Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. 10


Chapter Ten

“The Vow and Portrait Ceremony”

It would be a night to remember for the guest that were arriving at the manor and a night Martin would never forget.

Martin sat in a comfortable chair with his hands on the arms, his legs crossed as he listened to Phoebe’s questions. The only other person in the room was the photographer, who had already snapped a shot of his sitting there calmly.

“Lady Vargos, the Baron is so lucky to have such a committed spouse as yourself, but truly you must be very nervous about this evenings events.”

“Why would I be nervous? I’m just your average man dressed as a woman exposing my personal and sex life for the community to look through and form their opinions on. As a man I expect it to be a thoroughly humiliating and degrading evening.”

“Of course you do,” She said jotting down the word “Masochist” on her note pad with several exclamation points and then circling it. “What do you feel it is that brings so many people out and makes them take such an interest in your private life and chosen lifestyle?”

“I sent them invitations,” he quipped, “Nobody would dare decline the Baron’s request of attendance. It’s all business and money, and of course social standing. It has nothing to do with me actually. These people can stare and laugh at me any time I need to go out in public,” he said trying to state the obvious which sounded less likely than the reality that people were seeing.

“Interesting, so you enjoy the pedestal that the Baron’s wealth and position brings. How does the Baron compare to other men you’ve known in the past?” she said in a low voice as if it were just between the two of them.

“I’ve never known any other men. I was married to women,” Martin said disgusted with her suggestive questioning. His facial expression also was caught by the photographer with the shocking look that could make the cover of most gossip tabloids.”

“So it’s safe to say the Baron is the most desirable man you have ever known and your desire for him and the lifestyle he brings exceeds anything you have ever dreamed before or could have even imagined would ever happen to you.”

“I didn’t say that,” he growled. But it was true in some ways in an entirely different context than she was speaking of. A nightmare is a dream but out of context was Phoebe’s expertise.

“Tell me Lady Vargos, would it be safe to say that today, you feel like a princess in a fairy tale?”

“I feel like a captive in somebody else’s perverted fantasy world.”

Phoebe wrote a note to herself on her pad as he spoke. “Lady Vargos feels captivated as if he is living in a fantasy world.”

Someone announced that Martin was needed so Phoebe stood and requested a picture with Martin. She stood beside him and smiled as a couple of picture were taken.

“I will be by to see you tomorrow for the follow up right?” she asked leaving the room.

“Yeah,” he said unenthusiastically but he needed her and her access to information on the outside. He would grant her interviews and twisted story lines in return.


The large guest book was laying open on a gold colored, carved ornate wooden stand and guest waited patiently to sign in, chatting amongst themselves in anticipation of the evenings events.

The large painting now hung a on the wall covered with a large purple satin drape. The unveiling of the Lady Vargos painting would have been the talk of the town the next morning if the Vow ceremony wasn’t happening on the same evening.

Family painting unveiling ceremonies were very common and most of the social elite had celebrated such events in their own homes at one time or another, but most of the guest arriving here tonight couldn’t remember the last time a wife of social standing, or any woman actually took the Vow of Chastity. It was almost an ancient custom that most women now found degrading, and inappropriate, at least in content.

Phoebe Mills, the gossip columnist was in attendance and had approached one of the women outside the manor. Jane Gray Simmons. The Gray family had long been established in this part of the country and it had been rumored in recent weeks that perhaps her grandmother was the last woman to actually have taken the Vow in such a public manner when she had been a young woman.

“Good evening Ms. Simmons. What a beautiful dress you’re wearing,” Phoebe said when she approached.

“Why thank you so much,” Ms. Simmons said suspiciously as the well known gossip columnist approached.

“The word is that your grandmother took the Vow and was locked in a chastity belt on her twenty third birthday? That seems to be the last time anyone can remember the Vow being celebrated publicly in such an elaborate ceremony as all this,” Phoebe said with her typical forward search for gossip. “What can you tell my readers about the Vow Ceremony from a families point of view that has done it and how do you feel about Lady Vargos making Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort such a public and daring commitment this evening.

