Oral Arguments


(Note: This story was written for Literotica author gimmie_your_load. “Lucia” in the story is a character inspired by gyl’s writings and fantasies. The story is my gift to gyl, but we both think that if you have a cum fetish, you will enjoy this. I have in mind a short epilogue for the story, but for now, I’m publishing it as it is.)


After finishing law school, Lucia Mayer had sent out reams of resumes to a wide range of law firms—everything from the classy, old money east coast firms, to the scrappy and vulgar ambulance chasers. Since her law school degree wasn’t Ivy League, she’d figured she’d have to take what she could get. She was surprised and delighted when the prestigious New York firm of Phillips, Exeter, Nichols, Isaacs, and Smith, contacted, interviewed, and hired her.

The interview had seemed odd. The senior partner himself, Peter Phillips, had conducted it. He was an older man, but quite fit and attractive, with a full head of salt-and-pepper hair, and smoothly tanned skin. (Lucia was amused by the notion that he reminded her of media mogul Ted Turner.) He’d barely discussed Lucia’s legal qualifications, but commented repeatedly on “what an attractive young woman” she was, and (leeringly?) her lovely mouth, full lips, dark hair and eyes. But Lucia shrugged it off as a harmless flirtation. Besides, she needed the job.

She’d been at work for several weeks. It was now a Wednesday afternoon (“Hump Day,” she thought), and she was plowing through the routine legal tasks the partners couldn’t be bothered with. Her eyes were glazing with boredom when she got a call from Peter. He wanted her in his office, right away. Lucia was happy for the diversion from the tedious paperwork. She took the elevator up to Peter’s office. His receptionist waved her on through. Peter had an engaging smile on his face as he welcomed Lucia into his opulent office. “Please sit down, Ms. Mayer,” he said.

“You’ve been doing a fine job for us, I want you to know. But truthfully, your legal qualifications are not what most attracted us to you as a prospective part of our team. You have other attributes that are very much to our liking.” As he said this, he leered openly at Lucia, eying her up and down, looking at her breasts, prominent, despite the conservative business pants-suit she wore. She felt, for a moment, as if she were wearing nothing at all. She began to blush as he did this, until his eyes returned to her face. Then she blushed more darkly as she realized Peter wasn’t actually looking her in the eye; he was staring at her mouth!

“Ms. Mayer, we did an extremely thorough background check on you, as you might imagine, before we decided to hire you. We found your legal abilities to be quite stellar, of course. But what particularly caught our attention was this…” He pushed a legal folder across the desk to her. It was labeled with her name, and the word, “Confidential.” She opened the folder. In an instant, her heart was pounding, her mind spinning in confusion She could not believe what she saw. Inside was a series of glossy color photos of her, on her knees. She was shown nude, fellating one man, and holding the erect penis of another. The series of photos detailed her continued ministrations to these aroused men, culminating in a photograph of her face streaming with what could only be semen, as she stared hungrily into the camera.

Lucia was speechless, for a moment. Finally, she asked, stammeringly, “H-How did you get these photographs?”

Peter replied, “We have our sources. Confidential, of course.”

“The photos are fakes!” Lucia snapped. “Digital fakes.”

“No, Ms. Mayer, they are not. You know they are not. They were taken at a private, invitation-only establishment known, I believe, as the “Club of Sin. You are, according to our sources, now a regular at this club.”

“Alright, then,” she said, dejectedly. “I will resign from this firm.”

“No, no, no, Ms. Mayer! That’s not it, at all.”

“Then what is it you want?”

“We like what we’ve seen you do. We want you to continue doing it. We want you to do it for us. I want you to do it for me. Beginning, now.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. But she knew exactly what he meant. She’d been hired, ostensibly to perform routine legal tasks. But in truth, for the most part, she’d been hired to suck cock.

“Come here!” he commanded.

“I’m leaving!” she replied.

“Come here…please. Just take a look.” Peter stood up from his chair, emerging from behind his desk. His cock jutted out and upward from his unzipped fly. It was huge; the veins bulged; a tiny droplet of pre-cum was already glistening on the shiny, purplish tip. Despite her outrage, Lucia found herself staring at it, fascinated by it. Hungry for it.

“You bastard,” she murmured, as she reached out and closed her hand around the throbbing phallus. She pumped it back and forth, several times, her desire rapidly growing. Without thinking, yalova escort as if she were some erotic automaton, she dropped to her knees, and slipped Peter’s cock into her mouth. Her jaws ached a little from the size of it, but truly, she’d spent endless hours engaged in this activity, sucking cock—sucking cocks—in dorm rooms, automobile back seats, and most recently, at the Club. Why not suck this one?

