Family First Ch. 02

Cum On

Diane Henson couldn’t sleep. As she lay in bed staring up at the ceiling and listening to her husband snore, her mind kept circling back to the conversation she’d had with her daughter earlier that afternoon.

She hadn’t meant to snoop, but when she entered Christina’s room to do her laundry and saw her daughter’s diary lying wide open on the floor, she just couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. Although the mother-daughter pair shared a lot of physical features, their personalities couldn’t have been more different. Diane was chatty and personable, while Christina tended to be an introvert and rarely shared her feelings, particularly with her mother. Despite her nagging conscious, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a glimpse of what was going on in her daughter’s head.

In hindsight, she wasn’t sure what she was expecting to find. Some gossip about her schoolmates, perhaps? Or, if she was lucky, some juicy tidbits about a new romantic interest. Never in a million years did she expect to read a detailed account of how Christina had masturbated while spying on her cousin.

Once the initial shock wore off, though, she realized that maybe the two of them experimenting sexually wasn’t such a terrible idea. She was fairly sure that Christina was completely inexperienced when it came to sex, and she knew that Danny would never do anything to hurt her. They would both be going off to college soon, and Diane worried that her daughter wouldn’t be prepared for the kind of attention she would undoubtedly receive from her fellow co-eds. It was certainly an unconventional arrangement, but she preferred the idea of Christina losing her virginity to someone she loved, rather than with some random boy at a party.

When she confronted Christina and encouraged her to tell Danny how she felt, it seemed like the right decision. Now she wasn’t so sure. Giving her daughter permission to seduce her own cousin broke just about every rule in the parenting handbook. She knew that the consequences could be severe if anyone but her ever found out.

Suddenly, her musings were interrupted by the muffled sound of footsteps. She knew instantly that Christina was sneaking out to see Danny. When the sounds passed, she carefully crawled out of bed and went to the back window. Sure enough, she could see her daughter making her way across the yard. Diane watched as Christina knocked on Danny’s bedroom window. There was a momentary pause before he appeared. For a moment, she wasn’t sure he was going to let her in, but after the two of them shared a few words, he opened the screen, and Christina crawled inside.

I guess there’s no turning back now, Diane thought. In a way, it was a relief knowing that the situation was out of her hands.

She kept watch until she saw Christina return to the window and shut the blinds. Deciding that there was nothing more to see, she crawled back under the covers, careful not to disturb her husband’s slumber. She again attempted to close her eyes and fall asleep, but her mind was more distracted than ever. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what was going on next door. To make matters worse, thinking about the incestuous sex happening in her nephew’s bedroom was starting to turn her on.

Contrary to what she’d lead her daughter to believe, this was not her first exposure to the idea of incest. Her interest in the topic started at a sleepover she’d attended as a teen. Her friend, Tammy, had discovered her father’s stash of pornography, and they’d spent most of the evening flipping through his collection of dirty magazines and novels, giggling at the lewd acts depicted in those pages.

One item that caught Diane’s eye in particular, was a short paperback novel she found near the bottom of the box. The cover showed a hand-drawn illustration of what appeared to be a father and son sitting side by side on a couch. A naked young girl was straddling the man’s crotch, while a move voluptuous, older woman did the same to the boy. She’d found the more conventional porno magazines to be pretty boring, if not silly, but something about that image piqued her interest. When Tammy went to the bathroom, Diane hid the novel under her sleeping bag, resolving to take a closer look after lights out.

When her friend finally went to sleep, she pulled out the novel and read it cover to cover by the dim light of a street lamp coming through the bedroom window. She was utterly scandalized when she realized that the story was about a suburban family, much like her own, and their descent into a life of incest. There was something so filthy and forbidden about the thought of family members having sex with each other, and at the time, it was hard for her to imagine that Tammy’s straight-laced father would read such a thing. What surprised her most of all, though was how much the story turned her on. As she read, she wanted more than anything to reach down and play with herself, but she couldn’t risk Tammy waking hatay escort up and discovering her.

