To the Rescue

Female Ejaculation

A brief note, in case you clicked a link where the category isn’t displayed, because this is new content for me. This is a gay male cross-dressing story. If that’s not your thing, now is your chance to hit the back button.

It’s also a quickie, so if you like more developed tales, keep that in mind as well.


The music was loud. The bar was crowded. Norm had a good buzz going, and hadn’t paid for a single drink all night. Actually, Natalie hadn’t paid for a drink all night, because that was the name he used — when he felt like offering it — on these little jaunts.

He knew he looked good as a woman. Heads turned and men approached him relentlessly every time he dressed to kill and hit the town. There was no better cure for the sadness of a breakup than having a bar full of straight men hitting on him.

For the first time since he’d caught Nick stepping out on him the previous weekend, he felt alive again. He should have known better. The moment Nick had called his kink of dressing up as a woman weird, he should have dropped him like a hot rock.

He had such a wonderful cock, though, Norm silently lamented. Then he thought, Enough of that.

Fortunately, the material of his little black dress was thick enough to hide his own cock, which had been rock hard from the moment he caught his ride-share driver checking out his ass upon arriving at the bar. It started throbbing when he saw a handsome man at the other end of the bar quickly try to hide his stare when their eyes met.

He hadn’t danced with anyone for an hour. If the gorgeous hunk made the move it appeared he was on the verge of, that might change very soon.

Norm’s two friends returned from the restroom at about that time. They were nurses at the hospital, whom he’d met through his job as an EMT. The girls were dressed to kill as well, and the three of them had garnered a large share of male attention the whole evening. Their only competition sat at a table, celebrating the twenty-first birthday of one member of their foursome.

Danielle said, “That guy over in the corner is checking you out, Natalie.”

His voice pitched upward into the well-practiced tone of Natalie, Norm said, “So is the guy at the end of the bar.”

Mary said, “He’s at it again.”

Danielle and Norm both turned toward the table of giggling young girls, having no need to ask who he was. Though none of them had ever seen him before, he had made somewhat of a spectacle of himself making overtures to the freshly legal girls several times over the evening. While he was relatively handsome, and Norm had noticed an interesting bulge between his legs, the man looked to be in his thirties, and the girls simply weren’t interested.

He was also becoming more obnoxious and insistent as his level of inebriation grew.

Mary leaned in close and said, “You could go rescue them.”

Danielle let out a purring moan. “That would be so perfect. He deserves it, too.”

Norm knew exactly what they were talking about. Because he wasn’t comfortable using either of the public restrooms while dressed up, he had convinced the owner to give him a copy of the staff restroom key. The first time he’d utilized it had inspired a fantasy. The thought of sucking off a straight man made his cock throb.

“That’s a fantasy,” Norm argued. “I never thought about actually doing it.” His eyes wandered back to the drunk, and he found himself trying to peer through the man’s jeans.

“You’re thinking about it now,” Danielle said knowingly.

Mary encouraged him as well. “Save them and every other girl in here from him, and fulfill that fantasy at the same time. What’s not to love?”

“Do it. Do it,” Danielle quietly chanted. Mary joined in on the third one.

Norm chuckled and said, “Okay, stop.” He had barely looked away from the man since Mary had brought up the fantasy. His cock was throbbing like mad, and he was certain he was leaking pre-cum into his panties. The lure was impossible to ignore.

He slipped off the bar stool.

One of the young women offered him a pleading glance as he approached the table. The drunk was saying, “Come on. Just one dance. That’s all I want.”

Norm tapped him on the shoulder. He turned with an irritated expression on his face, looking as if he was about to snarl something, but that faded quickly. The guy broke out into a smile and said, “Hello there.”

Don’t say ‘General Kenobi’, Norm thought, though the meme was difficult to resist, even in his nervousness. He hadn’t really thought about what he was going to say or do. He was caught up in a rush of aroused fantasy.

At a loss, but more or less committed, he took the direct approach. He leaned in close to the man’s ear — placing a hand on his chest in the process — and said, “Why don’t you leave the little girls alone, come with me, and let a woman suck that cock?”