Peter reached down and tore open Lucia’s blouse, revealing her beautiful, full breasts. He smiled knowingly, triumphantly, as he saw and felt her nipples harden with his touch. She wanted this!

Using her right hand, Lucia worked Peter’s cock, sliding it across her lips, and deep into her mouth, as it banged gently against the back of her throat. She’d long ago learned to control her gag response. This was so easy… Her left hand was now buried between her thighs, working her clitoris to the same rhythm of the cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She felt so exploited, so dirty, a mere sexual toy for this man. She didn’t care. She read Peter’s mind, and he was right. She wanted this.

She paused for a moment, and let Peter’s cock slip from her mouth. She stared at it, transfixed by it. It pulsated, straining for release. The sight of it drove her wild, and at the same time, gave her a strange sense of power, knowing she could make Peter want her so. Then she once again engulfed the phallus with her lips and hand, pumping it rapidly in and out of her mouth, tonguing the underside, as she fingered her own swollen clitoris. At the last moment, she pulled Peter’s cock from her mouth pumping it furiously with her hand, in front of her face. Seconds later, he howled in animal ecstasy as the jizz flew from his cock. The first jet splashed warm and wet across Lucia’s nose, running down toward her lips, as the next blast went straight into her mouth. The sight and feeling and smell and taste of it pushed Lucia into a shattering orgasm. Peter’s cum kept flying into her face, dripping down her chin, and onto her breasts. Lucia knew she looked like a cum-addicted slut. No surprise there, for that was exactly what she was.

A moment later, Peter had zipped himself up. “Thank you, Ms. Mayer,” he said. That was fine work. I’ll be calling on you again, in the very near future. Please see yourself out.” Lucia pulled her jacket tight around her ruined blouse, and headed quickly from the office. What had she done? Whatever it was, she knew she would be doing a lot more of it.

Part Two

For the next week, things at Phillips, Exeter, Nichols, Isaacs, and Smith seemed normal. Lucia returned to the dull routine of her legal tasks. Her private meeting with Peter seemed almost a dream—one she was starting to feel she could put behind her, when she got another call from him. It was late morning. He wanted to see her. Immediately. Reluctantly, she headed for his office. She was shocked to find herself smoothing her hair, checking her lipstick, wondering if she looked attractive. She unbuttoned the top button on her blouse. All of this for a man who had implicitly blackmailed her into sexually servicing him.

When she entered his office, he smiled at her in a completely unassuming manner. “Ah, Ms. Mayer. Thank you for being so prompt. I trust things have been going well for you, this past week?”

Lucia mumbled something resembling assent, and then asked, “Peter, what is it you want?”

He replied, “Ms. Mayer, I wanted to let you know that all of the Partners in the firm will be gathering for a meeting in the recreation room, adjacent to this office, this afternoon. After work—around five o’clock. We would appreciate it if you would attend.”

Lucia asked, “What sort of meeting is this going to be?”

Peter replied, “This will be something similar to our private meeting of last week. I’m sure you will find it stimulating, especially given the expanded number of people who will be attending.”

Lucia could not believe what she was hearing. This man expected her to service him and all of his friends?! She said, “Peter, you can’t be serious. You can’t expect me to do…what I did…for all of you.”

“Oh, but I do, Lucia.”

“You can’t. I won’t.”

“You will. If the photos from the Club ever leaked out for some unfortunate reason, you and I both know your legal career would be ruined. You’d be lucky to find a waitressing job. No one would hire you. Unless you wanted to turn pro.” He paused for a moment, and with a salacious grin, added, “Oh yes. Come to think of it, in a way, you already have.”

“He really is a bastard,” Lucia thought, to herself. For the present time, however. She saw no alternative. She turned to leave his office.

“See you at 5:00,” he called after her.

Lucia had a light lunch, and then returned to her paperwork. Images of Peter’s cock came, unbidden, to her mind. She saw it erect, dripping, insistent. She could feel it sliding over her tongue, and taste the cum it spewed zonguldak escort on her face and into her mouth. She despised the fact that she wanted it all, again.

She found herself wondering about the other Partners. Who, exactly, were Exeter, Nichols, Isaacs, and Smith? Did they already know about her, and what she’d done with Peter?

