Costa Negra Ch. 01

Annika Albrite

“Really?? You mean we can go?!” Sara gripped the phone and jumped up and down with joy as she heard the news from her boyfriend, Doug. Doug was able to find a buyer on eBay for his old Taurus – the one he never used anymore after buying his new Acura. He had promised Sara that if he could sell the car, they would go on a Spring Break trip to Costa Negra: one of the top destinations for wild, partying college students.

Sara was a junior at State, studying nursing. She was a 5’6″ blonde, with fantastic, round C-cup tits, a tight little ass, and an athletic body that she worked on three times a week at the school gym. Her stomach was perfectly flat, which only served to accentuate her lovely bust and curvy hips. She was also nicely tanned all over, thanks to the local tanning salons.

Besides working out at the gym, she would go on morning jogs in the warmer months, wearing a sports bra and tight-fitting athletic shorts. She loved the looks she would get from men. Some would attempt to hide their gawking; some would openly leer as she jogged from the campus to downtown and back. Sara didn’t mind the looks she got. In fact, she was secretly turned on by all of the attention, whether it came from undergrads, grad students, or professors.

Doug wasn’t a college student. In fact, he hadn’t even gone to college at all. His little computer fix-it business he ran out of his parents’ basement during high school had gotten big enough that, after graduation, he moved into his own studio apartment. In the first few months he was already bringing in $300-400 a week removing viruses, setting up folks’ DSL connections, and re-selling home-built machines. Now he was 25 years old and had several people working for him, and a much nicer apartment.

Doug was not, at first glance, the sort of guy you’d expect to see with Sara. He was skinny and awkward, and a bit shy. He stood 6 feet tall, and had pale skin and dark hair. He had a haircut that always seemed about three weeks past its expiration date, and wore a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. Sara thought he was adorable, and that he looked like a poet. She never did, however, admit to what first drew him to her:

The September previous, Sara was out at O’Malley’s with her roommate, Beth, when a painfully geeky, older guy nervously approached her and offered to buy her a drink. Sara was about to brush him off as nicely as she could when she happened to glace down at his shorts. She didn’t mean to look down there – she was just trying to avoid eye contact – but she was given the most delicious view of a huge bulge extending down one leg. Doug quickly realized he was on display and made an attempt to casually hide his erection.

“Hmmm,” Sara thought to herself. “Must have a bigger cock than anything I’ve ever experienced, and he’s shy about it, too!” Something about his clumsy modesty immediately appealed to Sara. She knew she could have some fun with this guy. Most hung guys act like they’re God’s gift to women; as if any woman should thank their lucky stars for the high privilege of getting fucked by their slightly-larger-than-average 7-inch pricks. They don’t learn control worth shit and they never learn to lick pussy. They just think they can rely on their large meat to satisfy their girl. Ha! But she suspected this guy was different.

She took him up on his offer, discovering in the next few months a fun, caring, and fantastic guy. Inexperienced in bed, yes, but a VERY quick study. Oh, sure, their relationship was about a lot more than just sex. But you’d be amazed how far fantastic fucking can sustain a love affair.

Sara was still on the phone with Doug discussing the details of their travel plans when Beth returned to their dorm room from the shower. Beth was a brunette, 5’4″, with a voluptuous body. Like most girls these days, she was oblivious to the effect a full, round ass has on guys; she thought her butt was way too big. But, of course, without eyes in the back of her head, she couldn’t see all of the guys staring at her lovely rear as she walked up the Hill to her psych class in the morning.

Apart from her feelings about her ass, she was proud of her body, and enjoyed showing it off. She did know the effect her boobs had on guys, and was always more than happy to show them off in a low-cut v-neck or halter top in the warmer months. Beth didn’t have a boyfriend, but would “hook up” every few weeks or so. She told Sara it was her way of “blowing off steam,” xslot when the stress of study got to her. Sara didn’t really mind; Doug spent the night much more often than Beth had guys over, and Beth never complained about it, so it only seemed fair that Beth should have her fun, too.

Beth unwrapped both of her towels, one for her hair and one for her body, and tossed them onto her bunk. She began to comb her long, dark hair, completely nude, in front of the full-length mirror. Her perfect, natural double-D breasts hung from her chest like two large teardrops, their large pink nipples pointing slightly upwards, stiff from the drafty room. It still being late winter, her body was pale all over, with a bit more color in her forearms and face. In between her legs was a thick patch of black hair that contrasted sharply with her milky-white thighs and abdomen.

Sara caught herself looking at her roommate for just a moment as she and Doug went over their trip details. She liked Beth a lot – they had been good friends since freshman year – but she was just a bit uncomfortable with her casual nudity. She knew Beth often slept naked. Beth had the top bunk, and Sara couldn’t help but notice her jumping to the floor in all her birthday glory some mornings. Still, she should have spoken up about it last September. Five months into the year was far too late to start making a fuss about it. Anyway, it wasn’t like she was a Lesbian trying to seduce her or anything, with all of those guys she was bringing home.