The drunk leaned back and asked, “You serious?”

Norm didn’t answer. He was too nervous to think of anything to say. Instead, he turned and sauntered toward the restrooms with his ass swaying. He made a point of not looking at his friends. The girls would undoubtedly be giggling and watching with glee.

He did, however, look back to see that his ploy had worked. The guy was following — his eyes fixed on Norm’s ass. Norm grinned, twitched his eyebrows, and then directed his attention to picking a path through the other patrons.

The closer he drew to the restroom, the more the butterflies in his stomach frenzied. He nearly abandoned the idea, slowed his gait, and looked back in preparation to talk his way out of it. It so happened that he turned just as the man on his tail adjusted the even more swollen bulge in his jeans.

That was enough to make his mouth water, his cock throb, and his arousal to surge enough to drown his nerves.

Norm pulled the key to the restroom out of his clutch purse as he approached. When he stopped to unlock the door, the guy asked, “How did you get a key?”

Norm slipped the key back in his purse, stepped inside, and turned on the lights. “Come on,” he said in Natalie’s sultry voice.

Norm’s nerves reasserted themselves in the bright light of the restroom. It was entirely possible that the guy would realize he was cross-dressed without the concealing shadows of the bar. Fortunately, there was nothing but hunger in the man’s eyes as Norm locked the door.

Norm sat his purse down on the edge of the sink — and after a brief moment of worry for his stockings — dropped down to his knees. It was the easiest way to keep the man from pawing at him and discovering that his small breasts were falsies, or knocking his short, black wig askew.

“You don’t mess around, do you?” the drunk asked.

“Not when I see something I want,” Norm seductively replied while reaching for the button of the guy’s jeans. He then brushed away the man’s questing hand, looked up at him, and said, “No hands, and stay quiet. We don’t want to get caught.”

Thankfully, the drunk let his hand fall back to his side and said, “If the same goes for you.”

“Oh, I think I can do that,” Norm cooed, and then went to work on the fastenings of the guy’s pants.

Unhooking the button proved a little more difficult than he had anticipated with the fake nails, but Norm managed it. The zipper was another thing entirely. The pressure behind it made it slide easily downward, and Norm moaned at the sight of the bulge in the man’s briefs. He quickly tugged down both jeans and underwear, and then gasped at the sight of the erect organ.

“Like that do you, honey?” the guy asked.

Norm looked up at him, fixed him with a sultry gaze, and said, “Let me show you.”

The guy groaned as Norm lapped up the length of his cock — ending with a flick at the ridge of the helmet. He turned his head, licking along the side of the throbbing shaft, and filling his lungs with the scent of manly musk. After a few more licks, he turned his attention to the head.

“God damn,” the drunk growled as Norm’s tongue slathered all over the swollen tip.

His cock practically screaming for attention, Norm reached down and under his dress to assuage the ache, while he licked the cock in front of him. He mimed a woman playing with herself as best he could. After a little experimentation, he found that if he cupped his fingers under his balls, and used his palm to rub his cock, the slippery satin of his panties felt absolutely heavenly.

“Suck it, honey,” The guy said in a voice deep with need.

Norm wrangled the hard cock in front of him with his lips and tongue, and then took it in — almost to the root.

The man gasped, and then muttered, “Holy fucking shit.”

Norm moaned around the cock in his mouth as he sucked slowly back to the head. The moment his lips touched the ridge of the man’s cock helmet, he plunged back down again. Knowing that it was a straight man’s cock in his mouth, and that people were just outside in the bathroom hall gave him a thrill like nothing he’d ever experienced before.

The drunk’s hands clenched into fists at his side — tightening even more every time Norm swallowed his cock. He grunted his pleasure, and after a few sucks, growled, “You sure know how to take a dick.”

Norm let the delicious cock slip from his lips for a moment, and between teasing flicks of his tongue, mimed the man’s earlier comment of, “You like that, do you?”

“Fuck yeah, honey. Suck that dick.”

Norm was all too happy to comply. He was so turned on that he had to slow the circles of his palm over his cock, because the itch in the tip was swelling too quickly.

“You playing with that pussy, too?” the guy asked.