At exactly seven minutes before 5 o’clock, she left her office, and headed for the recreation room. Peter’s receptionist—an attractive redhead, Lucia noticed this time—directed her through Peter’s office, and into the rec room.

As she walked through the door, what she saw, stunned her. The room was luxurious, of course, but not ostentatious. It was the simplicity that was so shocking. In the middle of the room, the floor was of polished black marble, illuminated by an array of spotlights. On the black marble, was a single navy blue cushion—the size of a small bed—placed there, she knew, for her knees to rest upon. The dark black marble would provide visual contrast for the semen that would soon be dripping off of her face and body, and onto the floor.

About twenty people were milling around, talking, laughing, drinking, eating light hors d’oeuvres.

Peter, casual in his manner and clothing, walked up to Lucia. “Welcome, Ms. Mayer! So glad you were able to make it. Care for a mimosa? Yes? Here you are.” He handed her the drink. His tone was bizarre in its mundaneness, as if this truly was just another casual get together, and not the prelude to an orgy of oral sex.

“Let me introduce you to some of the members of the firm.” He gestured to a blocky stump of a man, balding, but energetic. “This is Bob Nichols. Been with the firm for twelve years. Great guy!” Nichols shook Lucia’s hand in perfunctory courtesy, but his leering gaze told her that he was already picturing her with her mouth filled with his cock. He wasn’t particularly attractive, but had a certain brutish quality that was, at least, interesting.

“Over here we have my old friend, John Exeter.” Peter pointed out a man in his early fifties, perhaps. Fit and tan like Peter, but with an arrogant air about him that Lucia found immediately distasteful. This guy was mean and dangerous. Lucia suspected that he was the person ultimately behind all of this—the law firm, the spying, the blackmail. Exeter, glanced in Lucia’s direction, eying her up and down with predatory regard. He seemed to like what he saw, and offered her a cold simulacrum of a smile.

“This is Paul Isaacs,” Peter said, introducing a young, good-looking guy, perhaps in his early thirties. Slender, lightly tanned skin, and dark, curly hair. “A late arrival at this institution. I think you’ll be impressed by his ‘credentials.'”

“And finally, here is the ‘Smith’ of this firm—Mary Smith. She, more than anyone else here, keeps this place humming.” Mary was also in her thirties, a stunning woman with dark blonde hair, and green eyes. Her dark green dress looked as though it had been sprayed onto her. Her body was voluptuous, her large, full breasts accentuated by the clingy satin that covered everything, and revealed everything.

Peter then rhythmically clinked his now empty glass with the edge of a small table knife, raising his voice. “May I have your attention, please.” He waited mere seconds. The mood of the crowd had changed abruptly, and the party goers were now silent. “This is Lucia Mayer. She has volunteered to be the focus of this evening’s entertainment. She is quite lovely, as you can see. Her body is erotically enticing; her lips full; her mouth…deep. ” He paused for the briefest of moments, and then said, “Use her as you will.”

Paul Isaacs walked up to Lucia. He smiled at her, gave her the lightest of kisses on the lips. Then abruptly he tore open her blouse, sending the buttons flying. She wore no bra. His hands went to her now exposed breasts, kneading them, squeezing and twisting the nipples. He was a little rough. It was perfect, sending pleasurable shockwaves through Lucia’s body. She saw a bulge rising in Paul’s slacks. As if watching herself in a porn movie, she found herself unzipping his fly, reaching inside, and liberating his rapidly growing cock. She dropped to her knees, on the blue cushion, and brought the phallus to her lips, allowing it to slide into her mouth. It grew ever longer, thicker, harder. She felt it pulsating against her tongue, as it slid in and out. It was beautiful, and she couldn’t get enough of it.

She felt something bump against her left cheek. She turned towards it. It was Peter’s cock, harder than she’d ever seen it, shining, purplish, absolutely dripping pre-cum. Peter rubbed his cock all over her face, leaving shining streaks on her skin—a harbinger of the deluge she knew would eventually follow.

To her right, another cock was presented to her, and she accepted it, eagerly. It belonged to Bob Nichols. It was thick and hard, and the veins bulged from it. Her jaws had to zonguldak escort stretch to accommodate it, but that ache was familiar and welcome.

And so she went back and forth between these three erections, sliding one in and out past her lips that were fast becoming slick with cock drool, while she pumped the other two with her hands. She’d pause, now and again, to lick the underside of each one, sliding along the length of the shaft until she reached the scrotum, tonguing and licking it, as yet more pre-cum dripped into her hair, and onto her face.

