Aunt Shirley Taught Me Pt. 02


Warning: this part includes some degree of anal sex,

I was amazed by how many people read of my unconventional sexual awakening at the hands of my Aunt Shirley when I was only 18, and how much readers appeared to enjoy it. So, I decided that I better share the rest of what my loving aunt did to make me into the man I became, much more confident than the teenager who turned up at her house to help clean out the leaves from the gutters one Saturday morning, under instructions from my mom.

As I drove mom’s car back home after her sister had introduced me to the delights of some supreme fucking, I pondered whether my mother could have had a hand in any of this. Just what did she ask her sister to say and do to/for me when she offered my services, ostensibly to clear the roof of unwanted leaves?

While my erection was buried deep inside my wonderful aunt’s warm cunt, I did ask if this had been her idea or my mother’s, but my aunt gave no clue, one way or the other. It mattered to me because if my suspicions are correct, it will affect how I answer when my mom drops her usual standard line whenever I return home from an outing, “So Paul, how did it go then?”

Do I stumble and bumble around, wondering how much mom already knows? Could Shirley have phoned mom to report on what transpired while I am still on the road, driving home? How much simpler it would be if I was certain that mom had planned it to be able to walk in the door and say, ‘Gee mom, Aunt Shirley is a great fuck.’

No, nothing like that is ever going to happen. I remind you — dear reader — that this was 1963 and back then, there was no way that I even had the courage to use the word fuck in my mom’s presence. It just wasn’t done in most households — at least not in my neighbourhood – in what I call those unenlightened times.

Approaching home, I recalled my final words to my aunt after several mind-blowing hours spent in illicit incestual connection. So eager to have another round with her soon, I pressed her for a repeat, “So Aunt Shirley, there must be so many more chores I could do around your house. I could come every Saturday morning if you want. I’m sure mom won’t object to me coming here.”

She had smiled warmly, “You are such a naughty boy, Paul, what am I going to do with you?”

“There must be a lot more you can do with me,” I told her, my grin matching her smile.

“You are so cheeky, and didn’t I tell you to drop the aunt when addressing me, it doesn’t fit with the intimacy we have shared today?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, a – a … oh, damn it, sorry … um, Shirley.”

“That’s better, Paul, much better.”

She gave no hint of whether there would be a second lesson on another weekend. Did she feel that she had more to teach me? My cock is hard again as I neared home. I need to stop thinking about the events of the past few hours before I walk in the door at home, can’t have mom spotting my hard-on, or maybe even a wet spot on my shorts.

I kept willing my hard-on down, but it is still tenting my shorts when I pull onto the driveway at home. I sit in mom’s car, contemplating whether I could make it to my room without mom spotting me. I sit there in the car less than 60 seconds when mom appears on the driveway, coming straight to the open window beside me, “Aren’t you coming inside, Paul? What are you … um, oh?” Her questioning stops abruptly. She has obviously spotted the state of my cock as she looks into the car but recovers quickly, “Oh, so do you think you might come inside soon?”

As an 18-year-old in the year of 1963, I am mortified that my mother would spot my rampant erection. Why am I so hard again? Surely, my arousal was quelled by cumming twice with my aunt? In spite of my embarrassment at being sprung, mom never says a word about the obvious state of my cock.

Two hours later, Patricia calls me to beg out of that evening’s date. She says she seems to have picked up a cold and will stay home with her parents, dosing herself with an inhaler and steam. So, my head filled with inspiration from Aunt Shirley on how to hasten my attempts to get into Patricia’s panties, I am going to have to wait another week until my next date with Patricia to try.

That week, when I got home each afternoon, I wanted to follow my “Hi mom” with ‘Did Aunt Shirley call me?’ At last, on Thursday afternoon, I get a cryptic message delivered by mom, “Your Aunt Shirley called today, she was hoping you could drop by again this Saturday … sounds like you made a big impression on her, Paul?”

Does mom have a clue just how big an impression my aunt made on me, let alone what I might have done for her. “Did she say what she wants me to do this time?”

“Yes, she said there’s a rattling sound in her car whenever her foot touches the brakes. This is a chance for you to apply what you’ve learned at night school.”

