To The Victor Go the Spoils


“I won bitches!”

Those were the words anyone staying adjacent to the master suite on the 19th floor of downtown Miami’s “The Cascade” were liable to hear resonating through the walls, if any of the lavish hotel’s guests happened to still be awake at 3am on a Monday morning. The boast came from the mouth of Alexa Jensen, and she was ecstatic, to say the least.

“Ieeyyy, cold!” Were her next words.

She was fresh from the shower, and scurrying across the tiled floor; all the while making effort not to slip. She had hopped in to wash off her stage-tan, some of her make up, wash her hair, and the room was at a rather chilly 69° – it was summer after all, and South Florida was rather sweltering that time of year.

Adorable as her scurrying was in her frigid state; her soaked, naked body was truly something to behold. Countless hours spent in the gym had sculpted and toned her already naturally defined abdominals, quadriceps, calves, shoulders and arms, and of course, her perky round bubble-butt; all into a victorious work of art, without losing any of her petite femininity. While her stage-tan had been washed off; time spent in the tanning bed, and laying out when she could, gave her entire body a deep, bronze glow that was to die for – after all, “If you’re gonna tone it, you gotta tan it”: her trainer had always said.

“Cold, cold, cold!”

Lexi was naked, she was wet, and the room was freezing. Yet her destination would soon remedy that. The suite’s luxuriously oversized bathtub had been filled to the rim with hot water and an entire bottle of bubble-soap. Robust mountains of soft, lavender-scented foam, invited her cold body into a steaming, soapy, mercy of decadence, and she accepted the invitation by diving in headfirst. Pure bliss soothed her entire body when she submerged herself. Icy cold, to steaming hot; no better feeling. After the soapy water began to sting her eyes, she broke through a bubble mountain, and re-emerged.

“Bleggghhhh!” She spat out a mouthful of suds.

The attempt at brushing off the bubbles that now completely covered her head and face was only partially successful, as her arms and hands and were covered as well. After an entire minute of struggling, she was finally content with being able to clear the better part of her face – eyes, mouth, nose (the important stuff) – although foam still encased the rest of her head in a hood. Her appearance was somewhat comical in that she almost resembled a white hooded nun, although she was pretty far from being a nun – and soon would be even further. Her blue eyes were bloodshot and stinging from the bubble-soap, but it was tolerable. Her unorthodox entry had been fun and she’d laughed through the entirety of her struggle with the bubbles. She closed her eyes and relaxed her head back against the padded rim of the tub. She was in the bath. She felt like a princess, or better yet, a young queen.

“Mmmmm…” She purred in relaxation. “I won…”

This time her words were soft and faint. For the first time, she was truly taking it all in.

“Yes you did.” Came a man’s voice. “And to the victor go the spoils.”

Lexi opened her eyes, bit the lower half of her bee-stung lips, and looked up at Ted Garrett.

“No more champagne.” He said. “You’ve been pulling water, and you sweat a lot a lot under those stage lights. You need to hydrate.”

Ted twisted the cap off of a bottle of water and handed it to her.

“Awww…but I’m celebrating.” Lexi said, making a coquettish, sad-puppy face.

“Drink.” Said Ted.

Lexi blew out a sigh, accepted the bottle, and started to chug. Ted had to shake his hand free of the excess bubbles that had transferred to his hand from Lexi’s foam-covered arm. Lexi’s eyes followed the discarded, soapy clouds with whimsy, as they floated through the air, and back down to the endless mountains she soaked beneath.

“You did more than just win.” Ted folded his arms, while he looked down and observed Lexi’s decadence. “You set a record. Youngest competitor ever to win Bikini in the Federation. You made history tonight…that’s no small feat.”

“Mmm…I don’t know. My feet are pretty small.” Lexi giggled, and raised her foot out of the water.

She could just barely make out the hot-pink hue of her pedicure that crowned her dainty toes, as she wiggled them through the mounds of suds – they had matched her bikini at the competition.

“Baby feet.” She assessed with a gleeful squeak, before re-submerging her foot – at 5’3 and a size 6, they were pretty small.

“I’m serious.” Ted continued. “At 20, you can’t even go downstairs to the bar and order a drink, but you just won the fucking show!” Ted was having to let it all sink in himself. “You kicked ass and took names tonight, for real.”

With her already inflated ego bolstered by Ted’s words: Lexi opted to set down her water and make a strong pose; singing a line from Katy Perry’s “Roar”, which had been one of her favorites growing up.

“Cause I am The Champion, and you’re gonna hear me Roaaa…blegh!”