She let Peter’s cock slip from her mouth, and began rubbing it against her left breast. The nipple crinkled, shiny and wet. She did the same with Bob’s cock, on her right. Watching them sliding over her body made her wet with desire. All decorum, all resistance and restraint were leaving her. She wanted only to be used, over and over, endlessly, a mindless, cock-craving, cum-hungry slut. She mumbled this out in a torrent of half-spoken, half grunted words. “Oh my god, I want it; I want your cocks; I want all of them. I want to suck your sperm. I want it in my mouth, on my face, my hair, my tits.

She herself tore the rest of her clothes from her body, and presented on all fours, like an animal. “I want cock in my cunt! Please. Someone put it in my cunt!!” She felt someone plunge into her, from behind. She looked back. It was John Exeter. He looked like some strange demon, as he slammed into her, repeatedly pounding her G-spot. She despised him, but it didn’t matter. He pumped relentlessly into her, as her first orgasm welled up inside. She screamed like some sexual beast as it finally ripped through her. Whimpering, she quickly renewed her oral efforts, sucking Paul, Peter, and Bob, with even greater lust, as John’s cock continued working in and out of her slit.

Then, as if following some agreed upon signal (perhaps they were), Bob helped her to her feet. Paul laid down on his back. Lucia lowered herself down onto his rigid cock. Then John and Peter presented themselves to her. She grasped a cock in each hand, masturbating them, while Paul fucked her from below. John and Peter’s shafts slid easily back and forth in her hands, lubricated now by a steady flow of pre-cum and her own juice.

Lucia suddenly noticed Mary. The blonde had obviously been busy herself, with some of the other men in the room. Her hair was disheveled, her makeup smeared with sweat, and more. She still wore the skin tight dark green dress. Lucia could see that the bodice was dripping with semen. Lucia felt a strange pang of jealousy, thinking, “That cum was supposed to be for me! All the jizz should be mine. I want all of it.” But Mary dropped to her knees, on a carpeted area adjacent to the black marble. She eyed Lucia with a look of defiance, as she slid the throbbing shaft of a young man into her mouth. She held Lucia’s gaze as she fellated the man, repeatedly bringing him close to orgasm. Other men had gathered round proffering their rigid members to the blonde. Lucia almost forgot the cock in her cunt and the ones in her hands, as she stared at the erections surrounding Mary.

Finally, Mary spoke to her. “Oh, you want these? Very well, you shall have them. And they shall have you. Take this!” She handed Lucia a large, translucent penis-shaped vibrator. “Get off of Paul, and back on your knees, slut. Use this, and you will get what you crave.” Lucia did as she was instructed, sliding the vibrator into her cunt. The sensations were exquisite. Mary resumed stroking the cocks that surrounded her. Then standing over Lucia, she began forcing them into the brunette’s mouth, pumping faster and faster. Lucia knew that at last, the bukkake was beginning.

Paul, John, Bob, Peter, and a dozen other men now crowded around Lucia. Mary went from one to the next, stroking their cocks, and plunging them in and out of Lucia’s ravenous mouth. The vibrator sent wave after wave of pleasure through Lucia’s shuddering body. Then Paul’s cock, long, huge, and dripping in Mary’s hand, shot out an enormous jet of sperm. It covered Lucia’s forehead and ran down her face. Paul’s next spurt was even bigger. Lucia opened her mouth to catch all that she could, as the jets covered her face, dripping down onto her breasts, rivulets dangling from her rigid nipples. Bob was next, jamming his incredibly thick dick into her mouth. After a few strokes, he pulled out, to blow his load all over Lucia’s already jizz-spattered face.

Peter was next. Mary knelt down, alternately fellating him, and rubbing his dripping cock over Lucia’s face, mingling his pre-cum with the white goo that was already there. Then she began to furiously stroke him. “Ms. Mayer,” he rasped. “Glad to see you are enjoying our…meeting…” His gasping and moaning grew louder, his breathing accelerated, until finally, Peter nearly screamed, as his cum exploded all over Lucia. It went everywhere—on her hair, her face, her tits. Rivulets of it ran onto the black marble floor, like spattered paint. John moved in, allowing Mary to stroke his cock directly in front of Lucia’s cum-drenched face. He leaned back, thrusting his hips out. His cock throbbed, swelled, and finally released a torrent of sperm rivaling Peter’s, all over her.