’t let me watch porn. Do you think it would be all right if you opened your robe a little more?” He could almost see her nipples.

“I can’t believe that I am doing this. I guess it is a fair request, seeing, as you are already naked. I may as well be nude, too. I hope your sister does not come home. Yes, honey, if it will help, but I am afraid that it might turn you off, instead.” She did oblige his request with letting her robe fall from her shoulders leaving her naked to his view.

“Oh wow, mom, you are beautiful,” Tom complimented, “I cannot tell you how many times that I beat-off while thinking about you,” he told her as his cock filled quickly with blood. He saw the moisture of his mother’s excited pussy, when she opened her legs to the boy’s eyes. He pulled on his rising cock, and then asked for an official measurement.

“It is just short of eight inches long, and let’s see how wide. This is what really interests me. I prefer a nice fat cock, and you sure have one. Oh my, it is seven inches in circumference. It is the same as my wrist,” Susan said while mesmerized with her hand still on it. Her fingers wrapped its girth, and she thrilled herself with a few strokes on her son’s still growing hard cock.

“Yes, mom, keep doing that. Your hand on it is making it get bigger and harder,” Tom egged his mother on. This scenario could not be working better for him, if he planned it. “Put your other hand on it, too. Now squeeze with a little pressure and pull my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock. That’s it–do it just like that. Oh, that feels really good.”

“It is getting bigger with my help. I have both of my hands wrapped around your thick shaft, and there is more of this cock showing. I can feel your blood surging thru the veins. It is twitching in my hands, Tommy.”

“It likes you, mom. Can I play with your tits? That should excite me even more,” Tom asked, but his hand already went to her breast and squeezed it. “I love how you play with my cock, and you seem to adore doing it. Please, mother, keep pulling on my dick for me.”

“Yes, baby, I won’t stop. You can fondle with my breasts all you want. See how hard my nipples are. You are making your mom very excited. Pull and twist on them. That feels nice, Tommy. I’m glad that I am able to make you feel good, too. Your cock is so hot in my hands. I love doing this. Please, Tom, don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t say anything. I promise. Do you like to masturbate, mom? I mean, pleasure yourself everyday like I do.”

“Yes, everyday, like you,” Susan confessed with her heart pounding, for she knew what this was leading to.

“Do you want to play with your pussy, now?”

“Yes, Tommy, I do. Would you think less of me if I did that in front of you? Look how you have your mommy’s pussy, all wet,” she said and opened her legs wide. He saw her juices dripping to her butt. “This is going to be our little secret, isn’t it, Tom?”

“Don’t worry. Relax mother. This is just between us.”

“I do want to play with my pussy, so much, and especially now,” Susan said, as she rubbed circles over her clit.

“I would like to see you make that pretty pussy of yours come all over your fingers. That will make my cock get real big, for sure. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes, son, watch me masturbate. Please do, honey. Mommy loves being naughty for her baby. I am going to make my pussy come, and it will not take long, either. I love doing this with you watching me. I would like to do more dirty things for you, too.”

“You have my permission to do whatever you want, mom. My cock is at your service, or I should say, your service is at my cock. We are going to have so much fun from now on. You’ll see.”

“Hmmm, this is really turning me on. I am making myself come. I never came this fast before. Your big dick is making me crazy. Yes! Oh god, this feels so good,” Susan cried out, with her fingers fucking fast inside of her pussy. She sat panting and shaking in orgasm with her juices dripping onto the floor.

“That was hot, mom. Let’s measure my cock again,” he suggested.

She nodded that it was time for another check of its size, but Susan could not stop playing with her pussy. It was another thrilling minute and her second orgasm with her fingers flying over her clit, before she was able, or more bornova escort bayan forced herself to quit.

“I’m sorry,” she said still panting, “I made you wait.” Susan’s hands were trembling and coated with her own gooey cum, as she tried to hold the tape to his cock.

“No problem. I see you have a very responsive pussy. I like that.”

“It is now nine and one-eighth inches long, and eight inches around its base. I cannot believe how big your cock is, Tom. You are going to please some undeserving girl’s pussy so much with this cock.”

“My cock can get bigger, mom. I know it can,” Tom said, “You need to pay a little more attention to it. That’s all.”

“Tommy, I will do whatever you want, honey. Just tell your mother what she has to do for her boy and his big dick,” Susan pledged devotion to please him.

“I know you will do anything for your son, and I love you very much and would do anything for you. What I would like you to do is show me how much you love my cock. I want you to rub it all over your face,” he commanded to worship his dick. She did, whimpering that she loved it.

“Kiss it, mom. Make love to my cock.” She said that she wanted to, with more desire than for anything else. “Lick the pink shaft and trace the blue veins with your tongue, all the way down to my balls. Now kiss my cum-filled balls and suck on them real nice, mom.” Susan sucked on them, as he instructed, one at a time. She did everything he told her to do.

He continued goading his mom further down the promiscuous path. “I got a little pre-cum dripping now. Wipe it over your mouth and moisten those sweet lips. Let your tongue lash honey.” Susan tasted and moaned. “Does that please you?” She nodded and licked the head of his cock for more of the clear cum. “You are such a naughty mother for doing this to your boy. You know what he wants his bad mom to do for him next, don’t you?”

