Young Player’s plan gets twisted

Ava Addams

Young Player’s plan gets twisted

Pursuer becomes the pursued

All characters are over 18.

Chapter 1 (no sexy bits)

Tonya, I first saw her in the halls of high school three months before graduation. In vocational training I only attended until 12:30 each day, to me senior high was a necessary evil.

I’m not a social butterfly, the quarterback of the football team or an outcast. My plan to endure boring, monotonous, and unchallenging high school included going unnoticed, get my class work in on time and get laid as much as possible.

Formal education was only in the morning thing before heading off to work at a local auto repair place where I’ve learned to be a mechanic and make decent money. At school, I’ve learned how to flirt with and date several girls at a time as long as they did not share classes. One girl-one class rule, I called it.

Tonya was not in any of my classes, a year behind me, she was a junior, and new to our school. It made a few enquires and one friend, Robert, knew a bit about her. They had held her back a year because of poor attendance, family drama that spiraled out of control and resulted in Child Protective Services stepping in and placing her in foster care. Our school like so many others is a place full of cliques, and hot looking slut puppy living in a foster home became an instant outcast to all of them.

One thing for sure, my cock stirred every time I saw her strawberry blond hair, tiny waist, blue eyes and free spirit walk by, almost saying fuck you to the whole school. She seemed independent, and confident; in that way we were kindred spirits.

It’s almost impossible to flirt up a girl you only see a few seconds a day. I began with a smile every time I saw her and plotted my path between classes to cross face to face. After a few days she smiled back, so I added a “Hi” she added a “Hi” back.

At 18, I was no Casanova, and there was precious seconds to make it from one end of the building, cross paths with her and then divert back to my scheduled class. I stopped her on a Tuesday, introduced myself, and asked for her number. She gave it to me, I walked away beaming.

Over the course of the next week, we talked or texted on the phone. I learned she was on a permanent restriction by the foster parents. Not allowed to date, foster mom’s super controlling nature even extended to her husband, Bob, who had some office job.

The home was ruled with an iron fist by Nancy, the foster mom.

Things looked bleak for my conquest of Tonya. If I couldn’t get her out of the house, and Nancy controlled everything in the house, I had no clear-cut plan to get Tonya between the sheets.

Tonya kept talking to foster mom, Nancy, about me and working her to allow us to date, eventually Nancy caved, she agreed to have me over for dinner. A chaperoned date inside the house with both fosters there.

I thought this would be a weird and uncomfortable evening, but the hope that I might get a date with Tonya and end up naked in the back seat of my car had me agreeing to it.

I scheduled it on a Thursday night, so as not to tie up my weekend and not be able to get laid elsewhere during the prime time of the weekend. Part of the premise of the “date” was helping Tonya with classwork, a total deception on our part since we had no classes together.

Learning that she aged out of foster care on her 18th and her fosters allowed her to stay until she graduated high school as long as she lived by their rules.

I arrived, nervous, not knowing what to expect. Expecting Nancy, the evil foster to open the door in a Nazi uniform with a riding crop. Lol

Tonya opened the door and let me in. An older home. Simply decorated. Unusually plain. The food smelled great, a pot roast with potatoes and navy beans, the unmistakable smell of cornbread baking.

I had pictured Nancy as this mean, stern, controlling woman in her 40s, as common of most parents of the girls I was dipping my wick into. Nance initially disarming, maybe 30-35? I guessed. Bob, her husband, was older, maybe 40 I guessed.

After pleasantries were exchanged, we sat for dinner. We held hands in prayer before the meal, raised in a non-religious family I had never done this, but it was the first time I touched Tonya, holding her hand and sacrilegious or not my 18-year-old dick stirred. Amen to that.

The food good, the cornbread excellent, I had more than my fair share. As expected, I got the third degree of my plans for the future. I explained my interest in cars, my plan on getting a skilled trade job of mechanic so I would make enough money for college.

My plan sat well with Bob, he lamented on finishing high school and getting a college degree. He bragged on himself for allowing Tonya to stay through the end of high school even though the state had stopped paying for her expenses, the normal stuff…

After dinner Bob returned to the living room, sat in his recliner and turned on the TV.

Nancy joined mardin escort him, and Tonya, and I cleared the table, one of her many chores.