“Wow Phoebe that’s a lot,” she laughed uneasily having been caught off guard with such a private family matter in front of some of her friends.

“Just trying to set the record straight on the rumors that have developed this week with Lady Vargos reviving such an old and controversial custom.”

“Uhm well yes, I did read your column this week,” Ms. Simmons said knowing exactly where all the rumors were coming from.

“Thank you, ” Phoebe said waiting for the juicy answers to her provocative questions.

“Of course I am very happy for Lady Vargos and his desire to make such a public showing of his love and devotion for his husband. As far as my grandmother is concerned, that’s an old story that I can’t really verify. I mean I wasn’t even born and I never actually saw the chastity belt you mention,” she said looking a little embarrassed having been asked such a question openly.

“Is it true your grandfather forced her to take that Vow or accept a divorce and lose her societal status of being his wife and a lady in standing. Some say he wanted to publicly humiliate her for her sexual indiscretions with other men didn’t he? At least that’s the story people tell.” Phoebe seemed to know more than the middle aged woman did about her own family.

Ms. Simmons was uncomfortable openly discussing a private family issue that her grandmother had sexual indiscretions with other men early on during her marriage, and that her grandfather chose to rub her nose in it by requiring her perform the Vow Ceremony publicly to save her marriage.

“Oh I’m sure that wasn’t how it was at all. My grandparents loved each other very much. They were just very young like many other couples and things just didn’t work out. All this other stuff is just rumors that became public speculation because the divorce happened so soon after the Vow. If you keep saying something over and over long enough people will begin to believe it. Isn’t that right Phoebe? Would you please excuse me,” she said walking away quickly.

Ms. Simmons hurried away now with her escort for the evening.

“What an abrasive woman. The nerve!” Ms. Simmon said as she walked away. Her family secrets being aired like that. This was the skeleton in the closet for the Gray family, as was the fact that her grandmother’s Bliss Mask and the Vow Chastity Belt were locked away in a trunk in the attic.

Most of the women who had administered Mrs. Gray’s chastity ceremony had since passed on. There were however a few women that had attended that celebration that were still around. It was said to have been a sad event in the room where she was placed in the chastity device, and not a joyous one for the women who witnessed it either, as the chastity belt was put through the crying woman’s legs and then locked tightly in place. The girl was totally mortified being so publicly humiliated. Though it was a sad and somber scene in that room, most of the women in the room felt she was getting what she deserved.

There had been no real celebration of joy except outside in the ballroom where rubbing elbows and being seen was the main reason to attend rather than what was really happening. It was nothing more than a humiliating public viewing of Mrs, Gray’s sexual organs being locked away as punishment for her indiscretion rather than a celebration of her love for her husband.

Though she had done as her husband had requested, suffering the ceremony and the public humiliation that came with it and social stain that remained afterwards, he divorced her a year later still unable to cope with her previous adulteress acts. The chastity belt keys had to be negotiated and were actually part of the divorce settlement she finally agreed to. No one could remember the last time before that the Vow was celebrated. It was more of a folk lore than reality, until now.

Martin’s ceremony was to be a cheerful celebration. People accepting of the fact this young man had requested the Vow of his husband and the public ceremony himself.

After signing the book, the guest were immediately drawn to the glass case that held the “Vow Lock” device that soon would be placed on Martin’s male organs and effectively locking them away. It was a slightly bent solid gold tube inset with many precious stones. A spectacular piece of jewelry made up of bright red rubies and green emeralds, blue sapphires, and yes many diamonds. There was a gold knob piece that was sculptured in the shape of a penis head to fit on the end of the tube. It had small gold chain tassels hanging from it with colored stones at the end of each of the dangling tassel. There was a large locking cuff at the base as well as black patent leather straps and two beaded drawstring bags that were made up of small pearls.

Phoebe’s photographer was snapping pictures of the device for her column. He then moved Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort about the room taking pictures of guest in attendance.

“Oh, look at this honey,” one of the guest said to her husband as she looked at the very expensive, custom made chastity device.