“Yes, Tommy, you want mommy to put it in her mouth. I need to, so much, too. You do not know how I have longed to do this. Make me blow you, Tommy. Tell me to make it come for you. I will do it as many times as you say. You can shoot your cum on my face, too, if that pleases you, son. Please, baby, let mommy suck on your dick for you,” she begged, before her lips stretched over the head of his cock.

“Hello! Mom? I’m home. Is there anybody here?” Cindy announced as she came in the back door. Susan and Tom rushed to get out of sight. Susan hurried into the bathroom and locked the door leaving Tommy stranded naked in the hall. Cindy found his towel on the kitchen floor and laughed when she saw her brother in the buff.

“Hey, you forgot something,” she said holding up his towel. His cock was still semi-erect, and his sister saw its magnificence. “What were you doing? I bet jerking off in the kitchen,” she joked as she threw it at him. “Hey, mom, hurry up in the bathroom. I gotta pee.”

“Yes, sweetie, I will be done in a minute,” she answered, but behind that door, Susan sat overwhelmed with passion. She teased her pussy to another orgasm, with her fingers squishing inside.

Susan made dinner for the family, and as they all sat at the table together, no one noticed when Tom pulled his cock out of his shorts. He took hold of Susan’s hand and rubbed it on his dick. She tried to pull her hand back, but she did not want to make a scene. Her dutiful fingers circled her son’s cock and squeezed it. Tom made his mother play with his big dick beneath the table, with her husband and daughter sitting across from them. Susan had her legs open, while Tommy rubbed her cunt. Their steadily pumping arms went undetected, as they teased each other all through the meal.

Tommy complained that he was having trouble understanding a subject at school. He said there was a test tomorrow, and asked his mom if she could help him study for it. “It has to do with measurements, mom,” he said and winked. Susan excused herself and joined her son in his room. She told her husband that she was helping Tommy prepare for a final exam.

A half an hour later, Cindy wanted to see if she could help, too. She was about to open her brother’s door, when she heard her mom say, “It’s nine and one-half inches, Tommy.” Cindy always was bad at math and hated fractions. She listened to music in her room.

Tom sat on his bed, with his mother on her knees between his legs. She had most of his cock in her mouth and stroked the remainder with her hand. Tommy made his mother blow him, and Susan had to beg to do it. Then with her head in his hands, Tom pumped his big dick into her mouth, until his warm cum filled it and dripped off her chin. He licked and fingered his mom’s wet pussy, while she jerked and sucked on his cock. Susan said it was out of the question to fuck–Tom did not have a condom, and mother was not on the pill–she was not ready to go that far, yet, with her son.

“Mom, you really like sucking on a cock, and you are escort bornova very good at doing it. I am going to want you to blow me a lot. I love watching you play with your pussy, too. Do you like using toys? Maybe you could put on a show with them. Have you ever been tied up, mom? How about getting handcuffed and blindfolded, with you being on your knees and other cocks involved?”

“Tommy! No! You promised this was just between us, and now you want me to blow Robert and his other friends,” she slipped out. Tom had not said anyone in particular, but Susan had Robert and his big cock on her mind. “No, baby, I can’t. Oh, Tom, if you bring them over here, you know what will happen, honey.”

Susan did want very much to blow Robert and other boys, too. In fact, it was Robert responsible for her infatuation of big dicks and for the yearning of her own son’s ample cock. It began with the used condom Susan found at the end of their driveway. At first, she thought it disgusting that someone threw it there. She picked it up with a paper towel and brought it inside. It was a huge condom. Susan could not imagine the size of the cock that stretched this rubber. It had not been there very long, and Susan could smell the fragrance of hot sex on the protective casing. It was sticky on the outside, and when she held it up, she saw inside was a copious amount of white cum. She felt a rush of excitement. She wondered who had the giant cock that deposited this luscious cream.

The following evening Susan stayed alert to the doings outside. Sure enough, a car parked at their driveway, and Susan recognized it as the newlywed’s that live up the street. She could not understand why they would come to the front of her house and fuck. Susan went to investigate. It was the young wife, but she was not with her husband. It was Robert sitting with her in the car. This stunned Susan that a recently married woman was having an affair, and it was with Tommy’s friend, too. Robert had been to their house many times for dinner.

He pushed the girl’s head down on his cock and made her blow him. Susan snuck closer to see inside their vehicle. She thought the girl was very attractive, short dark hair like herself, but having smaller breasts. Susan then saw Robert’s big dick. It was the most beautiful cock, thick, and shining swollen, so long and hard. She listened with envy to this privileged woman’s moaning after she eased down over it. The lucky bitch then started screaming in multiple orgasms while riding hard on Robert’s big dick. Tommy’s friend was not a quick shooter, either. His cock stayed hard for her. Susan heard her tell Robert how much she loved his big horse cock. He tossed the used condom out the window, and it almost hit Tommy’s mom in the face.

The next night, the same cheating wife was there, again. This time she had a car full with not only Robert, but three other young men, too. Susan watched as the girl sat in the back seat between two boys stroking on their big cocks. She sucked their dicks and let them to come in her mouth. Susan–jealous as hell and turned-on beyond belief–fingered her pussy only a few feet away. They took turns fucking the young newlywed to countless orgasms with their many wonderful cocks. Tommy’s mom came several times, too.

No dodging any flying used condoms for Susan that night. The girl wanted to feel their cum shooting inside of her pussy and screamed when they did. Susan thought that she would want this, too. After watching that, Susan longed to have the big cock, and most of all, Robert’s beautiful cock. She had fantasies of him and of a gangbang with other well-hung men.