I asked, “Want them in the dishwasher?”

A quick look of panic from Tonya, “No, just stack them here, she doesn’t use the dishwasher.”

Weird, I thought, but did as requested.

Adjoining the kitchen was a hall leading to the bedrooms.

Tonya’s room, the first, contained a simple twin bed, an old-style wood desk, a table lamp and book shelf with a mix of school books and some paperback novels. There’s a small dresser with a printer on it and a complete absence of any wall decorations.

I had closed the door upon entering and wondered if bedding her would be possible with the fosters two rooms away. My plan was dashed as we sat at the desk, and the door opened behind us and Nancy said, “the door remains open while you are here,”

She left the door about half open/half closed as she walked back into the kitchen.

Tonya opened a school book to continue the charade We talked quietly, almost a whisper.

“What’s with the dishwasher?”

“She won’t use it, says it doesn’t get the dishes clean. She spends an hour a night hand washing dishes,” Tonya explained, rolling her eyes. “If I don’t have homework, I have to do them, so I have a lot of homework,” she grinned.

The desk was in the corner of the small room between the wall and the twin bed.

I touched her cheek, and we kissed for the first time. Both of us eager with anticipation.

We figured out as long as we heard dishes being washed, we’re in the clear. If the water stopped, we had to resume our fake studies. My first night there, she allowed me under her shirt, and she did one good feel of my cock over my pants. Yeah, I would be back.


Chapter 2 (lead into the sexy bits)

Over the course of the next few weeks, the routine continued. Dinner, stack dishes, make out in the corner of her bedroom. She allowed me to finger her from time to time, and would cum in a few minutes of this play. I think partially because of the taboo nature of breaking Nancy’s rules and partially because I am awesome. Lol, just kidding.

In our phone conversations, Tonya had expressed to me her unwillingness to break Nancy’s rules for fear of being forced out. Completely understandable, Tonya was under Nancy’s control or could be homeless without graduating high school.

Eventually, we got caught, Nancy popped into the bedroom, and when seeing us kissing (fortunately I wasn’t fingering Tonya) Nancy asked me sternly to help with the pots and pans.

It wasn’t a question, and I stood and followed her back to the sink. My cock was rigid from the teasing that had defined our relationship.

Tonya worried and followed but turned back when Nancy said- “Back to your studies, alone,” Tonya sank and returned to her room.

Bob was watching the tube in the other room, and Nancy looked me eye to eye and grabbed my meat over my jeans. “Have you been fucking her? She asked, gripping my cock.

“N, N no,” I stuttered out.

“There is no way she is willing to break your rules,” further defending.

“So, this pecker has never touched her? No blow jobs, She hasn’t jerked you off?” Nancy’s sliding her hand up and down my cock on the outside of my pants, searching my eyes for any admission.

“No, I promise,” I feared for the control she had over Tonya.

She released her grip.

“She’s not on birth control, you know.” Nancy said flatly.

“No, I didn’t, we have just kissed, we haven’t even talked about having sex,” deny, deny, deny.

“Do those pots and pans,” she ordered.

I turned to the sink, terrified that she was contemplating turning Tonya out for our transgression.

I began scrubbing the stuck and hardened macaroni from the first pot, running water in it to help the process. She walked to Tonya’s room, opened the door, said something, closed the door and returned. She walked to the living room, looked at Bob, and returned.

I had started on the second skillet as she walked behind me. She’s tall for a girl, maybe 5’8″. She reached around me from behind and began undoing my belt and jeans. I didn’t know what to think. I knew that Tonya position, was perilous at best, so I continued washing. She worked my jeans about halfway down my ass, my cock rigid and pointed at the ceiling.

She placed her hand around my man meat and began to slowly pump me. Not in so much as an erotic way, more in a measuring kind of way. “You’ve fucked that young cunt, there is no way this big dick hasn’t stretched her,” she accused.

“No, we haven’t, I swear,” I was telling the truth.

“What time do you get out of school?” Nancy asked.

“12:30, I have to be at work at 1:00,” Nancy’s hand still on my cock.

“Call work tomorrow and tell them you’re going to be an hour late, come by here as soon as you get out,” It was not a question, it was an order, and she marmaris escort released me.

“Put your pants back on,” another order, I complied.

