Emma and Becky Training Ch. 01


This is my first try at posting, please be kind although some constructive criticism would be helpful. If I get good feedback I will continue the story. I hope you all enjoy!


Emma has always been dominant. To an outsider she looked innocent, due to her long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She knew she was attractive and definitely used it to her advantage.

She had been with Becky for almost two months now and That was two months of constant passion, every night after getting home they eat dinner, clean up, open a bottle of cheap wine, and hold and tease each other until the soaps had ended. At which point they moved to the bedroom.

Today Emma had decided to take control.

She had some toys from her last relationship that she hadn’t been able to use since.

She left work early, to get everything ready and in place. She placed the handcuffs and, a blindfold hidden under a pillow, then tied two ropes to the foot of the bed and hid them underneath the duvet.

She was getting wet just thinking of what she was planning to do, despite having all her toys out she resisted the urge to start playing with herself.

She found her corset and matching pantyhose, and left them in the Washing basket in the bathroom with a fresh towel on top.

She got dressed in a blue mini skirt exposing her long tanned legs and, a white shirt which she left open but the button just below her large breasts. The went to the kitchen to start to prepare dinner.

Becky arrived home on time, and Emma greeted her at the door, “Hey sexy!”

Becky kissed Emma “Hey beautiful, what’s for dinner? It smells great!” She asked.

“Meatballs tagliatelle, with sour cream cheese sauce and sweet chili’s and peppers.” Said Emma as she run her hand up Emma’s back.

“Go, get changed, and have a shower.. Before I rip them off, and burn the food!”

“mmm.. sound’s great, ok won’t be long” Becky replied as she walked to the bathroom stripping off her clothes seductively, and turning to check if Emma was watching.

Emma bit her lip as she watched Becky go to the shower, watching her cute butt with the rose tattoo move as she walked. She took a deep breath, then went back to the kitchen to finish and serve the meal.

Becky showered excitedly.

She’d been thinking about bursa eskort comming home to Emma all day, and showering was only making her more horny.

She got out after a quick wash, and dried herself off with the towel that was left hanging up. then pulled her silk robe on and fastened it around her waist.

Becky entered the kitchen, her smooth legs still shining from the shower.

“How was your day?” Emma asked while serving the dinner.

“Boring, all meetings and guys staring at me,” Becky replied as she sat at the table “Same as usual, how about you?”

“Good, just been catching up on paper work,” Emma replied, “..and thinking about you all day” she said with a grin, and glanced at Becky’s chest which was glistening from the water running down her short red hair.

“Really… like what?” Becky asked as she played with her robe adjusting it to show a little more cleavage.

“You will find out later.” Emma said pointed

Becky smiled at this “can’t wait.”

They stopped talking and eat in silence, mostly exchanging glances at each other.

After they both finished Emma stood up and said,

“I will wash up, you go open the wine.”

“You sure.. you cooked, and it was soo good.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. now get that sexy butt on that sofa!”

Becky couldn’t help smiling as she walked into the living room and pulled up her robe showing off her ass again. Then sat on the sofa, opened the bottle of wine, and switched the tv on.

When Emma had finished, she made her way to the livingroom. She jumped onto the sofa and slid over to Becky.

“Have I missed anything?” Emma asked while she put a hand on her thigh and squeezed.

“No, just the adverts.” Becky replied catching Emma’s hand, pulling it to her mouth and kissing it gently, then placed it back on her leg. They stared for a moment, then kissed each other.

It’s was 9pm when there shows had finished, “Time for bed” Becky said as she got up. She kissed Emma then removed her robe, then led to the bedroom by her hand.

Emma glanced at the bathroom as they walked past and let a slight smile flash on her face, she pulled Becky back and pinned her to the wall and kissed her. they rolled down the wall kissing passionately until they got to the bedroom. bursa merkez escort

Becky pushed Emma into the bedroom, Emma landed on the bed and before she could sit up Becky was on her.