The next morning, while her husband and daughter were eating breakfast, Susan was on her knees sucking Tommy’s cock before he went to school. After she swallowed her son’s cum, she told him that they would have the house to themselves later. Cindy was having dinner then staying overnight at her friend’s house, and Tom’s dad would be going straight to the game after work. She said the two of them will have the whole afternoon and evening together, and that she would pick-up some wine. Susan paused before she added, “You get the condoms.”

Tom acknowledged with a smile, for he knew that she decided to let him start fucking his own mother. He kissed his mom and promised to take care of all her needs. Tom suggested they have a celebration. He asked that she get a gallon of the wine and make extra, a lot extra, of her famous pasta for dinner tonight. Tom did not say why, but Susan knew it was Robert’s favorite dish.

“I can serve up to four, Tommy.” Susan felt faint when she said that. She pictured herself on her knees while they circled around her. That she jerked on their big cocks and begged to blow them. She had an image of those young bucks shooting their cum in her mouth and splattering so much of it on her face. Tommy’s mom knew that she would fuck for all of them, too. Susan saw her love for Robert’s cock, and how she would do anything he wanted to get it. “How many boys will be coming?” she asked quivering with her hand inside of her panties.

Tom nodded that he understood his mom’s request. It pleased him to have her full cooperation. He would tell Robert to bring his friends. “All four of them, mom, and I am sure they all will be wanting seconds, too.”

Was The Drive Worth It?


I decided to take a trip out east. I hadn’t been out there for a while and I was bored at home so I jumped in the car and off I went. While driving I started thinking about giving my wife’s niece and nephew a call and maybe crashing at their place for a couple of days. Maybe I could take them out for dinner. As I continued driving, I started fanaticizing about my wife’s niece. You see I have had thoughts about seducing her for quite a while. We were always close and whenever we would see each other I would always give her a special hug. I would pull her into me so I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest. There was always the thought of how wonderful it would be to be able to kiss her breasts and suck on those beautiful nipples. Michelle and I talked quite frequently on the phone and there wasn’t much we couldn’t discuss. She would catch me off guard sometimes mentioning that she wasn’t getting enough attention from her husband in the bedroom. I would always tell her to try various tactics and last but not least, there was always me. We would laugh and she would respond with “you never know” and continue on with our conversation.

About an hour away from her house, I decided to give a buzz to see if anyone was at home. When she answered, I said, “Hi honey, it is your favorite uncle.”

“Hi there, what’s up?”

I told her I was on my way out east and wondered if I could stop in and visit for a couple of days. She informed me that she was alone because her husband had to go out of town for a week on business.

“Too bad” I said, “I was hoping to spend some time with you guys. I haven’t seen the two of you for a while and…..”

Michelle interrupted with “That doesn’t mean that you still can’t stop over. I’d love to see my favorite uncle and spend some quality time together.”

“OK, I should be there in about forty-five minutes. How about us going out to get something to eat?”

Michelle said she had just gotten home from work and was a little tired and wanted to set back and relaxed if I didn’t mind.

“No problem” I told her.

She said she would throw something together for us to eat but first, she was going to jump in the shower and freshen up.

“Great, see you in a bit.” I hung up the phone and started picturing her in the shower. What I would give to be that bar of soap being rubbed all over her body.

I guess I might have gotten carried away thinking of her in the shower because I arrived in about twenty-five minutes. When I rang the doorbell, Michelle answered in her robe. Her hair was wet and she looked great.

“Sorry, I guess I had a heavy foot and got here a little early by the look of things.”

“No problem” she replied, “you have seen me looking a lot worse than this.”

“What’s wrong with the way you look?”

She laughed and reached out and gave me a kiss and a big hug. “Come on in.”

I stepped in and asked “you sure there is no problem me stopping by?”

“Heaven’s no. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this weekend since I was going to be all by myself. I’m excited that you are going to be here to keep me company.”

With that Michelle turned around and started walking into the kitchen. My eyes couldn’t help but look down at her bare legs walking away from me. The robe she had on was short and just covered the cheeks of her butt. I followed her into the kitchen wondering what exactly she had on under that robe. Michelle asked if I minded if she just stayed the way she was because she was comfy.

“If you feel comfy, then stay as you are.”

She smiled and said “thank you.”

As we sat down at the table, she asked if leftovers were ok and I responded with “beggars can’t be choosey.” We laughed and had wonderful time chit chatting while we ate.

After we ate, I went back out to the car to get my bag. When I returned she told me to put my bag in the guest room, which was at the end of the hall across from the master bedroom.

When I returned to the family room, I found Michelle setting on the coach with her legs folded up underneath her and the remote in her hand flipping through the channels.

“What are you up to watching?”

I responded, as I sat down on the couch next to her, izmit escort with “I don’t care, I just need something to relax me after that long drive.” Just about that time, there was couple embracing outside next to the pool. The girl had a short robe on almost like the one Michelle was wearing. I looked at her and smiled and told her that she could be in the movies.

She laughed and said, “I bet you she at least has a bathing suit on under her robe.”

“Really, what is that suppose to mean?”

She laughed and then asked me if she had to draw a picture. As the movie continued, the couple sat down on a chase lounge and he slid the robe off her shoulders. I reached over and poked her in the shoulder and said “you’re right, she does have a bathing suit on.”