“Ok, honey, I love you! I’m gonna go now. Class in a few minutes,” Sara said into the phone. Then in a quieter voice, “I’ll see you tonight, big boy!” Sara hung up the phone. “Yes!” she shouted, pumping her fist into the air.

“I take it Doug was able to sell the Tortoise, huh? Awesome! Do you guys still want me to come along?” Beth asked.

“Well, my parents would be a lot happier if we had someone else with us. I mean, it’s not like they own me or anything, but, well, you know how parents are. They still think I’m a virgin,” Sara said with a snicker.

“You were when you came here in ’01,” Beth said, grinning.

“Shut up! Anyway,” Sara continued, “the resort in Costa Negra only has suites, and it would be a lot cheaper split three ways. You’d have your own room…”

“You mean I don’t have to spend each night hearing ‘squeak, squeak, squeak’ beneath me?”

Sara turned three shades of red. “Beth! You know we’ve never done it with you in the room!”

“That’s what you think,” Beth said with a wink. Honestly, sometimes Sara didn’t know when Beth was joking. “But seriously, I saved up for a Spring Break trip, and I wanted to hold out and see if you two were really going.”

“You don’t think you’ll feel like a third wheel?” Sara asked.

“No, not at all. You know how good I am at finding fun things to do.”

“Or fun people to do?” Sara quipped. She thought that might get her a bit red-faced, but Beth, now putting on makeup but still bare-ass naked, just gave her a smile and a wink in return. Call her a slut to her face and she takes it as a complement. Sara just couldn’t figure that girl out.


March couldn’t roll around soon enough. Sara and Beth had both gone shopping, picking out the skimpiest outfits they could stand to wear. Sara chose a very revealing, low-cut yellow string bikini. It wasn’t a thong, but it still didn’t give a whole lot of coverage in the rear. The top did a great job of drawing attention to her tits. They didn’t quite cover them completely, revealing a tantalizing glimpse at the sides and bottoms of her globes. She was glad she could tan in the buff, or tan lines almost certainly would have spoiled the look. She also bought a matching yellow sarong and black halter top for wearing away from the beach.

Beth went for broke. She couldn’t find what she was looking for at any sporting goods or department store. So she dragged Sara into a lingerie shop, where she found what could only be described as two pieces of black dental floss. Beth modeled the “swimsuit” for Sara in the dressing room.

“So, what do you think?” Beth asked Sara as she pirouetted.

“It’s obscene! Look, your bush is totally hanging out the sides!” Sara pointed to the narrow patch of fabric that basically covered her outer labia and nothing else.

“Oh, that’s ok. I can wax down there before we go,” was all Beth had to xslot Giriş say.

“And the back. It’s just a piece of string that disappears into your ass. It looks like your butt is totally naked!”

Truth be told, that did make Beth a little bit nervous. It was the least favorite part of her body, and ordinarily she would want to keep it as covered as possible. But there was something so exotic about the way she looked in the mirror, as she turned her head around to look at her bare ass. It wasn’t herself in the mirror, but some hottie on a beach in Brazil, where Beth knew they appreciated a bit more padding down there. Of course, no one in Brazil was as pale as she was, but that could be remedied soon enough.

“Look, it’s Costa Negra,” Beth said. “If there’s any time to wear an exciting outfit in public, it’s there. Lots of partying kids, nobody we know, and there’ll be plenty of other ‘teeny bikinis’ out there, believe me. It’s our one time to go really nuts.” Beth held her massive breasts in her hands and gave them a little heft. “How do you like the top?”

“I guess, technically speaking, it’s decent,” was all Sara could say. Two tiny black triangles barely covered her areolas. They couldn’t possibly have given any sort of support, but Sara marveled at how much cleavage she was able to achieve in them.

Beth did a little jog in place. Her boobs jiggled. “I think this thing will stay in place,” she said. She jumped up and down vigorously until she was able to get one of her nipples to slip out from under its triangle. “And if it doesn’t, then oh well. Oops!”

All Sara could do was sigh as Beth took off the bikini (stripping naked right there with her still in the fitting room) and got dressed. She purchased the suit, as well as a few sheer sarongs she had spotted elsewhere in the store.


About two weeks before Spring Break, one of those freak warm spells swept through the state. It was getting up into the mid-60s, which felt really warm after the cold winter weather. Students were out in t-shirts, some in shorts. Many students were out tanning. On her way to class, Sara took a few glances here and there at some of the more buff guys, including a group playing Frisbee. Sure, she was faithful to Doug, but that didn’t keep her from looking around.

As she made her way up the Hill to Petersen Hall, she was getting increasingly annoyed at the slow pace of the people walking in front of her. It was always a crowded walkway between classes, but couldn’t they at least pick up the pace? Frustrated, Sara decided to step over the railing onto the grass so she could march around the sluggish crowd. It was then that she saw the cause of the traffic jam: Beth was out tanning in her new thong! She was lying face down on a towel, her ass exposed to the world, reading one of her textbooks. As Beth was uphill from her, Sara got way more of a view of her roommate’s rear end than she ever wanted to see. While attempting to avert her eyes, she walked around to face Beth.

“Oh, hi Sara,” Beth said as she looked up from her reading.