While trying to decide a career path, I had embarked on a night school course to train as a motor mechanic, “Awww mom, I’m only xhamster porno halfway through the course. What if it’s something I haven’t learned yet?”

“Well then, you won’t be able to fix it, and you can turn around and come home.”

With how well last Saturday went with my aunt, I expect her claim to need work on her car’s brakes is a simple ruse to get me to come over without raising suspicions with mom. So, I am surprised when I get to my aunt’s house at nine on Saturday morning to have her give me the keys to her car, suggesting I take it for a test-run so I can hear the fault for myself.

I did hear it, so 20 minutes later, my head and shoulders and half of my chest are hidden away under her car while I attempt to detect the fault in the brakes.

While the dress she wore last week provided such an early and unexpected sexual temptation, giving me generous free peeps up under, this week she is wearing a bikini top that barely covers her ample breasts, with short shorts below and she is barefoot. More flesh openly on display this week without having to steak peeks.

I am hopeful that my aunt intends to give me more lessons in her one-on-one sex-ed class. While her appearance is overtly sexual, this quite beautiful 32-year-old woman has given no immediate indication I could be in for more of the same this week. While to me, she looks mega-sexy, her manner is more in keeping with how I’ve always previously seen her when visiting with mom, just a traditional role as my aunt. But seeing her again where our sexual adventure unfolded, I cannot stop dwelling on the prospects and that quickly leads to the hard-on that is becoming a regular feature when I’m in close proximity to my aunt.

So, here I am, really tinkering under her car instead of my preference to be having a tinker with her pussy. From under there, working in a confined space, I hear her voice. Twisting my head to look out from under her car, I can only see those bare feet, “How’s it going, Paul?”

I call back to my unseen aunt, “I do think I’ve found the problem.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, I was confident you would. You must be a great mechanic already, and you’ve only been going to those classes for a few months.”

“I think I’m just lucky that they covered brakes early in the program.”

“So, how long do you think you’ll be down under there?”

“I hope I can get it done in about a half-hour.”

“Oh, that long. Let me know if there’s anything I can get you,” her voice dripping with innuendo to my ears.

Before I can think of an answer and with no forewarning, I suddenly feel her warm soft hand reach up inside the leg opening of my shorts and begin massaging my balls, “If you’re going to be stuck under my car for that long, I guess you won’t mind if I have a little play while you’re there?”

I gulp upon feeling her very enticing touch, my mouth quickly going dry. I struggle to find my voice, “I don’t mind, aunt … um, err … Shirley.”

“A good save, Paul. You realise that I’m going to have to stop whatever I’m doing if you call me aunt.”

“I’ll try not to.”


Her hand stretches higher, the fingers running along the taut stretch of my hard-on, “Oh honey, you are up again. Does this ever go down?”

“Not around you,” I managed to riposte, rather than bumble around, struggling to find appropriate words to match her actions.

The fingers leave me, but only for a moment, then I feel her using both hands at my hips to tug my shorts down. I raise my bum up to help free them, my body from the waist down is the only part of me not confined under the car. Her fingers return and my aunt begins stroking my cock quite diligently, quickly establishing a rhythm that suggests this could be a fast and compelling hand job.

From under the car, I move my head in the cramped space so I can look along my body to the part of me that is not under the car, the part where I can see her hand avidly stroking my erection. I can see her lower body too, she is crouched down on her haunches, feet and thighs widely spread so I am looking directly at the spot where her pussy is barely concealed in the short shorts, the material so stretched that I can peep up through the leg openings. It looks like she’s not wearing panties.

Just as well that, after test driving her car, I drove in through the back door of the garage into her back yard. If I was working on her car in the front yard, my aunt’s cheeky hand job on me would be an entertainment for her neighbours. Her stroking fingers feel so good that I sense relief will come fast.

I love her fingers’ soft touch … like a caress as she fondles it, grasping confidently and jerking it firmly. “Oh, your hard-on looks so inviting, Paul. I did think of sitting on you and riding you. But honey, I don’t think you’ll last long enough for that. Do you want me to finish you now, Paul?”

I am almost beyond any rational thought … my cock is about yaşlı porno to blow, whether my aunt wants me to yet or not. Could she read the signs, could she detect how heavy my breathing has become? Surely, she can hear me gasping under her car.