Norm moaned, “Mmm hmm,” as he sucked his way back to the tip.

“Make them panties wet.”

Norm was doing exactly that — though not in the way the guy meant. He could feel the slippery pre-cum where the head of his cock rubbed against his skin. There was a lot of it.

Excitement caused him to suck feverishly. He needed to fulfill his fantasy, and feel a straight cock explode in his mouth. The man’s hips began to buck, but Norm handled it with ease. He was still used to Nick’s slightly bigger cock, and his ex had frequently fucked his mouth hard.

Soon enough, his nose was pressing deep into the untrimmed hair above the guy’s prick, and tight balls were slapping against his chin. Norm kept his lips sealed around the rock-hard shaft, and maintained masterful control over his gag reflex.

The drunk’s grunts grew louder, and his thrusts harder. Norm took the big cock like a champ, which only seemed to push the man faster toward a peak. He felt the stiff organ swelling, and began to rub his own cock hard and fast through his slippery panties.

Chills shot all through Norm’s body when the man loudly grunted, and blasted hot, sticky cum directly down his throat. He wasn’t oozing — he was shooting. Norm could feel it spurting as the big organ pulsed. Some flooded back around the head in his throat, setting his taste buds alight with the bittersweet, salty flavor.

Norm shuddered as he erupted a moment later, saturating his pretty satin panties with a fierce ejaculation of semen. He fought against the shockwaves from his own throes of ecstasy to keep his lips locked on the man’s cock.

Again and again, viscous eruptions filled his mouth and slid down his throat. He could feel his own cum dribbling down his skin, and beginning to ooze through the creases in his tight balls. His panties were wet against his palm, and becoming wetter by the moment.

Norm couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt so alive, or sexy. All the straight cum in his belly made him feel warm all over.

Eventually, the grunts arising from above took on a pained tone, and the gasps turned more desperate. Norm reluctantly let his lips slide along the sensitive, still-pulsing cock in his mouth, until it slipped from his lips with a wet pop. The man who had just filled his mouth stutter-stepped backwards, where he leaned heavily against the wall and gasped for breath.

Norm licked his lips and looked up, reveling in the man’s red-faced, surprised, and utterly satisfied expression.

“Holy… Holy fucking shit,” the drunk muttered after a few seconds. “Never had a woman suck me off like that before.”

And you still haven’t, Norm thought with devilish amusement. It made him shiver.

“Did… Did you come too?”

Norm’s fingers were damp from the cum leaking through his panties, so he nodded, lifted his hand, and showed the glistening fingers before sucking them clean.

“You’re fucking incredible,” the guy muttered, and then chuckled.

Norm reached out and daintily pulled the man’s briefs over his softening cock, which caused the drunk to stiffen and gasp. He then wrestled up the man’s jeans as well — though he left them unfastened. Then he stood up and was happy to see he hadn’t torn any runs in the knees of his stockings.

The drunk looked as if he was about to say something, but Norm cut him off. “This was fun, but it was just fun.” He gave the man’s crotch a playful pat and continued, “Why don’t you head home and sleep it off? You look a little spent.”

That earned him a weak chuckle and a comment of, “A little?”

“Maybe we’ll see each other again, but for tonight… Go on. I need to freshen up a little.”

Though he looked disappointed, the man nodded, fastened his pants, and exited the bathroom. Norm quickly locked the door again, and attended to the first order of business — wiping as much cum out of his panties as he could with handfuls of toilet paper.

Once he felt he was presentable enough to make a brief appearance in public before calling for a ride home, Norm returned to his friends at the bar. They both smiled and simultaneously said, “You go girl.”

Norm chuckled and theatrically licked his freshly painted lips. He then sat down — keenly aware of the now clammy mess still in his panties — and asked, “Did he leave?”

They both nodded, and Danielle said, “He walked straight out the door. The look on his face was absolutely priceless.”

Norm pulled out his phone and said, “I need to call a ride and head home. I’m a mess.”

Mary said, “And beaming like the cat that caught the canary.”

Norm couldn’t resist. “More like the tiger that swallowed the cock.”


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