When morning finally came, she returned the novel to where she’d found it with a disappointed sigh. She lost touch with Tammy shortly after graduating high-school, but she never forgot about that filthy novel or the way it made her feel.

As her son, John grew into manhood, she was often reminded of the slutty mother she’d read about all those years back. She knew that most people would think it was disgusting and wrong to entertain sexual thoughts about their own children, but she didn’t care. John was a sexy young man. He was tall and muscular with a handsome profile that she knew drove the girls at school crazy. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be pinned down beneath his hard, athletic body, while he had his way with her. The fact that she was his mother was irrelevant. Or at least that’s what she told herself. Her fantasies had become less frequent in the three years that he’d been away at college, but they inevitably came flooding back whenever he returned for break.

Despite her naughty fantasies, she would never allow herself to act on them. Incest was fun to imagine, but had absolutely no place in the real world.

Of course what she’d read in Christina’s diary earlier that afternoon had forced her to reconsider that position. The sharp line she’d drawn between fantasy and reality no longer seemed quite as clear.

Now it wasn’t just her son who dominated her fantasies, but her daughter and nephew as well. Her mind was filled with images of Danny and Christina engaged in all manner of sexual activities. She pictured Christina sucking Danny’s cock and wondered whether he’d go down on her as well. The thought of her nephew burying his face between her daughter’s legs, causing her to pant and moan in unbridled pleasure, made her shiver with excitement.

Her pussy began to throb as she pictured the two of them together. She knew that fantasizing about her daughter and nephew having sex was wrong on so many levels, but she couldn’t stop herself. Unable to ignore the sticky heat between her legs, she pushed her hands under the elastic of her panaties and rubbed gently up and down her slit, using the tips of her fingers to spread her warm lubrication over her erect clitoris.

She ran quick circles over her sensitive bud with her left hand and used two fingers from her right to fuck herself in a slow and steady motion. As she played with herself, she visualized Christina bent over on hands and knees while Danny fucked her from behind, her perky tits bouncing with each thrust of his cock.

The mental images flooding her brain were so enticing that she briefly considered sneaking out of bed and going out to spy on the two of them just as Christina had done the night before. As excited as she was by the prospect of witnessing her daughter’s first sexual experience, it would be an unforgivable violation of her trust. Instead, she contented herself with her fantasies and hoped that Christina would give her all the juicy details tomorrow.

The longer she imagined Danny’s plowing in and out of Christina’s pussy, the more she wanted to feel real thing. Her fingers felt nice, but they were a poor substitute for a hard, throbbing cock. Luckily there was one available. With a wicked smile, she turned to her side and deftly slipped her hand inside her husband’s boxers. Taking him in hand, she gently stroked and massaged him, knowing exactly how to bring his soft member to life.

Ray shuffled around a bit and yawned before his breathing returned to normal. Despite his slumber, his cock quickly responded to his wife’s touch. Moving slowly, so as not to wake him, Diane crept underneath the covers and fished his lengthening member out of the hole in his boxers and took a long, slow lick from the base of his shaft all the way up to his sensitive, purple head. It had been a long time since she’d woken him with up a blow-job, and she was looking forward to the look on his face when he took in the sight of her lips stretched tightly around his erection.

After several more swipes of her tongue, she opened wide and took him fully into her mouth. She never got tired of the musky taste of her husband’s flesh and, she loved feeling his cock expand as she greedily devoured him. Her mind flashed back to Christina, wondering whether her daughter was currently engaged in the same activity.

An involuntary moan escaped her lips at the thought, and she sucked Ray deeper, pushing down until his shaft was fully lodged in her throat and she could feel his balls tickling her chin. She held him there for a few beats before she started rhythmically swallowing the head of his cock. All the while, her tongue slithered along the sensitive underside of his shaft. Supporting herself with one hand, she used the other to gently massaged his balls just the way she knew he liked it.

Even after all their years of marriage, she still loved sucking Ray’s dick. She never seemed to tire of the sensation of his hot flesh pulsing in her mouth or the rich, musky taste of his spunk. Thinking about him fucking her face and cumming in her mouth was almost enough to distract her from the incestuous thoughts that plagued her mind. Almost… but not quite.