“Oh yeah … now, now!” I call out, possibly louder than I should have considering we are in the backyard and neighbours could be in earshot.

“Oh yes darling, let it go. Oh, it’s so lovely.”

Lovely? What is lovely? My cock spasming my creamy fluid into the palm of her hand? I have done it often enough to myself to know how sticky her hand will now feel. But still, her palm holds on, accepting every drop that spurts from the eye of my cockhead. Eventually, my cock ceases spasming.

“Are you all done?” she asks caringly as I feel her hand wipe over the head to ensure she has got it all.

“Yes!” I manage to mumble, hopeful that I can restore some energy soon to finish my work under her car and go pursue other options with my sexual benefactor. In my post-climax haze, I can hear my aunt’s voice, “Oh Paul, you have such yummy cum. You probably can’t see me from under there but I’m licking all of your lovely cream off my hand.”

Back in 1963, I knew so little of hand and blow jobs, of how some women liked to swallow, drinking down those male fluids of creation, fluid that I naively thought back then was only intended for her uterus.

“Are you swallowing my cum?” I ask.

“Of course, Paul. I love the taste and the warmth of it and that it comes out of a man’s body. So, do you feel better now? I just had to touch, couldn’t let your erection distract you from concentrating on your work under there.”

How lucky am I, having stumbled into this situation? It seems that I may be in for a second day of hot sex with my wonderful aunt, as I had hoped. I am still curious as to whether my mom is colluding with my aunt in all of this. Oh damn, who cares? A mature woman has just given me an incredible hand job and I’ve cum … so let me fix her car quickly and see what more may be on offer today.

I take a final peep out from under the car, looking beyond her spread knees, all the way between her thighs to her crotch, positioned low to the ground in her hunched position, feet well apart. Yes, definitely no panties beneath those short shorts.

I finish working on the brakes and wriggle out from under my aunt’s car. I look around, cannot see her anywhere. I stand up, pulling up my shorts to again cover my loins. I hear water splashing; my eyes drawn to the pool. My aunt is swimming laps. I walk over to stand on the pool edge, spotting her short shorts discarded on a sun lounge. She is still wearing her bikini top, but I guess nothing else below unless she’s added bikini bottoms. She stops to tread water at the deep end.

“You look to have worked up quite a sweat while working on my car, Paul. Come on in and cool off.”

“I didn’t bring my swim trunks, wasn’t expecting to have a swim.”

“You will learn to always expect the unexpected when you come to my house, Paul. The good news is that I have no dress code for the pool. In fact, I’d prefer you wear nothing, so come on in.”

“I better wash the grease off my hands first.”

“Ok, do that, but don’t be long.”

I use the wash basin in her poolside cabana and return to the pool edge.

“Paul, you still have your shorts on, didn’t I tell you to take them off and get your lovely body in here.”

Happy to oblige, I peel my sweaty tee-shirt off over my head, and still a little self-consciously, drop my shorts, tossing them alongside hers. I stand buff naked beside the pool. My aunt claps her hands, “Bravo, that’s how I like to see my nephew.”

I dive headfirst into the deep end and when I surface, she has moved quickly to be alongside me. “I am so glad that you wanted to come over again this week.”

“It would have been hard to stay away after last week. That was incredible. Did I thank you enough for what you did for me?”

“Yes Paul, I’d say you did. And even if you hadn’t expressed it in words, I could see it on your face.”

“It was hard to hide the smile, harder still when I got home and mom wanted to grill me on how the day had gone. Would you believe I was hard again by the time I got home?”

“I think I would,” she confirms with a grin and I feel her hand grasp me once more, testing that my cock is stiff again, even in the cool water. “So, did she say anything to you about your erection?”

“I didn’t want to get out of the car, it was so obvious with only shorts on. She came out on the driveway. Seemed to do a double take when she looked in the car, she must have seen it … well, at least the shape of it.”

“Yes, it does have a nice hard shape, honey. Mom’s can be cool, Paul, she knows you’re a horny young man now.”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know I fucked her sister … unless you told her.”

“Oh my god, no,” she sounds genuinely aldatma porno shocked that I would suggest she may have. I am relieved that maybe my suspicion about the two sisters colluding is wrong.

“So, what do you want to do today?” a leading question from my aunt.