She leaned over into me and said “don’t you remember, I’m the smart one in the family?”

“Ya, ya” I replied. As we continued watching them sitting on the chase lounge, the man slid the girl’s bathing suit off her shoulder and pulled at her suit to expose her breast. I took a deep breath as the man leaned over to start kissing her breast that he had in his hand.

I mentioned maybe we should change channels and Michelle responded with “I’m quite ok with this, aren’t you?”

“Well, I guess we are consenting adults, what the hell. At the next commercial, any chance I can get a cup of tea.”

“No problem, let me put some water on.” As she got up, her robe opened a little to expose a little of her breast. For a brief moment, I started thinking how great it would be sucking on her nipples like the man was doing in the movie.

When Michelle returned, she sat closer to me than she was before. As she sat down, she folded one leg under her exposing that she had pink panties on. They were very sheer and I detected a little wet spot right where her pussy lips were protruding.

“Did I miss anything?” she asked.

“Not really, as you can see they are still having a good time.” By now the man had both breast exposed and was pulling her suit off as the girl raised her ass off the chase lounge. As the girl lay there naked, the man sat down with her legs separated lying on top of his. He leaned forward while massaging her breast and then he lowered his hands to her love area.

Thank goodness the teakettle started whistling because I sensed Michelle leaning towards me. I could feel the heat from her body. At this point I was sporting a hard on that I needed to adjust dearly. As I looked towards Michelle, her robe was very loose on top and her breasts were almost fully exposed.

When she stood up she didn’t try to cover up but asked what I took in my tea. I told her “just sugar”. As soon as she was gone, I reached in my pants and adjusted my rigid hard on and I had pre-cum all over the tip of my cock.

She didn’t waste any time getting the tea and when she returned she asked if “honey” would be all right.

“Of course, anything sweet.”

She responded with “how about me.”

I laughed and said, “The tea is hot and I wouldn’t want you to get burned.” She grabbed a little table and sat everything down and then climbed back on the couch next to me. Now our shoulders were almost touching. I think both of us could feel the heat from one another.

As the lovemaking was continuing on the screen, I glanced at Michelle and her robe had raised up a little more exposing her panties and now I could look into her robe. Her nipple was protruding straight out on one of breasts. I was having trouble breathing normal.

When she looked up at me, I asked her if she was all right with this.

She responded with “I am. I was hoping after you called that we would be able to find a movie that would bring us together like this.”

I leaned towards her and kissed her gently on the lips. My hand found her leg and she opened her legs so my hand could slide down to her panties. Michelle’s panties were soaked with her juices. As I started rubbing her clit through her panties, I reached out with my other hand and placed it behind her head and pulled her lips to mine. Then I stuck my tongue into her mouth searching for hers. I heard a little moan. At this point, I wanted izmit escort bayan Michelle in the worst way. As our tongues intertwined, she took a hold of my hand and slid it inside her panties. To my surprise I was feeling an almost shaved pussy.

My finger found her clit and proceeded to start massaging it. Michelle started sucking on my tongue at the same time thrusting her pussy against my hand. All of a sudden she started breathing heavily and moaning extremely hard and then her body started trembling. I knew at that point she was going over the top. I couldn’t believe that this woman was cuming with such force. As her body kept bucking with each little orgasm, I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and continued rubbing her clit with my thumb. All she could do was keep moaning and groaning. If she reached an orgasm like this just being touched, what would it be like having my penis in her when she was reaching one? I was hoping it wouldn’t be long before I would experience it.

By now, Michelle had climbed onto me and was pressing her body against me, thanking me for such a wonderful experience. I straightened her back up and slid her robe off her shoulders exposing two wonderful and beautiful breasts. Her nipples stood straight out, screaming for me to suck on them. She told me to wait a minute and with that she turned around and took the honey that she brought out for my tea and pulled the stick out of the honey and placed some on her nipples. Her nipples were so long that when I started sucking on them, they felt like they were a half an inch long. What a wonderful thing having a nipple coated with honey and sucking the living daylights out of them. Michelle cradled my head while I was sucking on “my honey nipples” telling me all the while not to stop. No need to tell me that.

After I finished devouring the honey, she stood up and let the robe drop to the floor. Michelle stood there in front of me with her breast exposed just wearing a pair of pussy drenched pink panties.

I asked if I could have a sip of tea and she smiled and said of course. She kneeled down and lifted the same honey stick up that she just used to coat her nipples with and dipped it in my tea.

I told her while she was kneeling in front of me, stirring my tea, that this was better than I ever could imagine.

She told me we were not done.

I said I hope not. My cock was burning to be in her pussy or where ever. Maybe she liked a little honey. I didn’t know.

When I sat my tea back down on the table, Michelle was still kneeling in front of me. She reached out and started rubbing the bulge in my pants. Using the palm of her hand, she was rubbing in a circling motion. I placed my hand on top of hers and held it still for a second. I told her I didn’t want to cum in my shorts.

With that, Michelle undid my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped my fly. My cock was throbbing and wanted to be released in the worst way. As she pulled back down on my briefs, I raised up so she could pull everything down. There I sat with a huge erection pointing upward glistening with pre-cum dripping on the head of it.

Michelle gently leaned forward and licked all the pre-cum off. She then reached over for the honey stick and draped some honey on the head of my cock. As I did with her honey coated nipples, Michelle engulfed my swollen head into her mouth and with using her tongue, smeared the honey all over the tip of my cock.