It didn’t take long before the warm, wet sucking sensations of Diane’s mouth caused Ray to wake. “Mmm… fuck, that feels good,” he groaned. His voice was groggy and more than a little confused. Looking down, he could see the unmistakable shape of his wife’s body underneath the sheets and smiled as he watched the outline of her head bobbing up and down between his legs. With a quick motion, he tossed the sheets aside and made eye-contact with his horny wife.

Realizing that he was finally awake, Diane smiled at him through the corners of her mouth and pulled away from him with a wet slurp. A long strand of saliva clung to her lips as she sat up before dripping sexily back down onto his erection. There was no mistaking the look of unbridled lust in her eyes as she said, “I need you to fuck me… Now!”

Ray was surprised by the desperation in her voice. Their love making had always been frequent and satisfying, but it had been a long time since he’d seen her so turned on. It seemed to be coming out of nowhere. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he smiled back at her and said, “I’d love to.”

The two of them quickly dispensed with their underwear, and Diane crawled up his torso, aligning the head of his cock with her dripping entrance. In one swift motion, she impaled herself, taking him all the way to the root and causing them both to whimper in delight. “Fuck, you fill me up so good, honey,” she said as she started grinding on his shaft. Ray’s only response was a satisfied moan. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into his wife, but with the velvety walls of her pussy squeezing and pulsing around his cock, it was difficult to care.

Diane was hornier than she’d been in a very long time, and she fucked her husband with deep, forceful thrusts, shivering and sighing every time her clit banged against his pubic bone. With a lewd grin, she reached for the hem of her night-shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her naked torso to his hungry gaze. Diane’s breasts weren’t huge, but she easily filled up her C-cup bra. Her body wasn’t as tight and firm as she’d been before giving birth to their two children, but her motherly curves still turned Ray on like no other woman could.

Leaning forward, she placed a hand on both sides of his head, giving herself more leverage to rut against his invading cock. Her tits jiggled enticingly in his face with each downward thrust. After taking a moment to appreciate the sight of her bouncing flesh, he leaned forward and took one of her thick pink nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking her just the way she liked it.

“Nnnghh! Yes!” she moaned, still posting up and down on his cock. Soon, Ray switched to her other breast, eliciting another excited groan as he gave it the same treatment.

As the sounds and smells of their coupling filled the room, Diane couldn’t stop thinking about Christina and Danny. It felt so naughty, fantasizing about her daughter and nephew while fucking her husband, but any consideration of right or wrong had long since been drowned out by the unquenchable fire burning between her legs.

It was only a matter of time before she found herself imagining what it would be like to fuck Danny, herself. A fresh wave of lubrication flooded her pussy as she pictured that young, excited stud between her legs, pumping her full of his hard cock. Ray had always more than satisfied her sexual needs, but there was something undeniably thrilling about the thought of getting fucked by an excited teenager. The fact that the teenager in question was her nephew only increased the dirty thrill. It was so nasty and wrong, but she knew that if Danny had been there at that moment, she would let him do whatever he wanted with her.

The filthy images floating through her mind, combined with Ray’s thick cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt triggered an orgasm unlike any she’d had in a very long time. Her eyes rolled back in her head as a deep, guttural groan escaped her lips. The muscles of her stomach and thighs spasmed and twitched uncontrollably as Ray gripped her hips. Her muscles strained involuntarily against him as he held her down, ensuring that he felt every jerk and spasm of her convulsing pussy.

Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as she continued rutting against his body. Her eyelids fluttered as she kept imagining that it was Danny’s cock penetrating her liquid cunt. Lightning bolts of pleasure shot through her each time her clit made contact with the base of her shaft, keeping her in a state of extended orgasmic bliss.

Eventually the powerful sensations started to become too much to take, and she slid off of her husband’s lap, sighing with a mixture of disappointment and relief as his still-hard cock slithered out of her hole. For several minutes she lay next to him, holding him in a tight embrace while her orgasmic tremors started to subside.

“Mmm… thanks…” she mumbled, still panting from exertion.