“Don’t you think you’re maybe just a little bit underdressed?” Sara asked her.

“Oh, c’mon. All the important stuff is covered.”

“Your ass is totally exposed!” Sara whisper-shouted. “Doesn’t that concern you in the least?”

“Well, I wanted to get a tan before our trip, and I didn’t want to have tan lines showing when I wore my bikini,” Beth explained. “I don’t exactly see anyone calling the cops, do you?”

“Whatever.” Sara just had to chalk this up to Beth being Beth. “Don’t you have a bag with you? Some clothes to change into?”

“Nah, if I need to cover up, I’ve got my towel. What’s the big deal?”

“I’m late for class,” Sara said. “Just… just don’t get into trouble, OK?”

“I’ll be fine, Sara,” Beth replied. “This is kind of a thrill, being out here like this. Anyway, I need the tan, and I don’t like those tanning salons.”

Sara continued her trek up the hill, leaving Beth to her reading. As she returned to the walkway, she overheard a couple of guys:

“Will you look at that body! That chick’s got curves to spare. Man, what I’d give to fuck a girlie like that. Mmm,” said the first guy.

“She’s totally wild in bed, too. Absolute animal. Blow your freaking mind,” the other said.

“Wait, how do you know…? You didn’t, did you?”

“Hooked up last fall. Tried xslot Güncel Giriş to give her a call the next week, but she gave me a fake number. I don’t even know her name…”

Sara just shook her head in disgust as she continued on her way to class.


Beth was a lot more nervous than she let on to Sara. In fact, she was scared out of her wits, but the adrenaline surging through her veins was getting her incredibly hot. “Geez, I’m so screwed up,” she thought. “Why do I get off on being scared?” She realized that there was a good chance of some authority or other telling her to cover up, or her being embarrassed in some horrible way. She knew people were staring at her, pointing at her, talking about her. She knew people could see her humongous ass. Yet somehow all of this got her incredibly wet. She was glad that what little suit she had was black; otherwise people surely would notice her wetness when she turned over.

Beth lay there tanning and reading for about 45 minutes. She didn’t have any more classes that day, but it was starting to get late, and it was getting a little bit cloudy; every time the sun would go behind a cloud, the cool air would chill her. She decided it was time to head back to the dorm and take a much-needed shower. Rather than wrap her towel around her, she though it would be fun to carry her book, keys, and her towel to one side, and walk back wearing only her bikini.

As she got up, she was almost trembling with fear, but willed her trepidation aside. She was going to do this, and enjoy every minute of it. She began her quarter-mile walk back to the dorms, just as classes were letting out that period. Over the entire walk, everyone was staring at her. The guys were giving her whistles and catcalls. The girls were giving her dirty looks. She passed Petersen Hall, towards Toddhunter. An old, grey-haired math professor coming out of Toddhunter stopped suddenly upon seeing her, gasped, and just stared, open-mouthed. Beth just continued her walk, hoping that her outer composure would keep her from betraying the pulse-pounding fear that was building up inside her.

Finally, she got to Hollister, her dorm. She made it. Not until after about 3,000 students had seen her walking through campus in almost nothing, but she made it. She ran up the stairs to her second-floor room, grabbed her shower gear, and went straight to the bathroom.

Once inside, she immediately tore off both pieces of dental floss she was wearing, and tossed them into one of the sinks. Seeing that no one else was in the room, she leaned back against the cool, cinder-block wall, spread her legs, and plunged two fingers into her sopping pussy.

“Oh god oh god, I’m so hot, sooo wet, so open,” she whispered to herself as she marveled at how easily her dry fingers had just slipped right into her. She added a third finger, making sure to give her clit a good rub on each stroke, both in and out. She bit her lip, trying to stifle her moans. She enjoyed traipsing about in her teeny-bikini, but she wasn’t really keen on the whole dorm knowing she was getting off in the bathroom. She replayed the afternoon’s events in her mind. Pictured all of those other students staring at her, ogling her, talking about her. Her mind reeled in the glory of her willful exposure. After less than a minute, she stared to feel her cunt tense up. Followed by her thighs. And then just about every muscle in her body. Beth scrunched her eyes closed as she prepared herself for her impending explosion.

The tension and pressure over her whole body continued to build for several more seconds. Her fingers were buried deep within her pussy, locked into place. She couldn’t move even if she had wanted to. Then the dam burst, and all of the pent-up pressure washed over her – a torrent of pleasure, first in one long rush, then in wave after wave. Her love canal contracted over her hand, rapidly squeezing and releasing. Her whole body was shaking and trembling, and she had to hold herself against the wall with all of her might.

Beth blacked out for a few seconds after that, and found herself on the floor, sitting against the wall. She was panting heavily, and her clit was still sending pulses of exquisite pleasure up to her brain with every rapid beat of her heart.

“Holy mother fucking shit,” she said out loud. “That…” she panted, “…is what it’s all about.”

She weakly got to her feet, grabbed her shower caddy and towel, and took a long, hot shower, where she made sure to clean every single part of herself. She paid special attention to one or two particular parts, and even made very special use of her brush handle to bring herself to another wonderful, albeit weaker orgasm.