As she continued sucking on me she started moaning. What a wonderful feeling having my cock in the back of her throat while she was moaning. It felt like her mouth was a vibrator. I reached down and started fondling both of her breasts. As she continued sucking on me, I started pulling on those enormous nipples. It wasn’t long before Michelle was having honey coated cum shooting in the back of her throat. My beautiful niece never let a drop get past her lips. When she was swallowing, it felt like her throat was milking every drop out of me. When she was done, I pulled her up off the floor and she sat back down on my lap. I gave her a kiss and a hug and told her that was one of the most wonderful things anyone had done to escort izmit me and I hoped I could repay her.

She smiled and said, “I’m sure you will think of something.”

With the two of us sitting on the couch naked, I broke the silence by saying, “Do you think we are doing the right thing?”

“Well, I have told you I’ve been neglected in the lovemaking department and I can’t think of anyone else I would rather make love to me than my favorite uncle.”

I leaned over and picked her robe off the floor and draped it over her. “I wouldn’t want you to catch the chills now would I?” She smiled and leaned over and gave me a kiss and hugged my arm. “Do you want to watch anymore TV?” I asked.

“Maybe you should go to bed because you have had a very long drive today.”

“Maybe you’re right.” With that, I stood up and reached out for Michelle’s hand and pulled her up and asked if she wanted to join me. She said she wanted to straighten up a few things and she would be right in.

As I was lying there thinking of what just transpired, making my niece reach a fantastic orgasm, I started to have another erection.

Michelle poked her head in the guest room and asked if everything was OK.

“Of course” I replied and she came over and sat down on the side of the bed. Her robe was back on but it wasn’t tied. I reached inside of it to fondle her breast and she leaned down and kissed me. “You know something? I’ve wanted to do this for some time, Michelle. I have fantasized making love to you so many times. I can’t believe I’m lying on this bed with you actually setting here next to me.” With saying that, I moved over and she took the invitation to lie down next to me. I rolled on me side and started fondling her breasts.

As our eyes met, I leaned over to kiss her. Our mouths met, our tongues intertwine. As I sucked on her tongue, she released a little moan. I let go of her tongue and moved down to her breast and circled her nipple with my tongue. Michelle raised her chest up to hint to suck on her tits. I didn’t need any encouragement. When I released her nipple, I rose up and straddle her while I was on me knees. I started fondling her breast again and then while moving backwards, I used my tongue to trace a line from her breasts through her belly button and on down to her waiting pussy. With a few more moans, her legs started to spread.

With Michelle’s legs spread, I placed the tip of my tongue against her clit and started flicking it up and down. She placed her hands on the back of my head and was massaging it while I was licking and sucking her clit. Michelle’s moans were getting louder and she was pulling my head now harder against her pussy. I placed my tongue at the edge of her pussy and sucked on her swollen lips. As I stuck my tongue in her pussy, she started a movement with her hips as though she was fucking my tongue. My cock was throbbing and the pre-cum was flowing. By the sounds that Michelle was making, I knew she was about to explode. I quickly climb on top of her and replaced my tongue on her clit with the head of my cock. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock and was rubbing it in a circling motion against her clit and was moaning so loud it sounded like she was having trouble breathing.

Michelle cried out that she wanted my cock in her burning pussy. I thrust into her with every thing I had and when she let out a scream, I experienced something I’ve never experienced before. Her body started jerking and bucking every time she climaxed. Every time she climaxed, her pussy would squeeze my cock with such force. I couldn’t have pulled out if I wanted too. Her body continued to shutter and I was in heaven. As I filled her pussy full of cum, Michelle put her arms around me and pulled me close to her. She kept telling me not to stop. When her pussy finally released it’s grip on me, I pulled out and laid my cock on her belly.

I said, “Michelle, that was one of the best experience’s I have ever had.”

She replied with, “I needed a good fuck like that for some time and you just gave it to me.” With that, I rolled over and pulled her on top of me and we kissed. Oh how we kissed. I could feel our hot juices flowing out of her pussy onto my balls. Michelle then rolled off me and curled up next to me. I rolled on my side and placed my hand on her bare pussy that was still oozing with our cum.

As I started to massage her swollen lips, I whispered in her ear, “this was better than any fantasy I could ever imagine.”

She responded with, “I think so too.”

Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 05


Mom’s voice stirred me in my sleep, early on Wednesday morning. I looked at my bedside clock and it was just 6:45am. She was talking to someone outside the kitchen area and I could just barely hear the conversation.

“I wonder how big he is now, Sundari – we haven’t seen him since he was around 12. I just hope he follows his father” said Mom. “Anyway, while you are giving him the oil bath today, tell him about the special oil” Mom continued.

“Ok, Rani-ma, I will tell him about it” replied Aayahmah.

“I have to rush off now. See you later, Sundari” said Mom, obviously heading off to work.

“And, if you get the chance, check out his little bird” suggested Mom, from a little further away, her laughter following her sentence.

“Ok, I’ll try but he’s a shy young man now” answered Aayahmah, giggling in return.

Then silence downstairs – Mom had left for work.

I wondered what that was about – I was sure they were talking about me but what had prompted that? Curious but still feeling sluggish I decided to catch some more sleep and ask Aayahmah later. Anyway, Dad would be upstairs getting ready for work, so no chance to talk openly to her then. I dozed off soon enough, without a care in the world.