“Go home, don’t call or text tonight, I will be talking to Tonya, your story better be the same from her end.

I was terrified, shaking even as the door closed. Fear for Tonya, guilty for pursuing her, and the position that that had put her into. Still, my little brain in the end of my dick was confused by Nancy pulling my cock from my pants and stroking me. It wasn’t sexual, and I couldn’t reason what happened and why. Was she measuring me? not in inches or girth.

Was she was measuring my reaction on how far I would protect Tonya? Nancy’s direct and controlling ways had me confused by the whole series of events.

Late to class or not, I needed to talk to Tonya the next day but did not text because I didn’t know if Tonya had her phone or Nancy had taken it from her. We crossed at our usual spot between classes.

“Are you ok, are you in trouble?” I asked.

“She gave me the third-degree last night, I stuck with what you said, we have just kissed, I listened through the wall last night,” she explained.

“Why does she want me to come over after school?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but please do what she wants, I don’t want to be on the street,”

“Ok, Ok,” I reassured. I didn’t tell her about the whole pulling down my pants part last night thing.

I had my books packed, watched the second hand count down and bolted for the door the second the 12:30 bell rang. It took about 9 minutes to get my car and dart to Tonya’s.

Chapter 3– (the sexy bits)

I rang the bell, Bob’s at work, Tonya’s in school. I had called into work telling them of a test and coming in late. Nancy opened the door in a floral print dress, no shoes, I am not sure but a first impression, braless.

“Tonya’s stories match,” was the first thing out of her mouth, I relaxed a bit, relieved.

“Nothing happens in this house without my ok, you understand that -right?” she said more of a statement that a question.

“Yes,” I found it hard to look her in the eye with this direct confrontation, but managed not to blink or move my eyes from hers. I’m only18, she is a strong personality in her 30s.

“Having her (Tonya) on birth control is problematic, it starts all kinds of issues with Child Protective Services. Her getting knocked up would even be worse. You get that? Right?”

“But she’s 18, right? Why is CPS even involved?”

“Because we want other children to be placed with us, so we are in their system,”

“Oh, I get it.”

“I can allow certain liberties as long as I pre-approve, and it is impossible for her to get pregnant.”

I was reeling from what that meant when she ordered; “Stand up.”

Before I could even think, I found myself following orders and standing.

She reached over, pulling me closer to the kitchen table and unbuckling my belt, working my jeans down as she had done the night before. This time as she sat at the kitchen table, she’s facing my semi erect.

She began stroking my meat as she had the night before, this time looking intently as my man meat grew in size and rigidity.

“You’ve got quite the tool here, it’s a shame virgin school boys don’t know how to use these things,” she’s not seducing me with her eyes, she was looking at my dick.

I was far from a virgin, but for Tonya’s benefit I said nothing.

“Virgin boys like you stick their things into warm and wet and 60 seconds later they blow their load and someone gets pregnant,”

“If I allow you to take liberties you would have to prove to me that you’re not one of those. You need training, you understand that, right?” for the first time her eyes meet mine.

If I got the drift, Nancy wanted to be the one giving the training. All I could mutter out was: “Yes, ok,”

With that, she looked back at my meat and slowly slid her lips over it. I’m in heaven. I’ve had a few blow jobs in the past from school girls, but it’s always like “I hate to do this.” attitude that went along with them. This woman was sucking me off because she wanted to.

She was taking me in, to the back of her face, pulling off of me, jacking me, and doing it over and over. I wanted this to last all afternoon, fuck work.

Would she let me fuck her? The thought made me harder than ever. Lasting longer than her 60 second prediction, I cupped her breast, her nipple hard, confirming she’s braless as I suspected earlier.

Nancy’s breathing hard and stopped to catch her breath a bit, my long schlong hung, as she continued to jack me, precum began drooling from the end of my cock an inch or two long stream swung as she looked me in the eye.

“See that’s precum, that will get a girl pregnant,” she instructed.

Suddenly I blew, rope after rope, first shot just above her right eye and hung to her cheek, second blasted her left eyelash. She jerked, pointing my erupting manhood up toward the nevşehir escort ceiling, and ropes stretched across the top of her head, covering her dark brunette hair. Short shots falling to her blouse and tits. I had painted her up with what looked like a half a coffee cup of cum from head to breast. Lol.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed releasing my cock, wiping cum from her eyes so she could see, she rose and headed to the bath. Still dripping on the floor, my thought went to bending her over and nailing her to the table, but that would not be the actions of the virgin schoolboy she believed me to be.