The last line was choked by more bubbles that floated into Lexi’s kastamonu escort face as she posed; she spat them out, laughed, and then rubbed her face in the soapy mound. The bubbles just smelt so good, and they were silky.

Ted watched Lexi play in her bubble bath, and shook his head in awe. Lexi was beyond adorable – she was beyond sexy – and above all…she was his. He would never forget the day in San Francisco when that seventeen-year-old, half-Norwegian, half-Brazilian, Melbourne/S.F. raised, blonde bombshell had approached him at the gym. Ted was well known as one of the best female fitness trainers in the business, and word got around. Lexi came right out and asked Ted if he’d train her. She had already been a gymnast throughout her childhood and pre-teen years in Australia, and when she moved to the U.S. with her family, she became a driving force on her High School’s Championship Cheerleading Squad; even competing on ESPN.

Ted had asked Lexi why she wanted to become a fitness competitor. She told him, after not getting the Captain position on her squad, and her squad subsequently finishing third in the competition; she was ready to take her abilities, and her body, to the next level. Ted could tell that Lexi had the drive, the talent, and the passion; but he didn’t take on underage pupils. She promised him she’d be hitting him up on her eighteenth birthday. Ted didn’t really think much of it. But then on the day she turned eighteen, there she was in her gym clothes, ready to roar, and take on the world; so he obliged. He pushed her hard, and she excelled; exceeding his expectations. Ted had money; he was a trust-fund baby, and he was able to completely take Lexi under his wing. He subjected her to brutal, no-days-off training sessions. Lexi hadn’t had much experience with weight training up to that point, but she took to it all like a fish in water; she was a prodigy. Ted’s deep funds also allowed him to buy her all the right quality supplements, and put her on a strict and expensive nutrition regimen. He then watched her already athletic, and well defined body, transform into the Championship Prize that it was today. But over the past year and a half, he had become a little more than just her trainer.

“You’re The Champion alright.” He said, watching Lexi spread her bubbly arms across the tub’s edge.

“Rub my shoulders.” She said.

“Yes ma’am.”

Lexi’s perfect teeth sparkled as she grinned at Ted’s obedience, and hummed in pleasure as he began to knead into her shoulder blades.

“You’re slippery.” He said.

“Quit complaining.” She reached back and directed his hands deeper into her shoulders. “Mmmm…right there.”

Ted looked at the perfect symmetry of the portions of Lexi’s arms that weren’t coated with foam. Her dark, bronze-tan, was nice and deep, and the soapy water complimented it beautifully; giving her muscle tone a gorgeous sheen. As her trainer: he admired his work. As a man: he was getting turned on.

“Mmmm.” Lexi was in a meditative state; turning her head clockwise with Ted’s hands as he rubbed.

Truth is: the two had slept together. They had been together many times, and it was Lexi who had first initiated it and not Ted. To Ted’s credit, he had admirably made a concerted effort to keep their relationship strictly professional for the entirety of the first year of Lexi’s training. Almost in his mid-thirties, Ted was significantly older. But then, on the night of her nineteenth birthday, she broke up with her quarterback boyfriend, whom she had dated in high school, and showed up at Ted’s condo. She was devastated and vulnerable, and Ted – once again to his credit – had tried to play the role of big brother. But as he held and comforted her, that didn’t last. She kissed him, and then her hands started to go for broke. He was able to resist for all about thirty seconds, before they were both naked in his bed, his dick was in her tight pink pussy, and she was riding him like a bronco. Incredibly, it didn’t seem to change the dynamic of their professional relationship; in fact, the quasi-romanticism seemed to strengthen things. Ted kept pushing, and Lexi kept grinding; harder even, it seemed.

They had continued their sexual relations off and on. Lexi had even dated a couple of physique model guys over the course of the last year and a half, but all of her would-be suitors seemed to go as quickly as they came. Ted never let any of that phase him on an emotional level. He just kept pushing, and she just kept grinding. Were they in a romantic relationship? Ted didn’t know, and frankly at this point he didn’t care. How many countless men out there wouldn’t sell their souls, to have a goddess like Lexi to play with? But, Ted wasn’t perfect. He had his fetishes – his fantasies. Inevitably he had been able to slowly, but surely get Lexi to accommodate some of them. He had coaxed her into letting him de-virginize her ass, and doing anal – he had talked her into a role-playing fantasy, with him donning a cop outfit, and handcuffing her to the bed – food fetish fantasies, involving whip cream, chocolate syrup, and strawberries – he had even coaxed her into public sex once; getting her to agree to let him fuck her in the gym sauna. But there was one fantasy he had yet to be successful in turning into a reality, and that was coaxing Lexi into experimenting with another woman. Lexi had always been straight, and whenever Ted had tried to fish, and slyly cast the subject out there; Lexi had seemed uncomfortably dismissive. But backstage, in the wake of Lexi’s victory the previous evening; Ted had secretly witnessed something transpire with Lexi and her runner-up, Isa Baretti. A chiseled, hard bodied, full blooded Brazilian who was known in the bodybuilding community for being a bit on the scandalous side. Ted decided it was time to stir the pot. He couldn’t help it.