Some time later another female voice awoke me from my slumber.

“Wake up, my handsome prince” whispered Aayahmah into my ear, her hand gently brushing my hair.

I opened my eyes and saw her angelic face. She was sat beside me, dressed in her usual morning sari attire. I looked at the time – 9:10am. God! That had been a deep sleep.

“Good morning, Aayahmah” I wished her, slowly rubbing my eyes and pushing away the blanket from my torso.

“Good morning, Chellam – did you have a good sleep?” she asked, her hand stroking my bare chest.

“Yes, just wonderful. What about you?” I asked, clasping her hand and bringing it to my face to kiss it. My cock was waking up from his slumber too, slowly unwinding.

“Me, too” she replied. “After the beautiful love we made, I slept like a log. You satisfied and exhausted me completely with your pounding, darling” she continued, smiling in reflection.

Her hand slid down under the blanket searching for the source of her satisfaction, then finding and grasping my hardening prick.

“Mmmm….looks like he’s still not satisfied” Aayahmah teased, stroking my cock over my shorts.

I smiled at her and asked “What were Mom and you discussing early this morning?”

“Why? Were you eavesdropping on us?” she queried.

“No! I was turning around in bed when I heard Mom talking to you about the special oil” I answered.

“Your Mom was just curious as to how big your lingam was” Aayahmah said, her hand now sliding down under my shorts and encircling my erect member with her fingers, pushing the blanket away.

“You should have told her” I laughed, winking at her.

“Very funny, Mister” she responded with a tweak of my prick, smiling at me.

“Why did the conversation start in the first place?” I asked.

“Well, she kept advising me about the oil bath, what oil to use, what herbs to use, how to massage you thoroughly all over your body and then she wondered about your genitals. Knowing that your Dad has never talked to you about these things, she was a little curious as to your physical development. That’s why she asked me to advise you about the oil, to help with your physical development” she explained.

“God, if only your Mom knew that you have a cock to rival your Dad’s” Aayahmah cooed and pulled the front of my shorts gently over my rock hard prick, exposing the throbbing meat.

“And, if only she knew the sexual development her son has made over the past few nights” she laughed, stroking and squeezing my penis.

“So, are you going to tell her?” I asked.

“Tell her what?” she returned my question, her fingers pulling my foreskin all the way back and admiring my swollen cockhead. Her tongue licked her lips lewdly.

“Well, she asked you to check me out!” I replied and then asked “are you going to tell her?” teasing her and enjoying the manipulations of her fingers.

“Maybe” she said and then bent down to kiss my cock. “Mmmmmm…..” she purred, sucking on my cockhead for a few seconds, twirling her tongue over the sensitive knob.

“Hey, it’s dirty. The oil is still there” I said and lifted her head away.

She raised her head and said “Nothing is dirty with you, Chellam” and then bent down to kiss my chest, pulling up my shorts over my hard prick, but keeping her hand over it.

I hugged her to my chest and we stayed like that for some time, relishing the close and open relationship that had developed between us over the past few days – not just sexual but love, trust, care, respect and friendship, beyond the mother-son type relationship that had already existed before.

“OK, let’s get moving with your oil bath before the sun gets too hot” requested Aayahmah, standing up and pulling me out of bed. As I stood up, she rolled her ponytail into a bun and gebze escort fixed it to the back of her head.

“Let me use the toilet, brush my teeth and wash my face first” I said.

“Yes, do that and then bring the wooden stool from the store to the edge of the open area. You can have your oil massage there in the shade” Aayahmah instructed and then left the room.

After I had finished with the toilet and washing up, I wore only my shorts and brought the wooden stool to where she had requested me. There was a medium-sized stainless steel pot filled with oil on the floor.

Aayahmah came out of the kitchen a few minutes later, carrying a tray – another small bowl of oil and some bottles holding herbal powders were on the tray. She had taken off her sari and was in her pavadai and short blouse, her curvy waist and belly sexily exposed – that pavadai (underskirt, worn under the sari) and sari blouse combination is such a sexual turn-on!

“Are you ready for your bath Chellam?” she asked, putting down the tray on the floor.

“Yes, Ma” I replied.

“Sit down on the stool and relax. I will start from your head” she said.

She stood at my side and poured the oil (from the small container), using her fingers like a sieve, on to the top of my head. She told me that it was pure coconut oil (unlike the adulterated stuff you buy in the shops). Then she used the tips of her fingers to rub and massage the oil all over my skull, concentrating on my crown.

“Usually we use two types of oil for the bath, coconut or gingelly (sesame). Some people swear by coconut while others use gingelly only. We use coconut oil for the head and a mix of both for the rest of the body – a tradition from your ancestors” she explained.

Oil was soaking and slowly dripping out of my hair, down my face and neck. Aayahmah used her fingers to scoop it off and then massaged my skull again. She stood behind me and held my head against her body; then ran her fingers through my hair repeatedly, from my forehead over the top and sides to my crown, her fingertips gently pressing my skull, as if drawing all the energy to the crown of my head. She did the same to the back of my head, exerting a soothing pressure over my skull. She finished off with a massage of my temples using her middle fingers – that was indeed relaxing.

