Bedroom Window Ch. 02


I’ve made my stops in my guest bedroom a regular, nightly thing, but only one of those nights was fruitful. It was a week ago, when I paused at the spare room window on my way to bed. Ashley’s light was on, but she wasn’t in my line of sight. I was about to leave, bummed, but then I saw her. She was wearing a tiny nightie, lacy and red, and panties to match were visible.

She was on the phone, walking back and forth in her bedroom. Every so often she would toss her head back to laugh, revealing the sweetest neck I’d never kissed. Her hair was in pigtails, and she was barefoot. Just watching her was getting me excited. I sat in my recliner, hoping to God that I would get at least a few minutes of watch time.

I prayed a little. Something like, “Oh please, God, let her do something nasty.”

Then I settled myself back in my chair and let my stiffening cock out of my pants. I rubbed myself hard, watching Ashley pace her bedroom, laughing and talking in her skanky little nightie. I was a little surprised when she pulled a small chair up in front of her window, the seat facing me.

I sat up a little to pay more attention to what she was doing. For a minute or two she disappeared, then finally, she was there. The phone was gone, but the tiny nightie was still on. She sat in the chair, looking straight out her window. I didn’t think she could see me, but she was certainly acting like she wanted me to be there. She propped her bare feet up on either side of the window, pulled her panties aside, and went to work on her gorgeous fat pussy.

I masturbated with her, for how long I’m not quite sure, but the night ended in the most mind shattering orgasms, and rokettube two highly satisfied parties.


Two days ago, Ashley came over to invite me to dinner. Her deceased mother’s father was over for a visit. He would be staying two weeks, she informed me. Her father wanted me there tonight to try a new barbecue recipe he was making. I accepted the invite.

Dinner was pleasant. Ashley’s grandfather was a kindly old man named William, who liked to be called Bill, and very obviously loved both Dan and Ashley. After a two course meal, dessert, and an hour of beer drinking and laughter, I headed home. Dan walked with me, telling me he had a favor to ask. He said he would be leaving in three weeks for a three day long business trip. He wanted me to check in on his daughter once in a while.

“She’s fully capable of taking care of herself, it’s just that I worry. She’s so young, and small, and being all alone puts her in some danger, you know?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to check in on her.”

“Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I’ll get with you again when it’s closer to time for me to leave.”

“Okay, sounds good. Well, I’m wiped. I’m going to go pass out now, I’ll see you later Dan.” I waved goodbye to him, then went inside.


Last night I watched Dan leave in his blue Chevy around eight, thinking maybe, just maybe I’d get another show from his luscious daughter. I staked out my spare room, the minute it got dark outside, I settled myself in the reclining chair. I sat there in the dark, just waiting. Finally, around nine-thirty, Ashley’s light asyalı porno came on.

She walked in, dragging her grandfather by the hand behind her. They were both laughing, and she was pointing at her bed. The old man nodded, and sat down on Ashley’s fluffy, girly pink bed. She got on her knees in front of him, looking up into his wrinkled face, she laid her silky hand on his khaki pants. She smoothed it up to the bulge of his cock, pressing into it.

The old man’s mouth opened in a wide O, and he put his weathered hand on her sweet cheek. Ashley gazed at him, her smile growing wider. She said something to him, and he nodded in answer. She lifted herself up a bit, and used both hands to unzip him, and gingerly removed Bill’s semi-hard dick from his pants. She laughed a little, then dove at him, devouring his old cock like a sugary sweet treat.

Bill braced himself with his arms behind him, tilting his head back and closing his eyes. He sat there, letting his sexy granddaughter pleasure his ever growing penis. I pulled my own penis out, working it at a slow, steady pace, banking on Ashley spending a long time with her granddad.

I watched as Ashley was lifted by the old man, and he replaced her on the floor. Her grandfather pulled her pants and panties off in one liquid motion. Ashley laid back on her bed, her hips just hanging over the edge. Her grandpa pushed her shirt up and caressed her amazing tits, licking them, squeezing them the way I hoped to do soon. I was beginning to think it would never happen for me. She seemed to keep it in the family.

Bill lowered his head to face his granddaughter’s pussy, his long tongue azeri porno reaching out to graze her silky wetness. She bucked at first contact, her hands reaching down to hold the old man’s wrinkled face to her. He held onto her bucking hips and licked and sucked her. She came, I knew the face she made and the way her body tensed when she was coming. I stroked myself hard for as long as she was cumming, then slowed down again when she was done.

Bill and Ashley both stood and talked for a moment. Bill pointed at the chair still by the window, Ashley nodded, smiling widely. The old man sat in the chair facing me, and Ashley lowered her delicious body onto his lap, sliding his sizable dick into her slick pussy. Her grandfather was kissing her shoulder, but when her cunt covered him to the hilt and she reached down to cup his balls, he bit her. She rolled her head back in a moan, reaching a hand up to play with her swollen tits.

Bill batted her hand away, cupping both her breasts in the process. He kneaded them as she began to fuck his cock. She moved faster and faster, giving herself over the the pleasure the old man’s huge dick was filling her with. Ashley rode his cock, I stroked mine in time with her movements.

I was ready to come long before the old man showed and signs of releasing, but as I began to spurt my hot semen all over my lap, Ashley stood, turned to the side and bent over a little. Bill took his belt out of his pants and began to whip her sexy ass. As he did so, white cum began to drip from her pussy. Bill finished whipping her, walking away with his pants draped over his arm. She stayed bent over, the red lines on her backside turning white.

After a few minutes, she finally stood. She looked around her, then looked straight out her bedroom window. She smiled, pressed her tits to the glass, and kissed the window, before walking away. Ashley disappeared, and moments later, her light went off.