“Nice huh,” her husband said looking at it now, “Seems to me they should be gagging him and plugging his butt hole rather locking up his dick like he was having sex like a man would.”

“Vernon, you don’t know that for sure,” she said bumping him with the back of her hand. “Besides I have had heard rumors that they be doing that too.”

“Well think about it honey, do you really think this guy, The Lady Vargos is doing the Baron?” he said. “I promise you the fag is the one spreading his butt cheeks inn this relationship.”

“Of course not, The Baron butt up, don’t be ridiculous, and I’d rather not give it any more thought. Besides, knowing the Baron he is probably taking care of the gagging part on a daily basis himself anyway.” They laughed and moved over slightly as another guest had stepped up to view the chastity piece.

“Strange,” another woman said to her friend as she looked at the piece, “It’s both beautiful and horrible at the same time isn’t it.”

“Why would any man want to have that locked on him? Just the thought, it’s so demeaning. He must not have any self esteem at all, I just don’t understand in this day and age why a young man would ask to do this for another man,” she said looking to her friend.

“Well…Maybe he is really a masochist like the tabloids say he is. Why else would any man want to publicly dress up like a woman all the time and claim to be another man’s wife?” her friend said also staring at the device. “He obviously has no manly pride.”

“I see your point,” her friend said looking over to the draped painting. “I guess he’s not very proud of being male or he is some kind of fruitcake. He doesn’t seem to be at all embarrassed by his looks.”

“I agree,” her friend said turning away with her, “The man needs to have a sex change and just get it over with if you ask me.”

The guest all viewed Martin’s “Vow Lock” many returning and making comments about what the cost of such a thing must have been and a chuckle here and there about him being placed in it and then being celebrated for doing it in such a lavish ceremony.

This ceremony just wasn’t done anymore at least not for real. A Victorian relic at best. There was the occasional symbolic Vow, but it was more like a second exchange of vows from a wedding ceremony except in the Vow only the woman would speak of her commitment to her husband, and he in kind announcing his love for her. That in itself was seen as demeaning to women in so many peoples eyes, but few of the women still chose to do it. One had to wonder what the old traditionalist who felt strongly about the myth of the Vow, would think about tonights event with a male bride taking such a vow with another man and then accepting being placed in chastity.

There was a murmur in the crowd and then the Baron appeared from the side door with Martin on his arm. Everyone awed at the appearance of the couple.

“What a bunch of useless sick perverts,” Martin said to the Baron as he surveyed the room holding his chin up high, his made up face less than dignified in his humiliation. His hand gently resting on his husband’s arm with only his fingertips daintily touching his forearm, his fingers spread displaying his now long, elegant and tapered red fingernails. Their vivid red nail polish was set off by the dark color of the Baron’s jacket.

“There, there my darling. They are all here for you,” the Baron said patting Martin’s hand but not looking at him. “This is you special night.”

“They’re here to kiss up to you. Accepting invitations to a party to watch me celebrate having my dick locked up. Sounds perverted to me,” Martin said looking at the women all giving the phony look of acceptance of his pseudo woman persona.

“They’re here to celebrate your public declaration of love for me. The Vow. I spared no expense on your Chastity.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Martin said now as the Baron took Martin across the room to greet the guest. Martin was only going through this shameful ordeal to keep other men’s dicks out of his ass. The so called “Concubines” that serviced him when the Baron was away. This would put an end to all that. He would now only have to deal with his husband’s passions as he still was not able to accept his husbands cock without emotional and physical despair.

Concubines were meant to comfort someone in the absence of their spouse, but that was not the case with Martin. It seemed his concubines were selected and instructed to make sure he received extended sexual service each night. Whether he was in the mood or not.

Martin had to really struggle to keep up with the Baron as they walked once again. Guest smiled and women giggled as Martin struggled in Ataşehir Vip Escort the 6″ heels to keep up. It was so cute.

“Could you slow down just a little you damn it?” Martin growled under his breath. “These high heels make me walk up on my toes,” he said swinging his arm with his palm facing the floor in a quick exaggerated motion for balance.