She then moved to my front and held my head upright. She rubbed my forehead, using both her thumbs, full of concentration, drawing my skin outwards. I was staring straight into her beautiful bosom – treasures to mentally massage my mind as her fingers worked on my head. I kept admiring her cleavage and the partly exposed mounds of flesh as she oiled my ear lobes and the insides of my ear.

Satisfied that my head was done, she hugged my head to her breasts.

“Was that good?” she asked, hugging me tight.

“Excellent, Ma” I replied, my oily face nuzzled in her bosom. Involuntarily, I rubbed my oily face in between her cleavage.

“You will get me all oily” she said, pushing my head back gently.

“Good, then I could give you a massage as well! I would love to massage your body” I teased her.

“You would, young man, you would” she responded, with a little giggle.

“Has anyone given you an oil massage before, Amma?” I asked.

“Yes, your Mom has done it many times when I have had an oil bath” she replied.

“Your private parts too?” I queried cheekily, my eyes opening wide.

“No, you silly boy” she laughed, pinching my cheek.

Moving again behind me, she scooped some oil from the big container and applied it to my neck and shoulders; then used her fingers to slowly press and massage my skin and muscles. It felt really good and I felt the tension going out of my neck. After some minutes of that and sure that my neck and shoulders were loosened, she gently “broke my neck” (like “breaking your knuckles”) on both sides.

“Mmmm…thanks, my neck needed that after last night” I said, reflecting back on her sitting on my face.

“I can imagine, Chellam – maybe I was too heavy for you” Aayahmah replied, working on my back now, using her fingers, thumbs and occasionally using the pressure of her palms, making sure that every inch of my back was caressed with oil.

She finished with my back by gently rubbing her fingers down my backbone, from the top to the bottom a few times, inducing a warm glow along my spine. She then proceeded to work on my arms, first the right then the left, massaging it seemed every bone, muscle and tendon in my arms and ending with each finger. She also made sure that my arm pits were soaked with oil.

“Ok, let’s start with your front now” she said, moving to my front and prompting me to stand up.

She started with my chest, rubbing oil and massaging gently, from my shoulders down and then moving her fingers in a circular motion around my breasts and nipples. She asked me to hold my hands out to the sides and massaged my torso, slowly running her fingers from gebze escort bayan my back to the front from both sides, and moving from my chest down to my waist.

I watched her as she went about her task without any fuss, admiring her mature face, her natural beauty and her voluptuous body – God, I wanted her so much. Her juicy tits were heaving and gyrating inside her blouse, supported by her bra. She truly had a beautiful pair and they begged to be freed.

She saw me staring at her cleavage and smiled. Playfully pinching my nipples, she looked at me and asked me with the movement of her head and eyes what I wanted. I replied with my eyes pointing to her breasts. She winked at me, pinched the flesh of my tummy gently before using her finger to caress my navel with oil. My cock was stirring to life again, rapidly.

“You behave, young man, until I finish with this oil massage” she warned, before squatting down to start with my legs, her blouse and pavadai already stained with oil. She was doing a thorough job, but looking down to her deep cleavage and the mounds of juicy flesh, which her bra could hardly cover, it didn’t help the stirring in my loins.

She rubbed and pressed my legs from the thighs down to my toes and soles, pulling and stretching each of my toes one by one. Finished with my toes, her hands slipped under my shorts and massaged my upper and inner thighs, making sure they were covered with oil too, somehow avoiding contact with my fast-loading prick.

Then she moved to the back and did the same, caressing and nursing the back of my thighs and knees, down to my heels. Her oily hands went under my shorts again and massaged my bums for some minutes, covering my ass crack too with oil.

Satisfied she stood up behind me, squeezed and patted both my shoulders and said “Ok Mister, finished with you now. Just sit there and relax for some 20 minutes or so and let the oil soak in.”

“What? Finished? You missed something here” I said, turning around to show her the huge tent in my shorts.

“Oh! I thought you told your Mom yesterday that you could do that by yourself” she teased me. Her hand came out to touch and feel my hard cock over my shorts.

“I think you’d better do it. Like Mom said, your fingers would do me good” I responded. I enjoyed the sexual banter and teasing with her.

“Are you sure? It’s so hard….I might just break it” she joked, before squatting down in front of me and pulling my shorts down and off.

“Yes” I hissed when her fingers encircled my throbbing cock.

“He is really swollen and probably needs a special massage. What do you think?” she tormented me again, stroking my cock and looking at my eyes for a response.

There we were, in broad daylight but hidden away from the outside world – in the open area of our downstairs, me standing naked with an erect dick, pointing threateningly at the beautiful face of this wonderful woman; she squatting down in front of me, holding my cock so obscenely in her fingers. This was our world where only she and I existed.

“Do what you want it, Amma. It’s yours” I replied.

Her response was to kiss my cockhead and then suck it in her mouth for a few seconds like a lollipop. All too soon she let go of my erect limb and stood up.

“I’ve got a special for you, Chellam. My love and want of you is making me imagine and do things which I never thought possible” she said and planted a kiss on my lips.

Her fingers started to unbutton her blouse and she discarded it quickly to the floor. Her bra was too small to hold her bountiful treasures and she looked so voluptuous in her bra and pavadai – sexy scenes from Tamil movies flashed across my mind. Lifting her bra-covered tits and teasing me, she asked me again with the movement of her eyes and head, if I wanted them. I nodded.

She slowly unhooked her bra, removed it and dropped it to the floor. Her magnificent tits were set free and my cock jerked at the sight of those beauties, the nipples hard in anticipation of love. I immediately buried my face in between her melons and she hugged me hard.