“Do I get to pick?”

“If you want.”

“Anything, so long as I can be inside you again.”

“Hmm, that’s a given, Paul. I’d say you’ve come a long way in a week. Why don’t you enjoy a quick swim here, do a few laps if you want, and then we might dry off and go to my bed … see what naughty stuff we can get up to.”

Her enticing words, said while gripping my cock, have me solid hard again. I pull away and swim a few laps, as she suggests, then wait beside the pool ladder for her to ascend first.

“You cheeky young man, I know what you’re up to. You want to follow me up the ladder, don’t you?”

“I am just being courteous like my mom taught me, always ladies first.”

“You know I don’t buy that, but enjoy the show anyway, honey.” She grabs the railing and slowly lifts up out of the pool, beginning to climb the ladder, teasingly slow, even pausing, water dripping from her smooth bare arse cheeks onto my face as I follow close behind, my face at the back of her knees, staring unabashedly at the pinky wet bits on display as she climbs.

My aunt throws me a clean towel and we stand beside each other to dry the water from our bodies. She is still wearing the bikini top but nothing covers her pussy, arse and hips while I am stark naked. When we have both dried off, she takes my hand, “Come on honey, it’s time we partied.”

She leads me across the lawn, through the back door of her house, upstairs to the bedroom where we eventually ended up last week.

Crossing her bedroom from the hallway door to her large bed, she reaches her hands behind her, unclasping the bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. She sure looks good naked. Unceremoniously, she simply falls onto her back on the bed, holding her arms out in front in a welcoming gesture for me to join her, which I do eagerly.

“Quick, give me one of your lovely kisses, Paul” she urges, and I join my lips with hers. No hesitation, her tongue quickly seeks out mine and the kiss is passionate in no time. We begin to roll around on her big bed. One moment, I am laying on top and then she is.

One time while laying on me, my aunt breaks the intense kiss, lifting up to sit astride my belly, my hard-on rubbing at her lower back. She looks down on me, a broad mischievous grin on her face, “Would you like me to do all the work this morning?”

Only in the second hour of our second sexual Saturday, I am ready to do anything with my cock hard and exposed, her juices leaking onto my belly. I nod acceptance and she lifts up, needing to reverse along my body slightly until her pussy hovers over my vertically erect cock. It feels so good when she wriggles her spread labia up and down on the rounded head of my tool.

She uses the fingers on one hand to spread her lower lips, positioning her vaginal opening over my cockhead, her eyes never once leaving mine, her teasing smile heightening the exciting sensations I can feel at my cock as she slides her slippery wet passage all the way down over my upright shaft until I am completely encased in her.

I try to up-thrust deeper into her wonderful body, only for her to admonish me for my efforts, “No, you mustn’t move, keep still. I’m going to ride you and you have to keep perfectly still to get the most out of it.”

She truly does do all the work. I lay on my back in the middle of her bed, letting her control all movement. I soak up the liquid sensations I feel … my cock totally at the mercy of Aunt Shirley’s varying pace and the depth of her plunges over me. She continues to stare into my eyes, it unnerves me until I soon realise that she is watching my face and my eyes, listening to my breathing to gauge how close I am to cumming.

Whenever it seems like my balls are about to give it up, succumb to a powerful release triggered by how great it feels with her velvety wet inner lining arousing the trigger points on my cock shaft, she eases back, slows it down. Then, as it seems my imminent climax has abated, my aunt resumes her body’s enveloping plunges. When I see and hear the unmistakable signs of a female orgasm build from deep inside her warm body, it becomes obvious to me that she is using my hard cock buried inside her to bring on her own powerful orgasm while she perches upright above me, her hands on my chest to keep her upper half from collapsing onto me.

It is now a thrill for me to watch her face expressing such obvious pleasure and I am proud that it is my erection that has created such a euphoric release for her. Having extracted her own distinct pleasure from having my cock deeply probing her body’s inner workings, she increases the pace and depth of her body’s slides down and up on my cock until my own arousal peaks at overheat once more … this time she maintains the rhythm of her body’s plunges until my cock explodes into a succession of spasms, spewing my cum from the eye of my cock, rooted in her depths. My aunt has completely controlled this wonderful fuck from start to finish and I lay there replete.