“So…” He said.

Lexi opened her eyes halfway. She had nearly dozed off in the bliss of the shoulder rub.

“What did you think of your competition? The girls you went up against tonight?”

“You mean the girls I destroyed tonight?” Lexi perked up; putting her arrogance on display.

“Yeah…the girls you destroyed. What’d you think of them?”

Lexi was getting a little confused. It seemed like Ted might be up to something. In all truthfulness, she knew he was up to something. “Meh…they were all good I guess.” She said. “They brought it.” She scrunched her soapy face; still trying to figure out where Ted was going with this exactly.

“Which ones did you like the best?” Ted asked.

Lexi turned her head, causing Ted to cease the massage. She grabbed her water and drained the rest of the bottle before answering him.

“They were my enemies, my foes. We all play nice, sure, but in the end we were all there for one thing, and one thing only…to win! And that’s what I did tonight. Hail to the queen bitches!”

Lexi was young and brash to be sure.

Ted wasn’t satisfied; not after what he’d seen, but he was momentarily at a loss. He was trying to figure out his next move to get where he wanted to be; and where he wanted Lexi to go. Then he saw his opportunity in the empty water bottle on the floor.

“I’m gonna grab you another water.” He said.

“Ugh, fine…rub my feet when you get back, strutting around in those heals all night was some real shit.” Said Lexi.

“You got it.” Ted complied.

Lexi submerged her arms back underneath the hot water, closed her eyes again, and sunk down deep; buoying above the surface. Ted returned about a minute later.

“Here you go.” He said.

When Lexi opened her eyes, she was surprised to see herself being handed a full glass of champagne instead of a water bottle. This was a blatant contradiction to Ted’s previous stressing of her need to hydrate. It was obvious to Lexi, that Ted was trying to get her inebriated all of the sudden. She had some champagne earlier, but it’s effects had worn off for the most part by now, and Lexi had thought that was the point – Ted definitely had something up his sleeve. Nonetheless, what girl in her right mind would turn down a glass of expensive Dom Perignon, who’s vintage was older than she was. Lexi sighed with a smile, reached through the bubbles, and took the glass.

“You got festive all of a sudden.” She said. “What happened to hydrating?”

“I’ll grab a bottle for you when you’re ready, just let me know. In the meantime…here’s to Victory!” Ted clanked the champagne bottle to Lexi’s glass and drank from the bottle.

Lexi found the bubbles that now covered the bottom half of the bottle, as Ted took his more than generous swig, comical. She mused over the decadence.

“Here’s to hot water and soft soap.” She quietly added before sipping. “Ahhh…bubbly.” The champagne still had some bite.

“Ted…?” Lexi asked as she raised her foot from the water in expectance.

“Ah yes, of course.” He said.

Ted set the bottle down at Lexi’s end of the tub (well within her reach). It took him a minute to clear bubbles from the other side of the tub so he could sit down. He then reached through the suds, took Lexi’s foot, and commenced. Lexi moaned with a satisfaction even more intense than she had during the shoulder rub.

“Oh hell yeah…that feels so good.” She said.

Lexi leaned back in bliss, nursing her champagne. Ted kneaded deep into her arch, her soles, and in between her pink toes. He didn’t exactly have a foot fetish, but there was no denying that Lexi’s were a perfect pair, and they were a pleasure to rub. He could see by the blissful smile on her face that she was thoroughly enjoying his work, and with her guard seemingly down: now was his chance.

“So…what’d you think of Isa?” He asked.

Lexi opened her eyes, and took another sip.

“Why?” She asked, with an accusing glance.

Now things were getting a little clearer; even with an increasing buzz from the champagne, she now had an idea where Ted might be going.

“Well, she finished second to you. It was close.” Ted answered.

“Yeah she definitely brought it.” Said Lexi. “She had the best body next to mine, and her poses were on point, I’ll for sure give her that. She made me work. But I still won, fair and square.”

“Yeah you did.” Said Ted. He was waiting for Lexi to say more, but all he got instead was awkward silence. They locked eyes. Both seemed to be dueling over who would be the first to break the deadlock. Lexi finished her champagne, pursed her lips, then closed her eyes and returned to enjoying her foot massage; she had won the dual.