“Suck my nipples, darling” she pleaded. I obeyed instantly, sucking with fervour one hard nipple after the other, my tongue lapping around her areolas. She moaned in pleasure.

She allowed me the luxury of her tits for some more minutes before she pushed my head away and sat on the stool. She scooped some oil and proceeded to rub the oil onto her tits, looking at me with her beautiful, seductive look.

“Let me do it, Ma” I begged in horny enthusiasm, my cock throbbing in front of her, the veins pulsing with teenage blood.

I took a scoop of oil in my palms and poured it over her breasts slowly. Then I proceeded to massage the oil into her skin, spreading the oil all over her front, over, under and around her tits, her sides, around her neck. I oiled her big, fat nipples with my fingers, teasing the hard knobs. After that I caressed her collars bones and shoulders, escort gebze using my fingers gently but effectively.

“Mmmm….feels good” she purred “it’s been a long time since I had a massage.”

Hearing her and feeling her relax, I made up my mind to give her a good massage – my horny hard prick could wait. I moved behind her and proceeded to pour some oil on her back. She didn’t protest and I started to work on her shoulders and her neck.

“Please rub some oil on my crown too, Chellam. No need to undo my hair as I oil it every week anyway” she said.

I did as she requested before massaging the sides of her neck, feeling her muscles loosen. “You have to teach me how to “break neck”” I requested her.

“Yes, one day when your Mom is around – you need a guide and a guinea pig” she replied with a giggle.

Finished with her neck and upper shoulders, I squat down behind her and massaged her back, gently pressing my fingers and stroking across her ribs and backbone. Using my palms, I made circles on her shoulder blades, caressing her muscles.

“Mmmm….yes” she responded, pulling her body upright and tight for my efforts.

I massaged for some more minutes till I was satisfied that her back was finished. I lifted her hands to her side and then applied oil to her hairy armpits, rubbing down both her sides to her waist. My fingers toyed with the silky thick hair of her armpits, oiling them together in a strand – God, I loved her body hair.

Scooping some more oil in my hands, I massaged the sexy curves of her waist, starting from her sides and slowly pinching and caressing my way to her back on both sides. I repeated this action and this time my fingers caressed her from the side to the front over her cute little belly, both hands eventually meeting at her navel which I proceeded to lubricate with my forefinger. Then I let my fingers slide just under the waistline of her pavadai and traced the circumference of her waist, applying oil with a gentle caress of her flesh.

She purred like a feline at the attention I was giving her body and said “You make me feel special.”

“You are special, my darling Aayahmah” I replied, my hands moving up to lift and knead her boobs, hugging her to me.

I brought my hands back to her hips and lifted her off the stool, prompting her to stand. I stood behind her and hugged her to me, my hard cock sandwiched against her back. My fingers went under her front waistline again, inside of her pavadai and rubbed her crotch. She brought her hand down and pressed it on mine, pushing her mound hard against my caressing hand.

Her fingers undid the knot of her pavadai and she let it drop to the floor. I humped her from the back, rubbing my cock over her ass crack, separated only by her thin cotton panties. My hands returned to massage and knead her fabulous orbs. Our oil-covered bodies gave us a whole new sensation as we rubbed against each other erotically, stimulating the act of love. We were both sexually buzzing now.

She pulled away from my embrace, turned around to face me and sat down on the stool. Taking some oil in her hands, she pulled me by my erect cock towards her, placed a wet kiss on the bulb and then started to apply oil over my entire groin, gently caressing and massaging my cock, balls, pubic hair and inner thighs with oil.

Then looking at me, she poured some oil in between her cleavage, letting it slowly slide down her skin towards her navel and beyond. What an erotic sight that was – my shiny cock throbbed in anticipation. Still keeping her eyes locked on mine, she encircled my oily shaft in her fingers and pulled me forward, closer to her. She spread her legs so that I stood right up close to her, between her legs.

She placed my cock flat against her body, in between her breasts, in her cleavage and then used her hands and pressed both her honey-melons together, creating a tight envelope around my cock. The feeling was exquisite and my cock throbbed in tune with her excited heartbeat.

Looking at me, she said “Fuck my tits, Chellam. Slide your fantastic cock up and down my valley of love,” tempting me to try something new.

I placed my hands on her shoulders for support, arched my body backward and started to slowly buck and move my hips, stroking my cock up and down her valley, rubbing against her magnificent breasts, as she pressed them hard against my shaft, creating as much stimulation for my cock as possible. Our oily bodies provided ample lubrication and the sheer sensation it was creating in my body was quite unbelievable.

The whole action was akin to me stroking my cock with my own soapy fingers (masturbating) but the sensations, the pleasure, was a million-fold better – the tit-fuck was unbelievable. Feeling her soft but firm mounds of flesh pressed against my throbbing meat as it slid up and down in her cleavage was mind-blowing. If I kept this up, I would explode soon.

“Mmmmm……” I groaned in pleasure.

“Do you like your special massage, darling?” she asked, pressing her tits hard together to give me maximum friction and pleasure, her fingers squeezing her own oily tits in the process.

“Exquisite, Ma. I love your big breasts” I cooed in response, getting used to the motion and enjoying it thoroughly. The stool was at an almost perfect height for our sexual adventure.

Wife walks in on me sucking cock

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