Felix had altered the dress Martin was wearing. The knee length sequined dress was tight around the thighs and clung tightly above his knees. Though the fabric had some elasticity it was still in essence a hobble skirt design, and worn with 6″ spike heel sequined shoes, Martin literally shuffled on his toes and narrow heels to keep up with the Baron. Everyone couldn’t help but notice his looking helpless as he walked. It created a bit of an unwanted bimbo image as he wiggled and struggled to keep up with his husband.

The image of him moving about dressed as the elegant Lady Vargos was hardly one of innocence but more an exhibition of a brazen hussy. Most people were seeing the ceremony as a taming of the robust sexual desires of this feminine young man rather than the soft loving commitment to a husband. At least that was how Phoebe was phrasing the questions as she mingled about the room.

“You know I was just told by Phoebe they have to medicate Lady Vargos so his penis doesn’t work because he couldn’t control his desires on his own. He is like a male nymph,” one of the women said to her friend.

“Well it makes sense to lock that thing away then. If you can’t control your urges on his own then his husband will have to do it for him. Such a caring and responsible man the Baron.”

“Oh I agree. I heard the Baron got almost no sleep at all during the Three Nights of Consummation. His wife wouldn’t leave him alone.”

“What a slut,” she leaned over and whispered the woman’s ear and they both laughed.

Martin hated these people and he always let them know, especially when he was with the Baron. They wouldn’t dare challenge the Baron’s wife publicly when he was with his husband. They just had to accept Martin’s abusive insults. What did Martin care. What was the Baron going to do to him, and besides the Baron saw through these people and their fake praise for him. It was like he had these events just to force them all to show up and kiss his ass. Not a single one of them would lift a finger to help Martin get out of the hell he was living though, but they would crawl over each other to be the ones that helped Martin be accepted socially as the crossdressed man he was forced to be.

Martin was escorted to the front of the room where he and the Baron were greeted by Elenore who was the socialite in charge of the Vow Ceremony and the fitting of the chastity device itself.

“Oh Baron, so nice to see you again,” she said with a gushing smile holding out her hand.

“Good evening,” the Baron said politely taking her hand.

“And you look absolutely stunning Mrs. Vargos. What a beautiful dress you a wearing tonight sir.”

“Oh thank you,” Martin said in a sarcastic falsetto voice. “Felix did such a wonderful job on my dress. I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself and my appearance right now. Thank you for noticing.”

“You are beautiful Marcia. No need to be shy my love.” the Baron said.

“Uhmm…well it is a very pretty dress,” Elenore stammered again.

“I’m sure you’re anxious to get started. What an adoring show of affection this all is,” she said smiling at Martin.

“Will you be the one handling my dick Elenore?” Martin asked in a sweet voice.

“Oh well uhm, the actual chastity fitting will be done by another woman.”

“I thought the tradition was that the woman with the highest standing in the community was in charge of placing the device on the poor Vow recipient.” Martin said in a snobbish way.

“Well, it is actually, but I am not familiar with how the devices works. The male devices are much more complex than the traditional chastity belt women wear,” she said obviously uncomfortable”

“I was so looking forward to you handling my dick tonight. I was looking at you at the last fund raiser thinking of what it was going to be like when you first touch my balls in front of all these women,” Martin said lowering his long false eyelashes. “Maybe you could do it anyway, on the side before they start. Would you mind? We could step into a side room and you could rub my balls before we start.”

“Oh my, I uhm, well it’s not…” she mumbled taking a step back shocked at the statement.

“I have a tight schedule Elenore, if we could begin,” the Baron said dismissively.

“Yes…yes of course Baron.” Elenore tried to quickly regain her composure.

“Attention everyone!” Elenore said loudly gathering all eyes upon her, Martin and the Baron.

“Would the women who have been selected to witness the actual Chastity Belt fitting please take your places in the next room. We are about to begin.”

Martin watched as twelve women made there way to the room adjacent to the banquet hall. They were all formally dressed, hair all done up and drinking champagne, smiling and talking amongst themselves as they walked by Martin. Martin then saw Tabatha. She carried the device across the crowded room and into the room where she would be placing it on him shortly.