She spreads Emma’s leg’s and began lapping at her wet pink pussy. She was so wet Becky slid two fingers into her pussy, and started thrust fast going in and slow comming out, every now and then spreading her fingers a little

Emma bit her lip and moaned “yeah baby, faster, just like that.”

Becky sped up going as fast she could, then slowed down to fit a third finger in, and used her other hand to rub her breasts, and it wasn’t long before Emma was in a screaming orgasm.

After Emma caught her breath, she took control she pushed Becky to the bed and straddled on top of her, this was normal for them, Emma moved in to kiss Becky. But stopped just short grabbing her arms and raising them above her head. She pinned them there as she made contact with the kiss.

She slowly moved a hand away from Becky’s then pulled out the handcuffs making sure they were threaded through the headboard before snapping them on her wrists. Becky struggled for a moment, then smiled broadly as Emma slid off of her, she started to kiss down her body, then stopped and tied her feet to the ropes, forcing her legs open leaving her pussy exposed.

“Be right back, I’ve got to get changed.” Emma said as she left the room.

Becky laid there feeling more horny by the second thinking of what Emma had planned, then she heard the shower switch on, and the sound of Emma stepping in, she couldn’t help imagine her covered in soapy bubbles, and slowly touching herself. As she imagined this, she forgot about the cuffs and tried to move her hands to touch herself. She moaned as she felt the steel cuffs on her wrists, stopping her from even reaching her head.

An hour later, Emma returned to the room, in a tight corset and black pantyhose, Becky looked annoyed “You came back then.” she said pouting.

“Yes, my little plaything,” Emma replied as she leaned over Becky to pull out the blindfold she left earlier.

“Now listen carefully.. I will not be letting you out tonight.. You will be in this blindfold until tomorrow.. You will do anything I tell you.. And you will not come bursa sınırsız escort unless I give you permission, do you understand?” She said factually.

Becky hesitated, she had never seen Emma acting like this, although she had heard some things she used to do with her ex, and she often fantasized about them, but they never talked about it.

Becky felt a pinch on her nipple, and re-focused on Emma.

“Understand!?” Becky felt her pussy get wet at the question.

“yes!” she said quickly.

Emma slipped the blindfold on, and Becky’s senses went into overload. All she could think about is how hot and wet her pussy was.

she heard Emma moving and pulling a box from underneath the bed.

Emma found the vibrator that she had been looking for. She got onto the bed and turned the vibrator on, it only had an on or off switch, but it was more powerful than her other ones she owned. She placed it an inch away from her pussy on the mattress.

Becky moaned and squirmed trying to get closer to it.

Emma giggled as she watched and groped Becky’s boob’s and played with her nipples which by this point was rock hard, then Emma took the vibrator and placed it on Becky’s clit, she held it there for 20 seconds before Becky asked “Can I come?”

Emma stopped and placed it back on the bed still vibrating “no, you have to please me first.”

Becky groaned and caught her breath.

Emma giggled again and got up, slid her panties to one side and straddled over Becky’s face, “Eat my pussy!”

Becky recognized the sweet smell of Emma and without hesitation started to lick and suck on her pussy, even with the blindfold and lack of movement, she knew how Emma liked it and was doing her best to please her.

Emma started to play with her breasts and rub her clit. Emma gasped and placed the vibrator to touch Becky’s clit again.

Becky was so close to coming that she could Barely focus on finishing Emma, but the moment she stopped the vibrator went away. So Becky continued to Lick and felt Emma’s come gush onto her face.

Becky was almost out of control, “Please.. Can I come!?”

Emma got off of Becky and gave her a deep kiss, As she removed the vibrator and said, “No.” firmly, then ordered Becky “Keep your mouth open.”

she went back to her box and pulled out a ball gag, she wiped the gag on Becky’s pussy covering it in her juices before fitting it into her mouth.

Emma leaned over and said calmly “thank you, you are such a good girl, I may even let you come tomorrow, if I think you deserve it. for now get some sleep. We have a long weekend ahead of us.”