A few moments later she returned.

“That happened fast,” I delivered as strait-laced as possible, I had enjoyed giving her the facial, and her expression of overwhelming.

“See, you need training, you’re not supposed to do that!” My mind said otherwise.

“Tomorrow,” was her single word command. We didn’t kiss, I headed to the door and off to work.

Replaying the image of Nancy’s cum covered face, signing on for training might be some unexpected fun. Particularly if it led to liberties with Tonya,

A text came in from Tonya’s phone, asking what happened with Nancy. I didn’t know if it was Nancy or Tonya, so I ignored the text.

The next day at school, Tonya seemed pissed that I didn’t answer her text, explaining my doubts, she was cool. Time between classes had run out, and I dashed into class a few seconds after the tardy bell rang. My teacher let it slide.


At 12:40 Wednesday: At Nancy’s doorbell, she answered in a bathrobe, no shoes, she was direct, no one could dispute that.

“You do what I tell you, when I tell you, and stop the instant I tell you, got it?”


Yesterday you lasted about 5 minutes, not bad for a virgin getting his first blow job, but you lost control and dumped your load all over my face, Today, you need to learn to stop and start until I cum, ladies first rule. Then don’t cum on my face or in my eyes. Got it?

“Yep got it,” I said as she led me straight to her marital bed, my eyes watching her ass as she led the way.

I stripped, tossing my clothes on the floor beside the bed, the comforter already pulled aside I lay on the bed.

“This will be easy, I’ll guide you in, if you are getting excited, say so, and we will stop.”

“No cumming before me- got it?” more orders, she had a way of making direct orders into questions.

I nodded, laughing inside.

Me on my back, her on top, she guided me in, no foreplay, I was a rock, anyway.

Her eyes rolling, her hands heavy on my chest lightening as she sunk onto me. She took me I one long, slow settling, still I could tell she was full, she remained motionless, then slowly rocking and pivoting her hips for and aft before rising again.

“Fuck, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” she commented.

“I hated it in PE, everyone made fun of me, called me Big Dick,”

“Honey, that’s no insult,” as she began rising and falling onto me.

Watching as she leaned forward, her breasts now in my face, her pelvis riding my shaft.

Pulling another pillow and positioning it so I could watch my slick wet shaft emerge and plunge back into the shaved wet pussy of hers, wondering what Tonya’s cunt and tiny waist would look like in the same situation. From fingering her, I knew Tonya to be hairless as well.

For 5 minutes we continued at a slow pace, I had ventured as far as cupping her breasts with my hands, and sucking on her nipples, a natural exploration for the virgin schoolboy she thought I was.

Her breath had become deeper, her moans had become more frequent. She looked down to our waist and watched my thick Johnson impale her, steadily working me in and out of her she’s a long way from cumming.

I rolled her into a missionary position under me, she liked the power move of me tumbling her over with my manhood buried in her, she got sloppy wet and her breathing stopped for a few breaths. Her eyes locked on mine.

I began laying into her harder. Nancy needed more action, I thought. She responded favorably, her legs rising and hooking up on my lower back. A medium fast pace, she’s digging her nails into my back, just short of pain. The foster mom had been taking cock for three minutes or so, and I could see her leveling out again.

Pulling from her. Rolling her on her left side, pushing her upper right leg high and her lower left leg extended, I straddled her left and guided my cock back into her and lay into her lustfully. I had seen this on plenty of porns, but had never tried this myself. It’s awkward.

You can’t get the last couple inches in but it didn’t seem to matter, Nancy was going ballistic as she watched herself being taken, within 90 seconds she’s rocking a hard orgasm, jerking and spasming. She rolled onto her stomach and I picked her ass high and speared her.

Having my way with Bob’s wife, she settling down from her orgasm on her marital bed.

Sensing Nancy was at that moment right before girls tell you to stop, I pumped her brutally for a dozen strokes thrust into her deeply and filled her with cum. Nancy began struggling a bit when she realized what was happening. My grip held her firm until sputtering the last of my seed into her.