“Glad I could oblige,” Ray replied. An unspoken question seemed to hang in the air between them, and after a short pause, he said, “Not that I’m complaining, but where in the world did that come from? You haven’t fucked me like that since we were in college.”

“Does a horny wife need a reason when she wants to ride her husband’s big, hard cock?” she asked, smiling coquettishly back at him. As her mind started to clear, she suddenly felt a sharp stab of guilt at the way she’d used him, but she wasn’t ready to lay all of her cards on the table. Not yet, anyways.

“Of course you don’t,” he replied. “Anytime you want to wake me up with a blowjob and a hot fuck, you go right ahead.”

She could tell from his slightly forced smile that he wasn’t entirely convinced by her performance. He knew her well enough to see that she was holding something back, but she knew he wouldn’t press the issue. They trusted each other implicitly, and he knew that she’d tell him what was going on when the time was right.

Soon, Diane’s attention was drawn to the feeling of Ray’s wet cock twitching against her thigh. Looking between them, she saw that his whole crotch was drenched with her pussy juice, making his shaft looked wet and shiny. It gave her a naughty idea.

“It looks like somebody could use a bit more attention,” she said. “My pussy’s still a bit sensitive, but I’m sure if we think hard enough, we can think of something for you to fuck.”

She smiled at the look of boyish excitement on her husband’s face. The prospect of more sex had clearly overridden any remaining curiosity over her unusual behavior. His hips bucked up against her, rubbing his cock more forcefully against her soft skin. Even after all these years, his seemingly unquenchable desire for her still turned her on like nothing else.

“Be patient, my love.” She diverted her eyes and bit her bottom lip, pretending to be deep in thought. “We have to make sure we consider all of our options, you see.” After another agonizing pause, she said, “I suppose you could fuck my mouth some more, but that’s rather boring, isn’t it?” Ray started to protest, but she cut him off. “And there’s always my tight little butthole. It’s been awhile since you’ve been in there, hasn’t it.” He nodded excitedly, knowing she was teasing him but more than happy to play along.

As Diane spoke, she leaned forward, using her shoulders and arms to press her breasts together in a classic, pin-up model pose. Ray’s eyes were immediately drawn to the perfect line of her cleavage. He’d always been infatuated with her breasts, particularly her large, rosy-pink areolae and thick, protruding nipples.

“Something caught your eye?” she asked as she reached down to cup her large breasts, giving them a playful squeeze for effect. Ray merely nodded in response.

“Well, don’t just sit there staring. Come show me how much you like them,” she said, releasing one of her boobs and giving him a come hither motion.

Ray didn’t need to be told twice. Without a moment’s hesitation, he closed the distance between them and buried his face in her cleavage, licking and sucking her sensitive flesh. He took one of her breasts in each hand, mauling them aggressively and causing them both to moan and whimper in delight.

Reaching between them, Diane grabbed his wet shaft and gave it a few quick strokes, enjoying the way it jerked against her palm.

Playing with her husband’s cock while he made love to her breasts felt nice, but this was just a preliminary to what she really had in mind. Letting go of his cock, she leaned backwards, supporting herself on one elbow while gently pushing him away from her tits.

She sighed at the sensation of his wet saliva cooling on her flushed breasts. With her free hand, she guided him upwards, until he was on hands and knees, towering over her supine body. Gripping the base of his cock, she guided the tip to one of her nipples, rubbing it in gentle circles around her engorged nipple, causing them to both moan in delight.

“You like that?” Diane asked, enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding over the soft skin of her tits, painting her flesh with a mixture of his precum and her own lubrication. She let out little yips of pleasure every time his hard flesh rolled over her sensitive nipples. For a moment she found herself imagining that Danny was in her husband’s place, but quickly dismissed the thought, reminding herself that this was about Ray’s pleasure and not her own filthy fantasies.

“Fuck.. Yes!-I love it!” he exclaimed.

“Show me,” she replied. “Get on top of me and show me how much you like fucking your wife’s tits. I want you to fuck them just like you would my pussy. I want to feel you shooting your hot cum all over me!”