“Did she hit on you?”

Almost immediately, Ted was kicking himself for asking the blunt, and rather juvenile question. But it had just come out.

“So you saw it.” Lexi said with a sigh; her eyes still closed.

“Saw what?”

Ted feigned ignorance, but Lexi wasn’t buying it. She opened her eyes and looked at Ted with suspicion.

“Could you be any more obvious Ted? God, you’re incorrigible.” She said.

“What Lex, seriously?”

Ted laughed in an effort to give validity to his fake ignorance, but really, he was just enticed to hear Lexi’s side of it all.

Lexi rolled her eyes; she’d been pulled into enough of Ted’s narcissistic games to know that once he had his mind set on something, he could be unrelenting. She decided to play along, and reached from the tub for the champagne bottle. She didn’t want to let the fine Dom Perignon go flat, and obviously Ted wouldn’t mind.

“Still trying to get me to lez out Ted?” She asked, as she topped off her glass.

Ted laughed, and his face lit up with arousal at Lexi’s question.

“For real, what’d she do?” He asked once more.

There was only a small amount of champagne left in the bottle after her refill. But instead of handing the bottle over to Ted and letting him finish it, Lexi poured the bottle’s remnants into her bathwater, and then set the now empty (and expensive) bottle on the floor. Ted didn’t even seem to notice.

“Well…” Said Lexi. “I thought she was kind of a bitch at first, but since she’s Brazilian and all, I knew my mom would be upset with me if I didn’t try to brush up on my Portuguese. So I did, and when Isa found out I was half Brazilian, she…opened up.”

Lexi smiled and sipped from her glass.

“How so?”

Ted’s eyes were like two full moons. He felt like a fourteen year old kid surfing a porn sight.

Lexi continued sipping.

“Well…” She began. “Backstage after I won, she hugged me. At first it was like a good-sport, sisterhood thing, but then it was like she didn’t wanna let go.” Lexi laughed, the champagne was making her giggly.

“Yeah?” Ted egged her on.

“Yeah…it’s like we’re both all oiled up and embracing each other and shit in our bikinis, and she all starts caressing her hands all up and down my back and my butt. Then I just started kinda doing the same thing to her, and she kissed me. And it was a long-ass kiss, it felt like she was opening her mouth – I know she was opening her mouth, and if I’d opened mine, then we’d of totally started sucking each other’s faces off.” Lexi laughed. “Then she finally let go, and when I was walking away she slapped my ass. I turned around and kinda gave her a look, and she just smiled, winked at me, and blew me another kiss…that was it, and I was just kinda like, ok, whatever.” Lexi ended with another playful giggle.

Ted had of course seen all of these things transpire. He had come upon the scene backstage at unawares, then voyeuristically watched the incident from behind a corner. The conversation had reached a point, where Ted probably could’ve come clean about it, but he chose to maintain his ignorance; still wanting to stir and pry.

“So how did you feel about all that?” He asked.

“Hmmm…” Lexi shrugged her shoulders. “It was interesting, I guess…definitely, different.”

She was tipsy, and as obvious as Ted’s juvenile scheming was; she now seriously contemplated his question. She stroked the bubbles with her free hand and thought back on the occurrence. Isa was absolutely gorgeous, there was no denying that. Lexi remembered watching Isa pose while they were on stage together in her neon-green, jewel-studded bikini. Isa’s body was similar to her own. Lexi thought back to the way the symmetry of her physique shimmered under the stage lights; her legs, her core, and her arms and shoulders, were defined to perfection; it was obvious Isa had put in just as many countless hours of grinding in the gym as she had. Lexi had always been rather proud of her breast surgery that Ted had paid for; the round perkiness of her tits always complimented the rest of her body’s proportion quite nicely, she thought – Isa’s were almost identical. Isa was somewhere in her mid-late 20’s, maybe an inch or so taller than the petite Lexi, had bleached honey-blonde hair, and big brown eyes. Lastly, Isa was the only competitor other than Lexi, who’s legday-sculpted butt seemed to be on the larger side; a fact perhaps owed to the two women’s Brazilian heritage. Isa was the only one of her opponents who Lexi acknowledged as a true threat. But now as a result of Ted’s instigating, her increasingly tipsy state, and perhaps the heat of the bath, Lexi was starting to see Isa in a new light; the memory of her sleek, hard body, and soft oily skin, caressing up against her own, was becoming rather tantalizing. Lexi suddenly felt a slight pulse between her legs.